Mohamad Baajour – Are You Favoring the 8 over the 3

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speaker is reciting a book about putting the eight before the three, which is a common law among Muslims. They encourage listeners to ask their parents and children what they put before Islam and Jesus. The book also talks about putting the numbers before Islam and Jesus, and mentions that they are going through a crisis.
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salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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I want to tonight's Katerra

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to go to your heart

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and I want you to think about it

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and then came to

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a very well known scholar and he asked me a question

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he said the Hashem

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our deen is the dental hawk. Is that true? said absolutely.

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He said how come

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Muslims are suffering all over the word? poverty, illiteracy fighting with each other. We all know what's going on and how come that the victory is delayed?

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Listen to the answer.

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So, the chef said

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because we have put the eight before the three

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we have put the eight before the three said Yes chef. I am not very well educated Please explain.

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This I will be recited shortly inshallah.

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Allah subhanaw taala set in sort of a Tober totally

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calm where if learn will come whereas words will come last year or to come when we need to. Off to what Ijarah

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Schoeneck asada.

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Why Misaki Notaro, Dona Hebei, La Nina ma he was a Sunni, what she had in the Serbian villi that are a person that are a vessel that Arab Desso had yet to be angry. Allah hula deal, Coleman sipping, Allahu Akbar, Allah He this

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should give us sleepless nights.

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Allah His sleepless nights.

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So the Sheikh said, and he recited this ayah Allah is telling Rasulillah salam to tell mankind including us, if

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your parents

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and your children

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and your brothers and your wives, and your tribes, and your businesses, and your money that you have accumulated, and your homes that you love,

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or more beloved to you, than Allah and His Prophet, and Jihad feasability Allah then listen to this word, Fatah Basu. Allah saying, wait

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until Allah brings down his decree and listen to the to the to the lightning at the end. Well, Allahu La Yeah, Hadeel como el Fassi, Karim. Allah had the end he said, and he does not guide the festival queen. So He, Allah subhanaw taala is telling us, for the people who put their parents and their wives and their children and their business and their homes before the love of Allah and His Prophet and the jihad. They are fascinating.

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So I want you to note and Charlotte, why don't you go home? Ask yourself how many of these eight we put before Allah and His Prophet? One to all five, Allahu Allah.

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What does it mean we put them before Allah and His Prophet, or the love of Allah and His Prophet. Loving Allah azza wa jal and loving his prophet indicates or entails

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obeying them. If I put my wife's order above Allah's and prophets order from these people. If I put my business that is haram before Allah has orders and Rasulullah sallallahu orders, I am among these people. If I put any of these eight before the love of Allah and Allah His Prophet and the love of jihad, he Sabine Allah and struggling to Sabine Allah, then I am one of these eight, Allah I don't know how many including myself are exempted from this.

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Think about it tonight. Yeah, when

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we are putting the eight before the three. And that is the reason why we are going through what we are going through. May Allah make us put the three before the eighth? May Allah make Allah Subhana Allah Allah may Allah may Allah subhanaw taala make his love and the love of Prophets, Allah Islam and the love of a struggling feasable Allah before any other love. I mean, I mean, these are common law here. I said I'm only gonna have law

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