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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history and significance of the title boss boss subhanho wa taala, which was created by Allah for decades and is common courtesy. The title boss has been used by the military and is a common courtesy. The speakers also mention various military events and the importance of drugs in the fight. The transcript is a jumbled mix of unrelated and unrelated sentences and phrases.
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panoramic view from the people who practice what they preach. I mean

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as usual, Every Thursday we take a story from the Quran and yet one we have to remember that the stories of the Quran are the best stories ever narrated

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because there's nothing better than that. They are narrated by Allah subhanaw taala the creator and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala wants us to not only know the

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story to act upon it and

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derive lessons and implement them in, in our in our life. Today's story is the story of followed and dilute the story of followed Angelou which Suraj

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which sort of

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buckle so it'll buckle since Bukhara and the story

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and Charlotte Allah we will try to finish the story and the lessons from the story if not, we finish the story today and the lesson is next time. The story started by saying it's uncertain as to 46.

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How do we learn a shakedown regime? And am Tara Elan mela email Danny straw Elon daddy moves

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in the car call only NaVi in Eva Solana mannequin no cotton fee. Sahil in

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order hello, say Tom Cote de la como Krita.

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to call to call Mr. Lana? No Katinas he said healing

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while audio for Regina. The Arena

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in Furnham cortiva Annie Heyman LaQuita television no in Cali in main home, thermal low enough on Ennen minhang

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101 Iman Divali mean so Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that there was a group of people after the time of Musa alayhis salam, we all know that Benny is right in

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all the prophets.

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Most of the prophets were sent to Bani Israel

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and they killed some they accused some of lying and we all know the story. So there was a period of time that they were going through so much hardship bunnies, right? Everybody's attacking them.

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they had

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a tablet

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and this taboo it was something very

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precious to them. And it was something more like this.

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The taboo is a chest

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has in it Sakina Mira become has a tranquility from Allah. It has some said Yanni it has some belongings of Musa alayhis salam, like his stick and his clothes. This is what it's and some of the sort of also, some of the stuff of Ibrahim Musa Islam were in the chest, and they used to every time they have a chest in a battle they used to win the last battle the chest where the taboo was taken away from them.

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So they were humiliated to the level that they got some Salah Yeah, honey, they woke up, they said, That's it. We cannot take it anymore.

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We cannot take this anymore. Everybody comes and attack us and do this to our families. They kick us out from our homes. We cannot take this anymore. So they decided they went to their Prophet. What is the name of the Prophet? Many slightly yet, but obviously if there is an importance to knowing his name, Allah would have mentioned it. There's nothing and I'm Tara Eden mela even Maggie Musa, they came to nab alone. No no no mention of of the name. So they said to him

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call it the Atlanta American knockout in FISA Beulah that why don't you fight with a profit.

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They said Give us an A king so we can go fight. Peace Avila yummy Jonnie assign a king to lead us. We want to go for jihad.

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The Prophet obviously was very smart. He said, Allah Satan What if

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the kitten

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became ordained upon you and then you changed your mind.

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For hell I say to him in Curitiba and Michael Keaton and not to hurt you, but if you change your mind or you don't want to fight anymore,

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they say

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what am I gonna learn? Oh cotton FISA vilella original I mean do you know what? We're not gonna focus of healing that we have been kicked out from our homes, our children have been abused and all this how can we not fight this Avila very serious very enthusiastic

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Okay, I'm going to talk I'm going to make dua to Allah subhanaw taala to prescribe the kitten. So the Prophet making dua to Allah subhanaw taala Fela Kuti Valley he will pretend to Allah, Allah kalila minnow so the Kitten has been prescribed it was said there were 10s of 1000s I want you to keep following the numbers. Okay.

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The first test

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when the katana was prescribed

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the majority gun when have you been what happened to kicking you out of the house children gun

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that's the first part gun

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I'm gonna be your home. Now Allah subhanaw taala you want a king to lead you okay.

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There is a man by the name of Salute. Salute

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was a poor man from a completely different village.

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From a completely different village.

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It was said again, this part is Israeli yet it was said that one time he was helping his father in the field and two donkeys ran away and he started following them miles and miles and miles until they went to the village of this prophet.

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When he got to that village, the Prophet told him, Allah subhanho wa Taala has assigned you as a king. On on these people.

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They said but you know, these people will never accept the poor man as the king. He said this is the decree of Allah subhanaw taala we cannot do anything about it. So the Prophet gathered those many Israel and told them in Allah Tada Isola Contai luta Malika

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Carlo and Neha cone Allah will Mulk

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and Neha kulula Han Malko. Elena

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koban. Molly came in when a muta satin minimal so they complained about tolerated because of two things.

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Number one, they complained that he is what was the first complaint

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He's no different not only from different tribes he's not he's not from the elite, any he's not from the elite people to be a king. He's that amongst us. We are more deserving hack. We are more deserving of the kingdom than tolerated. That's the first complaint the second complaint

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he has no money, let me filter certain middleman he has no money. So then criteria of leadership is the sub yml to have a good lineage and to be wealthy. Now what is the character what is the criteria of Allah? The answer came the

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color in Allah has tafa Who Alikum was there who best often Phil Amy will just

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wala ut Wilco Masha Allah who were Seon alim.

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So the criteria to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala gave this man and and just he gave him knowledge. He gave him knowledge and it will build theory he is physically strong.

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And Luca with the area and Allah He T Malka who may Usher Allah gives his bounty, his name his blessing to whomsoever He wishes and look at the two names of Allah. Allahu wa Seon, Eileen.

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They complained about what about wealth and lineage? So Allah answer, Allah is worse

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than that.

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poverty that you're complaining about, Allah could make it abundance and Allah is Eileen to choose whosoever is great for you

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remember the first 1000s and 1000s went down the number. The second test when they found out that this is followed is to assign another alternative team cousin gun.

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Now they're getting less and less fired. Now we want to see

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that followed is the real

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king, what is the proof? Give us a proof to believe that followed is the real king Subhan Allah everything is answered in the Quran. Oh call Allah whom Nabil in Tamil Ki and yet Tia como booth fee Sakina. Tamura become or the creator min Mataranka Allah Musa and Harun Milan Malik, the sign that he is the prophet, you're going to see the angels bringing down the taboo. And in the taboo, you will see the tranquillity of Allah from ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala and you will see some

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of Musa and haros any clothes or any leftover money from their from them belongs to them to Haruna Musa, this is the sign so this happened in the feed Erica Lacan in control meaning so they saw that and they believe now

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time for the leader. Now keep in mind, first time many many are gone second, many are gone. Now there are a few, much less now for the real test to see if these people are qualified for jihad, or or not.

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Now they are

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the most sincere

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people for they want to fight. These are the ones that are with pollute right now. So Allah said Philomena, first of all tell autoload buildroot call. Now Thomas is with the army and they're going to the fight.

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Salute wants to test who is really going for the sake of Allah who is sincere about the fighting and who's not caught up in Allaha mobitel II can be in a hurry. Financially, I mean, who finished seminary woman lemmya Tom who the inner home in inner minoritarian Manchester Rafa orfan be Beardy.

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So this is the third test. He said as if traveling and you could imagine traveling in the desert and the heat and the exhausted so they were very thirsty. So the test came

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follow through them we're gonna pass through a river soon. When you see this river, don't drink from it.

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Don't drink from it. Only just take a handful just to quench your thirst.

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Whomsoever drink from it to full Yanni. He is not going to continue with us. He's not from me. He's not with me. And whoever takes just a handful, he is will continue with us. What happened?

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So shall we boo hoo 1111

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is swimming and drinking, showering everything in saline and again clean. That's why Subhanallah It was said that someone

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it was said it was Omar but Allah and how authentic it was. But anyway, it was said that I heard somebody say, Allah whom I didn't even know Colleen, Allah whom I didn't even know Colleen.

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He said what kind of diet is this? Yeah, Allah made me from the few. I've never heard this before. He said only What do you mean? He said, Didn't you hear what Allah said locally illuminated by the shellcode and very few of my slaves are grateful. And here very few left the first time very few left the second time in Killeen and Minho felon Nigeria was a Hua Edina am an old man and when they that another big

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group is gone.

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chunk is now he has that very, very few. They went with him. So they cross the river who are Latina M and Omar. Now for test.

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They saw dilute

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if you look at him, only his face can show and everything is Iran. And he has a huge army. Big army when they saw that what happened? God lithos Atlanta leiomyoma BJ Luthor was you know,

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we what is this? We cannot very few of us and look at this army. We cannot go and fight the salute.

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Another big chunk God.

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Now how many left

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How many left

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excellent 330 deceiver traffic fellas

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This is the same exact number as the people have better and highly visible carry. The people have followed are the same number as the people have better. That's the 313 you see at the door.

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This is revealed right before the Battle of better to strengthen the somos excellent and the Sahaba so he gave him the story of of followed. Now, Latifah Catalina Leung we can attend the jello Giroud and his Angelou it was very fierce and very strong with his own called a Latina you have a moon look at this Subhan Allah when Allah subhanaw taala bless you with with knowledge and sincerity, caught in the DNA of a Munna, Anna Humala, Cora became

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the people who know that they are meeting Allah subhanho wa Taala will Akula can mean fit in kalila tin runner that fit I can Kathira be is Nila wala whom I saw there in how many times keep in mind, Allah subhanaw taala wants to support the Sahaba before they go to the battle so he gave him the story. How many few how many times few people beat

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and were victorious over a group huge group

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Bismillah with the help of Allah with the permission of Allah and I ended with something extremely important wala who now saw that in Allah is with the patient ones

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now the battle started

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when I'm daraz who deja lute now they can see Janet when Burroughs who deja luta was you know the Subhanallah call who call rob the

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Reverend Eileen sabraw With a bit of Mana, one sunnah one solo na Milka calf theory I mean

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look at this

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Robina F really Zilina Sabra

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What does Africa mean?

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What does Ferrari mean

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unload was for all three.

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then, if you have

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a jug of water and I told you a phrase earlier, this jug of water what does it mean?

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Empty it at the right. So it becomes fairly becomes empty. When they saw this. Look at this Doha Robina Africa Elena not water Sabra

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yummy shower us was southern fill us with summer this needs southern This is from the top and this is from the inner

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outside with a bit UK Domina and make steadfast in this battle.

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One Sona and uncommon Catherine. So in order to have victory you need supper. You need Sadat and then you will get a nozzle from Allah subhanho wa Taala a free ruddiness oblem now you see this. We all make it all the time. But when you ask Allah, a friend or someone with a bit of stamina, you should be in the battlefield not here in the masjid with a condition I've been to Africa in assembler whatsoever what do you need summer summer for what? Everybody is sitting comfortable happy enjoying yourself. These people were in the battlefield and so that was the Army's gonna eat them up. Now they need the southern Subhanallah so

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Subhan Allah PhaZZer more home be evening Allah. Can you imagine? We are it looks like we're going to take the lessons next week for has a moo hyung B is Nila. They beat them

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with the help of Allah because logically logically does not make any sense. You have F 16 And you have somebody on a horse logically does not make any sense. But when it comes to the support of Allah or the dunya physics, chemistry, everything disappears. For has the moon Bismillah

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and in the army of pollute, who was there?

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That would Allah He salaam, the Lord Himself and He Salam was not a prophet yet. But he was in the army. He was very, very young

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fasm Woombie is Nila Wakata nada

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would dilute now shall loot you know how the past they used to say, Okay send one from you and we sent one from us and they start fighting and this is how the battle start. So Jannat came and he waited who's going to come and fight me and they looked at him and like I said before all Ireland from the top and the bottom except his face only has a space here open. So Janet cane that would came with no weapons barehanded, so they stopped laughing. You're gonna kill me. So anybody was laughing. You can imagine the scenario, so everybody was nothing. So just note, of course again. This right here the wood took stone and with all his power, he hit Giroud. Janet fell on the ground.

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When they saw him the army, the enemy soldier loot

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on the ground. When they see the leader gun. They ran away. They ran away,

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and the group that army of followed was victorious. Then, the story immediately went where their hula hula Mulk will help them will hikma while lemahieu The Maya.

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After Talat went back victorious.

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And he before he died, he assigned the wood as the king and the wood took took over and he was a king and the Prophet

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of Allah Selena Salatu was Salam. Inshallah Tada next week we will discuss what are the lessons learned from this beautiful story that Allah Subhana Allah Allah wants us to implement in our life. Finally, before you go on to our Metalla a lot of brothers and sisters, they always asked me to notify them. When are the three wide days the three wide days start tomorrow? I know. I know. It's a weekend. It's very hard. It's a 20 very long, but

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it's Shavon

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very rewarding. And I'm doing it in sha Allah, Allah and if anybody would like to do it with me, you're more than welcome three days in sha Allah Allah of fasting Friday, Saturday, Sunday. It's not a must if you do it hamdulillah if you don't have to rely on me Allah subhanaw taala increases the man is that will not hear word of Allah equals Salam aleikum wa Rahmatullah.

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Allahu Akbar Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah, masha Edwin mo

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Rasul Allah Hayyan Asana at Hayyan.

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Quite a comment you Salah to call the Komitas Allah Allahu Akbar Allahu Ikuo

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so I'm lucky Mustafa Kumar to do

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a lot of echo

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Alhamdulillah Hyrum denied me in a rush man you're watching mannequin a woman dean II cannot build one Ghana styrene a dinner soon all that being said all Xena and I'm dialing him or you didn't know EBIT him off all clean I mean

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early for

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me name then Z Lulu kita Vela Roy Buffy Hamer on denied me in a mere going on down all men who will have come here or bacon it on the rocker woman whom in men commonly cannot whom yet on a law login following persona to one man whom FEC 30 am in some Mustapha Allah Now Josh

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Dooney Haiming wali Shafi FNS that go on, you wouldn't be able amoenus

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Elon, Audi some Maya Roger really he will mean again I mean Cordell and infests anything men

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do and then he got he moved away we wish I had that Illinois disease or rushing a lady arsenical Lashay in Hanako abeja f1 Khan in an email clean so my jaw Anis la homie Zulan.

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In making some mess when whenever Hafi email Roshini with John Allen Coleman send now and I will slot all in Ada on Elan discord or on on either on dollar landfill in

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JD Jedi, the beloved home being on Iran being him on pulling it off

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Malecon mountain levy will kill me income some

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bacon on

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although doubt on more God mon anakeesta Oh see him no doubt I'll be him or burner goes on was Milton

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Friedman slaw and your hand in being on one oh she Nana Deena laughs in Hoda water can help one go no mean Neela

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Jahan Jean Jean one nursing edgy Maori in Fado women se Tomlin or Olmec on

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in Siena was Oh Ben holy beam don't doubt alone in your men on the

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camera oh we have so Jada Horos

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wasn't bathroom we'll be handing around be him one yes thank you no

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Dr. Jeff journal boom man in Melbourne. The

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whole family wealth on my own why me mountains up on

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on Valentine Ala Moana Epsom

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home in karate aoyuan jazzy.

07:17:14--> 07:17:25

B Mac and we are on Furman Ghana meaning gammon Ghana. Cinco lair. Yes. On

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Levina m n o AMILO. slaw, new hat defender home gen two

07:17:34--> 07:17:40

news rollin Bay Mac and metal lone.

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leadin FSM ofan. Holman.

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Glenna rondo. Follow Joe in Hawaii. Do we have our Paillard at home Zuko was up and in the cone to be too gazebo Don't wallow nosy in one minute neither.

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Neither been like very low

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on women out there move

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the key rhombi

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be some around on in Meenal Mooji remain

07:18:29--> 07:18:38

on whatever the entertainer Mohsen Katana tencon V million team in all or

07:18:41--> 07:19:10

leave any instance or ill will general lamb in whom methane dune and BM Rena LM saga will be Dina you're been on in Rob banker Wildseed obey now home yeah oh man okay yeah Matthew FEMA again ofI off daily fawn word em yeah. Dena home cam

07:19:11--> 07:19:20

Comboni him main call koroni am Sean FEMA Keaney him in fee then he can

07:19:23--> 07:19:28

smell on. Lm euro and

07:19:31--> 07:19:37

out Josie van Ofori Gob he's someone that gulaman mu and

07:19:39--> 07:19:59

Fuzu home. FL you will see your own wire Paul owner my dad and in fact in golden dome for the thing. Only a woman fat hayleigh found the neck fo e man Oh whom Allah whom you

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log on for our one on one films in

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Townsville Hoan

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send me all along with iman Hamid

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long echo

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hammering here or bill me in a rush Nana Rashi many gear will meet the Queen, ie Ghana No No. Ghana's downing is Dino's all one and most Stephanie said wrong

07:21:55--> 07:22:08

or he or BI name one more on me in me in

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in 73 minute real Aamir Khan che musgo RA in Kuala poner in I mean not Overton shed in a bitterly if engine on me I'm sleeping on all in the you know send me the immersion came along in fall in

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caffeine so as you know I was

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Chicago and I mean gets in Cana Misa food or I eat nation Bumblebee ham Eva long enough and Jonah JIRA your phone up in three way a hall phone a young woman Ghana Sheldon was definitely an all white all time low and now by now I'll be here miskeen and boy wire team

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NEMA no time welcome Lisa J Hill Neela no they don't mean come just

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one actual go raw in a hole for me being a a woman or a boson company or farewell call Allahu Shem rather and he can live with me want to go on lockdown as overall watch as

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females on that origin

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having it all looked Akina fee or in Cana your own fee hush himself on us and hurry out all Wanda Anita know Ali him Lita? was on Leyland autofull doesn't mean well you will often see him be near

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field wanting or being

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wrong or worry or feel blocked in the whole thing at all. While you're gonna get sun Ghana Misa jolla as jameelah Aina Sophie has chosen us and it's been a while both one aim We'll then

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move on to phone either.

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has a better home low low man

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What either anytime

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at now email

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can go wrong. I earlier homes in Yamo soon losing hope.

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Istanbul Rocco Oh Hello. We are warming Phil

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Rob boom Sharon Tahoe in

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musgo RA

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Xena das binley hooked me on big to me mean home as him and for what good is now a big book write down what else Lila Wamena Layli for a student who was a big Holyland four wheeler in

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your head bone and gene

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or whom your woman is at the

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National Cornell Cornell Marcia

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national no corner corner home wash

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all home what either sheet and then

07:26:41--> 07:26:42

Debbie Dean

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07:26:53--> 07:26:57

me it's been a while man Tasha

07:26:59--> 07:27:00

or no

07:27:04--> 07:27:11

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07:27:18--> 07:27:26

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07:27:30--> 07:27:32

law Expo

07:27:50--> 07:27:53

send me all long Lehmann Hamina.

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07:28:19--> 07:28:23

right oh

07:28:30--> 07:28:31

I love it

07:28:50--> 07:28:53

oh mol Expo

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07:30:05--> 07:30:10

A synonym wireless income or augmented or

07:30:11--> 07:30:17

a second wireless income or mental or

07:30:18--> 07:30:21

suffer loss of the loss of a

07:30:24--> 07:30:25

loved one