Mohamad Baajour – Duaa from the Quran for Me and My Kids to Love Salat

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video where a woman named Hope is trying to convince her son to pray on time and not to drink alcohol. She shares her own experiences of struggling with her son's belief and struggles to concentrate on praying on time. She also talks about the importance of learning to pray on time and not drinking alcohol.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh tonight that again

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we all know this. And my beloved Sheikh and beloved Imam shiksa, Jen, and I make want you to be witnesses, that they loved him for the sake of Allah.

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He recited it tonight in in his salad.

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And the main purpose for these talks,

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sometimes to know, the DA, but most of the time, we know that we do not know what it means we learned it from when we were kids. And we've been saying it, like somebody visited me yesterday, Doctor from from Pakistan from Karachi. He said, Chef, I'm visiting. And I came here just to tell you, thank you for explaining law, however, a court love Allah.

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We've been saying law, law for so long, and we are watching you overseas. And now we understand what it means after all that time. So tonight, start we all know it and every single one of us is either struggling with his or her salad and want to improve the salad improve means pray it on time, pray it with Hulu and Hulu and concentrate, or a very major problem among the Muslims is that share my son, sheikh, my daughter does not pray.

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So this die in sha Allah to Allah is for us and for our children, not only to pray, but to concentrate in the prayer to pray on time, and to have all the shrewd all the conditions of the salaat in sha Allah to Allah applied, what is this? The dua of Ibrahim alayhi salam rugby Janee makishima solid women Gloria T. Rob Dinah. What a Cabildo Subhan Allah by the way, there's a very common mistake many people say don't be Jan Nemo Ki Moon. No, it's not smoking, smoking with a Fatah why it's a big deal because you are reading an idea and don't change the words of Allah azza wa jal Robbie, Jan Nemo, makishima solid when in reality, Rob Danna, what a couple. What does it mean?

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Subhanallah first of all, who's making this family you know Allah. You know, the word Khalil. I was explaining to our children how to make wudu and one of the steps of the sun as a photo is to make that little that little means to put water between the fingers. Right.

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And the word Khalil bestfriend came from here. So Allah subhanaw taala called the Ibrahim has Helene. And he you could imagine what an honor so the hull of the Rama and made this da ya allah Janee Mookie masala. Listen carefully. My brothers and sisters, there are two words in the Quran. More team, Hakim was solid and there is karma in a solid

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there is a comment is solid which was the most in the Quran. And then there's karma era Salah karma, either karma era solid is used with the one African with the hypocrites, if they just get up to pray, if karma is solid, is to establish the solid, to really struggle to concentrate, to try to not to be distracted at all, to focus on what you're saying. This is a comment solid, praying it on time, all the five Salawat making sure that you made the right to do before all the conditions facing the Qibla addressed properly. All of that is if comment is solid karma in a Salah. You tell your son get up and pray can he get up and this is karma. Illa salah. Now, Ibrahim is not asking him

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just to get up and pray. He's asking to establish the solid Rob be Janee makishima, solid and SubhanAllah. We all know that our children and grandchildren and all our offsprings they are an investment for us. If you taught your child how to pray.

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If he prayed for 100 years, you're gonna get the measure of his prayer. If He taught his children to pray, you're gonna get the pleasure. So

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making dua for my descendants. I'm not only making it for them, but in a way I'm making it for me too. Because I'm investing like I always repeat and I repeat it again maybe somebody did not hear it from me before never let anyone teach the Fatiha to your child except you

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right 17 times a day and we're gonna give all this has an ad to a stranger. No, no, no, let's do the half is that the the teacher teach him the whole Quran. But Fatiha is for me. Right every single day. 17 times minimum right. So let's go to that. Robbie Jan Nemo Kima solid not only me Hola, when in reality look, Brian's not asking me for his children for his three year

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Maria means children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and so on. All my descendants. Yeah, Allah make them all establishing the solid. And then he finished this by saying, I'm gonna what are called delta and yalla I beg you, please accept this Subhan Allah saquon Surah number 14 ayah number 14 1414 It's easy right? What year are we in now? Hijiri

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Anybody for 46? Nobody knows what theory we are.

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Are you serious? Nobody knows what's your history are in

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4314 43 Right. So 14 1414 is surah number four is number, the ID number. Okay, let's repeat it as usual rugby, rugby journey. Everybody, everybody come on here, Shabaab. You're resetting and I'm not saying anything haram, rugby Janee

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makishima Solid. Women do Reethi Rob banner. What a Kabul.

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May Allah accept from Allah may Allah make us from the people who established us Allah and all our descendants. I mean your brand mean make a lot of salad and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam does that gonna lock it? I see the treasure 645 In Sharla Robbie, Johnny will primo SWANA the one mu

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D. Ben.

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Ben. Do

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Robert ofili one he won Ed warning Nina yell my goofy face

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