When Does The Life After Death Begins

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Welcome to the program, Islam insight, a very special series essentially dedicated for a new Muslim brothers and sisters, how do we commit ourselves to gain knowledge regarding Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him like to know is he just compulsory for him? Somebody told me that a Muslim is not allowed to have relationship with a non Muslim knowledge revives the spirit of Islam.

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Brother, my question is, when the hereafter will begin.

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You see, the hereafter will begin in two ways. Number one, the Hereafter, on an individual level, it begins the moment the person dies, the person when he dies, it begins that death is the first step of the hereafter for that individual. Because he starts facing the journey of the hereafter there, he started to interact and encounter the trials of the hereafter The moment he dies, so on an individual basis or level, the Hereafter, it begins, the moment the person dies, and Subhanallah This is a thing which we have to be absolutely cautioned, this is a thing that we need to absolutely realize and understand and practice and reflect. Because we, as we mentioned, we are so engaged in

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our worldly affairs, that the moment that comes,

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then there will be no point of realization. So the time is now to repent, the time is now to seek forgiveness from Allah parent and the time is now to do good old days, the time is now to worship Allah subhanaw taala because we don't know when that will come. Allah Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, debt is the destroyer of pleasures. It destroys pleasures. Why? Because the best of the homes that you had the best of the pleasures that you had the best of the cars that you had the best of the mentioned that you were living in the best of the slaves, that we were there for you the best of the dishes, that you would love to have the best of everything, it will be disconnected from

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you, the most beloved ones, will be disconnected from you, the most beloved things will be disconnected with you. So this debt, on an individual level, it begins the anger and the group, the Akira, the hereafter it begins as a hero, the hereafter for all. When will it begin? Allah knows best, but it will begin for sure at one day, Allah subhanaw taala says and how God the reality as one of the names of the surah and the reminder for us to understand that our Hara is going to come for sure, on everybody.

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So that is how the accurate begins on an individual level and our group level inshallah hope that answers your question has flown encumbrance? My question is, what is a grave? And what is in it? And what happens to ourselves?

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panela This is the question. And this is the point or the aspect, which everybody has to worry about.

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Us man, I'm not fond of your lover and

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he used to visit the graveyard and he used to cry a lot I used to read a lot when he was asked Yes, man. When the point of Paradise is shared in front of you, you don't cry. When the horrors of Hellfire they are shared with you Don't cry. Or when you see the grave. You cry. You cry a lot. What is the matter of Monrovia low Arnhem says Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said if anybody if anybody

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he is at ease in this stage in this level in his grave, then the rest of the matter will be easy for him. So that is the matter which concerns me a lot. That what will happen to me in this grave.

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And this is the question that everybody has to ask themselves because we

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Are the people of dunya. We think that everything is in dunya. But the moment when we see graveyard when we see when we talk about graves, we know the reality of the human life is that it has to meet that dust. That's the first destination of our Hara, grave, and grave. My dear brothers, it is such a staunch questioning that will happen by two angels Moncure and Nikita, these are the two angels, they come in the fiercest way, they come in a very strong and torturing way, with a very specific straight forward questioning, they will come and ask man rabuka who is your Lord? And those people who used to worship other gods who used to deny the existence of God, they will be lost in the grave

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itself? They will be destroyed in the grave itself because obviously, they will know. They will know what is the answer for this question because they denied, they denied but those who will answer Robin Allah, Allah is our Lord, for them is a good pleasure in that in that moment itself. The second question that the angels will ask

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when rasuluh who is your messenger? Who's your prophet? Who is this man and a person who used to deny who used to say, Okay, I heard, I heard somewhere, I heard my children I heard my children who accepted Islam, I heard somebody saying there is a man and a prophet called Muhammad peace be upon him, they again will be lost in that grave itself.

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They will be lost. And those people who say

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Muhammad peace be upon him is our Nabi is our beloved is our Prophet, they will have the peace in the souls. The third question that will we'll face in the grave is Medina, what is your bridge? What was your way of life? And if those people who might say my way of life was you know, Hinduism, or any other ism, any other way of life other than Islam, again, they will be lost in the graves. And those people who say, my religion, my view of life is Islam. They will receive, it will be told to these people who give proper and correct answers. Be there in peace, sleep, sleep until Allah subhanaw taala raise you up again, sleep like a bridegroom sleeps in absolute calm in absolute

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peace. And for those who give wrong answers, who gave these answers based on assumption based on you know, illusions, wrong answers for them, the gray will be crushed. They need bones the body will be constricted and interlocked until Allah subhanaw taala raised them again. So this is the atrocities the questioning that will happen in the grave for which we have to worry and work and work and that

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remember debt and prepare for debt.