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Witnessed Miracle of the Prophet Muhammad

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Mohammed Hijab

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Another physical miracle of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was that one time he was given a pot, which is an empty pot and Hodeidah when the people were very verses about 1400 of them, and they couldn't have didn't have drinking water or water to do a pollution for prayer. So apart from a hamster will lie, he was someone who put his hand over the port and the water side to come from that lower bar. And Subhanallah it was sufficient to give all of these people nourishment, and it would have been sufficient for even as the head it says 100,000 people and this is something which is unbelievable, are witnessed by the people, so many people at that time and how they be and

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it was a miracle to show the people and give them strength at a time of distress.