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hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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before we started just a very short cartoon shall not one of our brothers in the community but otherwise his wife, Farah, she is in very critical condition in the ICU. May Allah subhanaw taala give her Shiva a sort of Lila the end of the Bellagio, Nadeem and Yasha sort of Allah Allah the Bellagio team and yes via allometry Madonna or Madonna Muslimeen not much prima donna are more than Muslimeen Baraka mo Tana Omoto Muslim

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Saddleman up your costs for the Allah Han

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and the Hadith isn't even had been

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called also la sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala

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Mina sad

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I mean aside

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Alma saleha

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Well, Miss kennel USA will jar Solly will mark Kab l honey? Well, Mina Shirakawa, as Mara soup, will jar soup. Will markable Sue will miss Kennedy. I will come on Carla alayhi salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam said for bring happiness.

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A righteous wife

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a spacious home a good ride

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and a good neighbor. And for bring misery.

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A bad wife.

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A bad neighbor.

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A tight home and a lousy right.

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We will explain one by one in sha Allah. But you know this.

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If you are married,

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you are connected to all four on a daily basis.

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If you're married, you connect it to your wife, you have a neighbor, you definitely have a house and you have a ride. Right? You connected to all four so it's something that I am interacting with on a daily basis.

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Let's start with Elmer Salia, righteous wife

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masala so I said I'm certain that isn't Muslim. At dunya Mata, Mata dunya Alma Saleh Subhan Allah

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the best thing resource SM said the best thing in life is the righteous wife, who agrees raise your hand

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you have to agree so solar system

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and they say Happy wife. Happy life, right?

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Allah He it's so true.

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If you know how to run

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your house, and your marriage, you will taste the agenda in the dunya before you taste it in the akhira.

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If the wife and the husband know their rights and their obligations Wallahi

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everything will become everything will fit into place like a puzzle.

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If I do something wrong, I know that I did something wrong because this is not supposed to be done.

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When I give my rights when I give my obligations, I expect my rights.

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Law so let's say salam said this is on Bukhari.

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Hello Reema. Alikum.

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Oh, coucal OMA hurt. Well, what dill Bennett? Were men Nan were hat.

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It was made haram for you. To this obey, or this honor your mothers?

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Bury your daughters alive. And the third one, our Shahid women were hat, you do not give your obligations and hat. Give me my rights. How remember that? What did it start with Henry Malaika. It's haram upon you. And this is for both for the wife and for the husband. It's haram to demand your rights without giving your obligations.

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And marriage, as we all know,

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is a contribution from both. It's not just the husband and it's not just the wife both together. They have to work in order to make a beautiful happy home.

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And my dear sister, if your husband is respecting you and taking care

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of you and the household

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Now we as we hear,

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give me a hadith that I have to cook.

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Give me a hadith that I have to clean. We hear that a lot.

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Yesterday, my beloved sister went for chemo the Allahu Anhu came through Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam, she is complaining from the housework.

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And she was very tired. And she said, yeah rasool Allah, I want to hurt him. I want someone to help me at home.

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So Allah says that I'm told her the Hadith that we own No, say subhanallah 33 before you sleep Hamdulillah 33 and Allahu Akbar 34. He did not tell her what.

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You are working at home?

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Stop working. You're not supposed to be working. Did he say that?

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Did he say that?

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So if my husband is treating me with honor and respect and doing his dues?

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Is it haram to come home and find something to eat? Find the house clean?

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Is it haram to be able to balance between my work if the woman works, and my home? Why? Why not?

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And my dear brother, listen to this carefully.

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When I showed the Allahu anha she said that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam can if he had met the alley, he used to serve his family.

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How big was the house of Isha?

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Three meter by five meter?

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10 feet by 15 feet? Does she need any help?

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Are you following me?

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How much help do you need in 12? By 15?

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How much help do you need?

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So what is the concept?

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What is the source I'm trying to tell us.

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Just help.

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I'm not telling you

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every single day, but if there is help needed, you have a new baby you have and there is help needed Bismillah some people some brothers sister came to me and told me that

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she came home after working and she found the husband after he finished his food. The plate is still in the living room. She said in a very respectful way, honey, when to put it in the kitchen but not wash it just put in the kitchen. So this is not a man's job.

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Taking the plate from the living room, to the kitchen.

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It's not my job. These things, what

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create problems at home. What's going to happen? If my wife is tired or something happened, or

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we are human beings she's a human being too and I took care of something what's going to happen to you? You are imitating Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. Otherwise why would we hear about this hadith?

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There's nothing wrong with it.

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And my dear sister one more time for you Subhanallah do not listen to what

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the media define who is The Good Wife? Listen to the best man ever created defining who is the best woman?

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Yes, Will Allah who is the best wife,

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a lady either another aloha spirit.

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When he looks at her, he's very pleased. And if he asked her for something, she does it.

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And if he leaves travels, she protect his home and his wife and his children. This is the definition of a good wife from Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. Now all of a sudden,

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you're a righteous person. You're a religious person. And now you want the definition of a good wife from the media.

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Should I tell you about your wife's

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in Jana Jani, the ones who are going to Jana? Yes. Yeah rasool Allah. He named few things and then he said something at the end. Again, you know, sometimes people especially the sisters, they get upset with the speaker.

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I'm saying Karla Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and go check the Hadith.

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ality either limit after that big Zoji have a car that leant over madly in

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If she was wronged

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she will take her house

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In his hand and say, I will not sleep until you are pleased with me

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this is a woman of gender. So it's up to you sister.

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You have the choice, CNN Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and my brothers.

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Do your

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due diligence,

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take care

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of your wife's needs, communicate with one another. This is one of the main problems why am I talking about this? Allah He

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come sit in my office for a day, you will get a shadow will Danna Shiva, you will make the head white.

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And all the problems are very simple problems because we are not listening to each other. We're not communicating.

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So, righteous wife Subhanallah how true is that will bring happiness second, a spacious home

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a spacious home. There's nothing wrong.

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If you can afford to have a spacious home. I'm not saying you go borrow money with Reba to buy a spacious home. But if you can afford to have a spacious home and hamdulillah there's nothing wrong with it. It's comfortable. You have your own bathroom.

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You have your own privacy.

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Rasul Allah Islam said and not only that Rasuwa Selim May Allah homophily them be well ah well we're certainly if he daddy well directly if he risky. Yeah, ALLAH forgive my sins and make my house spacious.

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Because some people look up look at this 5000 square feet home. These people, they don't want to go to Jana, they want to get Jana here.

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Happy when they come up with this stuff. When you come up with this stuff, who said that you have to be poor and miserable in order to be righteous? Who said that?

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Well, Charles Salia we can all relate to this. Especially my brothers who live in an apartment.

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If you have a good neighbor,

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you go outside. He greets you with a smile.

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He helps you if you need any help. When we were in New York, we used to shovel snow for each other.

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That's a good neighbor, or sunless I sell him told us Subhanallah

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speaking with the Sahaba what hola hola you mean? What? Hola. Hola you mean? What? Hola. Hola you mean? La?

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He's swearing by Allah. He's not a true believer. The Sahaba said Who's that era so Allah He said the one whom his neighbor is always worried about his any harm

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he's not a true believer the one who's neighbors always worried what is he going to do now

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and the last one is

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markable have

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a good ride.

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At that time it was a horse or camel whatever. And now it's a good car.

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A nice car good ride that will take me from A to B get me there in the right time. One Piece And subhanAllah so subtract four from misery

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a bad wife imagine every time you go home complain complain complain. Nothing is done for you. Your life is miserable.

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neighbor who's always the music is so loud his dog is barking and drugs and alcohol and he's fighting with his wife. And every time he sees you he does something to you and miserable.

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A car that you get up every morning you have to jump it and push it and breaks in the middle of the highway miserable

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house that you seven eight people sharing one bathroom. And we've seen that and we have we've know people that live like this. It's very tight. It's miserable. It's bring misery

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so yeah, one

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there's nothing wrong by asking Allah to bless you with a righteous wife. A spacious home a good neighbor. Subhan Allah.

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One of the self.

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Let's say his neighborhood was let's say every house was 100,000 let's say.

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So he put his house

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was 450 for sale?

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They said yes, everyone in the neighborhood is 100,000 while selling for 150 It said because my neighbor is so and so.

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My neighbor is so and so. He is the best neighbor ever that add to the the price of the house and Wallahi as Muslims living in a non Muslim land. If we behave like true Muslims, it will be added on the listing house four bedrooms, three bathrooms, living room, pool and the Muslim neighbor.

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It will raise the house if we act as true Muslims.

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And then is nothing wrong with asking also for good dried. May Allah make all our life happy. May Allah bless us with righteous spouses. May Allah bless our sons with righteous wives and bless our daughters with righteous husbands. May Allah subhanaw taala bring peace and love than mercy to all our homes. May Allah fill all our homes with Sakina with tranquility, Amin Alameen wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali here

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are the F La Nina

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a levena woofie Asana de he follows your own. While levena umani love we weren't born well levena Homeless Zeca define Moon will levy now whose only 4g him have your own Illa Allah as wagging a woman and get a man in whom will you marry me