Hasan Ali – Get Ready for Ramadan

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of cutting down on foods before eating. They suggest fasting before eating and avoiding snacks. They also mention the benefits of cutting out on sugar and energy levels. The speaker emphasizes the importance of changing one's food habit and energy levels for long-term health benefits.
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The thing for us to understand that preparing for Ramadan is that we cut down on the foods before we're gonna cut down on foods cut down on eating cut down on the amount that you eat cut down on habits that you have let's say for example you have tea teas right some people get headaches in the beginning of Ramadan somebody will suffer every Ramadan first three four days headaches why? Because they they cut down on the teeth. Why are you addicted just too much so much tea and coffee anyway in the first place why on earth have you got yourself in the habit? Some people just like oh my god, I'm god, I've got to have this in a pan or some have this chewing gum I have this other thing that

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you got cut all of that out. I mean, you should cut that off in the life anyway, you shouldn't have anything that makes you so addicted to it that you can't live without it. But cut on that before Ramadan comes in makes you feel better. If you can get into a habit because in Ramadan, we're going to be eating within a window slot of four to five hours. It from now you can get yourself prepared for that is even better. So you fast some days and Siobhan rasool Allah is minister, fast half of Chava. Okay, he's the first half of Shabbat. So if you want to get yourself into that habit, and get yourself into the habit of fasting from now, if not, at least get into the habit of of restricting

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the number of hours you're eating in, because then the body gets used to it make your life a little bit easier to have that now, long term, we want to keep up this habit, you know, the habit of eating a little less.

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And eating everyday less, and your body gets used to it Subhanallah that couldn't be anything better. Because you don't have you know, you don't have the cravings people have you don't get you know, you're not traveling or moving along tomorrow in your own house, you have to snack snack snack, this whole thing about snacking is a very new thing to the human generation. In fact, we only snack in the West people, people don't snack in the East a lot because they don't have the money to have the snacks. Okay, so we only do in the West. And when we snack, we just you just snacking for no reason really, you don't need that extra snacks, to have a gap of six hours or have a gap of

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a few hours without food is really good for the body is really good for the body. Because then the fat that's stored in your body starts to get eaten up. Do you know that we've got a lot of fat in our body, especially in our stomachs and so on, and to have long periods of hunger actually eats into that fat and he breaks it down. So it's a lot healthier, not good, a lot better for us and you feel a lot more energetic, a lot more sharp when you're eating less and when you're not eating. And especially when you're not eating the junk foods or the fried foods or the unhealthy foods. If you cut out that stuff from your life, you feel a lot better is better for your health long term. You

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know you cut down your sugars you cut down on things that turn into sugar like for example rice, when you have rice, it turns into sugar in your in your stomach after a while you're your bread, your Japan is your Nan's walas bread the Javin it turns into sugar afterwards.

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So so therefore, you know if you can cut down on that I know a lot of us habitually because of a culture, we are accustomed to certain foods. But God did not send us a Moses tablet to the Torah to the earth and say You better eat, thou shalt eat three times a day rice, thou shalt eat two times a day, you know, there's no such thing as come to us that you must follow your culture, you can change your food habit, you can change the cycle, you can change it to different foods, healthy foods, or you can change to having less food. In fact, you know the plate size that you have, you can start off by by changing the size of the plate, the bigger the plate, that is a thing that your mind

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tricks you in your mind says to you that I'm going to have one plate of food. So now if you have a big plate, you're going to end up end up having a big plate but if you if you just cut down on the size of the plate, you'll eat less if you cut it down again you eat less and some people think I would have food two or three plates full. That's because you made yourself a habit if you make yourself from three plates of food to the slowly you move it to one you can get used to it you'll be fine. The amount that you cut down on you will be a lot you know you feel a lot better. And soon you won't even realize that you ate less. Now those of us who can you know slowly control this, please

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do this for long term health benefits. Long term your mind your concentration, your energy levels will be a lot better. Because one thing that we tell we tell ourselves Do you eat more you can you got more energy. That's not the that's not the truth about it. You eat healthy, you got more energy. You can eat a lot of foods that are not healthy, you might not be that energetic. So may Allah azza wa jal give us tofield for this

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