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AI: Summary © The importance of Islam is highlighted, with speakers emphasizing the need to not lose people's names and not give their personal information. The "how to become" transformation is also discussed, including the importance of transformation for saving people and the upsets and experiences of people experiencing it. The transcript describes various topics such as a disturbing event on a wheelchair, a woman named Velma, a man named Al Qaeda, and a promise made by Velma. The transcript ends with a mention of a meeting in person.
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Terence, he said the best gift, if any, if we do that, because I mentioned that no matter what we do to our parents, we will never pay them back. He said the best

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gift that our parents gave us is Islam.

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That by itself, if we work all our life, we can have paid back that La Ilaha illa Allah that they gave us Subhan Allah, that is, that is sufficient. Subhanallah

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so the name of Islam, the Nirvana of, of fasting, the name of praying the net amount of healing Allah azza wa jal is the name of the hydrogen atom of Korea, or this name of the dean. These are all blessings from Allah azza wa jal, but you know what

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Subhan Allah, when we make the DUA, this dua

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or when we ask Allah azza wa jal not to take the NAM the blessings away from us

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you know, what's the first thing that comes to our mind?

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Exactly the norm of the dunya

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that's what we think about yeah Hola. Hola Mundo to become Zarina ametek Allah do not take my house to netic my wife and I take my house and I take my car which is good. But Subhanallah what all that what is all that if you don't have Islam?

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When is the last time me or you made a dua Allah do not take Islam away from me. Yeah, Allah makes me die on to hate.

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Yeah, when do you know Do you know what you're doing right now? Do you know the number that we all of us have right now? That Allah subhanaw taala made us from the people official in the masjid. You know what, what kind of numbers this you know, how great is this number, but Allah not to take it away because it could disappear. And unfortunately, many of us will disappear after Ramadan. So this is the best time to beg him not to make disappear after Ramadan. Many Nam many the NAM that we are blessed with in Ramadan. Unfortunately, they are gone after Ramadan. Maybe because we did not appreciate it. Maybe we did no thank Allah, Allah subhanaw taala enough for this Nam. Or maybe we

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did not recognize that they are now when you stand up for 20 raka or for a tracker. This is an AMA from Allah azza wa jal when you come back at three o'clock in the morning and pray with the brother, this is an AMA from Allah azza wa jal when Allah subhanho wa Taala inspire you to give visible Allah give charity

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giving in charity has nothing to do with being rich or being poor. There are billionaires that do not give a penny and there are very poor people that most of their money is feasable Allah is not the Sahaba many of them were poor, but Subhanallah every time you ask him or they have in their houses a day or two or three, or maybe a cup of water, everything was gone for severe ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So, the idea of you being happy to give that by itself is an AMA from Allah azza wa jal asked him to keep it and when you ask Allah subhanaw taala said Len Shackleton last he did not come I will increase you you would love more Nam ask Allah azza wa jal that he he blessed us with the

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name of guidance the name of of hidayah

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the name of he died that's a huge number from Allah azza wa jal Allah Manya who becomes a word in Amity Kia Allah do not take the name of attending pleasure in Gemma your Allah do not take the name of attending Orisha and Gemma ya Allah do not take the number of fasting monday and thursday your Allah do not take the name of me believing that there is only God there's only one Illa the name of the ADEA Allah do not take it away from me your Allah make me die on it and live on it.

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These are very precious now. Even if I have billions of dollars and the best health ever, and I do not have to hit I don't have anything Allah Jaquan if we do not have that ilaha IL Allah in our heart and we have the whole dunya you have nothing you have nothing 00

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Then a Shakta

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Allah said Surah Zuma if you commit schicke if you commit shirk

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all your Amman multiplied by 00 Gon finish millions of dollars you gave him donation, you travel all over the world and help this and help that zero. Why? Because at the end of the day you think other than Allah azza wa jal you maybe need to do to other than Allah subhana wa Tada allah how many hours a week that means a word in ametek.

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You Allah do not take away this number from us and think when of so many Nam think of the dunya now I'm also because they are Nam. They are the NAM that many people have been deprived of think of those. There's nothing wrong with that. But

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Allah to keep them also. But the main NEMA is an AMA of Tawheed allah how many How To Become xylene ametek what the Holy theoretic Allah the one that will save in order right how will you How will change switch? No

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they have the whole mean transformation

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from here

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to here

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and yeah Allah I seek refuge with you from the change the How will the transformation of your of my of the idea, the whole athletic

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The idea is the PSA is the health and Subhanallah like I mentioned one time dunkel of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he came to him and said yeah Rasul Allah teach me the best dua

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He taught him one word. One word Allahumma inni. Luca, ah, Olivia, Olivia.

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Subhan Allah, this is the this is how important is our health Subhanallah So, Muhammad became as a Latina ametek What the How will you pick? One accident, one accident? Yesterday you will walk into the masjid

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after the accident you are on a wheelchair.

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Yesterday you were comprehending today you are in coma. Yesterday you were able to see and talk and today God immediately

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transformed you fell on the chair boom you hit your head on the stairs you fail you hit your head paralyzed

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transformed overnight

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so your Allah

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Ya Allah I seek refuge with you from that happening. Allah how many beacons are very near and metric what the Holy are theoretic were Fouda Teaneck magic and your sudden

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Sudden, fetcher Fauja happened suddenly you're sitting in your in your house, all of a sudden, earthquake house is gone.

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Everything you worked for his gun.

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Sudden, natural disaster sudden thing that took place in your life and changed everything.

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Everything you seek refuge with Allah from that also what Puja was yummy in psychotic and SubhanAllah. Salah is seldom He ended it was something general. And yeah Allah I seek refuge with you from anything. Anything that upsets you.

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Anything that upsets you?

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You Allah in other words, yeah, Allah

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helped me stay away from anything that is haram. Ya Allah make the Haram hated to me, make

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me angering you the last thing on my mind never crossed my mind. Jimmy psychotic, anything that upsets you? Anything that Allah subhanho wa Taala said in the Quran that is haram that upsets Allah azza wa jal dealing with riba is haram. Yeah, one

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dealing with riba is haram. Yeah, one that upsets Allah not only upsets Allah, you're declaring war on Allah azza wa jal. You're declaring war on Allah azza wa jal, and you're going to see it in your home and you're going to see it in your wife and you're going to see it in your children and you're going to see it and the peace of mind is gone. It's it's a major, major major

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Akbar Al Qaeda, al Qaeda.

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Mr. dalmally cut

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across the river.

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Dealing with haram selling haram, buying haram all these are forbidden, or these upsets Allah azza wa jal See Ya Allah, Ya Allah. I seek refuge with you to stay away from anything that upsets you anything. So let's repeat it slowly in sha Allah Tala and I want you to repeat after me Sharma and anybody who wants to start in sha Allah please let me know. I have it in Arabic, with a transliteration and translation also Allahumma

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in knee, all the weaker means a while in mo ametek

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minzu early.

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Net ametek what a holy

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fear tick

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Well fujica at

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NEC Matic was yummy psychotic watch me psychotic. So when we are Charlotte Allah very soon approaching the the last night and even in the slides these are all blessing nights but the less than nights are better because they have less clutter in them. May Allah make us grant us the ability to witness a little harder inshallah. First we but Allah azza wa jal to make us witness Ramadan now, every single night every single session Allah whom mobile Ligna legs first alarm of a living Ramadan hamdulillah Allah granted us this this dua so the next Allahumma the livina Laylatul very easy forwards Allahumma Boliviana les little cuddle, okay, we all know a little further and we

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all know Allah hum all have to add this new word maligna Allahumma livina les little cutter and sha Allah Tala if we say it sincerely from the bottom of our heart, Allah azza wa jal will grant us this this beautiful blessing. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us all from any harm. May Allah protect our children, our spouses, may Allah protect our parents, may Allah strengthen our love to one another. May Allah unite our hearts may Allah unite our hearts may Allah keep us on the right Deen till the day we meet him. May Allah show us the app and make us follow it and may Allah subhanaw taala show us the bottle. Show us the falsehood and make us stay away from it. I mean, Robert

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Alameen wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germaine Subhanak a llama behenic Chanda ilaha illa and stuffy Roca when a Tobik says there are some brothers maybe this is the first time

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every every day in Ramadan we made the promise me and maybe 100 brothers that we're going to stay there every single day and get the measure of hygiene ombre. So today in sha Allah Tala The salad is at 646 40 to 642. In sha Allah, Allah if you stay for an hour, you can join us on the Halacha on the side, or you could read Quran or make a car and 642 You pray to Raka and B in the letter that you get the pleasure of hash anomala Zack Moloch here, Salaam Alaikum