Finding Pleasure in Salat #11 Lower Your Head, Raise Your Spirit

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The importance of praying for Allah'stheals and being in tune with his behavior is emphasized. The speaker also warns against praying for theals and being too focused on social aspects of the church. Visitors are instructed to use "has been" and "has a" to greet their loved ones, memorize a phrase from previous months, and use "has been" and "has a" to greet their loved ones. Visitors are also encouraged to use "has been" and "has a" to greet their loved ones, and to memorize a phrase from the previous month. The segment ends with a discussion about a presentation about a woman named Shanae and her relationship with a man named Al Hayden.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. Allah maluna main founder and founder Bhima Alam tena was in the Inman Yahama Rahimi, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us, benefit us from a que todos and increase us in knowledge. I mean, yeah, but I mean, my dear beloved respect to the brothers and sisters, may Allah subhanaw taala protect you from any harm comes a lot of I mean, last night we started the actual meeting with Allah azza wa jal, and we started the Salah by tech P rattle around, Allahu Akbar, and we explained the meaning of Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater than anything and anyone and any thought that might

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come to my mind. Now, before you start every salad, I want you please to remember this. Remember, that you are only praying because Allah azza wa jal have permitted you to pray. When we pray, it is by the Tofik it is by the blessing of Allah subhanahu wa taala that he made it easy for us to pray, we begged Allah azza wa jal to make it beloved to every Muslim to pray to Allah subhanahu wa taala and be consistent on their fourth prayers and and their Sunnah prayers and Charmouth. So now, we have begun the prayer, we should lower our head in reverence of Allah subhanho wa Taala and

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that shows the respect and that shows the love when we lower our heads when we are in front of Allah subhanaw taala. In the salah. Sula, Sai Salam used to lower his head and his gaze, and his eyesight was looking at the place of solitude. The eyesight is looking at the place of solitude. Okay.

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MLK and Rahim Allah. He said, a sign of a lover when he meets his beloved is he looks down out of shyness and reverence. And this is exactly what we should do in the meeting of Allah subhanho wa taala. Now be careful. Also allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that either so later on Philately Taffy to the in Allah UNC Borja julio de Sala T Mariela meal tuffet when you are praying, do not turn here and there because Allah azza wa jal directs his face to the face of his slave when he is in salad, as long as he the slave does not turn left and right in the slot as long as the slave does not turn

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lair sal Allahu Macmillan Allah lab, the Hitman Emile taffet. The samosa Salam said and the hadith is gonna be the would the first Hadith was in the Tirmidhi, Allah does not cease to turn to a servant in Salah as long as he does not turn away. So we Allah subhanaw taala is facing us as long as we are not turning away. When we turn away, Allah subhanaw taala will turn away. Now what does turn away mean? Turn away could be one of two things either turn away.

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My heart turns away by getting distracted and thinking about other things. This is turn away. This is LT fat, and the other turning away. And unfortunately, I've seen many people do that is that when they are praying,

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looking left and right and up and down. No. Stare at the place of social. I remember when my kids made a video, when they were teaching others how to perform prayer they made

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something for the kids to remember. They said keep

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your eye your revision is glued, glued at the place of sujood. They made a time glued sujood. So your eyes are looking at the place of sujood. Okay, you're not click left and right and up and down. And sometimes people are sometimes one time I wondered what if the person is really praying or not? Because he was looking everywhere? No, Allahu Akbar. Immediately the eyes go down to the place of oxygen. Now some people and I've seen it also they say Allahu Akbar and they look up to the sky. Listen to this hadith and the hadith is in Bukhari, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, How is that some people raise their eyes towards the sky during the salah.

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And then he said people must refrain from doing that. Otherwise Allah subhanaw taala will take their sights away. That's a very severe warning from Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. So do not have a look anywhere, especially in the sky when you are. So this happens a lot when people say Allahu Akbar, Iran, they look up and when they say get up from rakura, Samia, Allah Holloman Hamidah, no, always the eyes are looking at the place of social. So, we are in a state of humility of humbleness, and do not think when you humble yourself to Allah azza wa jal that is a sign of bringing yourself down. Know Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and this is a Sahih Muslim. He said Mantova de la Rafa.

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Mantova Isla, Rafa, whoever humbles himself to Allah, Allah who will raise him Subhana Allah raise us all in sha Allah to Allah and look at the

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AMRAAM the laws

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before he became a Muslim, of the Allah one, he used to not like a soulless, SLM at all. And when he met him and he became Muslim, he became the most beloved to his heart. And when he was asked,

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yeah, hamro describe to us Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, I cannot describe him. I cannot describe him because I always look down.

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When I'm when I am in his in his presence, he never looked to him directly in the face. And that shows the other o'clock when you are in the presence of someone that you love and you respect. Now I am in the Presence of Allah azza wa jal. So please, my brothers and sisters, please lower your lower your gaze down to the place of soju and lower your head in humility, you are in the presence of Allah subhanahu wa. Now so he said yesterday Allahu Akbar either to the position of the shoulders or to the by the IRS. And now I put Rasulillah Salam told us to put the right hand over the left hand, right hand over the left hand

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right over the left, okay, this could be like this or Salas SLM, used to grab used to let me put over this moment used to grab the right hand grabbing the left wrist, or both of them are are okay, now, the mother had the four different metab from Imam Abu Hanifa rahamallah all the way to Imam Muhammad they different in the way to put the where do you put the hands Some said that you put them under the navel and some they said you put above the navel, but there's an authentic hadith about putting it on on the chest. Now

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I am in the salon Allahu Akbar I lowered my my head and I am staring at the place of servitude and I

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about to start the actual Salaat there is something which is a sunnah is dua Stifter, the opening dua which is before the Fatiha the opening door, and I want you to think think about opening door as a greeting right when you first see somebody, especially if you love them and you care about them. You have a greeting or different kinds of greetings. We Muslims greet each other by a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Now, I am starting this a lot. And I want to greet Allah azza wa jal, the dialogue is the opening door. There are many different authentic, authentic dialogues of stuff that many of us know one of them. And I advise you sincerely, please memorize one more why remember that phrase

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we said yesterday, alternate, alternate, because the more I keep my brain engaged in the slot, the higher the possibility of achieving kashua. So one time I say one window, and the other time I say another, if you know when to memorize three, Allahu Akbar, there are at least four or five that are 100% authentic about from Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. The one that we all know is Subhana Allah who will be handled with a darker smoke but jedoch Well, in a Yurok type, we always say this to my brothers and sisters, remember what we said in the beginning, understand what we are saying, if I ask you right now, what the Subhana Allah would be handed with a Baraka schmuck with the Isla jet

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duck, but that Illa have a rock mean, many of us do not know what it means and I am greeting Allah with that. How can I greet Allah azza wa jal with a greetings that I have no clue what I'm saying. In sha Allah, Allah this will change today, because like I promised you, every single word in the Salat will be expired.

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In Bismillah, the words Subhana which we will be using it this is the first time we use it and then we're going to use it again in the Roku and in the suit right. So Subhana Allah Houma, but behind the when we say that we are saying that yeah Allah the word Subhana by itself it means yeah Allah, you are perfect in every attribute and you are free from any deficiency or that is the word Subhanak. And the word Subhan. Allah subhana by itself is only to Allah azza wa jal I cannot say Subhana to any other than Allah subhana wa Tala Subhana Allah, that Allah to Allah subhanaw taala he is the one who is perfect, perfect in every attribute, think about any attributes of Allah, He is

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perfect in it and he is free from any deficiency any he is he does not need anyone to help him he does not get tired, he does not get hungry he does not get thirsty. Allah subhanaw taala is free from any of those deficiencies that we as human beings go through. So Subhanak Allahumma will be handy. What about raka schmuck? The baraka from the word Baraka is smoke is your name and your name ya Allah is signifies that whenever Allah's name is mentioned, the baraka takes place, right when we eat, we say Bismillah before we do we say Bismillah when we leave the house, we say Bismillah when we start the car, we say Bismillah, right? Bismillah when it went when we mentioned it on anything,

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it becomes abundant, it becomes full of blessings, blessings, when we mentioned the name of Allah azza wa jal Subhan. Allah Huma would be handy with a Baraka Schmuck, Yama, your ism is full of Baraka with jet duck and exalted is Your Majesty, but duck exalted is Your Majesty, Bella ILAHA, Yurok Subhanallah and there is no God, there's no ILA worthy of worship other than you. Why do we say that at the end, because the one who is He is glorified and has no deficiencies and the one whose name is full of baraka and the one who is exalted. His Majesty is exalted, then definitely that is the one that is the only one that deserves to be worshipped. Now you understand this, that

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we've been repeating for such a long time, right? Please understand this, because this dua, Rasulullah sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam, he said, It is one of the most beloved the words to Allah subhanaw taala these are the most beloved words to Allah. And the hadith is saya Subhan. Allah, what is another dua that we could say B before we start the Fatiha and

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Okay, before I mentioned this, I want you to think about this.

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Let's say you called me and you asked me to do something for you and I did not do it. And you asked me again and I did not do it. And you asked me a third time and I did not do it. Right. So when you call me I see your phone call. How can I answer him now and feel very shy I feel ashamed.

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You know, he's calling me because he asked me so many times to do something I did not do it. And I look at your you've calling me I tried to know. You know, I'm very shy to answer your call. Subhanallah so I want you to feel this one. You said this a lot. Allah subhanaw taala calls us all the time to do things. And we are so behind in our duties to Allah azza wa jal so this to her Subhan Allah, you know, as if I am going in immediately being very humble, very sorry that your Allah between that salad and the salad I might have done so many things. So I start llama bed being the well being the further you come about to been then Musharaka will Maghreb alarm and up Kinney middle

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Kataria Khamenei, la Katha will Abele Domina Denis la Moxon Nieminen Kataria with LG Wilma, well borrowed Subhan Allah and immediately I know because when you see me when we see each other immediately please forgive me. I know you asked me to do this, this and that and I am you know, I'm so sorry. So this is exactly what I'm saying. Yeah, Allah. This is also in Bukhari and Muslim matakauri That also salam used to say this guy before he started this Allah Ya Allah make a great distance between me and my sins. I have seen the Allah between those two Salawat I've been sending Allah to Allah make a huge distance between me and and my sins just like the distance between the

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East and the West. Yeah, Allah cleanse me from my sins just like you the white garment is cleaned from from filth. Ya Allah wash me away from my sins with the world with the snow and water and the hell Subhan Allah would, it would have been enough to say Wash me with water. What's why the snow and the hail Subhanallah because one of the elements said something beautiful. He said that

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the sin

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To the believer, it has some feeling inside that made him very uncomfortable. So Rasulullah sigh seldom added the snow and the head because they have a feeling of of like cooling effect. They have a cooling effect and which would make the believer feels good. Yeah, Allah Subhana Allah, look at this, how beautiful is this? Now I'm starting to die by asking for forgiveness. Imagine that I have your son committed something wrong. And he comes to you immediately before you say anything to him. He says, Baba Mama, please, please forgive me. I know I have wronged myself. I know that you know, you're very, you love me so much. You. You're always forgive me. Please give me another chance.

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Subhanallah as a father, you immediately you forgive your son and especially if you're a mother. So how about what 11 methyl Al and to Allah wrong is the best of examples. You know, He is the Most Merciful. He is Arahama Rahimi and I'm standing in front of him, and I'm repeating this this before I start the summer. There are many other salad others before the Fatiha Allahu Akbar Kabira will Hamdu lillahi cathedra was Subhana Allah He bucur attend sila that's another day before the Fatiha was yet to adhere to Lydia Petra Sinhala similarity with Hanif and Muslim and when I mean then Mushrikeen in La sala de when you Sookie when mahiya when Marathi Lillahi Rabbil Alameen be Delica

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omit when our Muslim Ian or when Amina al Muslimeen Oh these are authentic dua to be said before the Fatiha which one do I say alternate one time you say this one time you say that because if we say the same one all the time, the salah becomes mechanical. Allahu Akbar Subhanallah Lama Bendigo the workers? I don't know No, no, this salad I'm gonna say a llama died. Nene. And on this slide, I'm gonna say Allahu Akbar Kabira so please, now you're at home, memorize one more, at least from the toilets after opening and alternate between them in your salad. My brothers and sisters in sha Allah Tada we have reached a beautiful stage we are in the salad right now. The meeting is started and me

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I am in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala and I'm begging him to accept that I'm afraid he does not and I loved him so much. And I'm talking to him. Now in sha Allah to Allah tomorrow. We're going to start with the Fatiha. But there is one thing we have to make sure we say before we say the Fatiha so we can start the Fatiha with a full heart in sha Allah Allah Allah it is the best surah in the Quran. And like I promised, we're going to explain it area by area being delighted by brothers and sisters May Allah subhanaw taala protect you. May Allah subhanaw taala increase you in Iman May Allah azza wa jal fill all our homes with love and mercy and tranquility. May Allah azza wa jal

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protect our children may Allah subhanaw taala protect our parents. I mean your bill Alameen wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad, but early he was sabe Germaine Subhan Allah, masha Allah Allah Allah and the stuff Heruka Manitoba Lake see automatic Shama Shama shareholder on

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Zillow feel

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messy one being

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mean al Huda wonderful on

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feminine Shahida

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woman again and Maddie one elewana says

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you read on libido more you saw wanna you read OB Serravalle to me last night that I wanted to go beyond law

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school go