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AI: Summary © The importance of believers in Islam to keep society strong and strengthen their roles is discussed, along with the history of the title of Islam and the use of handkerchiefs to identify individuals. A man describes a situation where his brother joins a Islamist group and they fight against disunseling their family. The importance of sharing brotherhood in a meaningful way and rebuilding the spirit of brotherhood is emphasized. The speakers also discuss the importance of forgiveness and rebuilding the love of Islam, as well as the need for brotherhood to achieve the love of Islam.
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last panel what Allah says those people who balance the rules of life those who love each other for my sake, those who balance the role of Father, those who sit together for my sake, those who visit each other for my sake those who give gifts to each other for my sake, our Brotherhood is what will keep our society strong.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam.

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There is a scholar in UK by the name of Ibrahima Sati. He is a

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he is the father of our general manager mercy mission in UK. Ibrahima shorty, the scholar of Islam is very well known. One day I wanted to meet Shetty, Brahim. And I wanted to ask him a few things. She had a brain surgery, have you the hula? And so I asked our team member Tarik saying, Can I meet your father? He said, You know, these days my father's really sick. My father's really unwell. And it was the days of the bombing that was going on in Gaza, the war that was going on in Gaza just a few months ago. And so I said, Why, what's wrong? He says, you know what's happening now? Well, I don't know what's happening, what is happening? He says, Well, don't you know what's happening in

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Gaza and all the other issues? said, Yes. He said, whenever something happens to the Muslim world, my father gets sick.

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He actually physically becomes sick. And he actually actually needs an admission into the hospital. His physical body becomes sick. And he gets this cold and he gets this temperature and he simply cannot take it. And we have to take him to the hospital and Subhanallah

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it struck me that isn't this how believers are meant to be? Is this not how believers are meant to be by Allah? Are we not physically meant to be sick when our brothers and sisters are in pain?

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And are we not physically and mentally meant to be tortured when our brothers and sisters are being tortured? Why is it that they are in difficulty and we feel ease? Why is it that they're in difficulty and we have no difficulty in our lives? There must be something wrong, my friends. It is as Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has said an authentic hadith in Bukhari. Verily, the example of believers is like a body. When one part of the body gets sick, then the rest of the body compensates for it, but what with pain and with temperature? And this is exactly what I saw Suhana law being enacted in life with one of our scholars with laubscher Ibrahim Sati Rahim Allah Rama

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terrassa, after the hola my brothers and sisters in Islam, there is a hadith which many of the scholars in Islam consider not authentic, but the stronger opinion is that it is huson the he is narrated into me the wearing armor of the Allahu taala and who was going for Umbra? At that point, he went to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said yo rasulillah I am going for camera. And so Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said yeah, if he Latin son, Amina Dora, so all my brother Do not forget me. Do not forget me in your da and Amara be alone who said but Allah, my beloved Prophet sallallahu Sallam told me a word by which I would sacrifice the whole world and all that is

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contained. He said, my brother

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Yes, salaam. My brother is a word that has tremendous value in our Deen. It is a word that joins us together. It is the greatest relationship that we have. And has been a bursary Rahim Allah Rama tomasa. He said, in that narration, which is authentic from him, reported by even Abby dunya. He said, Well, law he our one our brothers, and our sisters, of course, our brothers are more beloved to us, than our own families. For verily our families remind us of the hereafter. But our brothers, they remind us, our families remind us of this world, whereas our brothers remind us of the hereafter.

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My brother's There was also an incident which is amazing and always takes my breath away. And which is the title of my talk today, as well. As it is an incident that happened in the time of the Battle of butter. We're in the brother of Musa Amira, the Allahu anhu. Musab Ma, radi Allahu anhu.

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And his as you know, Musab had was a Muslim at that time and he was fighting with the Muslims against the disbelievers. But the brother of Mossad was fighting with the disbelievers against the Muslims. So the brother of Musab is not Amir rhodiola, and who was actually captured as one of the prisoners of war. And so when Mr. Garvey was passing by, and he saw this companion was tying the hands of his brother together, he said he looked

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To the companion said, Oh, so on. So my friend, this man,

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tie his hands harder, make sure he doesn't get away his mother's rich she will pay a lot of money for him. And so this boy He looked at his own brother his blood brother and said so Pamela, my friend,

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he must have you my brother and you're saying this about your own brother. So most if not a male looked at him and he said, Oh skirts. What is a script means Shut up.

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He said keep quiet. In

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nickel yom. Verily, He is my brother rather than you today. Yes, Allah. This is Islamic brotherhood, my friends, a brotherhood that transcends every single thing that we have made up that stops us from those ties of kinship. Yes, salaam, this is what Brotherhood is in knuckle, yo, my friends, Omar rhodiola. And who whenever he used to remember his brother or one of his brothers, meaning one of his friends, whenever he remembered any of the Sahaba at night, he used to become restless. And they used to say that he could not sleep until the morning and in the morning, he would ask for that brother, or that's a hobby so that he could see him shake his hands and hug him. And many incidents

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like this are reported. Even I'd be dunia. He reports that Omar rhodiola. And once he did that, and he remembered what other than the gentleman so you woke up in the morning after fudger and said I am wired where's my ad? Show me my ad. So he saw the people showed him what ad and he went up to him hugged and kissed him. And so am I missed you. Also the same thing happened with Mr. rhodiola. And who was Abu Zubaydah, Omar Abdullah rhodiola. And he used to love Abu Zubaydah so much that he used to visit Syria just to meet Abu Zubaydah and Abu Zubaydah rhodiola. No, was one of the O'Meara, one of the viceroys of the halifa in Syria at that time, and you'd visit him just for the sake he said,

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My heart wanted to meet my brother. And so he would visit just for that sake.

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Omar rhodiola and who has a very amazing statement, he said Luca, only one Jalla

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licola want to meet our brother is for our worries and our difficulties in our life to go away.

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SubhanAllah is that not the case? Every time I come to Melbourne and I meet my brothers that I haven't seen for months, your salon or my difficulties go away? My wife is texting me, where are you? Where are you? I said, You know what? I forgotten you? Because I've got my friends with me here. It's true because of the law. And this is exactly the case, isn't it? When you meet your friends and you meet your brothers Subhanallah you tend to forget all your other issues.

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It is for this reason was to Fianna 30 Rahim Allah He said.

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And he was asked this question, what is the water of life? What is that which feeds the soul? What is the nourishment of the soul? And he said quarterly one, he said it is to meet our brothers. meeting our brothers is the nourishment of the soul. And some of the pious predecessors they used to say love that relationship. Only one, the sweetness of our living is in meeting our brother, what a beautiful thing to Panama, and up the rush Marina Alfred yellow and who was a companion Rasulullah Selim, who loved his brothers, so much so that in his he had a business selling horses, and he could not sell a horse except that he had to tell people, all the defects in the horse. So he would stop.

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And whenever someone wanted to buy a horse for him and said my brother, hold on, hold on. Let me show you every defect on this horse and said look here, there's a cut here. Look there, the hooves are missing. Look there, it's got less teeth. So he would continue and continue when the man said fine, fine, that's fine. I'll pay he said no, wait, wait, how we're paying me even less. Pay me even less because it's perhaps some fault I didn't show you. That's something I've forgotten about me even less. I don't feel comfortable with that. And this is something which was well known from this man. He loved his brother so much so that he could not afford to make a profit from from them.

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Also as the bearer of the alarm I know another companion Rasul Allah says Salaam had 1000 slaves and the 1000 slaves all used to cultivate his crops every single slaves to bring back some produce every single day. By the end of the night Zubair will have given everything away when he was asked Yazoo bear Why in the world are you giving every single thing away? He said He is my brother. Don't you know who this poor man, these poor people who are going hungry, they're my brothers. Don't you know? So how can I therefore not give them what I have? Also, also, remember the story

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of that man who had the guest of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a man came to rasulillah wanting to stay within the Prophet system said who will look after the guests of rasulillah. Now the Sahaba said, I will look after your, your guest yasumasa. And so at that point, the guest went with the Sahabi. And the Sahabi didn't have enough food. So his wife put on some some water to boil, put the kids to bed thinking that making them think of the food is cooking. And the man put the lights off, the wife put the food in front of the guest, and the Sahabi Captain dipping his hands in the food and putting it into his mouth, air only not taking any food because he knew that the food was

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not enough for the whole family, including the guests as well. So the guests thought that the host was eating. And so the guests continued on eating until he had his food. And, and the man the Sahabi and his wife and the children went hungry the whole night. In the morning, they were hungry, but they went for Salah. And when they went for Salah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam smiled, because Allah love that deed. Allah loves it when we prefer our brothers and sisters over ourselves. Allah loves him when we sacrifice our needs for our brothers and sisters, because they are more important to us, because we love them.

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If you love them, you give them what you need.

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You give them every single thing that they want, because they are our brothers. He is my brother, don't you know?

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My brothers

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and sisters in Islam? Email mid, may Allah have mercy upon him used to be asked Yes, ma'am. Why is it that you do not like meeting people? At that point he used to say because it is so difficult when I leave them.

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It is this love for the Brotherhood that is tremendous in the hearts of people. If you truly searched in your heart, you would find that there are certain individuals in your life that you can truly say are your brothers or sisters in Islam. And these are individuals that you would like to be raised up with. And these are individuals that you love. And these are individuals whose help you need in your most difficult times. Omar rhodiola and who when he wanted to visit Abu Zubaydah in Syria in sharm Abu Zubaydah would tell him no Yama don't come. Why, why

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are you saying don't come to your brother who loves you? He said, because I don't want you to go back home with your eyes read? Meaning what meaning? Do you learn who whenever he sat with his brothers, he would cry so much, he would be in so much happiness, he would cry so much that his eyes would be red.

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Yes, Allah. Also about the rhodiola No, it was well known for a Buddha again, remove it is reported by Mr. Mohammed in his in his book called as he reports in it the Buddha rhodiola and who was one of the companions or sort of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who used to remember every single of his friends, from the companions by name each night and make dua for each one of them at night. Every night for almost 70 companions he would remember your Allah I remember so and so Allah forgive so and so. Oh ALLAH forgive Fulani before LAN or ALLAH forgive flooded the flood Oh ALLAH forgive so and so Allah forgive a Buddha, the son of Mohammed, Salah Salem, etc, etc. And you remember the

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names and you'd specifically ask Allah for forgiveness for one of them, or all of them.

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What is it that makes a man stay up the night making the oil for his brother? Except that he wants good for that person? What is it that makes a man make the alpha 70 of his friends each night? Except that he values that friendship and except that he values this brotherhood and except that he knows that the value of this brotherhood transcends all the other expensive things on this earth. Mr. Mohammed Rahim Allah He used to say to the set amount of chef, the ebony chef he used to tell him your father is one of those that are make the art for each night.

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Yes Allah. What is it that makes a person do this except love for your brother?

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It is for this reason why? Why mama they have you know law says regarding the principles of genuine daddy and jerawat. The ideal is talking about the narrators of Hadith and talking about the narrator's Hadith and about their trustworthiness. emammal hubiera Mullah reports regarding this, that calamity across the houfy bad youth wha wha wha he said it he said Allah Manu Bella, he said, whenever a person in one time a scholar or a DI or a chef, whoever it is, speaks about someone else like him against that person, then we don't report that we just throw it away. Why is that the case because Brotherhood is more important, because perhaps this person was overtaken.

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Perhaps this

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particular person was overtaken by the shaitan. And so he said a word against his brother. So kalama Kron, so the words of each generation against people in their own generation, we do not report it, rather we throw it away. It is also for this reason why the majority of the scholars of Jehovah God, do not accept the statements of a scholar, or a share or a die about one another if they lived in the same era.

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Because Brotherhood is more important than that. Also, an amazing report by even Amara, the Allahu anhu as reported by Lucas DeLeon. Hello, Modine. When I came across this, it actually shattered me totally. I couldn't imagine I couldn't believe this. Even Amara Viola and when I'm quoting you verbatim what he wrote. This is what he said. He said, Well, if I were to give all my wealth, mountains and mountains of it in the path of Allah, and if I were to pray all night, never to sleep, and if I were to fast all day, never to break my fast. Then thereafter I met Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgment, while still having to love a person of goodness and hate the people are

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badness and having made friends with Muslim mean, then I would still be afraid that Allah would throw me on my face into the fire.

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What is he saying? He's saying you can consider yourself to be the most righteous of people. You can do all the extra ibadah all your worship your Salah and everything, that if you hate Muslims, then be assured Allah will not look upon you favorably. If you do not love Islam, and most if you do not love the people of Islam, if you do not have friends from the Muslim mean, if you don't love your brothers and sisters in Islam, but Allah be assured that perhaps punishment is coming your way.

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Also an amazing incident in Seattle. Good to be where Emanuel Kirkeby Rahim Allah reports an incident from the Battle of Yarmouk. And the Battle of Yarmouk was a major battle in which some Muslims were losing initially.

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And the bachelor Yarmouk was a very, very major battle. in that battle, a lot of Muslims were dying. And so I'll go to the rahimullah reports in his Tafseer, from a man by the name of her the other week, he says, The Father, we said that I had some water in my hand, and I was given the responsibility of giving water to drink to the people who are injured. So I went with this water, and I began to search for my cousin, even family. And so at that point, when I searched for my cousin, I came to my cousin. And I said, Oh, my Oh, so and so I'm your cousin. I want to give you some water. He said, Okay, give me the water. And before he started drinking it, there was another

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person next to him, who started who was moaning. So he said, Oh, why don't you give the water to him first, then I'll drink. So St. Louis, today for the other way. He went to the other person, giving him the water. He said, I'm going to give you some water when you drink and he said, Yes, drink, he wants to drink and he takes the cup to drink it. And suddenly he has another person. What do you think is gonna happen? Suddenly, here is another person who is also moaning. So he says, Give it to my brother. So they fall out the we goes to the third person and he says, When I went to the third person, I found him dead.

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Then I went back to the second person and I found him dead. And then I went back to my cousin and I found that he had passed away as well. Yes, Allah fue Runa Allah unfussy him. Voila, Carnaby. masasa. This is what made these people great. They would prefer their brothers over themselves, even if they were in severe difficulty. My brothers and sisters in stand this is a spirit of brotherhood that we want to revive. But Allah if we can revive the spirit of brotherhood, then everything that has happened is irrelevant. All the things that the past is our is completely irrelevant. all our problems are irrelevant. We can forgive each other. It doesn't matter. All these things are

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irrelevant, and we can look forward.

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The question that I want to ask you today, my friends, is why did the pious predecessors love each other so much? Why did they love each other so much? What was the reason behind it? The first reason why they loved each other so much is because they understood that Brotherhood is a means to having to imagine Brotherhood is the means of having true man rather than it is a precondition to having a man itself. The profits of a sell themselves are sending Hadith in Bukhari, he said none of you will enter gender until you believe and none of you will truly believe until you love each other.

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You will not enter financially believe we know that's the case. But did you know you will not believe until love each other? Who is there that kids that they can say that will love He? I love every Muslim, no matter who it is. Who is who is

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They can say I go to sleep tonight and every single night and I have nothing in my heart against any believer. Tell me, are you one of those who can say that? By Allah swear by Allah, ask yourself this question. Are you one of those who can truly say I have nothing, nothing in my heart? One chef, even Ambassador himolla was asked this question, why is it that everyone loves you, including your enemies love you? Why is it that they love you? Ultimately, he would stop and think and then he would look and say, Well, I can think of nothing except when I go to sleep at night. I have nothing in my heart against any person.

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Tell me truthfully, but Allah Are you able to have this feeling? If you're not then you brotherhood and your love is incomplete. And if your Brotherhood is incomplete, an email is incomplete. And if your email is incomplete, then your key to gender is still incomplete. The second reason why the price predecessors used to love each other is because they knew the Brotherhood is so strong, and a bond that is so strong that it can't that nothing could break it up. They knew the Brotherhood, nothing can break a brotherhood.

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Allah Subhana Allah gives us the example in the Quran. And he calls someone who backs back bites somebody he calls him his brother still.

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Are you Hey, boo, boo Maria Kula, he Matan would any one of you who backed by somebody like to eat his dead flesh. So Allah uses the word of he still? Also, if our worst thing that I could do to you, do you think? What is the worst thing that I could do to any one of you? You could say I could kill you. I can think of something worse than that.

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Not because I'm evil, but it's just there's something worse than that. What's good what could be worse than that if I killed your son? Don't you think that's worse than that? Of course.

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If I were to kill the apple of your eye would be the worst thing that could do to you, isn't it? But do you know the Quran shows us that even in this case, I'm still your brother in Islam. Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran koulibaly cumin kasasa Phil cazzola Verily, the punishment of manslaughter is for life for life. And for Bill Henry will Abu bill Abbe de Waal own Seville owns three men for the free man the slave for the slave and the female for the female. Then Allah says, foreman lofi Allahu Allah He shy on. So whoever his brother forgives him who, Brother What brother, meaning whoever, the word el McCool Wali, meaning the guardian of the one who was killed. He is the

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one who has the right to either forgive or to punish the killer right? So whoever his brother forgives me, The Guardian forgives but I just killed your son.

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Allah still saying brother uses the word of he right? So we're still brothers, even if I killed your apple of your eye. Yes, Allah. Even if I did the worst thing to you Allah saying that you're still my brother. And he uses the word a fee. What an amazing thing. This is. So what's the worst thing I could do to you but I'm still your brother. And it doesn't matter. A person has spoken a bit about you may have back bitten you may have stolen from you. It doesn't matter. We are brothers. And this bond of brotherhood is so strong, that nothing Nothing can break it. Nothing can break it and this is exactly what the companions and the pious predecessors knew.

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The third reason why they love brotherhood so much is because they knew that Brotherhood is a means to achieving the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala they knew that through brotherhood a person would come closer to Allah and Allah would love them as the Hadith which is authentic, it's in Muslim, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said on the Day of Judgment Allah will say, I know Motorhead buena Fie Jalali we are those who love each other for my sake. Today I will give them shade of my throne on a day in which there is no other shade except the shade of my throne. This is brotherhood my friends. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to be brothers, he loves us to be brothers. He wants us to

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be brothers so much so that he loves those people who are brothers. It is also for this reason why an amazing Hadith is reported by McAfee. Also this hadith and a part of the Hadith are found into the media as well and inshallah it is certainly very He it is acceptable inshallah tada the snel Daddy, what is this hadith about? The Hadith states that on the Day of Judgment, a man will be asked on the day of judge on the on the day of judgment on the plains just before the gates of Jannah where believers will be judged against each other. At that point, Allah subhana wa tada will ask a person

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to take the deeds of the other person that has wronged him or to put the bad deeds upon this person. So two men will be brought out. One of them is the brother of the other one not by brother, meaning

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brotherhood by ties of kingship but brothers in slump. So two men are brought out, one of them will say, Oh Allah, this person wronged me. So Allah will say, okay, in that case, take his good deeds. So this man will start to take the good deeds of his brother, until there is no more good deeds left the profitsystem continued and said, the man will say, yeah, Allah, there's still a lot of wrong this man has done to me. So Allah will say, therefore, then put your bad deeds on this other man. So he will start to do it until this man has no more bad deeds left and All he has is good. And this other poor human being has nothing but bad left. And of course, the one who has nothing but bad left

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is now destined for Johanna. So at that point, the Profit System continued and he said that Allah will tell this man on the Day of Judgment also. And so I will give you this and that, and I will increase your reward in Jana so much and so much. Only if you do one thing. And this man will say you're up and his face will light up in happiness, Allah has given him more and more, he thinks that he has deserved all of this and earned all of this. So he will say, Yeah, tell me what is that one thing I have to do for which I will get even more? One thing only? What is that one thing so Allah will say this hadith is amazing. In this Hadith, the prophet Some said, Allah will say to this man,

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forgive your brother, amazing. I couldn't believe this hadith The first time I read it. He says, forgive your brother, the man was crying.

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And he will say, I make you my witness that I forgiven him. And the heavy doesn't stop here by the way. It continues and he says, Then when people will be called out one by one into genda. This man will want to enter into gentlemen you will be stopped at the gates. He will not be allowed to enter and the man will say you're up. I forgive my brother. Why would you not not now allow me to enter gender? At that point, Allah will tell him. Unbelievable. Allah will tell him enter into Jana with the hand of your brother in your hand amazing Hadith, about brotherhood.

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Imagine how much Allah wants us to be brothers.

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Imagine how much Allah wants us to be brothers.

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The prophets are seldom sending authentic hadith into Bharani. In more general also the Hata Bharani. He said Allah subhana wa Taala will specify certain individuals on the Day of Judgment with the reward from which even the prophets and the martyrs will be envious about and Allah will give them seats of light. And Allah will give them a reward from which all of them will be envious about And who are these people they are those who love each other for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada

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and it's for this reason why Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and this is a detail could see he said what Shabbat Maha Betty my love has become obligatory for who, for me to have been a fear for those who love each other for my sake, while motor jealousy and fear those who sit together for my sake, while Mutasa, we Rena Fie and those who visit each other for my sake, while Miuccia baggy, Lina fee are those who give gifts to each other. For my sake, when was the last time you visited a friend just for the sake of Allah. When was the last time you gave him a gift? When was the last time that you actually went up to him and said, I love you

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for the sake of Allah.

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If you have yet to do it, today's the day to do it. And my friends, truly Allah wants us to be believers. Allah wants us to be believers in the eternal verse, he said, in Elmina, verily, believers are brothers. And we love each other because we want to be with each other in general. Because ultimately, the prophet system said, the believers who love each other those who love each other will be with the ones that they love. So if we love each other, we will be with each other. And if we love each other, we will help and ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to intercede for each other if one of us is in trouble. Our Brotherhood is what will keep our society strong. Our

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Brotherhood is what will keep our society strong the fabric of our society upon which we want to proceed into the future. How can we expect our progress to happen if there is so much difficulty and harm between each person, when a person who sits on a chair doesn't know the person next to him? And by law, he could come to the whole conference, spend eight hours in the conference with that person next to him and he doesn't know who he is. Whereas we know ultimately, one of the rights of our brothers upon each other is what is to give each other Salaam Salaam is an introduction. Let that be the introduction to that which opens up our ties and our links are brotherhood. And I want to end by

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reminding ourselves of how the great men had brotherhood and what brotherhood really means. And there is a verse in the Quran where Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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Well levina turbo dharawal he man I mean cobbly him and those who have taken up residence in a dar Adar being one of the names of Medina and Eman is also one of the names of Medina as well. So those who are taken up residence before that meaning before who before the margerine so who's the lead talking about here the answer while the Xena turbo da man I mean cobbly him. You have born a man Hazara la him, they love the people who come to them, they don't consider it a burden. You have born a man hotjar la him

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while he doin a few unforeseen legitime moto and they do not find any difficulty in their hearts from what the others are given because of the fact that they left all their families and all their wealth. So the Prophet says to them preferentially giving them certain things before giving the answer while you feel Runa unfussy him well how can I be in kasasa and they will sacrifice their own selves and their own ease.

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They will sacrifice all of this, even if they were in great difficulty as long as their brothers have ease. What am I you cashew Hennessy and whoever can control and quell the desires of his heart

00:31:15--> 00:31:21

and establish this level of love between himself and his brother fula ecomo Mosley when they are the ones who are successful,

00:31:23--> 00:31:26

will love Allah subhana wa tada knows best.

00:31:29--> 00:31:38

And indeed, in this time or difficulty, allow will offer surety give victory to us of a surety in this time of difficulty and disgrace for Islam and Muslims.