Mohamad Baajour – Are you from the inhabitants of The Ferdous – Find out

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The transcript is a jumbled mix of disconnected sentences and phrases, making it difficult to summarize. It includes references to people such as Marie Tifa's lack of privacy and sister's lack of privacy. The group discusses their experiences with Jesus and the importance of being consistent in praying, as well as the importance of being a true Islamist and prepared for death. They also ask people to practice consistency and not give up.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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who would like to be from the people of the Fritos raise your hand?

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Masha Allah

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Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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As you know he told us when you ask, as for the for dosing Allah

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aim high as for the for dose Allah. Do you know who told us? What are the characteristics of the people of the Fritos Allah? Do you know who told us

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the owner of the Fritos Allah

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in the AI that the chef just recited

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he told us what do you have to have in order to be from the people of the first dose? So let's go through the checklist

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and check because we all raise our hands we want to be from the third dose may Allah make us all from the people of the third dose inshallah. So let's go through the checklist that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala said and see where are we lagging behind so we can improve and see the ones that we are doing already called the f let me know. So the first characteristic is to be a true believer.

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How's your iman

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Eman means strong belief in whatever ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala has revealed without any speck of doubt, and believe in Rasulullah Salallahu Salam in all his authentic hadith and tried to apply them to the best of their ability to your ability.

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Let me know so the first characteristic is Iman, let's check the second one. And levena Whom fee Sana T him ha she own.

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They have a shoe and they're solid.

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How's your salad? My brother?

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I was your salad, my sister? Do you have a shoe on your salad or you just performed the salad just to get rid of it. It's done Jamba it's over.

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One of the ways to have her shoe and the salad is to understand what you're saying.

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Do you know what the Subhanallah Brd mean? Allah I asked a group of maybe 70 or 80 people what the Subhana Vilavi mean? Only two people raise their hands.

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They they do the translation glorify Allah the great this is a translation Yaffe, but what does it really mean? You are claiming and believing that Allah is perfect in every attribute and free from any deficiency anytime you use the word Subhana

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who should in the salon, a lady in her home fee solidarity him for she own? When levena whom I love we Marie goon and they stay away from vain talk when Boustany Eman Omen Krishna Islam in Turkey him Allah Jani. One of the signs that you are a good Muslim is you stay away from what does not concern you. You do not get involved in everything. You do not waste your time. In vain talk

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when Latina home and you love him are you doing when Latina homeless Zeca Tifa you don't have you paid your zakat my brother. Most of these organizations that we are mentioning every day they are zakat eligible.

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Well, Athena home is a catify loan and check in your family members, the far family members first before you give zakat to anybody your cousin, your second cousin. They are more deserving than any other fucking year. Check with them first as soon as I said and said This is Sarah Tran and sadaqa also both combined.

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When Latina homeless Zeca Tifa in on one Latina home H

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li Fuji him have he alone and they have protect and guard their chastity

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they do not watch anything haram

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they do not mix with haram mixing

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they do not attend places that there is haram in it

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well Adina Han the Fuji him Have you known and then when the dino homely Amana T him was the him wrong.

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And the ones who keep their an earner and their promises.

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Anything that you have been entrusted with is an Amana. Your work your job is an Amana when you go to to your job, and you sign from nine to five you have to give from nine to five. Don't spend most of the time talking on the phone and playing and just nine to five Noriaki This is an Amana our children was an Amana, our families and our learner.

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When you give a promise, keep your promise when you say you're coming at six come at 550 Not 730

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Did you see the announcement on the wedding cards?

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The wedding is at eight

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and the sister booked the hall at 930 because she knows nobody's gonna show up at eight

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eight is eight Subhanallah and the last one is when Medina Houma, Salah at him, you have your own Allahu Akbar. The characteristics of the people of different dose. Two of them are about solid. The first is have for sure and solid and they pray every Salaat on time, on time, no job no nothing will prevent them from praying the salah on time. You're actually being busy at work is not big and big or big tea is not a valid excuse not to pray on time is not yucky. Take a break five minutes and perform your Salah. In the salata, kanatal Nina Kitab and Makuta the Salah is on its prescribed time by Allah azza wa jal to have the characteristics who Chu and Mohamed Salah is from the people of the

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third dose hula hula where he throne they are the inheritance what do they inherit here? Hola. Hola, Medina yo retun Alfa dos Allahu Akbar. Yeah, one please be consistent on your salad. Try as much as you can to have your heart present in the salad. The salad is a meeting with Allah azza wa jal we don't want to be among the people at the end of the surah

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Hector either

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on their own and when death comes that person would say yeah Allah bring me back. Ya Allah bring me back. What do you want to come back and do you want to continue your education you want to finish building your home? No no no

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Lusardi FEMA tell ya Allah bring me back. I want to protect my salah. I want to protect my hijab I want to stop dealing with rebar I want to stop doing this and stop doing that I want to become from the people of the massage. I want to be truthful your Allah bring me that so I can give in charity.

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And Tina Tara, Yama, please bring me back and the answer comes striking Kela

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it's too late. I gave you 5060 7080 years. I sent the guy to come and remind you in Ramadan

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Calla, it's too late.

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Please. Jaquan

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Ramadan is 30 days of training. Let's train ourselves to become consistent and our salad for my brothers, my beloved brothers that come to the masjid only Ramadan.

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Allah hey, I want to tell you something. I first of all, I love you for the sake of Allah. And I will remind you of the Hadith crossovers I Salam was excellent said in Allah. Yet Adesh Allah gets very happy when we come and pray in his house. So what does Allah What did he do to you? So you will not only visit him except once a year. Please become from the people of the massager constantly Zakon Allah here, there are a couple of them and the answer for the question is which surah is every so every if the name of Allah has mentioned

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Surah Al Musa de la Sol, and by the way, many people make a mistake the same as yet Allah is the moja caster on the Bucha de la Zakon la five slavery

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