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The transcript discusses the return of Jesus and the theory that he would return if people wanted to. It also touches on the importance of believing in the return of Jesus as a means of faith for all types of crimes, including those committed during the pandemic. The conversation also touches on the historical context of Jesus and the need for forgiveness.

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Miss min Hill was

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set on wanting to La houbara cattle. The issue about Eastern Imodium coming back at the end of times is one that has caused a little bit of controversy in the last few years online. And before this point in time has also been a point of contention for actually for the last few decades, I thought that in today's library chat, let's take an academic look, let's remove ourselves from the emotional back and forth. And let us see the reality of this issue and allow the evidences to speak for themselves. So today's talk is going to be about a very interesting topic a shallow data. And it's also one that on the one hand, it is a very introductory level in the sense that everybody will

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benefit. But on the other hand, because of the nature of this talk, there will be quite a lot of packed information with names and dates. And I will be at times speeding up. I know people say I talk quickly, but I think I'm going to have to speed up quite a lot for this particular talk, because I have quite a lot of information I want to just put into today's library chat. So it is at the same time an introduction. And it also it is a very comprehensive a shallow to other introductory level talk. Obviously, I always make that caveat. So that people don't think that this is the end all be all. Today's talk will be dealing with theology with history, even with

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methodology. And before I begin, I'd like to point out that there's there's two primary ways to look at a controversy or to look at a contentious issue. Usually what I do is one of the ways to look at it is to start from the end, and to lay out all of the opinions. And then to backtrack and say, who says what, and why did they say that? And that's a very standard and academic approach. You can flip it around and you have another approach and that is to build. And that is to go back to the beginning and say what is the Koran have to say? What is the Sunnah have to say. And so today we're going to be following that particular procedure. And I'm going to be working chronologically

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forward. And what we're going to do is divide this entire library chat into a number of different sections. Firstly, does the Quran mentioned the return of a certain medium or not? Secondly, what does the Hadith have to say? And is already a headache with water or not? And who said they're going to water? Thirdly, what did the earliest scholars of Islam have to say about this issue? fourthly, the is there unanimous consensus on this issue? fifthly. What do the other strands of Islam say Sunni Islam is obviously, you know, generally clear, but what do the other strands of Islam say? And then finally, six point, what is the modern controversy? And where did this arise? And who are the

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main figures and players with regards to the modern controversy? So, this is a fairly comprehensive, lengthy introduction to the entire topic. And I did spend a good amount of time around a day and a half doing this research to demonstrate a methodology of how we talk about contentious issues. So we begin from the beginning and that is the book, the book of Allah the Quran. The Quran has four verses in it that are used by some odema. To posit that the Quran preaches the return of a 17 volume. Two of these verses have the exact same phrase in them. And so in reality, it boils down to three particular phrases in the Quran because once again, there are four verses, but two of the

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verses are pretty much the same for what we want to do. So the two that are the same are adding Emraan 46 and ma ada 110. And the both of them have the phrase that resub memoriam is going to speak what you call the moon NASA filma diva Gala. This is repeated twice in the Quran, he shall speak at seven Imodium shall speak to mankind Phil MADI, which basically means, you know, in the cradle, is going to speak as a baby, what Gala. Now, the word Cal has been defined by many early scholars, including a rudderless for honey, that qahal means when the whiteness of the hair begins to appear. So that's what cahalane means. And the actual age is something that is disputed most say around 40,

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some say 35 Some say even beyond the age of 30. The number is not what is important. gohad means that at an at an older age, and the the notion here is that the Quran says something that should be miraculous that he is going to speak as a baby and he's going to speak at an older age now. It's not a miracle to speak at an older age. But if he seven Imodium is not around at an older age than this is a prediction that he's going to come back and speak when he's an older man. So both the word girl and the context

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text of the verse, according to a group of scholars is indicating that a 70 volume is going to come back. And this is the interpretation of quite a number of early authorities. Nonetheless, it is not something that is explicit. And the verse is ambiguous about this point about the return of a seven Imodium, this particular verse, because even if we say that a marine was 33, when his ministry finished, Jesus was 33. So 33 would be considered cattle by quite a number of linguists. Therefore, we say that this verse, will you call them UNICEF and bodyworker Allah has been interpreted by a group of tabula and Sahaba to imply that a civil servant or money will come back nonetheless, a it

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is not universally interpreted that way. And be the language in and of itself does not indicate the data is coming back. Okay. But it can be said that the context would indicate this, okay. That's why would it be miraculous unless there is a miracle involved? The third verse that we're going to discuss is sort of the Nyssa verse 159, sort of the nissa 159 that Allah subhanho wa Taala says, what a min Al Kitab is kitabi illa Allah you may never hear of an mot he will not damage econo Allium shahida there is not a single person of the People of the Book, except that he will believe in irisa before his death, we're in min alligator be Illa the main nav publier Moti he or your

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mechanic when I'm sure he did now, the context of this series of versus sort of the Nyssa is the context of the notion that the hood killed Risa and Allah says very explicitly one mile Cthulhu Mr. solderable who should be alone, that they neither killed him nor did they crucify him but rather it was made to appear to them so and Allah says one more potato who you are cleaner but Rafa Allahu la they did not kill him for short for certainty they did not kill him. Rather Allah raised him up to himself and then Allah subhana wa tada says, What admin advocate Rb illuminant kablammo T and there is no one from the People of the Book except that he shall believe in him. These are now pronouns he

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shall believe in him before he dies, these are all pronouns here, okay. The majority of early mo fasudil have interpreted this verse to mean that there will not remain a single person of the keytab except that they will believe in Jesus before Jesus dies okay. So what a min Anika tabula you mean and be he probably mot he, the be he and mo t he, according to the majority say that this is a 17 volume, and therefore, before he said dies, the advocate tab will believe in Him, okay, the advocate tab will affirm him. However, there is a minority opinion from Qatada and sorry them to debate and others that's the pronoun be he and Moti he are different. And they be he is a reference according

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to them to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And the Moti he is a reference to the person of the advocate. And therefore the verse will translate, and there is not a single person of the antiquey tab, except that he shall believe in the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam before he dies. And so they had a bizarre belief. What we say is bizarre they don't they wouldn't think it is bizarre. They have a bizarre belief that at the time of death of the soul of the allocator, when the Angel of Death comes, that before the Angel of Death takes the soul of the allocator, above the kitabi, they must confess their Eman in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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this confession is a spiritual one, it doesn't make them a Muslim. In other words, they're not going to confess with the tongue that is physical, they're going to confess with their soul, and then they shall be allowed to escape their bodies. Now, the problem of course, is that the context of this the series of verses does not mention the Prophet, solicit them at all. And also, by the way, the the the the notion that the soul is going to have to confess the belief of the Prophet system. It's something that's not found in any other source, neither verse of the Quran, nor Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that is why poverty says we're old and equality. Sahaba was

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the old woman quality we do dyadic what a min allocator be illuminant burries public mot he so poverty says the correct position about this verse is that it goes back to Risa and that none of the People of the Book shall remain alive at that time, except that they believe in Jesus before Jesus dies, and

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avionica Theater says there is no doubt that what it says is the better opinion. So this verse Therefore, sort of the Nisa seems to be pretty strong.

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However, to be clear, it has been interpreted differently as well. There is a third problem, if you like or problematization. And that is done by the famous group grammarian as a judge, and as the judge says that, how can all of the advocates believe in Jesus, when most of them would have died before the coming of Jesus right? So as adjust says this first does not mean what people think it means, because he is saying that

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the verse says, not a single person of the keytab, shall remain, except that they believe in Jesus before Jesus dies, he is saying the bulk of Nikita have lived and died before the return of Jesus, by the way, as the judges affirming the return of Jesus. He's simply saying that this verse does not apply to that. That's his interpretation. Others have responded that this verse is going to be restricted by common sense. And the restriction by common sense means there is no person of the advocate that shall be alive when Jesus comes down, except that he shall believe in Jesus before Jesus dies. So that restriction that shall be alive when Jesus comes down, it's not in the Koran,

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but it is assumed it is something that is understood by the context of the verse and another problematization that occurs is that the verse says, There is not a single person of the advocate up except that they shall believe in him before he dies, even if we say it is Jesus, what do we say to the hood that will be fighting on the side of the jar and they're seeing Jesus, they're not going to believe in Jesus right? So what does this mean? And some have responded to this by the claim that well, a man here does not necessarily mean they shall believe in Jesus, the belief of the Kadima and the belief of an acceptance of Islam, but rather they should believe that Jesus was a prophet, even

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if they reject his prophethood just like Allah says in the Quran, that woman you know, thirumalai Allah, Masha, Allah affirm the Quraysh have a man in a law but they commit shook. So this is a partial Eman. And so they believe in the concept of God. They believe that there isn't a law out there. But they don't believe that Allah xojo alone is the rub and the ADA. Now, the the same can apply over here that when you're fighting on the side of the gel, those people that are fighting, they're going to recognize that that is Jesus and they're going to believe that that is the Prophet, but they know or they for whatever reason, they are rejecting, like a police rejected. They're

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rejecting the following, but they know that he is Jesus. So to summarize this verse, what a min angeliki taby illuminant nebia karnavati this verse seems to strongly indicate, but to be fair, a number of dissenting voices have not interpreted this verse to confirm the return of Jesus Christ. The fourth verse that we will discuss is considered to be the most explicit and it is considered to be the strongest indication that the Quran is affirming the coming of Jesus the second coming of Jesus, and that is pseudo zakuro 461. Allah says in the Quran, or in the hula l molissa. It felt attempted to be wrong. And he is or it's because we're in the hole again, and it or he is a

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knowledge of the Day of Judgment. We're in Nola, really Melissa. Now what is the context of these verses? Go back a few verses. And Allah subhana wa tada describes the Quraysh what am albery Babu Maria marathon either como coming here so don't we'll call earlier tuna hydronium who mal Babu laka Elijah della Bella whom Omaha Simone that when the son of Mary is given as an example, your people they break out in applause and applause and they they become happy and they say which one is better? Our gods or Jesus? And Allah says they're only using him to argue now the the context of revelation that when Allah subhana wa tada revealed in the Quran in conforma, taboo don't even realize how sobu

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Johanna mantequilla Hawaii, don't you and those whom you worship, besides a law, we'll all end up in jahannam, one of the members of the court he thought that he had outwit the Koran and he said okay, if everything that is worshipped besides Allah is going to end up in jahannam. How about the Christians who worship Jesus, and you guys think that Jesus is a prophet, this means that Jesus is going to go to jahannam as well. And of course we know from the Quran and from the sooner that the righteous who are mistakenly worshiped will not end up in jahannam. And the idols that were constructed as false god will end up in jahannam. So the verse here says, when the son of Mary is

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given as an example, your Pete your people are meaning

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kurush they become happy at this and they say which one is better? Our gods or Jesus? And then the verses go on he is but a righteous example and a good a good servant. And then Allah says what in a hula, Melissa it Fela Tarun ebihara and he shall be a knowledge of the day of the hour a knowledge of judgment. So do not have any doubt about this. Now, this verse has been interpreted by a number of Sahaba, most prominently in Ibis as being an explicit affirmation of the return of seven Imodium. And in fact, even our bus and a number of other early Sahaba, obey and others, they actually had a variant recitation of this verse, which is actually even more explicit, and that recitation rather

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than later even it would become law Island or in hula Island, Mona Lisa Island means a flag Island means a sign Island means an indication, and they would recite the verse. Now of course, the whole concept of recitations of karate is something is a very, very deep one. And you're probably aware that it's probably best I do not go into a lot of detail, because people are super sensitive about this topic, even though again, the evidences are very clear about this, but the Sahaba had their multiple recitations and all of them are valid as a prophet sallallahu I sent him said kulu ha scharff in wakaf is very explicit, that do not argue over these verses are processing said, do not

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argue over these recitations, and more often called an equal four and kulu schaffen wakaf. And the Quran was revealed in seven out of and even Abbas and obey and others would recite this verse in a different recitation. We're in the hula, either Mona Lisa, and Jesus is a sign for the date of judgment. Now that recitation, it is authentic from the Sahaba. However, it has not been preserved in the 10 recitations, it is not preserved in the 10 that are, that are commonly recited in our times. It is however well known in the early books of tafsir. So the way that we recite the verse we're in the hula, Illy Melissa it and Isa is an alien, and a beautiful table. He comments on this

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that menorah, because it felt minor and who your religion will be he or busara. Whoever recites this first as Elon, it means that he is a knowledge of the closeness and proximity of the Day of Judgment. And whoever recites it with the fat half woman Fat Fat hairline, then that means that he is an Alabama and a delete, he is a sign for the Day of Judgment, the point being that whether you resign or even or alum, the meaning slightly changes, but the concept is still the same. Either Jesus is a knowledge of the proximity of the Day of Judgment, or Jesus is a sign of the Day of Judgment. So this is the majority interpretation of this first, from which I hit Qatada should do a

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heck of a whole bunch of early to have your own. However, still there is an alternative interpretation and that is the interpretation of hustle and bustle and hustle and bustle. He said, we're in hula at Mona Lisa means we're in the who the heart goes back to the Koran, or goes back to the Prophet salallahu idea. He was seldom that the Quran is the knowledge of the Day of Judgment. And it goes back to the revelation of Allah subhana wa Tada. And so he did not understand this verse to be now again, has an obesity affirms the coming of Jesus is just a matter of does the Koran talk about it or not? So these are the four verses in order of strength from the weakest in terms of his

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Delilah in terms of its evidence to the strongest. And to conclude this particular section about the verses of the Koran. The Koran suggests and indicates there is really a very strong suggestion that Russia recently said I'm shall return and this has been the derivation of the vast majority of Sahaba and Tabby rune and the early commentators of the Koran, that the origin indicates the coming of reception Imodium, however, to be academic and pedantic. This is not the unanimous interpretation of the Koran. And again, right now we're talking about does the Koran talk about the coming of Jesus or not? As for other sources of the coming of Jesus? That is a separate topic? Does the Koran talk

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about the coming back of Jesus or not? For every one of these verses, you will find some of the early authorities a minority opinion, interpreting the verse in a different manner. And therefore, we can say that the Quran strongly suggests the Quran seems to have a very strong indication that Isa is coming however, it is not definitive and it is not conclusive.

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In and of itself, just from the language of the Quran, and just from the context of the Quran, we give it the presumption, but not the certainty. And that's the first evidence the Quran. Now we now move on to the Hadith. And as for the Hadith, this is where of course the issue becomes crystal clear.

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This is where there leaves no ambiguity whatsoever. The number of ahaadeeth reported are simply too numerous to discount. And the most authentic in terms of mainstream Sunni Islam is the Hadith that is motif of Haile Bukhari and Muslim and in fact, this particular Hadith reported in Abu Dawood and an even larger anti muslim at Mohammed and adara Otniel haccombe. So as reported in basically almost all of the books of Hadith, this particular Hadith, which one then the narration of Abu huraira, the Allah one, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam swore by the one in whose hands is his soul, that it is only a matter of time that the son of Mary is going to come down as a just ruler amongst

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you, and He shall destroy the cross and He shall kill the pigs and he shall lift up the jizya and he shall pass out money until there will be not any need for anybody to accept any money and one prostration will be more beloved to people than all that is in this world. So this hadith is multifocal a Bukhari and Muslim and is reported in pretty much all of the books of Hadith or not all, but pretty much most of the books of Hadith and his chain stellar. It's a very obviously bloody Muslim, what more do you want it is, it is definitive, and it is explicit. And to make it even more explicit, the profitsystem is making a custom, I swear by the one in whose hands is my soul. The

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other heavy that is in Sahih Muslim is the hadith of job, but if not the letter of the law one, so this is a second Hadeeth and it is a Sahih Muslim, that the Prophet says that, um, said that his alibi for the mighty, there shall always remain a group of people that is fighting on behalf of the truth until the day of judgment. And Jesus, the son of Mary will come down and their leader shall be amongst them, and he shall say to Jesus, come and pray and lead us in Salah. And Jesus will say, No,

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you continue leading as an honor for this oma and of course, the reference has been understood to be the melody This is the reference that the majority of scholars understand this headache this assign was slim, and it is the only indirect reference to the melody and body and Muslim because there is no explicit mention of the melody and body and Muslim. This is the most implicit or the most indirect in Bukhari and Muslim. In a Muslim we all know about them and the obviously Jesus explicit in Sahih Muslim we also have a third Headey so we have basically three Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim sorry, either berhadiah or Muslim one in both Bukhari and Muslim and three in the Sahih Hadith. The

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third one is with a feminine Hussein nerissa. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the day of judgment will not occur until 10 major signs happen and he lists all of them and of course, amongst the 10 major science is 37 Imodium news ui 70 million, they're coming down to a very simple model. Now the number of narrations and the number of books of Hadith that mentioned the coming of SF are beyond counting for this simple class that we are doing with this simple lecture that we are doing. In fact, there are many chapter headings in the books have had these chapter headings that talk about the return of a seven Imodium. So for example of the earliest books of Hadith is the book

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of the geometry of Muhammad Abdul Rashid Rashid was the teachers of the teachers have body IE two generations before body and he has a kuttabul Jamia, which is preserved in the muslin. And in that kuttabul Jerry, he has a chapter called chapter regarding the return of Isa, the famous scholar named bin Hamad, who died to 28 Pedro, he has this famous book it will fit in and Nikita will fit and he has a chapter called the return of Jesus a moment Bahati in his so here in the book of the stories of the prophets, the Hadith ambia. In the book of Deuteronomy, it has a chapter called Babu newzoo de 17 volume. So he has a chapter the return of a certain Imodium and he has in it the hadith

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of Abu huraira that we already mentioned. A Timothy in his Jamia has a chapter the return of Jesus Christ. Mr. Muslim, of course, he didn't put the chapter headings in mama No, we did. But my Muslim has a section that in mama know we entitled The chapter of the coming back of Jesus Christ had been hybond in the chapter of the return of Jesus, and it goes on and on and on. In fact, the traditions regarding the return of Isa are found in every one of the six books Bahati Muslim with our Minnesota merger, and they were found in the Muslim Ummah, that least seven or eight in the Muslim environment, and in the site had been hoceima and at the site had been a ban, and the more general

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Bharani and then we said that I covered hacking, and it goes on and on and the number of Sahaba from whom this

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Hadith is narrated is around around 10 or so we have Abu hurayrah we have Javelin Abdullah even Massoud a bin Omar Isha Samora engender Mr. Hussain have a lot of hours per day. So bang. And in fact, one or two more, I have them in the full file that I wrote up. So we have around 11 or 12. The companion sorry, add a few more because I don't have their names with me but the 10 that I quoted we have for sure from them. And they are found in every single book of hadith of after the six books. And the scholars of the past and of the pre modern times have compiled these Hadith a number of compilations of the most famous of them is the Indian scholar Anwar Shah Kashmiri, who wrote this

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famous book called atrocity the matter water of New Zealand mercy, the explicit book regarding what has been narrated in that form about mercy heavy Imodium and he compiled in this book 75, Hadith 75. And the editor, the famous scholar of the photographer hood up the editor added another 10 to make a total of 85 and unwish. Our Kashmiri also has around 30 statements of the Sahaba and tab your own. So 85 narrations from the Prophet system Now that doesn't mean all of them are authentic, right? Some are weak and some are wondering I mean, a few are even considered to be fabricated per se. So obviously, but the point is the sheer quantity of a hadith and the sheer quantity of a thought from

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the Sahaba antipyrine are more than 100 put together. And that is why multiple scholars have claimed that the Hadith about the return of Jesus are mutawa to and this claim has spanned centuries and disciplines and genres and authors. People like Angelina Baba in his stuff. See, you said that the Hadith about the return of Jesus or mutawa to a bin cathedra says that what was that a hadith binuclear Isa even hedger, the famous the most famous scholar of Hadith, mentions in multiple books, including Foothill body and including his other famous book of habit, he mentioned that the return of Jesus Christ is something that is established by water water, a Hadith, a shokan. He wrote an

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entire treaties and in the title of the treaties is to water and mercy or the, the the water of the Hadith of the Messiah. The famous Moroccan Mohammed Al Qahtani also has listed this hadith and amongst the mutawatir, Hadith, Alico 30, the famous Ottomans called The Last of the great Ottoman scholars consider this heady turbulent alohomora considered mutawatir. So, the Hassan Hassan al Abadi, all of these mohiuddin considered the Hadith of the return of Jesus to be motivated in meaning. Now, what does this mean? It doesn't mean that Abu huraira his version is motivated, it means put together to many of the Sahaba have narrated it, and therefore, predominant, you know,

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Sunni methodology basically, is that mutawa till a hadith are certain you feed the author, it's not one knee, it's not something that is subjective, it is something that is certain. So, the notion of terroir, total of the hadith of reception Imodium has been affirmed by many scholars, including scholars of seed, and including scholars of Hadith and including the biggest names of Hadith. Most importantly, for our purposes, even hedger multiple times as an adjunct is even harder, and for him to say, in two different places that the hadith of Jesus Christ are mutawa today. And he is writing pre controversy, there was no controversy going on. He's not being biased in any way. This is a huge

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thing that we cannot just simply dismiss and ignore. So we talked about the Quran, we talked about the Sunnah, and Hadith, we talked about whatever method now that is talked about very briefly, where is this mentioned, this belief and the return of Jesus? Where is it mentioned in the early works?

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And is it something that was listed in the theological treatises of early Islam? Is this something that is a point of creed? And so in order to do this, we go to the writings that were done in the second third fourth century of Islam and see is this notion something that was contested or agreed upon is this notion of something that was deemed so important that scholars of creed added it to a book of creed or not. Now to be very clear here. creedal books are only as good as the authors who wrote them right? An author who writes a creed lesetja How is creed? It's it this is Yamamoto, how he's a great scholar is a great chef is a great Adam, but the end The end of the day, he is not

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divinely inspired, therefore, but how his creed is only as good as the author. And then as well, it is only as good as the acceptance of the after. So how well accepted are these creeds, and how is creed without a doubt is the most universally accepted creed of Sunni Islam.

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Now for multiple reasons beyond the scope of this, maybe another vibrates ever and in my in my class are going to those issues. But that's beyond the scope of this particular class. Now, let's go back and look who mentioned this belief in Jesus Christ. Well, if you do a quick survey there, the the number of references are too numerous, and they are too diverse. And they span all different types of disciplines. You find the belief about the return of Jesus and books of history, and books and sabur lineage, you find it in the polymaths of early some, like even Otaiba who died to 76. He wrote in his book that weird what elephant Hadith, he actually mentioned the issue of Jesus's return as

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how does one reconcile that the Prophet system is the last prophet and the well known fact that Jesus is going to return? He takes that as a given, it's not even a controversy? The question is, how does one reconcile that the process is the final profit and of course, it will put Eva says, Jesus shall not return as a prophet, he's going to return as a follower of the owner of the prophets little library center, but the point is that even Otaiba die 276 is talking about this as a given is something that is known. Even fire is the language expert. He mentions. In some linguistic point you mentioned that, and this is a reference to Jesus has returned, for example, he takes it as a given

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more positive and Sulaiman one of the earliest people that again, he himself might be of dubious, you know,

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authenticity would not in the sense that he himself was a storyteller, but one thing we'll talk to does is that he preserves the the the Zeitgeist, if you like, or the the framework of that timeframe, will often on multiple occasions mentioned the return of Jesus and will author dies 150 Pedro is going to be Hatem. One of the earliest books of Tafseer mentions the return of Jesus authority already mentioned him on numerous occasions of poverty talks about the return of Jesus as a given the Tafseer of and maturity with that was recently published, that we elected the famous founder of the math odd school that he mentioned again, that and this is a reference to the return

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of Jesus, he mentions it as a fact, not a controversy that I've seen of some of the undie that have cerebral just sauce. And by the way, I'm not just quoting random names. I have looked at all of these the season. I have the quotes in my notes, but I'm just telling you that these people all mentioned the return of Jesus as something that was given. Now if you move on to other genres of literature, for example, history, one of the first books written of early Islamic history mentions the issue of the return of Jesus. The other book of the book about the signs of the Day of Judgment. There's a book by Abdul Malik Ibn Habib died 230, a teacher, this is perhaps the first book ever

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written about the science of the Day of Judgment. And he wrote a book a shorter sir, where the Hubble er, the size of the day of judgment and the going away of the good people, right, and he mentioned in it the return of Jesus Christ. In hasm. The under Lucien scholar mentions in his book of Harris geography of Finland, he mentions it as a fact. The books of karate Danny died for 44 mentions the return of Jesus. As for our tea, the books had Detwiler heritage. So many books mentioned that I can't even list all of them, including also the sooner that is ascribed to Imam Ahmed, the famous Albert Buhari quote unquote actually what I'm calling his book shark has soon it

00:33:26--> 00:34:10

mentions the return of Jesus to how we mentioned it explicitly. The point number 101 mineral, Be assured to sell it we inherited that God will newzoo de 17 Maria Molly has said Amina sama, we believe in the scientificity of Day of Judgment, and we believe in the coming back of the sorry, in the the appearance of the job, and in the coming down of Jesus from the skies. This is enough to how we allege it in his mortality list. I mean, he mentioned that over the things that all of a sudden agreed upon, and he mentioned a long list and he mentioned the return of Jesus and jewelry die 360 and his Sharia mentions even a little clearer when he died 386 he mentions in one of his writings,

00:34:10--> 00:34:52

fossil and fee Bayani Mr. Mr. Taylor, regarding what the oma has agreed upon, and in it he says Well Mr. No be my jam and Hubbard is Robin Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam either semi watty either Messiah has been rewired one hora monitorable Cobra will be my favorite in the whole region, the jolly one who Zoo the Easter Bunny, Maria Maria Jimenez, Salam hakam. And then you have to do the job of the things that the whole oma has agreed upon, is that the process and went up to soymeal Raj, and that the job is going to come and that Jesus is going to come down and he shall be a just judge and he shall kill the judge. This has been a busy though Plato one. explicitly mentioning

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

this, Eben Munda, died 395 minutes Kesava Eman? He has a chapter regarding the 10 signs that one must believe in

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

entity mentions the

00:35:03--> 00:35:47

volume coming back in Ibiza meaning in his lawsuit as sooner have been added to the bottle and his teeth, God. All of them they mentioned that this is going to come back behind is because I've been in my head. These are all earthy, early books of theology and athleta. And they all mentioned the return of reception Imodium. So, the notion of reset coming back became a standard motif of many books of theology is not something that is just found and random. It is found in many dozens of works of Sunni theology that transcends even one strand of Satanism. You'll find it in quote unquote 30 Creed's, you find it in a shady, shady himself, you find it in math to read the explicit so and

00:35:47--> 00:36:27

interestingly enough, Mr. might have been humble and shady and and maturity, explicit statements in their three writings that affirm that they believe in the coming of reception in volume. So we talked about early authors and by the way, for any Maliki's in the audience, any Abizaid is a Maliki even had a busy Maliki even Abdullah barbarism Maliki, of course to be his Maliki these are the dawn's of the Maliki school. So how can anybody claim allegiance to the Maliki mediherb and yet claim that Teresa is not going to come back despite all of the great giants of the Maliki madhhab Medical School claiming that Isa is going to come back. And by the way, the notion that Imam Malik

00:36:27--> 00:37:07

does not have this particular Hadith is neither here nor there, Mr. maddix Mota was meant for a particular purpose and cause and the fact that he doesn't have it alone knows why he doesn't have an entire section about the details of a shortlist Ah, it's something that is a different book. So to read in that Mr. Malik didn't believe that ERISA is coming, this is a huge claim. And it cannot be made. without evidence, there must be evidence. And the reality is that there is no evidence of that nature. So we talked about the Quran, the sooner we talked about statements of the early scholars and the treatises of theology, let us now move on to each map each map, is there any amount on this

00:37:07--> 00:37:48

issue? So again, in the preliminary research that I've done, and by the way, for the record, I only spent a day a day and a half on this just to, you know, do whatever I could obviously, somebody should do much more and write a PhD on this, I guess. But for what from what I found, I discovered a number of early and pre modern scholars claim that there is a Juma on this point. And ej ma is an evidence in Islamic law. It is an evidence in Islamic law. So we have a number of scholars who have claimed there is unanimous consensus and of them and I'll quote you at least five or six names that I found of them, a moto hero, MK DC who died 355 hero, he has one of the earliest treatises on

00:37:48--> 00:38:33

history and titled kuttabul but he will tell you the book of the beginning and history and he has the chapter regarding Imodium, coming back and coming down. And then he says that Allah Muslim owner Li telefoon, a few newly established madhyama aka Islam and Muslims are not at all disunited. They're all in agreement that he says wait to come back. Even after you died 541 Digital in his famous tfcu he writes what Martin oma two that the oma has unanimously agreed about the motor watch a Heidi dimension that Lisa is in the skies in the heavens and alive and he shall come back towards the end of times and this is in his famous Alamo hurdler would use volume. Three abhiyaan died 745

00:38:33--> 00:39:18

hijra in his steps here behind Mohit mentioned there's h ma l Muna. We died 1031 in his short have generously, he said edge marijuana newzoo Isa they have all unanimously agreed that there is going to come back and later on he says the entire oma has unanimously agreed that Lisa will come back and only the philosophers and those who don't believe in any religion. The Mullah Haider basically have denied this. A Sufi Dini died 1188 Digital he says a jamara to the oma has has a GMR that he says going to come down while I'm you Holly fee a huduma Alicia and none of the people of Shetty are not even he didn't say Sunni. None of the people of Shetty disagreed with this except for those that are

00:39:18--> 00:39:58

the philosophers and the men are hated the A Will you want to translate as atheists or you can say people have no religion and those we don't care about their their difference of opinion. So he mentioned there is a Lucy the famous earpiece caller of the last century also said in his row helmet, Amani that there is a drummer in the entire oma and this actually I found it interesting as a funny nice phrase that everybody of the Shetty says this I found this intriguing. So I actually looked up non Sunni sources. And so I looked up the cache for the Xbox ad and as Sherry mentioned explicitly, without any controversy that it is going to come back towards the end of times. I looked

00:39:58--> 00:40:00

up the the

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

The theologian cost Mr. Rossi who died 860 hijra. I'll ask Mr. Rossi, you can say that he is the main founder of the zedi theology and filled aspects of filth as well. And he has a number of treatises that his students have compiled. And one of them are much more that he explicitly mentions that we believe in the reports regarding the return of Jesus. I looked up twelver Shia Islam as well do the Shia, I believe in the coming of Jesus. And of course, the Shiite polymath, one of their greatest minds of the last 300 years. Mohammed buckler mentioned this, he has this 100 volume encyclopedia called Bahadur Anwar, which every student of knowledge is aware of, in volume five,

00:40:42--> 00:41:26

page 735. He mentioned that there are many reports that indicate Jesus shall return and that these reports have been mentioned by the hos slough, and meaning the Shia and the sooner the sooner like non specialists or whatnot. And so he believes in that. So we have explicit statements of the Morteza and of the disease and of the 12 years that they all believe in the coming of E sub minimum. So therefore, as a certified DD said, the people of the Shetty are all of them, except for the men are hidden the philosopher and we don't really have any writings from them, in which they negated the return of Jesus, but there must have been some fringe figures like you know, of the philosophers

00:41:26--> 00:42:08

movement, who denied the coming of Jesus. So, I was not able to discover and if anybody does know that, please put it in the footnotes or in the comments below, I was not able to discover anybody, pre modernity who explicitly negated the coming back of Jesus Christ. Okay. So then when did this controversy began? Where is it coming from? To the best of my knowledge and research? The first person to question the return of Isa was Mohammed Abdullah, who died 1905 who is of course the student of Jamal Deen levani and of course, one of the founders of what is called modernist Islam or what is called the you know, Neo if you're like enlightenment Islam, you know, the the new schools

00:42:08--> 00:42:39

that came. So Mohammed Abu questioned many of the signs of the Day of Judgment. And of them he also questioned and basically reinterpreted the coming of Jesus, he basically said, the return of Jesus means the spirit like compassion of Jesus will come not a persona Jesus right. So he kind of had a bizarre that we've that it means that the Spirit of Jesus, not the spirit, maybe a little bit, like, you know, the compassion of Jesus is going to come. And his student Rashid Lula, who died 1935

00:42:41--> 00:43:09

championed this claim of his teacher, and he championed this in his seed. And in his magazine, the famous magazine Illuminati, which is a very interesting story in and of itself, the magazine, the first global, trans national Islamic magazine that impacted the entire globe and spawned many different movements and, you know, became a very harbinger of a lot of good. This this magenta terminado, in this edition of 1928.

00:43:10--> 00:43:55

Russia, robot expounded on the belief of the return of Isa, and he did say that there are a hadith that people considered to be authentic data, but then he said, however, these IDs are had, and they are ambiguous, and they are contradictory, and they do not give any certainty. And therefore, if somebody doubts them, that the process of did not say them, then that is something that is permissible like IE, basically, he's saying, the majority of the Muslims, you know, basically believe in the coming of Jesus, but he himself is skeptical, and he also claimed that we have been will not be one of the early authorities of the Tabby Ron, he was the one who attempt to to

00:43:55--> 00:44:31

introduce this doctrine into the oma. However, Russia is very explicit. And he says, Whoever believes that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, these are Hadith about the coming of Risa, then he has no choice but to believe in it, and to reject it is Cofer. However, whoever doesn't believe, then that person is not obliged to believe in the coming back of Jesus. And it is very clear that what I should reveal himself is skeptical of the return of Jesus. Now, it's very interesting that Mohammed Abdul Rashid ribault, when they gave their first tours, and they wrote their their doctrines,

00:44:33--> 00:45:00

it doesn't seem that any controversy was caused, which is very interesting, because a lot of times, usually, controversies are sparked by specific reasons, right? And a lot of times there might be petty reasons. A lot of times it might be interesting reasons. But for some reason, Russia was fed to of the 1928 did not seem to really spark any major controversy. Just life went on. Not a single person responded to it as far as we know. No

00:45:00--> 00:45:03

publications came, no outcry occurred. However,

00:45:04--> 00:45:50

along with this, another trajectory was taking place in India. And that sparked a lot of debate what's going on in India? Well, in India, you had a new movement. And that movement was a particular person by the name of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, who began claiming that Jesus had died. Jesus had come to Kashmir and lived the rest of his life there and then died and was buried in Kashmir. And that the second coming of Jesus was not the actual original Jesus, but a Jesus like figure. And he said that he himself was that figure. And then eventually, he upgraded himself to be a prophet and whatnot. And so this created a whole new ideology about what does it mean the return of Jesus and midazolam

00:45:50--> 00:46:34

Ahmed claimed himself to be Jesus, ie not that Jesus, but the second coming of Jesus. And of course, he then had to make the claim that the original Jesus or Isa had died. And that controversy generated a lot of responses from the ruler of the Indian subcontinent. And a number of great aroma of the time they responded to this claim. In particular, Chef Sasa Wani, who wrote an entire book against him about the return of ASAP and also unwish arkush Media the book I just mentioned here as well, who died 1933 By the way, and worshop. Kashmiris book is probably the most comprehensive compilation to date about the Hadith regarding the return of Jesus. And the reason why he did this

00:46:34--> 00:47:15

was to refute, Mirza Ghulam, Mohammed of guardian. And in 1942, one of the followers of midazolam was stationed in Egypt by the British, he was a military person, and he was stationed in Egypt. And so he wrote a and by the way, up until the 40s 50s 60s, remember, the followers of this movement? They were not. There was no official decree that they are non Muslims. There's something that's going back and forth and individual scholars are giving it to us and others are ambivalent, they don't know what to do. Of course, now, you know, the the photo has been given universally that this movement and the adherence of this movement are not to be considered within the fold of mainstream

00:47:15--> 00:47:55

Islam because they have a belief that negates the Kadima and to believe in any profit after the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam negates one's adherence to the religion of Islam. So that is something that is well known. Now, in the 40s. This movement was trying its best to, to mainstream itself. So this movement wanted to become mainstream. Well, it's still trying to do that if you're aware of what's going on, but they're never going to succeed. But this movement was attempting to mainstream itself. And one of the ways it did that this particular soldier wrote a letter to as her as data lifter. And in it, he asked the question, what is the belief of Muslims

00:47:55--> 00:48:37

regarding Isa, and did reset die? Is he alive in the heavens? Or is he going to return to this earth? And if a person denies that he's alive now, and if a person denies that he's going to come back towards the end of times? Does that make him a cafard? It's a very specific question. Okay. Because again, the idea is we're being accused of COVID and one of the things that were they were being accused of Cofer was their belief that Jesus is dead and he's not going to come back. So this qadiani asked the shareholders her he sent a letter and the shareholders her responded to this letter, okay. And the shareholders hot at the time was chef Mahmoud Showboat, mucho Toad, died 1963

00:48:38--> 00:48:44

and he was a student of Mohammed Abdullah and Sheikh Mohammed shelterwood.

00:48:45--> 00:49:32

Sorry, a bit of a technical point here, chef, Chef mucho to respond to the fatwa. The letter was addressed not to him sorry technical point, the letter was addressed to Mustafa Murali Mustafa Murali was the shareholder Mustafa Murali gave this letter to or gave the fatwa to mucho due to technical point here that the shareholders heard was Mustafa Murali mucho Toad was a friend of his and a great chef and Adam and well known person who would have seen his well known in the Arab world, my childhood, he died 1963 model he died 1945 So, this is a question in 1942. So, we have you know, a number of years before this so 1942 bardiani asks, and as her starlifter and the

00:49:32--> 00:49:59

shareholders her Mustafa Murali gives this question to his friend Mahmoud shoto now, rumors say that the share these are rumors unsubstantiated and Allah knows best that the sheriff himself did not want to give the answer, because he knew it would cause a backlash so he asked mucho Toad because he knew that my mucho Toad was you know, not an affiliated to the shareholders his position

00:50:00--> 00:50:44

Also that he would give the same answer. So he gave him the first one knowing he would give him the same answer that he wanted. And the fact that Mustapha Murali did not respond to my mucho to his photo, but rather tacitly approved it actually more than tacitly seems to indicate that there is a reason. In other words, he gave the first one knowing what the answer would be. Now my childhood, by the way, is a well known profounder of this Neil rationalist streak that was very popular in this timeframe. morality, as well as a part of this, basically, that is Mohammed Abdul, Mohammed Abdullah school is very skeptical of miracles, very much in line with trying to to to take modern notions of

00:50:44--> 00:51:31

liberalism and of whatever you know, the motions are and to make them mainstream Islamic, very skeptical of the signs of the Day of Judgment, skeptical of ahaadeeth overall. So there's this school that is very well known by modal Berea type of people well known. So these are those types of people. And so shelterwood gave a very detailed fatwa, which is available in Arabic, you can find it online, in which he claims that this belief of the return of Jesus is neither in the Koran nor in the authentic sooner, he said all of the a hadith or muttalib, they are contradictory, and they are weak, and therefore, whoever denies that Jesus is alive, and whoever denies that Jesus shall return,

00:51:31--> 00:51:41

that person is a Muslim, he's not a heretic, he's not a deviant. He's not a cafard. He is a Muslim, and it is permissible to deny. Now the photo is interesting in that

00:51:42--> 00:52:26

he himself did not say that he believes this. He's simply saying Whoever believes it, it's okay, which is basically one step in one step away. Now, this fetch were very interestingly, caused a huge outcry and it became a global controversy. Very interesting. Rashid Rivas fatwa and he is far more famous than shellcode and Marathi didn't cause any dent just life goes on. However, when shall booth writes his photo and it is endorsed by the shekel Azur Mustapha Murali, he's the one who publishes All right, so we'll start tomorrow. He is the one who pushes this out and whatnot. And so it becomes an official federal law that caused a huge outcry. And it became, like I said, a global controversy.

00:52:26--> 00:53:12

And many scholars of the time, wrote scathing refutation, some of them in very harsh language, perhaps most famously, Chef Mohammed Zaha delco 30, the died 1954, the last of the great Ottoman Mathieson scholars, and also chef Muslim or somebody who wrote a very, very scathing booklet charging Abdo and read law and morality for being of those people who did not believe in labor law union a bit late and he entitled The book, I'll hold fossil bainer, Latina unibilt, he will lead in allow you be known. This is the criterion between those who believe in labe, and those who don't believe in you, and that's basically one charge short of gopher. And he claimed that the reason why

00:53:12--> 00:53:57

this entire group does not want to affirm the return of Jesus is that they are following the western scientific paradigms of anything outside the senses cannot exist and that miracles cannot exist, and that there's no such things as signs of Day of Judgment. And so basically, he's charging them with being heretics. Another reputation was written by a young man from Morocco at the time in his 30s, who would go on to become one of the greatest minds of his generation, and that is shaqab de la urban Mohammed Al Hammadi died 1993 Chicago, Marty was studying in Egypt as a young man in Alaska. And it was at that time when this first word came out of Chef shelterwood associate homare wrote a

00:53:57--> 00:54:25

treatise entitled karma to the Buddha Han are the new Zhu Li riesa. He is the man and the famous eligo 30 wrote an introduction to this book. And so these are some amazing, amazing names. These are all big legends and giants and they're all refuting shortcodes factual that Risa is indeed going to come back and anybody who denies this has committed a heresy and other reputations were written as well and you can read about so many other reputations in our times of course,

00:54:26--> 00:54:59

the issue has continued to remain alive there are a number of famous preachers in all the major languages of the world where basically following the same you know Mohammed Abu type of school, you have of course in the Arab world Dr. Adnan Ibrahim, in the auto speaking world, you have the the famous comedy sub in English you have named a German who goes by the moniker Mufti, Abu layth, and others as well. And all of these figures they have the same arguments, some of them are more developed than others. Firstly, all of these figures back to Mohammed Al

00:55:00--> 00:55:40

All the way down to the modern group. Firstly, all of them, they have a different concept of the sun. Okay? They define sun differently than the way that the majority of Edison defined sooner, in fact, I should say, then all of a sudden the defines 100 sooner defines as soon and for them. Hadith even multifocal Hadith doesn't necessarily translate into the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, they all have their different interpretations. But the point is that none of them considers none of these figures from Muhammad Abdul all the way down to the modern figures I mentioned, none of them considers the SA hain to be any more authoritative than

00:55:42--> 00:56:29

the rest of the books, they're willing to challenge notions based upon rationalistic arguments, nor do they view mutawatir Hadith as being evidence, per se. And of course, this is really a fundamental point of difference between this strand, call it you know, Neo rationalist, or called it a pseudo enlightenment, whatever you call it, this strand of thought, versus the mainstream scholars of Sunni Islam. So the notion of separating the Sunnah, from authentic hadith, and from water, water, a Hadith, this is something that started with Abdullah, and we still find it amongst this group of people. And frankly, to me, this is the far bigger issue, then their denial of Jesus, the notion of

00:56:29--> 00:57:18

rejecting what allotted ahaadeeth simply because it is not rational, right, that's to me the fundamental difference between this strand of Islam versus the bulk of the sun, or the bulk of Sunni Islam. So this is the first point. Secondly, this group is willing to claim that the belief of Jesus Christ is a theology that emanated from Judeo Christian sources, from the likes of what have you been when a bit or cabinet about or maybe even Abu hurayrah, or some of them say, ab initio hobbyzone. It emanated from these people, and it slowly crept in until it became a mainstream belief of the oma. Now, the response is that that's a huge claim that lacks even the slightest backing or

00:57:18--> 00:58:00

evidence, how can anybody make such a preposterous claim without bringing up any proof or evidence? So we have over 75, different Hadeeth? And you don't find one person and all of these 75? I mean, agreed. Abu huraira is the majority narrator I agree with you. Yes, he is definitely the majority of these ideas. But what are you going to do about the other Sahaba? How about jabot? How about similar hubba hubba? In this room? How about how about a bus? All of them are taking from gabbatha hub or hub? manabi? Where's your evidence for this? How can a claim be made of such a huge magnitude without a shred of evidence? Which one is more likely that all of these Sahaba herded from the

00:58:00--> 00:58:47

prophets a little longer? I said them or that they all heard it from what hub or cab and then they ascribed to the prophets assembly, which one is more likely? Right. So again, and and there's another point, by the way, that needs to be said here. So Pamela to claim that a Judeo Christian belief was introduced into the oma and it became not just mainstream, but the default position for the entire Muslim ummah. Basically, your the implications are mind boggling. You're claiming that our faith has been corrupted at the most basic level, and that the entirety of the oma has been misguided for 14 centuries. I mean, it's one thing to prefer a minority opinion over a majority

00:58:47--> 00:59:29

opinion. It's one thing to talk about a modern issue in a modern way. But to talk about a classical Been there, done that, you know, open shut bookcase to talk about something that is a fundamental unchallenged for 14 centuries. And then to claim that it was introduced by Judeo Christian sources, and it became a Juma of the oma and it became toward Hadith. You see, this, to me is the far bigger problem than denying the return of Jesus. And that is the destruction of the epistemology of Islam. That's really what it is, which is why this is a somewhat of a dangerous topic to to get involved with much more dangerous than Jesus or not Jesus, because you know, at the end of the day, it

00:59:29--> 01:00:00

doesn't affect your daily routine to believe Jesus is gonna come or not. But what it does do, it does affect your soul, your paradigm, your epistemology, it affects how you look at the sources. That's really what it does here. And that is why this is an interesting case study of epistemology between Sunni Islam and between other interpretations of Islam. And here's the point here that this group is bringing forth such a preposterous claim, but they have zero evidence and the onus of proof is on them to

01:00:00--> 01:00:38

Not us. You see, the default for us is that when you have 10 IDs, with 10 chains, all going back to 10 different habits and all of these Sahaba are saying the Prophet sallallahu I said him said, well then the default is that the Prophet so listitem said it, but now these guys come along and they say, oh, what have you been up beside it or Kava bar said Orbis, Shahab as already said, and as I said, firstly, none of these figures is found in all of these hundreds of chains, none of them, you all have different chains. And secondly, if you're going to claim that this belief comes from rabbinical sources, or Christian theology, and then it became mainstream, well, then what is left to

01:00:38--> 01:01:19

preservation of our theology, right. So that's a very, very dangerous point to make. Think about the implications of that. The third, the third point that they raised, is that they all all of these groups, from Mohammed, Abdul, all of these people, from Mohammed, Abdullah, all the way to the modern propagators of this, they all view Jesus as having died on this earth. And so they deny that Jesus was raised up alive, right. And so obviously, when you don't believe that Jesus is still alive, then obviously there is no return. And so it's not just the notion of Jesus's return. It is the notion of Jesus's not having been killed and having been lifted up alive, which is a mainstream

01:01:19--> 01:02:02

belief. And, again, I did not go down that topic today. But that is an interesting topic, because the mainstream belief of the Muslim Ummah is that at least that was raised up alive now I know there's a lot of controversy going on over this topic and this issue you will find a lot more voices that are out there that are claiming that Jesus did die a natural death so what about potato masala Whoo hoo means they did not kill him. And they did not put them on the cross. And then they say that the the the the the notion of in the motto of FICO are off here, okay, layer, the famous verse. Now this library chat, I didn't go down all of that, because that is a separate issue. Suffice to state

01:02:02--> 01:02:42

that the the interpretation of Jesus having been killed is something that is very obscure in early Islam, but it is not unknown, not sorry, not killed, natural death died died natural death. It is not unknown. There's one tab berry that it is narrated from, but that tab, Barry believed that he's going to come back down to LA and bring him back to life, right. So you do have this notion of Jesus dying and being resurrected. And then coming back towards the end of time, nobody denied his return. One early authority had an interpretation, in which he said Jesus died a natural death, and then he shall come back alive. So that's a different topic. We're not going to get there. But suffice to

01:02:42--> 01:03:23

state that a number of authors have said there is a jamaa that reset was taken up alive. So that is a different controversy altogether. But that is the point, you should realize that those who deny the coming of Jesus also deny the raising up of Jesus, which is obviously logical, because if they said he went up alive, then obviously has to come back down alive as well. The fourth point that they bring, is that they bring a whole bunch of rational objections right, that these reports don't make any sense. Why would Jesus killed pigs? What have pigs done to have them killed? Why will Jesus not accept jizya? Why will Jesus not allow Cofer to remain when freedom is everybody's allowed to

01:03:23--> 01:04:06

choose, you know, if you want to remain Muslim or not Francesco Newman, will much aphrodisiac for why this Why that? And the response to all of these wise is that well, Allah said, so these are not strong enough arguments to reject with a wall to a hadith. And these rational arguments can easily be refuted by other counter rational arguments. Suppose Allah subhana wa tada told Teresa to no longer accept the jizya. Allah says Allah Sharia. And the fact that the Prophet system said so is in fact, a Sheree justification. ie the Profit System is literally legislating for Isa, that when reset comes back, there shall be no more jizya when a user comes back, there shall be no more crosses

01:04:06--> 01:04:46

being shown. So he is literally telling an ISA, these are the things are going to do. And when the reset comes back, he will say this is an exception. And see, here's the point. Why is it problematic when the End of Times is a very atypical era, lots of bizarre things are going to happen. And so if there's going to be global peace after global war, after the Armageddon, there's going to be global, please. It's a complete up and down complete chaos and mayhem. So the fact that you have these strange, atypical rulings, it actually conforms with those strange and atypical times. And the point is that, you know, actually, the notion of it being illogical is itself illogical. And I'll tell you

01:04:46--> 01:04:47


01:04:48--> 01:04:59

When you are male or protected, we don't want to be there when it happens. But imagine those that are alive when the job is doing what the job is doing. And their Isa calms down and they see reset and

01:05:00--> 01:05:42

Just fighting it out, and reset kills the job, right? They see reset coming down, right? Now you tell me, anybody who sees that and still denyce What do you think? So the claim that Jesus is not going to be accepted the claim that you're either going to be a Muslim or going to be with the judge, it actually makes sense, the level of Kufa that you're going to have to have, you're going to be on the side of the judge, there's not going to be any middle category after that. So in reality, far from being illogical, this is completely logical. So all of these small issues of you know, how about this? And how about that it's not strong enough to reject them with a word that a hadith about

01:05:42--> 01:06:24

the coming of anybody Now, with this, all of this, so we talked about the Quran, we talked about the Sunnah and the books of Sunnah. And the chapter headings and the water. We talked about the early books of theology, we talked about the various other genres. We talked about Iijima as well. Then we talked about a brief history of the controversy and some of their main arguments that are used against this, or does this leave us all? So it leaves us with a number of points? I think it is fairly clear by this point in time, that the belief in the return of Jesus Christ wasn't just a mainstream opinion. It was the standard belief of the entirety of the oma up until modernity, the

01:06:24--> 01:07:07

entirety of the oma, that is a huge thing. I mean, when you have the Sunni and the Shia, combining together, dudes, you better listen to that man, when you have this a these and you have the internationalist, and you have all strands of Sunni Islam, Mr. Mohammed, Mohammed and Mama to read and chat and whatnot, when you have all of the great imams of history and Teddy, and, and tafsir and Akita, all of them saying the same thing. I mean, that is not a trivial point anymore. And therefore, it's pretty straightforward to state and I don't do there's not something I usually do. But it is pretty straightforward, therefore, that anybody who denies the return of Jesus by virtue

01:07:07--> 01:07:47

of the fact that they have contravened the agreed upon beliefs of this oma that they have contradicted them with a watered a hadith that the least that can be said is that they have fallen into a religious innovation or a bidder. Now, not every bidder makes the person a move to there, as we're all aware of the students should be aware, and no doubt that some of the great scholars who who denied the coming of Jesus are worthy of our respect. Rashid riblah, is somebody that, you know, of course, I disagree with many of his fatawa. But to be brutally honest, he is a person that I admire immensely, for many reasons, maybe another library chat, I mean, and again, a very

01:07:47--> 01:08:31

interesting paradoxical figure, like I don't like a lot of things about him. But I admire his spirit immensely. And I do find a kindred spirit in Russia, even as I disagree with some of his particular fatawa such as this one. So and and I have no problem saying that may Allah forgiven me made a mistake. And this is a mistake, that is a huge mistake, it is a bit of a theological innovation. Because there is a Gemma, there's a Hadith, there is like, you know, it's just a complete belief across all strands of Islam. And therefore to deny it, you have contravene the epistemology of Islam of mainstream Islam, that's really what it is about. However, all of that having been said, we

01:08:31--> 01:09:06

cannot ignore or negate the fact that there are huitema, who are respected this strand of new rationalists, or pseudo intellectuals, or pseudo Enlightenment thinkers, from the last century, beginning with Mohammed Abu through rushydro. Law tomorrow, a crucial truth. And of course, you have others as well. My mother was a her as well as Maria as well, I think was anti feminist. I'm not sure don't quote me on that. But there are a number of people, they kind of sort of felt the same, but it's basically that one school. And of course, in our times, as I said, a few individuals from all different cultures, they're basically following that same school. And therefore, I think we have

01:09:06--> 01:09:50

to also be fair here and say that, if we want to refute any of these people, we should understand that they're not alone, that there are a handful of people that they're following. And some of these people are way better than others like Russia. And just because a person falls into a bidder does not make him a MOBA teddy bear. So we asked a lot forgiveness for them, if they are genuine, generally upon eemaan and dakwah. Now, as for the claim that it is called for, I agree with rushydro over here 100% rushydro law said he himself in the fatwa that he denies his everybody who's coming, he himself said, anybody who believes that the prophets of the law while you said him, said this and

01:09:50--> 01:09:59

then denies it. That person is a kafir, no doubt about it. But anybody who for whatever reason doesn't believe the profitsystem said these in the first place.

01:10:00--> 01:10:40

Well, then he cannot be considered a coffered. And that's a technically correct position that if a person's epistemology is deviated, which it is, in this case, and if a person for some reason derives that Jesus is not going to come back, because all of these ahaadeeth are we, for whatever we, you know, they're wrong, they have a bizarre methodology, but they don't believe the Prophet system said it, right. So if they deny that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said it, then their negates near their negation of the return of Jesus will not constitute Cofer per se, however, it will constitute a serious mistake, and it will constitute a religious heresy or a deviation from the

01:10:40--> 01:11:25

beliefs of the entirety of the oma. And that's a huge thing, the entirety of the oma. And therefore, to conclude, it is patently clear that we as Muslims believe in the return of Jesus, the fact that Christians have a similar belief should be nothing to us, that's not our sources. And it's similar, it's not the same, our sources are different. And the Quran has not explicit but pretty strong, implicit verses and the Hadith or mutawatir. And there is Iijima on this point, and it has become a point of Crete in multiple books of our PETA. And therefore it is the belief of us as Muslims, that Jesus Christ shall indeed return to this earth as a just ruler and a judge, and that his return will

01:11:25--> 01:11:49

be one of the major signs of the day of judgment and it shall be a time of great trial and tribulation, and we don't want to live to see that timeframe. But before that timeframe, we should believe in it and we asked for refuge from ever seeing that actual timeframe hope inshallah, this was of some interest and benefit and inshallah until our next library chat as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Yeah, man.