Finding Pleasure in Salat #22 Amazing Dua between the 2 Sajdas

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AI: Summary © The importance of being in a position where one is doing things in a pleasant way is discussed, along with the use of shell and rock to prevent soldiers from getting out of the field. The military uses a shell and a rock to hold up and prevent soldiers from getting out of the field. The "has" in the culture of Islam is emphasized, along with the importance of not using the same shoes and drinking alcohol. The segment ends with a request for the military to forgive their actions. The speaker discusses various risk factors that could lead to a "rising position" and mentions a "rising woman" who may be distracted.
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Santa Monica aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah alumna Lim domain founder when fan of Mr. Lim tena was in alemannia Hamra he mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teach us would benefit us benefit us remotely tourists and increase us in knowledge. I mean, your bill I mean, my dear respected beloved brothers and sisters, I ask Allah azza wa jal to protect you from any harm. Emini, Allah. Last night we did the sujood.

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And I hope in sha Allah to Allah after last night's talk, our sujood has a different taste, the sweetness of sujood the position where we beg Allah azza wa jal to take our soul while we are in it. I mean, but I mean, the position where you whisper silently in the ground, and it is heard up in the heavens Subhan Allah the position where went no matter how stressed you are, no matter how many problems you have, no matter how depressed you are, you put your head in that search the sincere search the and be in the latter, Allah with the help of Allah, all your worries will fade and go away with one sincere search. When there's some loss, I seldom

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used to go through some kind of difficulties. Allah subhanaw taala revealed in the end of salted hedges, while la cadena animal and neck a vehicle subdural cabina Jaco alone. And yet Mohammed we are aware that your heart is trained by what they're saying about you that are calling you a Shire. They're calling you image known. They're calling you crazy. They're calling you a poet. They're calling you care when they're calling all kinds of names. And we know that you are getting hurt from what they're saying about you. What was the prescription from Allah azza wa jal for Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and for us when we are going through any kind of difficulty. For some behind there

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Becca, welcome Mina Sergi Deen Allahu Akbar, glorify Allah and make a lot of the spirit to Allah subhanho wa Taala and be among the surgery done, be among the people who are performing sujood my brothers and sisters, please enjoy this position of sujood This is a place where we are the closest to Allah azza wa jal.

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This is the closest to Allah subhanho wa taala. There are certain things that we when we do in our life, we enjoy and we want to start enjoying being in solitude. You know,

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for example, a soccer player, he plays for 90 minutes and he's sweating and he's tired but he's enjoying it because he loves soccer. The same player when he goes home and his wife tells him to go to the supermarket pick up something for me, he drives like for 510 minutes to find the parking next to the next to the door because he doesn't like something he doesn't like the whole idea. But when you enjoy something, you start doing it from the bottom of your heart. You know the session will become one two minutes and you forget yourself. This is where we want to reach in sha Allah Tala specially when you are praying alone, now

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or soon Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam

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or before that Subhanallah what is the first Surah ever revealed? A sweat lodge right? The Quran this Mira beacon lady Haluk Subhanallah it started with Accra and what did it end with? Pursued work trip and make some food and come closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala started with Cara and the decision would similarly our salad starts with Kira and ends with sujood Subhan Allah. So Rasul Allah Subhan Allah and he was sallam. Now we get up from the scheduled, we will get up from St. Jude, and you can watch this clip right now, where we demonstrate the way we sit down between the two soldiers. So inshallah Tada and now we will be demonstrating the shell sir, between the two

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for solace, I seldom used to get up from the suit and say Allahu Akbar, and then sit down

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On with the hands either like this they are okay or they are on on the knees both are okay in charlatan and the feet

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he used to have the foot the right foot in an upright position and sitting on the left foot or he used to have both feet like this. These are both okay and someone sat like this because he cannot that should be no problem. The only one that is not allowed is for someone to sit like this. This is not allowed anything else in sha Allah Tada is okay, but if you want to be closest to the Sunnah, is when you have the right upright and you're sitting on the left. And then as well as I seldom used to say that I've got of this position which is a bit fiddly. Rub the filly or another one of the fairly we're Honey, we're Adeney was Bernie wife honey was zucchini. What funny.

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So as you have seen in the video, that this is the way to properly sit down between the two soldiers. And so Allah says salam would lengthen his sitting

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to the level that the Sahaba used to think that he forgot, Allahu Akbar Subhan Allah. So this is one of the positions. You remember the first position you said that a lot of people rush is when you get up to something Allah, Allah, Mohammed, and immediately they go down to sujood. This is the second position where people rush a lot. They get up from the session, and they and they get up and sit down and immediately go back to the second session. No, no, no, no. The Sahaba used to say that assassin and we thought that he forgot. And then he will go down to the other soldier. And as you have seen, we have demonstrated the way you sit down with between the two soldiers. What do we say

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between those two soldiers? First, the simple Rob differently Rob, we all know that you can say it twice. Rob the fairly rob the Philly Allah forgive me. Yeah, Allah forgive me. Some automat said you can add more three times whatever you want, but thrombophilia up definitely is sufficient. And there's another dua Subhanallah and that will be displayed on the screen right now in sha Allah. A bit fiddly, or honey, where hodiny was Bernie where I think he was Xobni. What a funny seven.

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I call this the seven to heaven because of this is answered Allahu Akbar. A bit fiddly, but Honey, we're hodiny was Bernie laughing He was zucchini. Well funny. Which one? Do I say that one or this one? Remember the secret word alternate? One time you say this one time you say the other. Let's take this and explain it because I want you to say it from the bottom of your heart. Say it like you mean it. Oh, these requests I'm making in these in this dua, they are all amazing. Let's start with the first one.

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But before that fairly or Allahumma fairly and fairly from Ophira. We all know that we are asking Allah azza wa jal to forgive me. Allah McFeely then what honey? Ya Allah have mercy upon me? Yeah, Allah have mercy upon me. And we all know that.

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asking Allah azza wa jal for mercy, that will bring all kinds of hierarchy, all kinds of good to our life, all kinds of higher and we all know Subhan Allah, we all know that the only way to Jannah is through the Rama Allah through Allah's mercy, and I'm asking him Ya Allah, honey, so don't just say Robert Finley or how many vineyards when you're having fun? No, no, no, no. I'm making it to her and making a request from the one who will be in the answer. My request luckily, Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah wa sallam told us and we mentioned that before he or Soon Allah

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said that no one will enter the agenda with their XAML with his actions with his deeds. They said that even urs wala not even you jasola He said, Not even myself, until Allah subhanaw taala showered me with his mercy. And now here I'm saying Lahoma Romney, Ya Allah, Ya Allah, I'm asking for your Rama without your Rania, Allah I cannot survive for a fraction of a second alumni fiddly Well honey, well Dini Allah, Allah guide me so first Forgive me have mercy upon me Ya Allah guide me your Allah guide me without your guidance, I would go astray your Allah and not only guide me like we said Angel Serato I'm stalking guide me Allah and give me sincerity in this guidance and keep me guided

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till the last day. Allah hum madonie Bitfury will have new ID didn't he show me Allah guide me because so many people that they were guided by Allah azza wa jal and they chose to go the wrong way. Allah

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panna cotta Allah He always guided us to what's better for us what the best for us in this dunya and the accurate so yeah Allah guide me show me the path that will lead me to your pleasure and your Allah show me the path that will lead me to the to the to the highest place in Jana.

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We're heading any and then was Bernie because Bernie is a Doha that we Subhanallah we hardly hear anybody making a bid fairly well honey when he was born, you know, in the Arabic when someone breaks his hand, they say that he put a he put a cast on it. So until it's fixed, so this process is cottage beer, right similarly Yeah, Allah mend. Fix my problems yeah Allah fix my heart yeah Allah Ya Allah is Burundi Allah Ya Allah change my sadness into happiness, change my poverty, into richness, Ya Allah changed my sickness into health. It was Bernie Subhanallah such a beautiful was Bernie wa Feeny da Allah because this each one is better than the other well as in ya allah shower

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me also with your eyes here with your health and the life who like we are making these days alumina Calhoun table alpha five one where if you need a Selenium engineer, your Allah

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cure me from any kind of diseases. Yeah, Allah save me. I think it saved me in this dunya from all the problems and saved me in the akhira from all the horror of the Day of Judgment. All that is an Anthony because allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was asked, he had a Salah his uncle came up to him and said he had a Salah teach me so simple to make, he said said hola hola Thea, ask Hola Hola, Sofia, ask Hola. Hola, Sophia. And now here what am I saying? Where I Fini where I finished Subhanallah and listen to the other one. What zoek? Nee? Allah provide for me zirconia Allah. And when we say it has many people in their mind go immediately to wealth. No, no, no. That position

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that you are in right now is a risk that you are praying is a risk. You have a spouse at home that loves you and can take and take care of you. That is risk. You have a child that is listening to you. That is risk you're eating with your own hands, that is risk you're showering by yourself that is risk, you have a good job that is risk. You have your parents taking care of you that is risk risk is is not limited only 12 Everything that ALLAH blessed us with is that as you are watching me right now, that's a form of risk. So I'm asking Allah what is zucchini and Subhanallah in the Salah when I get distracted and I come back to the salon and I start concentrating that is risk

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that by some risk that I get now you know, I was distracted a little bit now I'm back a bit fiddly what Honey Why don't he well he was boring me well I think he was looking he was looking here Allah was looking he also there's nothing wrong with asking Allah subhanaw taala with risk with it with one yeah Allah zucchini and let me be sufficient not near suffice myself from my income and not need others Subhan Allah what zucchini? All kinds of Frasca. Allah Subhan Allah. So look at this old beautiful one. And then the last one is now we finished six of them. And the last one is what a funny and yeah Allah elevate me Allahu Akbar, to Allah subhanaw taala elevate your status in this

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dunya what will we will with what will benefit you? Allah will elevate your your name and your your character and make people love you and care about you. Allah will elevate you in this dunya I'm asking you to elevate me elevate me does not have does not necessarily have to do with anything with arrogance or pride or not oh no to elevate me by making me do a lot of IML to help others and that that your Allah will elevate me Subhan Allah and all that Anna are only for your sake Allah were funny and elevate me in this dunya and elevate me in my status in the area that we know that the agenda has different levels so we're finally so elevate my status maybe I am in level 20 Your Allah

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elevate my status ya Allah make it higher era Bill Alameen Subhanallah so elevate me in in my knowledge, elevate me in my respect, elevate me in my Baghdad, all that is under elevate me. So you tell me, how could you rush? How could you rush in that position? A lot of a lot of affiliate affiliates. Brother, sister,

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the coho beautiful, fairly bye

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Honey bardini was Bernie theny was Rockne were funny. Enjoy it, enjoy it, say it slowly mean it you are making it to sit down with between the two stages and enjoy it joy especially when you're praying your Pm and your tahajjud please, please please memorize this. Memorize it one time you say you're a lira affiliate, and one time. Another time you say the long one in sha Allah Tada. We can alternate as long as they are all authentic and both are authentic from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Subhan Allah and we say then, Allahu Akbar, remember Allahu Akbar.

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In case I get distracted, Allah is greater than what you're thinking about. Come back to the salaat Allahu Akbar, and I go down to a second saija Allah, the secret of Salah is decision. The most important pillar in solid is surgery. That's why it's done twice everything is once except the surgery this twice in every single raka enjoy your sujood

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tell Allah azza wa jal what you want Subhan Allah praise Allah, enjoy it. This could be your last Sajida Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us. May Allah make us from the people who have kosher and this Allah may Allah make us from the people who listen and apply me in your bread me. May Allah make our last deeds our best deeds, may Allah forgive all our sins and bless us with with the with the greater web of Laylatul Qadr May Allah azza wa jal make our last words La Ilaha illa Allah may Allah subhanaw taala Allah, I ask you the best of your names for everyone who's watching us to make that children the coolness of their eyes to make their children

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reason for them to enter Jannah Ameen Robert Alameen wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali, he was a big marine Subhanak Allah hombre behind that shadow Allah Allahu Allah and the stuff you look at on a tour we'll see you all tomorrow in sha Allah. God the Afla help me know.

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A levena woofie sala de he Fosse, Jeroen well levena umani Lova we weren't born well levena Homeless Zeca

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Moon will levy now who's only 4g him have you hone in

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as Why do you

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get amen? In whom will you marry me?