Mohamad Baajour – Avoid This Very Common Mistake

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the lack of trust in relationships, including a woman who complains about her husband and mother. The speakers emphasize the need to be careful with work and avoid feeling emotional. They also mention a woman who claims to be the most pure man created. The segment ends with a discussion of the media's actions and deeds, including the deeds of those caught and fired from the media.
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very short reminder, but it's extremely important. Coming from a person that is

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six, seven days a week listening to your problems.

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And I'm here to help as much as I can. But this is something that we all have to hear.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he sent Ali or the Allahu Allah to the Yemen

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to be a kadhi he told him

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either jack or Cara, Julianne

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you have to hack a man like Federer attack calm fan attack calm lil Owen had to smack me. For fettered review my top five deadly Bhima taco day

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when two people come to you to judge between them, do not judge for the first until you hear the second and then you will know how to make the proper the right the just ruining

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my brothers and sisters, this is a very common problem. We have

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been assigned by somebody to bring peace between two people.

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We hear one side of the story and we already made our mind.

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We already made our mind first of all, you have to be very happy that Allah subhanho wa Taala chose you to do this amazing a bad it's an act of worship Rasul Allah says something he said, and I want you to imagine sitting with the Sahaba and he said, Don't look him Allah shake her. You don't mean a sadaqa was solid was cm. Should I tell you about something better than charity then Salaat than fasting? And of course all this is the optional, not the forum. There's nothing better than the forum. They said yes. Yeah, Rasul Allah, he said is law that will been fixing a problem between two people.

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when I am assigned to do this noble Ada, you must have one you must listen to both sides of the story. You even to the level that as a father, as a mother to children of yours, your son comes and complain about his sister, listen to the sister,

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a teacher, one student comes and said the other one did this to me listen to the other student. And the biggest one, when your daughter comes to you complaining about her husband, as a father, you are biased as a mother, you are biased. No, say okay. My honey, my baby, I heard you. Let me call your husband and listen to his side of the story.

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When the brother when a husband and a wife and this is the most common one. Her husband came to me the other day and he said,

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complaining about his wife, she cooks only twice a week, and she's sitting at home should not like working. And the house is dirty.

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And every time I tell her let's go out she doesn't want to go out. When you hear that? What happened? What a horrible life.

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What kind of wife is this? Right? I called the wife.

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Is this true? She said yeah.

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He gives me $100 a week to cook. And that's all I can cook is two days.

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The vacuum is broken. I've been telling him for six months change the vacuum.

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Get me a new vacuum. He doesn't want to because he's so cheap. So the house is dirty.

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And every time he tells me to go out is literally half an hour before my Quran class.

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Which I wait for it the whole week. You know, let's go out the Honey, let's go out. I mean, you know that.

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So when you heard the other side of the story, what happened? Everything has changed. Everything has changed. So now when your son or your daughter comes to, to complain about their spouse, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said, we're either koolatron thigh dealu when Ocana the quarterback. When you speak,

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and you want to judge make sure you are just even if that's your father, If your father comes to you and complain about your mother, Wallah, he listened to your mother or the other way around, no matter who it is, listen to the other side of the story and you will be shocked. Again, it's coming from many, many years of experience. I listened to the husband, I hate the wife. And the minute the wife speaks, I hate the husband.

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Allah has happened so many, many times. And subhanAllah I learned that no matter what it is, even if my my father comes to me complaining about someone I have to listen to the other guy because

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Sometimes we get so emotional, and we start spreading what that guy said, Right? Or he came to me and he complained about his wife, his wife, Allah, he she doesn't do this. She doesn't do that.

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Listen carefully to this hadith.

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I'm going to translate right away just because of the time whoever say about a believer that's not in him. That's not true. He will be in a place on the Day of Judgment called Rat, the rat, elke Bell

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had to be my call.

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He will be in the purse

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of the people of the Hellfire until he proves what he said.

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Yeah, you

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injure confess your convener. In fact,

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if someone comes to you with news, and that was this idea came on a companion and as a hobby.

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Verify, clarify. Check, triple check before you spread the news.

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Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam was standing with Sofia at night. This is who the most honorable the most pure man ever created. Two men from the unsurpassed by and when they saw him with a woman at night there's no lights very dark. They immediately start going fast.

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Come back here

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in a half Sofia. They said Yara Salah you think we're doubting you? He said maybe there's a time he goes in the blood. Maybe you start thinking Subhan Allah this is a sort of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Another point quickly

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10 people came and complained about one person.

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Right? What happens?

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But how happens? Is it possible that they are all wrong?

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Is it possible? Yes. What's the delete from the Quran?

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about a Sha Yi abiku recall on the brothers of use of they all came crying, crying

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was use of right?

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They all think so doesn't matter. Listen to the truth. Because when you listen from one guy, you listen to half the truth.

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When you listen to one person, you listened to half the truth.

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And as a Muslim as a believer, and you want to really do this honorable job of fixing a problem between two people, then you must listen to both sides of the story. If you feel you do not have time to listen to both, then tell them from the beginning. Last point when I want to listen to let's say two brothers that are fighting and arguing and they came and they want me to certain between them, it is vulnerable. It is willing to give this guy 15 minutes and this guy one hour

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you'll give this guy 15 minutes you'll give this guy 15 minutes

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you don't listen to this guy

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spread everything he has and the other guy has kind of say hola stop I heard that. No, no, no, no, you want to be just you will be accountable in front of Allah azza wa jal give each one of them the right to speak Otherwise, do not get involved in the mediation do not get involved in this a badda Jaquan Why am I saying this? Because when loi many people, they already Subhanallah they already make a judgment about that person because of something they heard.

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They never verified. And they made the judgment about this guy. Oh, this guy is stay away from him. Why? Because I heard

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I heard nothing. He knows nothing he seen. I heard people are saying and we spoke about that last week. People are saying

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Be very careful. Allah He that that hadith that I mentioned, a person will be in the Hellfire until he proves, you know, what does that mean? It's an exaggeration. What is he gonna prove? He's under hellfire? He's not gonna prove anything. He's done. He's there.

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So be careful you get a message in a group or be careful with this guy. He's this he's this he's that. What's your Delete? Have you be very careful to forward that message. Someone came and told you this person said something this about you don't get furious. Called the brother. Brother. Is this true? I heard that you said this about me. Is that true?

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Confirm before you create a disconnect between someone that could have been probably the only one who will save you when you really need them. May Allah make us people who listen and apply May Allah improve our o'clock and

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Subhan Allah and another thing yeah when

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I noticed something that when it comes to the rituals when it comes to the Baghdad when it comes to the acts of worship, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Salah Siyam Salah caught the Hajj should the Quran do health have you name it, but when it comes to o'clock

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in Allah or in LA hirato five days in the masjid

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five times a day in the masjid Saba card every day.

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And then he goes in, he spread rumors against his brother without confirming Subhanallah What did all these Ibadah do to you? This eight by that is supposed to upgrade me.

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This way by that are supposed to when I hear someone know like Subhanallah like the story I mentioned about urban myths owed or the Allahu and a man came and stole his money and ran away. Right he ran away with the money so the people next to him they start saying God Tala hola now I know who Allah May Allah curse him

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even more so what did he say? He said yeah, Allah.

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if he needed this money with Baraka in it

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and if he did it as a theft as a sin, make it his lesson.

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This is where the this is where they buy that we do. This isn't supposed to get us otherwise the normal action is to cushion back is to young on screen. This is very normal. Don't think that you're no no this is the natural reaction, the behavior of the movement is different. is different. And this is why this any we are here the people who are here the people who are watching us, you have been selected to hear these words you are one you should be different than anybody who does not come to the massage and

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you should be at a different level.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala blessed us to be able to speak and to hear many people are deprived from these blessings. Allah make us better than our athletic and our eBUY that may Allah strengthen our relationship with Him. May Allah make our last deeds our best deeds, and may Allah make our last words ilaha illallah wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali, he was happy.

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What's going on longer fee a yamim

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Femen Jaffe, meaning fella is gnarly he woman that I've fought off

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is now Li Li Manny dunkel. What delko long our O

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E lady to show

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