In How Many Days Was The Arsh (Throne) Created

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How many days did it take for Allah azza wa jal to create the OSH?

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We don't know

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how many days for the good see?

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We don't know. How many days did Allah azza wa jal create the heavens and the earth the the paradise in the hellfire,

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the paradise in the hellfire, how many these were they created? We don't know. There's nothing mentioned by what about Kalam, nothing mentioned as well. What about the war that's in us? Nothing mentioned as well, Allah Juana by, how many days did Allah azza wa jal create the heavens in the earth? Six days? How do we know it's in the Quran? Visit that area yet? How many days did Allah azza wa jal create the body of Adam?

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Some, even our best would say 40 years of Baja exploration 40 days it was created before the soul was breathed into him. So look, there are things in which Allah told us about In how many days he created. And there are things we have no clue about how many days they were created. And Arash will call see the paradise the Hellfire column or row, they have no days, in how many days they were created, nothing mentioned.

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And these heavens in the earth, and everything in between, and then mountains in the ocean and all that was within six days, and the body of man 40 These are days.

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Why was this counted? And these weren't counted? Sure. What is the purpose of counting something?

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I know when I count something, why do you count something for?

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Limited, it's limited. When I count something, meaning I want to reach the end. And if I have a stack of money, and I begin to count, I will reach the end, right? If you see me sitting and counting, I'm not going to be counting forever, I'll be stopping somewhere right? This is the purpose of counting something that it will have an end. So now listen to this. The heavens in the earth were created in six days. There is accounting because they will come to an end there's an end for them. Or there's accounting for them. The human body 40s 40 days whatever it is, it was counted because the human body comes to an end. It finishes and ends. And l Cool. See you allow Shawn Jana

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will now one column one. They don't have a number of these in which they were created. Why? There's no point to count them because they're an N they are on forever and ever and ever. You see that? For that's any spamela Some of the wisdoms as to why there was no mention of days for the harsh for the heavens, for the for the paradise for now. And even for the soul, the soul in within you never dies, the soul does not die. Allah says put lowlifes in there are a couple note. The soul only tastes death. Allah did not say couldn't do enough sin SATA mode, every soul will die. Every soul will taste death and it tastes as it comes out of the body. But the soul as a soul knows it doesn't die

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never dies. From when Allah created the 11 I write in only transitions from one life to another. And then over there in the afterlife, the human being would be created again. There is no mention of how many days Allah would recreate the human being why? Because that's it that body that Allah azza wa jal would give you the human being on the Day of Resurrection and put that soul back in there. It is eternal. It doesn't end now for this is just something on the side for you to realize that the fact that Allah put days counted these for the creation of the heavens in the earth and man, that in itself, in itself is a proof that it will come to an end because you don't count something that

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doesn't end and the other things did not give an account. Therefore they don't end