40 Authentic Qudsi #13 – The Mother of all Sins – Hadith # 11

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh SMIL Al Hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main fauna on finally Marlon Khanna was it nine manual camera he made

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a love with Barack and this gathering and make us from the people at the end of the gathering. There will be taught como McFarlan Lacan, Cabo de la Surya Tikka Masala, Amira.

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Tonight's Hadith, maybe many people will not come close on Jonathan at the brothers can close.

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Maybe some people cannot relate to it, but it's very informative and it is essential for people who are practicing this sin to know the danger of it.

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And the hadith is Anasazi Allah Han Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Khan Allah. So unless narrated that or samosa Salam said that Allah said just like we always narrate the conservative

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men Tara can hammer Well who is the rally?

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Let us clear now home min home fee Javiera deal codes. Woman Tara can hurryin Whoo hoo I actually next one no iya fi hubiera T L codes.

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Allah subhanaw taala said whomsoever leave camera,

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and cover.

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The word cover in Arabic means cover.

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That's why the hijab

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of the woman's called Kumar, she is covering. So when you drink cover, it covers your brain, it covers your thoughts. This is where the cover that where the name comes from. So Allah said whomsoever drink whomsoever leave drinking alcohol in this dunya and he can, he can afford it

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or it's available.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala promised that he will give him from the camera of of Jana have beautiful cars mean Jana and also ever leave the wearing

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to dress up? Of course he's talking about men with Harry it was silk. Allah subhanho wa Taala will dress him from the silk of, of Jannah. May Allah make us all from the people of genuine Shama. I mean,

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and this hadith is very close to a hadith in Bukhari and Muslim where Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, Whoever drinks wine in this world, and does not repent from that will be deprived from the wine in the hereafter on Southern drink. Why will you say why are you bringing this up? Who drinks here amongst us?

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You'll be shocked.

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Allah you will be shocked. Not brothers admitting, unfortunately sisters admitting to me about their husbands.

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That's why when you hear what is what do I have to do with this topic? Allah He mixes that Shaka that you have nothing to do with this topic.

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Just if you feel that this topic is so strange to you, that by itself is an AMA from Allah azza wa jal because they're our brothers, and we still call them brothers, we do not call a person who is committing a major sin. A Kaffir. No, he's still our brother and we make dua that Allah will cure him from this disease. But we have to remind ourselves so we can remind others and at the same time, remind the people who are in that major sin, so maybe you never know. Yeah. Like I always repeat, you never know.

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Whose heart you own their key. You might be the key for someone's heart if you never expected it, you just have to say the word. You just say the word and you never know. When Allah subhanho wa Taala

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I will make these words enter someone's heart penetrate someone's heart and Allahu Akbar, they will wake up and they will stop a major sin because of your simple advice.

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We all know that the taurine

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and this is from the hikma of Allah azza wa jal keep in mind Jaquan

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before the even debate in the beginning of Islam in the beginning of the message of Islam, the Sahaba and the Muslim the people of Karachi, in general, they used to drink a lot of alcohol. Alcohol was the prevalent in the society drinking alcoholic drink water, very normal to drink alcohol. Allah subhanaw taala from his hikma he gradually prohibited the alcohol like action of the Allah on her she said immediately Allah said do not commit Zina do not drink alcohol, nobody would have followed. Gradually he stopped the alcohol prohibition of alcohol. The first area Allah subhanaw taala said yes, I don't own a candle hammer call when they said puffy Hema if mon Kabir on

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an FE on Enos. Yeah, Muhammad, they ask you about

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alcohol and gambling tell them that they have a major sin in them. There is a lot of Islam in them and they have some benefit because they used to do business with with alcohol

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a lot in Makkah.

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After that, when this came down some people some people stopped drinking alcohol, but the rest continued you know, since they said you know what, since there are some manifests in it, we will continue drinking it. Then the next idea came well ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said, yeah, you handle Edina la takanobu salata and Tom Sakara Yeah, oh, you believe do not come closer and do not pray while you are drunk. Again, some people stopped and some people stopped only when they when they drunk because only when you're drunk it gave a condition when you drunk do not pray.

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Then finally,

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the final area of the Hareem came and that was in skeletal marry that Johan Medina in Alhambra. Well, Mesa well unsolved when Islam reached on Menominee shaitan fetched and he boo, la la con toughly Han, Allah subhanaw taala said, Oh, you believe in toxic ins all kinds of alcohol and gambling and unsolved and Islam which is these are used to they used to throw out of the seeking luck and all these are enamored of the shaytaan avoid strictly avoid all of them in order that you may be successful, a very common question. Unfortunately,

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I heard it myself many times. Where does it say in the Quran? that alcohol is haram?

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Why Allah subhanho wa Taala did not say that just like he said about the kunzea Hareem Alikum hurry Malaika it was made haram upon you. And then he named why he didn't say hurry Malik and we'll cover

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why he only said it's terrible. It's terrible. Just stay away from it. Subhan Allah. Now let's look at this area and explain to these people

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from this area, you could conclude easily that alcohol is haram number one.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala put it right next to worshipping idols.

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I will stand right next to worshiping idols and worshipping idols we all know the strictly Schilke Subhanallah second Allah subhanaw taala named the trips, rich Annie Mae major sin rich, third, Allah subhanaw taala said min Amelie shaytaan

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the people who are trying to somehow Allah, May Allah guide us all inshallah. It is from the Iman of the shaytaan How could it be any kind of Halal when I'm going to show it on? And then he said it's 20 Booyah. Stay away completely stay away from it. And then he said if you stay away from it, Lala come to flee when you will be successful. If you look at it backward. That means if you don't want to be successful, you will be a loser. Do it. So that all these in the same area indicate that the alcohol is haram plus Yanni, of course, that tremendous amount of Hadith we will narrate some and the schema of the Ummah, the whole measure is that alcohol is officially haram Subhanallah

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Hadith

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Here's also a tougher con la. He said and this is another deal of the time. Not

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there yesterday episodic we've been

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here whether yes design one woman with a hashtag will hammer charitable hammer Well, one woman, no one who commits Zina is a believer at that time, at the time of committing Zina, and no, the person that steals is a believer at the time of stealing, and no one who drinks alcohol is a believer at the time of drinking alcohol. What does that mean? That does not mean he's out of Islam. He's a Kaffir.

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He's his Eman one. So know that he was able to commit these sins or in another in another explanation and Matt said that his Eman is not complete at that time. Because he is violating major, major orders from Allah azza wa jal. So, this means that such a person is not a believer in the sense of having complete faith. Rather, his faith is greatly lacking because of this even action. Another delille that this is, I'll call this haram, which is a famous Hadith that we all know Latin Allah hula hombre.

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Lana LAN Allah who will humble Allah has cursed camera

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when we share Reba when was was our Kia werebear eoA when move Tara Terra sera sera wa Mila Wilma Mulethi la Allah has cursed alcohol and the one who drinks it and the one who serves it

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you know, the brothers worked as a waiter. They say oh, you know, it's just a temporary job and hamdulillah was nothing wrong. But make sure you actually it you know, you see when we hit this hadith Jaquan we always think right, and the major thing major is drinking alcohol. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made it equivalent. The one who pours it he'd let's say the one who drinks it is the worst. And the one who pours it has some no equal. The one who drinks it, the one who serves it, the one who squeezes it, the one who transported our brothers who work in a transfer

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transportation in the big trucks from one place to another many times they asked me No, it's not allowed. Subhan Allah has one brother Feldstein eonni very strong for that. He said chef Allah I did not know after I'm driving halfway I looked at the bill because they take the truck and baby I looked at it so that the whole thing is empty. Not nothing. There's an empty balance to a factory to put them online. You tell me drop them now I'll drop them now.

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He did not know inshallah gonna drop them and tell them from now on that we're not gonna do it again. And so and another brother May Allah reward the African American brother. He also he works he put advertisement in the subway. And you know you go in the morning and you pick up your advertisement and

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he offers Heineken.

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Heineken What should I do? He called his friend non Muslim you can come take this from me and I'm help you in the future. Subhan Allah Hamdulillah that we have that still have that fats in our, in our mind. So the one who drinks it, the one who pours it, the one who sells it. And that's a killer. Jaquan Allah, that's a killer. Any Al Hamdulillah al Amin here I did not see many Muslims. But unfortunately in New York

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Subhan Allah, many, many, many Muslims. They sell alcohol Yaffe and I told you the story. I told you the story before.

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One time I was at 711 and I'm getting some juice. I opened the fridge I'm getting juice and there's a woman next to me. She's grabbing cans of beer. So she's Excuse me sir, can you get the two more to the register?

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I said,

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Allah here. You can.

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Don't tell me because of your religion, your brother on the counter is selling it.

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You're afraid to touch it and your brother she looks like she has some some information. Your brother is selling it and you're afraid to touch it Subhanallah and another another time an old lady. She has a huge basket of stuff. And I've had so bad so I'm carrying the stuff for her water and this and that. And then at the bottom

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hold big huge thing of I said this one Allah

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Subhana Allah. So the one who carries it and the one who sells it and the one who buys it, and the one who squeezes it, and the one of whom it squeezed for and the one who carries it and the one whom it is carried for

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Subhan Allah, all these are cursed, what does what does it mean? We explained it once before? What does it mean when Latin Allah? When we hear Latin Allah what does it mean? Allah cursed

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them the end but what does it mean

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exactly deprived from the Rama

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deprived from the Rama and this is the only key to Jana is the Rama of Allah rasool Allah even you he said even me, I will not entertain except to the Rama, Allah, Allah and Allah. He is cursed he is deprived from the Rama of Allah azza wa jal so if you know exactly, you know, some people will be saying, Oh, brother, no, no, no, just to socialize a little bit. And you know, I don't harm anybody I drink at home. I don't drink and drive and No, no, yeah, you know, and there's no, a little bit 0% 2% 10% 5% No, no, no. Alcohol is alcohol. That's it.

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What is the punishment? If the if we have an Islamic state or Islamic country, what is the punishment of drinking alcohol?

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The punishment is flogging, according to the consensus of the Folk because of the reported in Sahih Muslim and a Saudi Allahu Allah and he said, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam flogged the one who had drunk with the palm branches. He got some fun branches and he hit him How many is said to be at lashes at lashes at lashes for the free and 40 for the slave, it is 80 lashes for the free man and 44 for others.

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Where is the stunning country? And Shama Sonia?

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Latok matomo Rahmatullah.

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Rasul Allah masuleh sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam

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another scary Hadith law yet called Jana mod min camera. What I mean besides what I caught around with a Kahin What am and he will not antigen and we know as a son our drummer, we know that at the end of the day, every Muslim will enter Jannah right? But when we hear a hadith Lyor Cohen Jana, it means he will not go to Jana instantly immediately he will be punished first.

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One of them is mudman Camera addicted to alcohol. And what made me sad which is our big conference in Charlottesville in January after so many people asked me about jinn and evil eye and all that stuff. So inshallah Tada we have a major conference in January, January 18. And

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many of the speakers you know, but there's one speaker in Charlotte and he will be able to make it he's confirmed and inshallah His name is Chef Amar Shaheen Shama he teaches the CEO of MGR how to perform rakia he made them workshop to all the few how to perform Okay, he's gonna He's gonna be one of the speakers to teach us and tell us how about the power of Africa insha Allah.

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In Allah azza wa jal he Diliman yesterday must kill and use clear home in theory that will cut down career rasool Allah wa mattina Atul cabanne Carl Arakawa, Eleanor our solid l&r Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that Allah made a covenant to those who drink alcohol that they will drink from Trinity Alpha Dawn, they said you know what is thinner to cabanne he said the juice and the squeeze and the purpose of the people of hellfire

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Lama Jong Un and Nadia Bellamy now

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listen to the story. It wasn't necessarily an Earth man. It did not say that the tundra solar system it says North man he said

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I saw Lhasa Salam said In another Hadith that Alhambra, Amal Hadith, the mother of all sins. Why is it to this there was a man among those who came before you who was a devoted worshiper can add

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an immoral when women fell in love with him. She fell in love with him. She sent her slave girl to him saying, we are calling you to bear witness. We want you to witness something to be a witness on a contract on a deal or whatever. We want you to be a witness come over. So he set out with the slave girl and every time he entered the door, they locked the door. She locked it behind him until he reached a beautiful woman who has in that room, a boy and a vessel of wine. There was alcohol, a boy and that woman so when he got there and he saw he noticed that I'm just coming to witness why all this locking of the doors. So when he got there, there was a woman

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And alcohol and a boy. So he figured out something's wrong. So the woman said, I did not call you for a witness or know nothing, nothing. I called you here. So you could commit the fascia with me. I love you and I want you to do this, this and that with me.

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He said, No way I fear Allah this and that. They said, Okay, you have to choose. Either you do this with me, or you kill that boy or you drink alcohol.

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There is no way out.

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So the man

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Zina Allahu Akbar, killing a man is even worse, you know, killing a human being for no reason. The young man said, You know what? I'll drink alcohol. He drank alcohol,

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slept with a woman and killed the boy.

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Because the alcohol

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completely covered his brain has no clue what he's doing. So he did the fascia, and he killed the boy. That's why Subhanallah ohm will have the mother of all other sins. How many times yeah, one how many times? There's some young people here. But how many times you heard someone drank so much get home and did this with his daughter did this with his mother did this?

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You will not believe how many times because it's not him. It's not him. He cannot he does not know what to do. He is not him. He has He's unconscious. He's He's like a dead person. That man walking. He does not know what he's doing.

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How many people in this country died from drunk drivers? Just our brothers and sisters.

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Over a month ago, you heard about them in California, working with the man and the woman and a young boy or girl. the drunk driver came, the families can erased Allahu Akbar, may Allah have mercy on them. So when I don't have to wait for drunk drivers to come and kill these people to know that this is haram because it's harmful. Allah said it's harmful. It is harmful. Sanjana. Wattana Santa Ana Wattana so we have to try as much as you can in front of your children mentioned the danger because we don't we do not even let it inside the house. We don't even sometimes go inside the eyelets in there, but you know what? We grew up like this. Similarly, try as much as you can to put the money

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the the weight of alcohol in our children also in our children's mind because they see it people drink it here just like anything. You know, let's give it a grab account of this we'll grab a card with that a bottle of this and most of the occasions most of the holidays here is to get drunk. You ask the people what is what is Fourth of July 4 of July is a day to get drunk. You know what is this is to get drunk at Christmas. This is the this is the this is the idea of a holiday is to get drunk and hamdulillah the iPhone and hamdulillah Allah saved us from that festival life. So instill in your children, the hate of alcohol and the danger of alcohol so they know inshallah Tada it's not

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something normal like everybody make it look like May Allah subhanaw taala keep us and keep our families and our offsprings from the danger of alcohol and the danger. By the way, anything that intoxicates the mind is equal to alcohol. So some wise guy tells you oh well is does it say drugs or haram? Anything key as alcohol does that to your mind? And other drugs we don't want to name them. Do the same thing. Same thing applies wherever the intoxicate your mind and make you not normal and abnormal is considered haram Kulu masculine haram Masala Chai Salam, very straightforward Hadith, anything that intoxicate your mind is is forbidden. May Allah protect us all in sha Allah Allah may

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Allah unite our hearts may Allah increase as an email and peace and love to one another. May Allah subhana wa Taala

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save our brothers and sisters that are suffering all over the world alumna with one NFL Hindi herbal Alameen wa with Winona for senior Al Hamra he mean wherever the corner fevers, corner, and masala Athena equally McCann era but I mean, we ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala protect them

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accept the shahada May Allah subhanaw taala bring peace to their hearts into their homes? May Allah subhanaw taala bring peace and love and mercy to all our homes. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive our sins, please Jaquan make a lot of Salam Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and please come to measure tomorrow in sha Allah to Allah zakat, Malachy Subhan Allah Muhammad ignition and Allah Allah and the staff Utica on October Nick