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Q and A session, How to thank Allah? What is ruling for men to pray in Home? What if someone say Azan wrongly? Ruling on azan? Who should be entitle to pay the zakat? Do we have to pay zakat on rented house and use able items at home? How should we respond to the one who is rude to you without any reason? All these question been answered, it is shortest way to get knowledge. Watch and share the goodness.

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The speakers discuss the importance of giving money to charity and privacy during prayer time. They stress the need for cooperation and acceptance of others' desire to give charity, privacy, and privacy during mass. The speakers emphasize the importance of practicing Islam and avoiding harming others, and the need for privacy for serious personal lives. They also mention the use of gold and silver jewelry and advice to make one's life serious.

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Increase your goodies This is the best way to thank Allah subhanaw taala practice the deen be righteous there is no any other way to appreciate what Allah smart Allah is doing for you except to do what he wants and stay away from what he hates. And pretty soon and do more, do more, do more. The more you do the more last martyr love you and the more or less more to increase his breath blessings upon you in sha Allah.

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The one who owns Miss

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shala we're going to talk about the car one day meaning law.

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So if you have money the treatments up in South for gold

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is at 85 grams of gold. For football which is the silver is

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595 grams of parties is the limit when you have this amount or equivalent rate in the paper money the currency

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when it stays with you for a year. You don't touch the letter C today you have

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26 sixth right on the sixth of October. You have the money today which is out and you kept you kept it in the bank or at home.

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When 26 October 2014 comes and the money is still with you we never use it for anything. You have to pay the car. You take 2.5% so if you want to know how it is just divide the money into 14

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and take one and give it to charity. So

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when you have $1,000 How much is it? Is that is the amount that is supposed to give it

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a person

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$25 anyone is $25 compared to $1,000 $25 not even $100 no $25 but still they don't get

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and I'm telling you some people there's a car is in millions, millions

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that's mean how much he has. If you give 1 million for the car that means you have 40 million ringgit

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Come on brothers.

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Yeah 40 million ringgit and you cannot take 1 million and give it in charity for the sake of Allah. And when you do you're not reducing the money.

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You are increasingly increasing it because the last part I will multiply

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that which you gave someone in a sudden multiplied by 700 it will come back to you in abundance also does what a lot more traders

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And if you take 1 million rain get if you have if you have 14 million and you take one minute and give how many needy? I mean people are going to be satisfied living next to you.

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A lot. A lot a lot.

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If you take 101,000 it gives someone and it's some people they have family but they spend in a month 400 ringgit 300 ringgit, they managed to squeeze that life to eat anything comes in.

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You get it? You come and you give him 1000 ringgit, I give the other one. I mean you have 1 million how many 1000s you have

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100,000 800,000 1 million how many 1000s 1000 1000 1000 1000 times Yes, when it comes down with it. Yeah. So if you gave 1000 ringgit to each probe let's say there are many you give 1000 it's not recommended to cut it into so many pieces. give someone the minimum should be the nisab of the car. Make him rich.

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So for example, you have 1 million to be given.

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You take 10,000 you get one needy person, maybe he never saw them in his life.

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See, brother take these melasma to conceal your affairs. And look at the way the scholar said he is given the car. In a son, if he's given the car, his hands should come down.

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Normally, if I give charity, my hand is on top and his hand is down. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the hand that is on top is better than the one that is underneath. But they say if you are giving charity, it is recommended that you put your hand underneath, and you should put his hand on top because you are not doing favor too far. He is not your money. Actually, this is a lot of money that he sent to you as your key to go and send it to this person is not your money. When I give charity, the normal one, this is my money. I've given somebody I'm doing a favor to this person. But when you give us the car, there is no fear at all.

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So you take it to this person and give it I'm telling you, if you have problems in your house that says he's your neighbor, and some people come to your house trying to rob your house and the whole community will come.

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You will not need need security in your house. that people will be guarding your house, any movement that is not normal that comes from your house, everyone is going to come to see what is what is going on.

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That's the cooperation that Allah subhanaw taala want to see it taking place in the Muslim community

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does a solidarity and help that allows one to one person will be satisfied and then the rich person will be protected because the whole community is going to protect his wealth

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and everyone is going to love him and they're going to make dua for you and your money also

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what else you want. But still, this is selfishness. And some people they are so greedy. They just want to take everything for themselves.

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Even if everyone is dying, imagine some people they are so rich ally go to some places and see some people they are so rich and look at the people next to him. Very poor.

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Very, very poor.

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I want to one of the country's eyes I saw the difference between the rich and the poor.

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And never come to my mind to have to see the difference in i mean i mean i'm in between the poor and the rich until I went to that place.

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You see someone is driving the latest car. And next to him there is no one except 1000s of people riding bicycles and many of them they have no shoes.

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They're working without shoes.

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And you can see some of them just coming with this. I'm telling you if every single person in that community is taking that which has been described prescribed by last fall upon him to give in charity, most of these people are going to be satisfied. Many people in that place that we go we went there sleeping in the on the on the road.

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We don't know whether they have home or not but we see them I didn't think that someone has house to live in will come in the street and steep in the middle of the road or on the side of the road. Next to the dreams that happen when the rich people are so greedy they don't fear Allah subhanaw taala This is what will take place.

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So this is a card that a lot smarter once you when you have this. This is what allows what is expecting you to to give from a charity shall allow one religious Akashi philosopher to which we will survive until then we will talk a little bit more.

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They make a man you have to leave your house you must go to the house it is worth it for four men to pray inside most you can pray at home is home for someone to pray inside the house. If there is a veteran that is

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establishing the masjid you have to leave the place.

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You see the oven it not necessary that you must hear that done for you to go to the masjid

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or we just use the word because this is the norm that man would come. It is my job to know the prayer time and to move to the masjid at the moment. I know Muslim a friend in the masjid whether the Adhan comes to me or not. Then it just means as I said to remind people that people are praying in the Muslim noun in the prayer time. Does it is not more or less, but it is Rajim upon me to ask someone to wake me up for the prayer not to depend on the event if I know that sometimes

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I will not reach I will not I mean, hidden from them. So whether that one comes or the land does not come, I have to go. So the only thing is the scholars will ask you to just look at the distance, if there is no any difficulty for you to reach them as you must go, but if the intimacy so far

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yeah, for example, since we're an indie, where

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I don't know that, for example, from here to the petrol station, you have to go there to pray.

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If you said everyone from empty has to go there, quite, I think it's quite difficult unless if he has cow, motorbike or bicycle. And still it will take from him five to six minutes to reach the masses. So in this case, if the people of the community can arrange and come and pray even in the house of one of them, it would be appreciated in Sharla but the issue is the Jamaat shouldn't be neglected

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and get it but if there is a Masjid next to us, we have to go to the mercy Bushido opens most routes.

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Oh, that's actually the must only have the responsibility of the Committee of the masses.

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Wherever whenever must it has a committee it is haram for those committees just choose the Imam anyhow. They must be our last month and take the best in recitation of the Quran. And among those best people in terms of reciting the book of Allah the Most to someone who knows the deen better, and they must use someone who's humble who feels a lot smarter, more that there is possibility they would they cannot just do Cora, whoever comes out and just put them inside No, they have to bring them and all they ask at least ask people to see who is who which one. Shall we take and then they select based on this. You get it as well and then also they should take the best The one who knows

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how to pronounce the words. What did he say? He says a limb who Bilal and Fein who and Ming casselton

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he says teachta van is you have to live in his aid he got it. And the province Allahu Allah was someone said no, you don't do it teach Bella because Bilal has a very nice and beautiful voice than you louder the new and more excellent than yours.

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That's why they mentioned that the schrute 11 how many shots you have further three Amana knowledge

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ll be locked. What else and also assault.

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Amana, he has to be a mean, because if he is not I mean, he can call that than before the prayer time.

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And he will be in trouble sisters at home. At least you when you go to the mother you will see the Queen you know that there is no time but the woman at house she trusts you she is she breaks her fast, especially when there is cloud they couldn't see properly. She breaks fast oh you stop her from eating at home fragilis Hi. And then later you come and apologize that it was a mistake after the tragedy and the mistake really took place.

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So he has to be a mean, I mean in time. And I mean also because in those days, they used to have a van on top of them mithuna no loudspeakers, no anything so that the highest and the tallest building is the masjid.

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Not the whole building, but the major and the minaret goes up. Because the more avenues to go there and make advance so that more people can hear that. And so what will happen is, he will be able to have access to the houses of others and people usually they don't cover their house, the whole thing

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is based on the culture that our culture has not. Maybe now the culture is different. But before the houses, the rooms is closed, where people sleep is closed, it's covered. But there is a basement of the house which is open. So sisters will come in that place. As usual. She will not cover her head thinking that there is no one who's looking as hard. This is our own territory and privacy. And the man is making a plan what is he going to see?

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He will watch the outline of the muslimeen that's why they need Amana, UK mentioned about something, someone who lost his deal. Because of this. He was making a plan and he was he was looking down down the masjid and he saw a girl inside the house of a Christian.

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He finished and quickly went into the house and he told him you want to marry the daughter, the girl she said you can't you have to change your religion to Christianity and he accepted longstaff

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and you know the story at the end of the day he lost a woman and he lost his Dean and he lost his life. So he fell down off the roof and he he died

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See, that's why they need a mana.

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They Say what? Close your eyes because most likely you're going to see something that you cannot be patient attending you will love him many, many, many, many, many people lost their Deen because of woman.

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Not because the woman is bad no because of them not controlling themselves.

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Even of the Roman lady

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in his book video and have come along, he brought his story and he says my last month of cursing, he was a person who memorizes the book of Allah subhanaw taala. But because of a woman, Christian woman, he accepted her religion. And he lost the deen because of

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how many people are in this situation. Some people at the last minute they're going to die. They're calling the names of those sisters that they used to love.

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One of the Saudis callers mentioned about a man that makes a prostitute woman, they were going to one of the countries that mentioned the name where prostitutes illegal. prostitution is legal. So they were going to that place and she came late at the time she came he made a suit for her. He said well live from that suit, they took him to the graveyard.

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Many many green books written by the great scholars and see amazing things, it will help a lot for someone to restrict himself, what is hard for him.

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So we need a manner. And we need the second thing. We said

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the knowledge with the time he has to be someone who knows the prayer time not based on calendars is something that I wish all of them will attend in whoever is making a plan in the Missouri knows what Sherry said of as a time for every prayer by looking at the nature the movement of the sun,

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the fragile, not the calendar.

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Because there is mistake in some of them, especially the Frigidaire

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we talk about this in detail, you have to be very, very careful Alhamdulillah in this place that we live in, in almost in every Muslim between the prayer time than then you have 10 to 15 minutes that make it look nice Alhamdulillah because many scholars reminded that they do their own search. And they found that sometimes fragile comes out after the time that is written 10 to 15 minutes, sometimes even more than that.

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And you know, when you pray not on time, the prayer will not be the accepted.

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You have to repeat it as soon as you remember.

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So I've hamdulillah whenever you go to massage, normally fragile, fragile prayer between the further and they come in the oven and a comma there is a gap which is sufficiently enough for you to come out. That's where hamdullah when you finish the prayer, you will see the light of the day begin. That means we were doing it in the right way. Or if you're praying alone, don't use this at all. That's why some scholars said if you if the mother is basing his event on the calendar region, and you wake up at that moment, take take it as a whole

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because it is confirmed by them that they are setting up the time, sometimes five minutes before the real time they said they say they are trying to protect people's fasting, the way you are trying to protect people's fasting which no one asked you to do that. Try also protect their prayers. Because the sad hormones you hear that she wants to catch the first part of the prayer the prophets that allow while he was saying I said the best act of worship that allows for three loves is to pray at the first part of the time. There are sisters who are so excellent, they're looking for a time as soon as the other than say they are then they quickly repeat what he said and go and make will do

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immediately and preach our last lesson so that they can get that blessing. So if the plan is earlier than the real time what will happen

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you know putting them into trouble.

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Although they will not be responsible if they don't know but a lot smarter will ask them why didn't they Why did they pray at that moment and they will bring you in the hereafter

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you will be responsible.

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So you have to know the time and the last one is sold. The one who is making a bank has to be someone who has a very loud voice.

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Especially in those days or

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two cities not working you need someone who is very loud voice because if you bring someone like someone the voice is so simple. And you ask him to make when he's making a loan to who

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I went to visit I prayed and the model is there. I said How come to let us know that he said I made a living next to him with a knot here and the mic is that he was using Mike as still withdrawal here from the house. We are next to him.

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This is not as bad

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Again, that means you're announcing that the prayer time is due. And actually the advantage for the raffle in

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the hill is among the people because the actual people who are concerned of the prayer they come to the Muslim voter time they know the time arrives. They always think of it but there are some people who are busy with their businesses and sleeping that night is for them actually.

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You get it the righteous people What did you call boo mala Campbell massage

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and last month Amicus among those people finished

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the time where the plane is on so you move let's say here is Malaysia you are moving moving moving when you reach this this is Indonesia. You don't say no we're coming from Malaysia we use the Malaysian time No, he is the place where the aeroplane is. When is here they know they will tell you and that's why sometimes you will get annoyed especially when you fast you want to break your fast long time ago you see

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last last last year we are in the place and I can see the darkness of the night and the people are kept on telling us for almost two hours they asked us to be patient it is not yet time to break your fast in the place we are in

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so everyone knows will be

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we listen and sometimes you go to a place I went to a place they told me that they announced now it's time to break your fast I look here I can see the sun next to me

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this is my first time to experiences I refuse to break my

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son next year and everyone is breaking their fast

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good idea so they just looking at the place at the moment they are the places the place is it is not yet time yet they know you don't know so just obey the Michelle law in their Muslim said a lot

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nowadays Alhamdulillah no more question about how to pray

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because many airplanes nowadays have mud inside very nice will lie at the back of the aeroplane they have some space you go play there because it is watching to stand in your prayer

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you here is when you're in the play plane and you decide to pray you have to stand up unless if there is no space at all.

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But there is always going to be a space so you go on and look for some space that you know that inshallah you not disturb others and there's a lot of awkward and pray sometimes people have been someone will say people they will look at you so what

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let them know cachalia good means of data. What I what I didn't explain tell them Mashallah is very beautiful religion. When you do this, you have this and that

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and someone will accept inshallah, before you leave the aeroplane, but it can never be an excuse that people are going to look at you

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to get it can never be an excuse.

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You have to do it. Even if all the world is going to look at you. Let's pray. You're not harming anyone. You're just practicing your deen. They also have their own idols in the bag and they worship whenever they wish to. And nobody's making common why somebody has to make common when you're practicing yours

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was the kind of house hunting in the

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house that sounds like it says million years. You have 1 million houses that you own them not for business, if it is for business and you pays a car for the end.

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But if it is not for business, then lose a car Oh.

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Now you pay from the rental, not from the house. His taxi drivers didn't pay the car for the taxi. They pay for the money they got from the taxi

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to get the money which nisab and that money stays with you for a year. You have to pay second shot.

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Do you have to

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do simple things in home things which means for future life

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for the things within which we save for future.

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You have things in your house knows okay. Everything in your house that you use knows okay.

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The one that he didn't use knows decades.

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He didn't play soccer.

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And the only thing that you pay the car is the gold. Jewelry made from gold and silver. These are the thing that you a woman should pay soccer for them.

00:25:18--> 00:25:28

Nicole that is a car is the best opinion among the opinions of the scholars, although many scholars believe that there is no sucker in the the jewelry that a woman is using.

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But the best opinion is the one that says she she paid as a car every year because a woman came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and that was

00:25:38--> 00:25:52

bracelet on her hand on the hand of our daughter and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked her what is this? Are you paying pins a calculator? She said no, the problem is that Allahu Allah with some I said This will take you to hell.

00:25:54--> 00:26:03

So that's very clear, that there must be the car in gold that is used by a woman you get it. But as for the other things,

00:26:04--> 00:26:09

the furnitures the beds and the kitchen tools and all of these things that is the kind of model

00:26:27--> 00:26:30

the coupon being contained does the advice from Allah subhanaw taala

00:26:31--> 00:26:36

it viability here Santa Fe de la de beynac, Albania wideout, in Canada who will you

00:26:39--> 00:26:46

try make your life in this way. Don't hate your Muslim brothers. Be kind to everyone.

00:26:47--> 00:26:54

If they are hating you try to go and apologize. Even if you know you're there wrong. Just apologize. Just ask them to

00:26:56--> 00:27:12

forget the issue. If they refuse to forget and to forgive, you get it you just keep on maintaining your kindness and you see them smile say Salaam to them made in lie I'm telling you one day they will learn the lesson and come back and they will come and apologize to you.

00:27:14--> 00:27:25

But you have to be patient sometimes very, very cheap. You have to go and you think you believe you're the right one and he's wrong. It's not easy to find the sub sometimes ID

00:27:27--> 00:27:35

remember that this is advice from a last minute it becomes very easy for you to be very kind to them in sha Allah Allah azza wa jal says they become like when

00:27:37--> 00:27:47

they describe it. You see something when you marry a woman from people when you see the father of your your wife, how is your respect?

00:27:48--> 00:27:52

very humble. Put your head down.

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In the sand some scholars were describing the alien humming here in the sun Like some like the way you are dealing with the parent and the family of your wife is you when you see them you become humble Mashallah fix yourself and stop making jokes. Everything in your life is serious. You see them as well. This is how this person is going to become for you.

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A lot smarter fix our affairs.