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Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the shyness of Islam, which is centered around the concept of shyness. The shyness is centered around the idea of not being able to fulfill desire and being too shy. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding thoughts of others and acting in a way that is not beneficial.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu me the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all, the province of Allahu Allah was suddenly set in a beautiful Hadeeth in the middle of the canessa min canal in the Bula in Olympus to heat for SNAP mesh It is a very the statements of what came to the people from the earlier prophets is if you do not have any higher any shyness, then do as you please, we see in the societies all around the world that it's YOLO you only live once, do what you wish you have the desire, go ahead and fulfill the desire you only live once. Well in Islam, it is not permissible to just fulfill every single desire that you have, in secret or in the open. Why do

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we say both of those, because particularly in secret we have to remember that the Prophet sallallahu Allah was sent me sent to Earth man rhodiola, who I know when his thigh was slightly uncovered, and earth man came around, he covered his thigh. And then they asked him, Why are you covering your thigh emissaries of Allah, he said, lm a state mimir to study men who and Mullah Should I not be shy from that in whom, which the angels are shy from the angels are around us at all times. So we should be shy from them to a certain degree to where we don't do things immoral, or, you know, act in an immoral way. Also, firstly, that we know Allah subhanho wa Taala is elbasy that he sees you. And

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that's why it son is termed as worshipping Allah as though you see him.

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So when we look at here, which is shyness, it's important for the Muslim male and female to exhibit shyness. And this shyness, ultimately, is this shyness of the heart the higher

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this higher in the of the hearts is that there's shy before la super high, no one went down. This shy by not associating partners with him. They're shy by having thoughts that are good about other people about having those thoughts and those feelings not letting them fester, but fighting the feelings that may not be beneficial for them. So doing what is beneficial for the Muslim and is Amen. We talked in another video about integrity that you act the same way around different people that you don't act as a person that is all out there and they're not shy around your old friends, for instance, and then act shy around people that are not from your old friends, a new group of

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people, this shyness should be exhibited in all places. But some Pinilla understanding what is shyness in Islam is something that is very important for the Muslim not to make the analogy of what before Islam was considered shyness. Yes, there are universal aspects of shyness, but shyness is a characteristic of the mindful person being that they do things or stay away from certain things in the way they look and act and speak. Because they know Allah subhanaw taala is watching a lot is all hearing and Allah is ultimately the one that blesses you with goodness in this life, and goodness in the next, a son I want to live in a castle. Thank you

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