‘With difficulty comes ease’; The story of Hajar, Ismail and Zam Zam

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Very famous as of one and a blue or near completion in mental health field you are the owner this air but then one two earth after it in a sofa one more water Misha What's our sofa? One more one which is seen in our house what's that have to do with what unemployed not condition in Morocco? Why is it right after it because the story of a sofa one model is a story of a woman that went through difficulty in life is a story of a woman that allows or she has tested. The area just before said when an upload Nicole

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is going to give us an example of an if that happened to one of the last creation.

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Ibrahim alayhis salam leaves his family, his wife, and his newborn is married to his setup in the desert in the dead barren desert. no water, no food, no people nothing. He left them for a lot and he left

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and he said this is the last command and she said even lay your the yamamah if that's what Allah commanded you to leave us here in certain depth. This is certainly being left in desert is certain death. The only thing you're waiting for is how are you going to die by hunger or dehydration or something else or a wild beast is going to come and eat you you're just looking which which way you're going to die in NEMA death is certain in a in a place like this death is certain. For she said so long as Allah has commanded you to go and leave us here. Lay over the yard Allah, Allah azza wa jal would preserve us would protect us. And then she went up to us when her baby was crying,

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needs to eat needs to drink. She went up to a sofa and then from a sofa and more while sofa mother was seven times a Safa. And Marwa is a place where a lot of social answers the call of the distress. She looked aside to some some had come out Allah gave her thumbs up. You see in the difficulty in a man nursery, your salon. You see when the dinner happened. A lot of socials user was there. Samsung came out. She began to drink with Samsung is what is a unique special water. And the reason the mahalo salami says

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he or she fell on min cola so come by mo Damiani, it's food. Samsung is food you can live on Samsung has nutrients in it that would satisfy a person just like food would do. This is what Samsung is for Samsung was their food and their drink to fulfill a diet when a loss or decrease upon your difficulty and hardship and a tribulation. We said he injected with user in our lobby libera sha Allah azza wa jal cuddle is never separated from his gentleness. Allah cutter is always always always joined, and combined with his gentleness, look at the example of hirscher mobiola. Juana, oma ohsms and coming up from nowhere from unexpected Allah azza wa jal when he says ye shall, Romania

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tequila Hashanah Maharaja

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the ship you know the

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origin says anyone who feels a lot has belief in Allah. Allah Xhosa.

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Yes, Allahu Maharaja, you'll make an exit away out for him. And he will provide for him from a way he did never ever, ever assume. Because you ever assume this, who would have assumed Zamzam would be the solution. And Samsung is still there today. So that when you and I pass by it, we remember that a lot of solutions ease is always with us in times of difficulty. That's why Samsung is there. That's why our software will always there. That's why we have been commanded. That we do the work between software will lower. So that the first thing you remember is this, that in the Manaslu salon. That's what we're supposed to remember, when hunchy is once a lifetime upon everyone, so that

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when you go there, you recognize and you take this lesson and it's supposed to live with you forever.