Mohamad Baajour – Apply These 3 and Enjoy the Dunia and Akhira!

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of fixing the heart and relationship with others in public, avoiding giving too much priority to one's actions and not wanting to give too much priority to one's words. They also discuss the concept of "the atma will" and its potential consequences, including losing brands and losing one's mother. The conversation also touches on the negative impact of a former president's statement about every move is a positive, but people should not be afraid of the future. The segment ends with a discussion of the importance of being informed and aware of rights, and a mention of a former president's statement about every move is a positive.
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When the seller feels to

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depart after any meeting,

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they used to tell each other can you give me once a year?

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You remind me of something.

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So they used to repeat the statement.

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Very beautiful statement, which we will explain today in sha Allah Allah. They used to tell each other

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man US law has said he'll tell us law Allahu Allah Nieto

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woman US law hum Urbina who when they when they have been Allah, US law Allah Houma they know why my being a nurse.

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Woman Tenma the MDF here at Cafe Hola, Umbra dunya imagine this is the statement that they remind each other all the time.

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Oslo has said irata a slow Hello Antonietta. Whomsoever make his Surya salejaw.

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make better.

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His cerebra cerebra is from the word sera,

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sera a secret

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so, whomsoever make his secret affairs perfect.

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His external affairs automatically will be perfect.

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The point is concentrate on fixing

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what's in the heart.

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Automatically what's outside will be fixed.

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If you notice

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we do it the other way around.

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And there's don't get me wrong Islam.

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And there are so much I seldom told us

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to fix the outside from the beard to the way you dress to the way you comb your hair, all that stuff is from the Sunnah. But to make this the priority is a problem. To concentrate on what people sees and neglect what Allah looks at. That's the problem. Because the salah Salem told us in Allah Allah younger Isla,

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Allah Allah.

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Allah does not look at your properties and your children and all that Allah looks at your hearts. So we concentrate a lot on what people see and we neglect what Allah is watching, and what really matters. So the here the advice is asleep. Man Asla has said Hirata whoever fix the settle the time

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and the actions when they are done in private, when we are alone,

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if you wanted to not if you want to

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grade yourself.

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If you want to grade yourself, check yourself when you're alone.

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This is who you are. This is now here is beautiful, everybody is beautiful.

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But when you're alone, how do you react? How do you behave? This is who you are.

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That's why they said Be very careful of the sins committed in secret, because the judge is the only witness.

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from the seven people who are praised, and who will be under the shade of Allah when there is no shade except his shade. There are three of them that did things in private, the one who did, who gave a sadaqa that his left hand does not know his right hand like this is how secretive he was and the one whom someone had told him. He was alone with a woman that is pretty.

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he told she told him fear Allah and he stopped. And the third he was alone again, Carly and for father Tyner. He remembered Allah when he was alone and he started tearing.

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So how was your

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How are you when you are in private when you are alone?

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The atma will

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vary from one person to another according to the involvement of the heart, in that family.

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What does that mean?

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The person two people prayed. I am looking I am seeing two people praying.

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This prayer is favored to the other prayer to as much

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As the heart is involved in this prayer, this person was praying just because his father forced him to pray. And this person came with like three, four or five intentions. So up to me from the outside, it looks like they're both praying, but to Allah azza wa jal, whatever is in the heart favors that animal from the other person. And similarly in the my fasting in my donation, everything is favored according to how much the heart is involved in that action.

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Man Ursula has said irata whomsoever fix was inside the secret stuff, Allah when fix this public. And remember, Allah told us young man to bless our ah era, on that day.

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Oh, the secrets are exposed.

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All the secrets are exposed.

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Every good or evil, every lie or every time we read the Quran, everything is exposed. Second.

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We hear a lot of problems in the community. Many people I have problem with my spouse, I have problem with my parents, I have problems at work I have problem here and there isn't to the second one. Whomsoever, fix what's between him and Allah, Allah Who will fix what's between him and others.

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So you're having problems with your spouse, with your parents, with your brother with your siblings with fix what's between you and Allah? Fix this Allah, fix your cat.

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Fix your CM, fix your relationship with the parents fix, fix any that is all there is that you performing?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will fix your relationship with others.

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And that applies to everything. And the last one just to make the forterra short.

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Many of them may be here at Giza Hello I'm Rodinia Subhan Allah. And this is similar to hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he said min Cana Hammoud Acura, whosoever listened Jaquan let's make this our goal whosoever make the F euro, the hereafter his main concern

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what happens?

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The Dounia will come running to him

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and also ever make the dunya his main concern he will lose both.

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Look at this deal.

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Look at this deal. If you make the F Euro, your main concern, you will get both. If you make the dunya your main concern you will lose both.

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What does it mean to make the Acura my main concern?

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Every single move

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I asked myself before I do it, if it's pleasing to Allah or not. This is what it means. My main concern that one day I'm going to stand in front of Allah and report about that business that I'm in about my treatment to my spouse, about my treatment to my parents about the upbringing of my children, about every single thing I did, I am going to report I'm always worried before I make any decision. What am I going to tell Allah? This is what it means.

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And if I apply that, the dunya will come running rah rah socialism, use the word Rahima and he will Rosman Anna duniya will come whether you like it or not, she's gonna come after you.

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What do we do if one if we I compare how much of my time per day for dunya and how much for akhira?

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does that mean I don't do anything? Of course not. We are all mashallah highly educated mature people. Yeah, when every single move my younger brothers and sisters, every major that you go to school and major and everything could be transformed into a bad or just with the proper intention with the proper intention.

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My main concern is, this is my last day. This is my main concern.

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The last brother we buried was 24 years old.

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So younger than 90% of the audience.

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So imagine every single morning I

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Do you wake up and I say, today is my last day.

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Every morning.

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Today is my last day.

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Today the last day I'm going to see my wife, how am I going to treat her?

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Today is the last day I'm going to see my mother.

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Today is the last day I'm gonna pray. How's that? Salaat going to be?

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Today's the last day I'm going to see my brothers in the community. I mean, you're gonna fight with them and argue and give them the dirty looks. Today's my last day. That's it. I'm done.

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Let me ask you a question.

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Could today be my last day or your last day?

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Absolutely. Absolutely. So why don't we treat it as our last day

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so what is the advice Subhanallah

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in this dunya

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there's a poet who said something very beautiful, he said

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feminie, attune to God and a Nursey called Lahoma

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la Bucha de Lille insanely Anjelica Cemani

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so rule on was known

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what the federal Khan was tema on wetheral cartoon

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where you shouldn't watch run through Masamune wa here.

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He said something very beautiful, he said a things every human beings is going to go through the whole eight

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happiness and sadness.

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Meeting and departing, meeting people and then leaving each other whether by death or by

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heart hardship and ease,

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and health and sickness.

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Who among us did not go through the whole eight?

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All of them not like you know, one of them was gonna hit every single one of them. We went through it, whether it's sickness, or health, or wealth, or poverty, or we lost people that we love. People came to our life.

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Every single one of us gonna go through those eight. So Subhanallah

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let's make every single action. You know, one of the stuff he used to say

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in 40 years, listen Subhan Allah. In 40 years, I did not say a word, except I prepared an answer to Allah.

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I did not utter a statement except that Allah asked me why did you say that? I have the answer. Ready?

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Subhan Allah.

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May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who listen and apply. And may Allah make me from the people who practice what they preach. May Allah subhana wa Taala make our last deeds our best deeds and may Allah azza wa jal make our last words La Ilaha illa Allah Subhan Allah and Muhammad ALLAH

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SubhanA Colombo gondek I should

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stop you Luca on to Winnick.

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In La Mussolini now I didn't was Lima Do you want to meaning Mina Do you want to call on et now look on it the more slowly been I was born in Poland he was saw the Rena was Slavia before she you know she

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was before she now no one was polishing. I think one downside being lino one downside being partying was on me now it was all in

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one heavy Lena photo Gen. One Hatfield lot the ones that get enough love that gets you Oh, what's going on? I don't know hula

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