Mohamad Baajour – Are You a Greatful Slave

Mohamad Baajour
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Allah subhanho wa Taala told us fifth duckula La la conditio Quran, Allahu Akbar. have Taqwa so you can achieve so you can have Shakur to Allah. And another place that I look into her moon and another place, la la calm and when he knows

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to flee home, with Taqwa you will achieve success, you will achieve the aim of Allah subhanho wa Taala which was the only key to Jana and today I'm going to just take the sugar part. Imagine that duckula la la karoun So you can achieve the chakra of Allah azza wa jal to be grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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the shaytaan told ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada I will come from behind them I will come from in front of them I will come from the right I will come from the left where I tell you to accept him shagreen and ya Allah you will find most of them ungrateful.

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You will find most of them ungrateful

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ombre the Allah Han was walking on time he saw a man walking and saying Allah how much anaemia unclean allah how much I didn't even unclean allah how much I didn't even clean your Allah makes me from the few y'all Allah makes me from the few. So he said I've never heard this before.

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He said Didn't you hear what Allah said waka li lon Mineva dia Shaku very few of my bed or shaker?

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Table one, how can we be Abijah Quran? Allah subhanaw taala which Prophet he called them in the Quran Allah choco chef recited it yesterday she is Nisha,

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know in Ghana, I've done shockula How can I be added chuckle or before I tell you just let me ask you a question.

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If we were told

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that tomorrow we will wake up only with the NAM that we thanked Allah for today

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you will wake up tomorrow with the blessings only the blessings you will have tomorrow the ones that you thank Allah for today.

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Very scary. Right.

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The masala sigh Salam told us because the number of Allah countless we cannot thank Allah subhanaw taala for all these time, so let us follow what should we do? He told us to do that we say in the morning. And same day out we stayed in the evening and of course I said and said whosoever say this

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chakra young me he has done the sugar for the whole day. Because if I want to thank Allah for the for the netmask Islam for the net amount of vision of the net amount of their health for the net amount of of shelter of wife of her of husband of children, we cannot Subhanallah now I'm Allah to advocate also. SOS Hassan said when you wake up in the morning after fertilization Allah Maha Sabha Habima nem lb admin Kalki cultic feminine Kawada luxury color fella can wear like a sugar and in the evening Allah mama answer I changed us to answer

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I would on a mountain our scholars taught us how can how can we be grateful to Allah azza wa jal two things Jaquan. First, we have to believe in our heart with certainty with Yaqeen that every name that I have is from Allah. Everything I have is from Allah. Do not do not attribute anything to yourself, who attributed something to himself and cast off Nabeel

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karoun Carla in nama ot to who he said, I have all that because of my knowledge because of me. So number one, we have to attribute everything to Allah azza wa jal, when I become enamored in Femina, Allah, every nightmare we have is from Allah. This is the chakra of the cold, then the sugar of the listen by saying hamdulillah and telling the others when magnetic material decaf I had this, showing that you are so grateful to Allah with his Nam. And third year one, the most important thing is Subhanallah to use these blessings that Allah has given us in His service, or use the month if ALLAH given me

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if I want to be shackled for the world, I use the West in the service of Allah. If I want to be shackled for the hammer vision, I use those vision. This in my young brothers and sisters, we use these eyes for the service of Allah. If I watch haram and I listen to haram I'm not thanking Allah azza wa jal for this Nam, I will I'm being ungrateful when I use them for the sake of Allah then I am grateful for every Namur

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Allah has unlimited sugar in your blood, I mean, and the beauty of Allah subhanaw taala when, for example, I get you a gift, and then you want to thank me, you will give me a gift in return. But with Allah does not work like this. He gives us something we thank him. What does he do? He gives us more. We thank him He gives us more than Shackleton

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that is either Nico Milan was animilitia kirinyaga alameen Allah Masha Allah Masha Kenya Amara Amin alumni live Minako alumina or effect Halima Taheebo. Tada salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine Subhana Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah stuff

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