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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the characteristics of Islam, including the importance of being a hero and the need to be forgiven. It touches on the topic of acquiring knowledge and the use of shaking letters. The segment also touches on the importance of being "has been rewarded by" and "has been rewarded by" events. The segment ends with a brief advertisement and a mention of a "has been rewarded by" and a "has been rewarded by" event. The speakers also discuss the importance of donating and investing in a life, and mention a person who wants to borrow money and make a deal for three years.
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So we continue in sha Allah to Allah

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describing a better ramen

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hoping that Allah azza wa jal will make us all from a better one.

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And we reached the characteristic where Allah subhana wa Taala said one lady in either the key room to be him, let me hear ruling her some no I'm Jana

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and the ones when they are reminded of the Ayat of Allah azza wa jal

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they do not turn away from it.

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Deaf and Blind.

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Keep in mind, we are talking about a better Rahman, the elite, the VIP,

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the best of the best. So one of their characteristics

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is that if they are reminded

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of the aid of Allah, and the aid of Allah could be the actual aid in the Quran, or it could be the signs of Allah around us. Right.

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So what does that mean?

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That means when you come to Joomla

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and you hear the cathedral

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reminding us of an ale from Kitab Allah

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and that reminders going against your plans

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against your desire. You already planned the night with your girlfriend, and you heard that Xena is haram.

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You already planned the contract with Reba and you heard the but the idea of the Riba you are declaring war on Allah and his prophet but you already made the deal and you're going to sign it the closing and in few days

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you heard the Imam is saying and telling us and reminding us about the importance of connecting with your with the parents and with the cousins and with the with the brothers and sisters and forgive them forget and don't hold grudges.

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You heard that do not hold grudges mama and Alfa Ursula have Angelou who Allah Allah and I'm so ever forgiven forget he gets the reward of Allah and you already have a problem with few people in in the community.

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And you heard this yet

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you were deaf

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and blind

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because they are going against what you have planned.

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If May Allah does not make us from these people that listen and do not apply. If you heard all this and you continue to do your plans, then you're not from a Viagra ramen.

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Because man, either as a kid who when they are reminded Let Me a Hero they no no Alhamdulillah Allah here's where the killer for in the kratom fall Momineen Zack Allah can you remind me of this Allah He the shaytaan tempted me to do this. And now I came to the masjid and Allah made me here this so I will stop what I plan to do. This is a battle Rahman they

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they fell in the trap of the shaitan but when a reminder comes to them, they immediately go back to Allah azza wa jal is not like a bad man, they do not commit sins, they do but immediately they go back to Allah and they make Mr. Fogg and they begged for forgiveness. And they begged Allah subhanaw taala to accept the repentance. Let me a hero, Allah, Salman death, Amir and blind.

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Now if you notice, those are the two main sources of acquiring knowledge, right? Either by hearing something or by seeing some and bizarre, right so if the aid in the beginning means the ayat of the Quran, it could mean both because sometimes we read the Quran with our eyes to get the Azure but Subhanallah many times the summer, hearing the Quran hearing an area this is the one that really shakes you cheeks you more than reading it, especially if you hear it from a chef that you love. And it penetrates your heart and start shaking it from inside and you Subhanallah how many times how many times you read an A and the Quran while you're reading, especially in Ramadan. And then you say

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to yourself Subhan Allah was this

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you know, as if it's like the first time you read it, it shook you like so much because that was the time you were reading it with

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the intention to change

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inch. So this April, man Subhan Allah Allah subhanaw taala said in

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Surah Kleinfeld secundario

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in meno shown in nama belagavi at that hustle, hustle. Hustle means exclusive,

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exclusively the meaning are in meaning. A Latina

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has a kidney, though Kieran, Allah, would you let Kulu whom the minute that allah says remember is mentioned. When Allah's name is mentioned

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their hearts tremble.

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Their hearts shake.

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This is in the month exclusive only the true believer at the end of that as a matter of fact,

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the word manana hochkar is mentioned twice in the Quran. And what Surah

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and fell both of them in unfurl me know now hochkar The true believer who's saying this

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problem meaning, he said the true believers and he gave us a few characteristics The first characteristic in me known Alladhina either Zookeeper, Allah, what do you like to call them? Were either totally utterly him to who that tomb Imana remember, man, let me hear ruari has some omiana When they the second characteristics after the name of Allah has mentioned they tremble the second critics when the eight are recited, they have or they will increase in Eman just like Allah says in surah Toba last page where you only see that Surah turn feminine home Mejia cool Are you concerned that who had the mana for Amma Latina terminal for that home Eman and we're home? Yes step Sharon.

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Well, I'm a Latina fear Kulu be him modeled.

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For that home register and register him one or two. We're home Kathy rune Subhanallah look at the look at the look at the how the Companions Sahaba deals with the is revealed. guys which one of you are the ayah that was revealed yesterday increased him an email

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this is the way they talking to each other. Are you coming here to hire the man which one

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hamdulillah it came straight to my heart. I feel like you know this is exactly this is the this is a conversation. So the Battle of men when they hear an idea it increased them in Eman and Allah subhanaw taala when listen to this and I will end with this even though it's told me to switch with him today. It's his day so he's gonna do tomorrow inshallah.

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Inshallah Zuma Allah subhanaw taala said we're bestiary that

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give me a bad the glad tidings who are this a bad ya Allah the deserve? A Bushra from Allah? Bushra from Allah, Yanni, there's no better source.

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If a person is very influential, and he says, I have a booster for you. You feel like you cannot sleep that night. What is that bush law? I'm going to tell you tomorrow that night you're not going to sleep. What is it? Is it a mansion? Is it a you know? He's He's very rich, is very generous. So Allah said we're bestiary But who are these?

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Weather shelter?

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A lady nice istemi own coal fired Teddy owner, center owner you can lead the

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and give the glad tidings to my bad which a bad year Allah the ones when they hear something they do not only follow it, what do they follow?

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The best of it.

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The best of it.

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These are the ones Allah Singh give them my glad tidings. Alladhina istemi Oh, no cold when they hear something, they followed the best of it. These are Allah continued. These are the ones whom Allah has guided your Allah make us all among them. And these are the ones who actually use their brain. They know that this is the whole thing is temporary is few few days few years and we are going so they're investing everything they have their time, their wealth, their health, everything fee, Sabine Allah. They have their smart, I'm investing in a place that I'm staying a very, very short period of time. Compare all the three lives we have, let's say four lives. The first life is

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in the womb of our mother, the second life we are living it right now the third life

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Isn't the grave and the last life they turned to life in sha Allah and Janay

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just like we're sitting here now. Yeah, Allah gathers in Jana. Yeah, Allah interest the Indigena Zoomerang in groups, I mean in this same beautiful group. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada

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is telling us that what I was saying

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wasn't saying

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you know, these days 24

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You missed the point. So Hala.

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Oh, the short period. So this is lucky. So

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I forget about if you forget about the nine months that the mother is roomed, this is the shortest,

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The grave, Allah annum could be 1000 years 10,000 5 million, and then the other one is eternal. So I am investing everything I have in the shortest one.

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The Ask one of the self. Why do people hate death? He said, Who would like to move from a mansion to a place that is ruined?

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We have decorated this life. And we have ruined our Africa. We did not plan so much for the Acura every time you ask how many times we have to beg the people to donate? Really? And who are they donating for? For the guy who's asking standing here

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donating for the guy, the guy Subhanallah like I always repeat after that organization come or whoever comes on Monday, we should go to them and say thank you so much for giving me the opportunity. I have never even thought I will get to India or to Yemen or to Nigeria or to Kenya. Thank you so much. You're giving me the opportunity to help my brothers over there. On the other hand, brother cotton yes, yeah he every single day fundraising. I said Yeah, tequila feel Allah and under a second on the other on the other side. A brother came to me and said

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May Allah reward you guys will Allah you're giving us so many opportunities. One day wells one day orphans one day schools may Allah reward you look at this. Everyday fundraising. Yeah, habibi. Yanni Allah He drives you crazy. If you don't want to donate just be quiet at least. At least be quiet. Donate and you want to complain. No donation or complain also.

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Allah and other guys is excited. And this is the way it's supposed to be. Thank you so much. I have no clue how to find an orphan. I have no clue how to dig a well, thank you so much. Look at this. This is a bad run. These are a bag of ramen. When they hear something they follow the best of it does not like they say fall into deaf ears. That's exactly what the term is. Let me actually have some money men were omiana they want to compete

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Subhan Allah brother called me yesterday. May Allah reward them and and listen, I mentioned the Hadith.

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Han Allah, you think that sometimes these people do not exist?

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I mentioned the Hadith that if let's say I gave brother Samir $1,000 I gave him a loan $1,000 and brother Samuel said

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I will give it to you.

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The first of the ledger, I will pay you back. Is that okay? With you? I said okay.

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Rasul Allah says, Allah said, and I'm paraphrasing the Hadith, every day from now, till the first of the ledger, it will be recorded for me as if I gave $1,000 in charity

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every day, because I have my brother.

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Right? Now listen to this.

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On the first of the ledger, Samuel said, Chef, can you please give me one more month, things came up and I cannot pay you right now. Sure, no problem. Every day after the

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proposed day,

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it will be recorded $2,000 Double versus I seldom double every single day it will be recorded $2,000 So the brother called me yesterday. And he said Schiff, there's a brother who wants to borrow from me $10,000 And he wants to make it for three years. And I heard your Hadith was talking about the people who listen and apply. And I heard your Hadith.

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Can I make it for five years?

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Why? He said because I want the measure of $10,000 a day.

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Who do think that

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we make a deal for three years after three days have you been where is the money?

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Where are you going?

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So Han Allah Allah here when this is these are Eva run

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I beg you Allah make us from a better Rahman Allah make us from a by the ramen Jana MC our last deeds our besties and our last words that Allah Allah Allah, Ya Allah I beg you to always unite our hearts. Yeah Allah keep the eyes of the evil people away from our Masjid. Ya Allah keep us united in this Majid, Ya Allah keep us providing services that will protect us and protect our children and protect our future. Amin Amin Zachman, La Jolla, Salah and Amina Muhammad Ali

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in Latin Mussolini now almost Lima D one meaning me 91 quantity now look on it the more saw the pain I was saw the bond the one slob eating I was slaving a lot the one before for sharing you know

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what unforeseen I was washing I think one downside BP now one downside the party was slow on me now was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentleman one half the award the was good enough. Guess

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what the guilt or? I don't know hula?

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Now lean