100 Days In Gaza – Where Is Allah

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It's been a while since the

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war in Russia started and looks like we started to forget some of the things that we discussed in the beginning. So inshallah Tada and very few minutes today, I want to remind myself and remind you a few things that are extremely important, because I heard few questions from brothers that

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supposedly any solid in their deen and the questions were very scary.

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100 days of destruction 100 days of genocide 100 days of shelling and bombing 100 days of baby babies and children being killed.

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Where is Allah?

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What is Allah and all this?

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Aren't these Muslims? Aren't these people who say La Ilaha illa Allah? Aren't these people, Mujahideen they gave up their life and their belongings, he subete Allah, where is the help of Allah azza wa jal, why he does not have send angels to fight with them. Why he does not shake the earth under the enemy. Why he does not send an earthquake, a flood strike aside, what why? Where does Allah and all this? What is Allah?

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Why nothing is happening?

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And on the other side, millions of Muslims crying every single night, begging Allah making dua. Why there is not answered didn't Allah say you don't need a steady blood? Can I answered your DUA didn't he say in the Corrib I am close. So ask me I will answer your DUA. What is he millions of people are making dua you want to tell me all these millions are not righteous, there must be at least 50 or 100. Righteous Among these minions whom there is Mr. Jab. So where is Allah?

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Why the hell is not coming? Still now? It's over 100 days?

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What's going on?

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Where is the wisdom of having babies being killed and slaughtered? Where is the wisdom in that?

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Telling me?

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These are some of the questions that some people are asking. And they are extremely, extremely dangerous questions.

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Very dangerous questions. First,

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if you want to follow this criteria, then what is Allah when Frauen was slaughtering babies for years?

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What is Allah when data tar came and spread corruption over Earth? Where is Allah when the Crusaders came in made mass destruction? Where is Allah when the people of the dude were thrown alive in the in the fire? Where is Allah when Yes, of being tortured under Source As Salam is watching.

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If you want to use this kind of line of thinking, then what is Allah and all that in the history

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and the shaitan

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keeps whispering and whispering until he makes us doubt number one, the wisdom of Allah. Number two, the justice of Allah and he might also make us doubt the Mercy of Allah, what kind of merciful god is this that let babies this happened to them. And he might even

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unfortunately, reach a level that he might make people doubt the existence of Allah, where is Allah and all this?

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you will be surprised to know that unfortunately, this is happening. There are people asking these questions.

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And that's why we are handling a lot of damning constantly reminding ourselves. So what is the answer? Of course, it's a very long answer, but very, very brief. Number one.

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Why don't sha Allah ma Lua?

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No baby, no woman, no man that died without the permission of Allah azza wa jal. This is the Aqeedah of every movement. Nothing happens without his permission. If Allah Allah says in the Quran, lo sha Allah, masha Allah, if Allah wished, none of that would take place. If Allah wished,

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24 hours all is over. We, you see, there are two kinds of victory. There are many kinds of victory, but the victory that we want is one of two kinds. The victory that we

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On okra to a buena, the one that you love Mussulman Allah who have a Tom curry, this is what you love. That's the victory that you want, which is one of two. And this is what happened in the history. Either ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada actually defeat the enemy like better, actually they were defeated. And this is what we want to see. Right? This is what we think that this is the only victory and the second is Allah subhanaw taala take the messenger out of the city. And then what happened? Destroy the city right? Take took no Instagram out, then the flood took took place took loot out and then the the villages upside down. This is what we want to see. But this is not the

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only victory. This victory needs a lot of work.

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When better when they want and better. That was all the Muslims at that time they participated in the war, or the war and the Muslims are participating. That's number one. Number two.

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Do you think that what's happening is not victory so far?

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All the superpowers on Earth are fighting a small city 140 square miles 400 days. The super powers on earth you want to tell me there's no divine intervention when a Mujahid takes a bomb and goes to a tank full of sensors and no one can see him and he puts it right there.

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That's not victory. See the victory that we want the one I mentioned. This is one of the victories but what we are seeing right now is the real victory. What is the real victory in Islam? Just one of the stories many of them the story that of the story that we all know by heart so that he has seen so that he has seen Allah mentioned the movement of Alia seen the movement of Alia seen long story, there was a village Allah subhanaw taala sent the messenger then he supported by two more three messengers in one village and they did not listen to them and they accused them of things and then without an accent Medina telogen on Yes, sir. Then the man came and told the people please follow

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them on saloon. They're not asking you for any money for anything. Just they want you to come close to Allah. What did they do to him?

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They beat him so bad. In one of the narrations, the bones changed their spots. They beat him so bad. Till he died. Now I'm watching from outside and I'm seeing somebody beat until he died. This is to me loss he lost.

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He lost What does Allah say?

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The lead halogen, like

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right away Allah Subhana Allah said he is from the people of Jana is in this our goal is in this the actual success. Woman Z Han in now. What would Hillel Jana *a FAS This is the whole victory is to be removed from the hellfire and intergender to me I'm seeing somebody beaten and died. He lost Allah said key that whole Jana instantly. Cada yeah later call me Anna Moon Subhanallah what kind of hard this man had when he entered Jana, with all the beauty of Jana all he was thinking about I wish my people know.

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And Allah then called him MCRA mean he became honorable, so why Allah honor him before

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Subhan Allah, so the real victory is to die as a muslim.

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To die without any doubt in your heart to die believing in Allah azza wa jal and in His Prophet, this is the victory, though sha Allah Nathaniel, third or fourth their use.

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They say Hello Anna. If Han Wang is unknown, Allah cannot be questioned.

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Allah cannot be questioned.

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Have you ever went to a surgery?

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You wanted to have the heart surgery and did you tell us Excuse me, do not cut here cut here. The surgeon would look at you and say, Now have you who are you? You will not dare talk to a surgeon because he is the Aleem and the Hakim in that surgery. You do not dare talk to him. Tell him don't cut here don't get this don't put this dump but you don't you don't ask him any questions. You don't tell them what to do. We are in a place that we are being tested. When we are being tested. The known formula is the student is being asked not the teacher.

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We are being asked Allah said no one asked me what I do. I asked the question you are being asked and for

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Only this is one thing that we always teach our children at a young age. So you will not have these questions because these questions these questions are so dangerous that if you die with these questions in mind, it's very dangerous, very risky. Allah said in them meno Alina M and we'll be lucky What are solely some Lemonnier taboo. They have no doubt in their heart. So we have to teach our children

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the attributes of Allah, I always repeat this and I'm gonna repeat it tomorrow in my football.

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The attributes of Allah who's Allah 13 years Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, 13 years in Mecca.

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What was he teaching them how to make how to make wudu and how to pray and how was a nun 13 years

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illa Allah 13 years later Ilaha illa Allah when they knew whose Allah pray harder, Sanjana Wattana leave alcohol, the medina flooded, put the hijab they rip their clothes and put the hijab

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13 years now ilaha illallah Aisha said Rasul Allah, if you told them not to quit the alcohol from the beginning, nobody would have listened to you.

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So our children have and US of course, have to understand who's Allah. So when they understand who's Allah, and I know that the one who's prescribing and the one who's overwatching all this is the utmost wise, is the old wise, is the old knowledgeable Wallah, he, the feeling of relaxation and rest in your heart is amazing, priceless. Because you know, that the one who's running this whole affair is the only one who knows everything. The one who knows the Unseen, just like we may give the example. They gave you that the best surgeon in America and you go there Subhan Allah, you have a list of five 600 surgeries, none was done with any glitches. You walk into the surgery room with so

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much confidence that why he's going to happen to me, nothing's going to happen to me, because this is the best children. Can you imagine? How our feeling should be with Allah azza wa jal multiplied by billion times. This is how much trust and Tawakkol I have an Allah that the Muslims, the people of Gaza will be victorious. Just like I'm seeing you I'm seeing you seeing me they will be victorious, but maybe not the victory that me and you wish for all to take over and then maybe Allah Allah, Allah, Allah cliche, but the victory from the history of the Quran is not that the victory that we are looking for. There are many other victories that we are seeing some of its fruits

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already. Allah masala one and a few Reza, Allah has been sort of homeless on as user. Allah has been sort of homeless on as user, Allah may Allah but I mean UNK Rafi Kaluga. Do we have era blinding? Allah Mozilla has a lot of data, their name along with Zoom alarmism humble should teach him long along they are below the mean letter file of Moriah which I normally haven't come for him. I mean, yeah, come on the Crimean version of the AMA Nakajima Kellerman illallah wa salam Allah and Muhammad Ali he'll see you at 630 at Fraser in Sharla cinema

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in LA Mussolini now almost Lima de one meaning Mina team one quantity now look on it that thing was slowed in pain I was for the Ponte was slow add no Slavia rod Do you want to for sharing you know

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what and for sharing

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the one downside the Lena one downside being party was all evening I was all in I

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wouldn't have you Lena fold over gentlemen. One half year warranty. Was that good enough? Long, I guess.

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What's going on? I

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one gentleman nauseam.