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Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people discussing the concept of "verbal energy" and how they can achieve their goals. They mention a man named Todd Henry who wrote a book about "verbal energy" and emphasizes that everyone can achieve their goals by doing things before they happen. They also mention a woman named Calama Bambrick who left a design and architect for massages.
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Woman all

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around me don't need how

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many Mina most need me

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it's been a while since we give a short talk.

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There was a man called

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Todd Henry

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Todd Henry, he wrote a book

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is called Die, empty,

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die empty.

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Before you read the book,

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what comes to your mind when you hear die empty? Die empty?

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From worries from that, from anything that bother you?

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But no, no, he had a beautiful idea.

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They empty with any kale that's in you.

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They empty with any good that's in you.

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Do not leave any hope, any wish that you want to do, except you do it before you die.

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And all of us have so many wishes and hopes and we keep delaying them. Right? Or you wish to memorize the Quran or you wish I can give more every single one of us can. And we all know that we all can do more. I can give extra money. I can teach somebody Arabic I can visit more sick people. I can attend more geneticists I can. Too many, we all know that we can do more, die, empty, die empty And subhanAllah how we always take things from famous people. And we forget the most famous person ever have said that long time ago 1400 years ago. What did he say? He said Alayhi Salatu Salam

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is our karma to clear him with he had he had he can say sila vinyasa

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if the hour came and you have a small facility is a small plant, you have it in your hand planted.

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You have a soul Allah,

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the Day of Judgment is here.

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There are two things in this hadith. First of all the timing and the amount of good to be done. The timing is the day of judgment. The sun is gone, the ocean is on fire, the mountains are moving.

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And the quantity is if a sila small thing. Both things are in the Hadith. Do not belittle any good thing. Smile in your brother's face. Do not belittle it. Let me see your beautiful smile.

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I shall Subhanallah you see you just get by empty. They empty Okay.

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Give everything before you go. You know why?

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Looking at the crowd.

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Maybe except Abdul Rahman 5060 years we won't be here most of us.

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Right? They empty? Do as much as you can as quick as possible because when would you feel it? When would you feel that when you go to the agenda and you hear the person who memorize the Quran, he will be told recite and get elevated. I wish I memorize more. When you see the person under the shade of his sadaqa I wish I gave more. When you see the fasting people entering from the door of the yawn I wish I fasted when you see that award of the person who sponsored an orphan with the company of a Salah Salem I wish I sponsored somebody die empty.

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They ampere when

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we have lot of energy and a lot of things we can do.

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Why am I mentioning this Subhan Allah in the last couple of days we have

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very two Dear brothers, brother side and Jordan and brother Mahmoud today Subhan Allah

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and they both hamdulillah Darlene left something we all remember brothers side by the teaching of the Quran he did. And brother Mabu he left something he left the designs and the architect of all these massages Allahu Akbar.

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What did you leave behind?

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What did you leave behind? What will I remember you with or what will you remember me with? If I trapped that tomorrow?

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What will you remember me with?

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Die empty? Subhana Calama Bambrick national Allah Allah

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Learn the structural cabinet Toby

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