GEM #08 How The Prophet SAW Let Go of Innocent Mistakes

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AI: Summary © The Islamist movement experienced the loss of several people and their houses during the spring storm, leading to the loss of Muslims in the US. The loss of military officers and the next commander in chief led to the loss of many people. The same day, some Muslims were criticized for their actions and criticized for their actions in their families. The situation is described as a war and is described as a war. A man plans to teach Muslims how powerful the army is and how they can serve them, but warns that they will be killed.
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Subhan Allah one of the things that we like we learned from the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that he was always a man of understanding. He will not judge people right away. As human beings, we all make innocent mistakes. And when you make an innocent mistake in life, you feel very, very terrible. Well, you have a sense of guilt in your heart. Why? Because you either let someone else down, you are given a responsibility, you let a person down. Sometimes you let the family down. Sometimes you do something and you feel like Wallahi I wish I would have done it. But you get what happens is that in that case, what do people do at times, many people feel that by

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badgering someone, by criticizing someone, yet they understand they're guilty, yet they have a sense of guilt. They know they've done something that is wrong. Yet, there'll be people who will come and badger them. Imagine a person got into a car accident. Now a person is sitting on the side of the road, he's worried. He's thinking, What has he done? It was because of his recklessness on the road, that he caused harm to someone else. He has his inner guilt in his heart. But if someone came at that time, what would you do in that kind of situation? Would you come to that person and badger that person? Or would you come to that person and say, Don't worry, inshallah everything will be

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fine. What would you do? As a believer, what we learned from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that he will always calm the situation down. Now, let me make this very clear. One is our person does something that is wrong. And they have been told, Don't do it, don't do it, don't do it. And then they still do something that is wrong, that you will then that person is worthy of criticism. But at that same situation in that particular situation, you don't badger them. But what if there is an innocent mistake, they did not intend to do it. Then that case we find was Allah Allahu Allah, he was sending him he will always be very compassionate. Let me give you today in sha Allah to explain

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this concept to you. I'm going to share with you three different stories from the life of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The very first story is a story about hybrid on on the return on the way back from hybrid Rasulullah sallallahu. It was some was very tired, he said a camp and he told his entire camp that go ahead and go to sleep, take some rest. He asked the who's going to stay awake at night, and make sure that we wake up for saltiel Fajr below the Allah Tala and who took their responsibilities as Yara salah, I will take up that responsibility. Now, at that time would be that of the alarm on did was that he had two choices. Either I engage in salad, or let me just sit

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down. Let me also take some rest. So he felt like you know what, let me lean against the animal facing east so that as soon as I see some light in the sky, I know is it time for southern fajr I can wake up the Prophet SAW Salem, and I can wake up the entire army Subhanallah he leaned against the animal, and he also went to sleep

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in the morning, woke up Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the rays of the sun and it woke everyone up. And everyone is getting upset. Billund. Where's Bilal?

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And they want to believe that what happened, you are given the responsibility. Now I asked you, all of us here think sitting over here. And I asked you this question. When Bill woke up, he knew right away that he had done something that is wrong. He was given a responsibility. And he did not just let down anyone. He let down. Whew. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there is no pain. That is more hurtful than letting down Rasulullah sallallahu. It was set up for the Sahaba of the Allah Juana. And everyone began to criticize the Allah on and they're asking blood what happened? And he says, I don't know what happened. I mean, I fell asleep then and they were not sufficient. Then

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Rasulullah has a son called Bilal. He says benign would happen. He says jasola I don't know what to tell you. I'm a human being. I leaned against the animal and I fell asleep and this is a situation

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam realized that this was not an intentional mistake made by Bidadi Allah Tala and this is not a habitual practice of beato the Allah Tala and it happened once and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told everyone that you are not to say anything to Blatter, the Allah Allah and, and he himself said Allahu alayhi wa sallam did not say a single word to bladder the ultra on why? Because Bilal understands he has his inner guilt in his heart that he led down the entire army of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Later on Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he went to another place, they perform certain Fudger and that is when Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he mentioned his very well known Hadith that whenever you forgive forget to pray Salat. You pray the sloth as soon as you remember so many

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In that even if we let's say we go to sleep and we miss a lot, as soon as you wake up as soon as you remember your praise a lot. Next story just to give you this once again, this idea the house was sort of understood human needs or the human nature. This was the Battle of motel Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is telling everyone that I will not be able to be part of this expedition. And he said that the one who's going to be in charge as a they've been a hadith of the Allah Tala. And if they dies, the next one in charges, John forever, nobody thought him if Jaffa dies, Abdullah, Allah has is going to be in charge. And at that time, they all went now who how many

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people are we talking about here amongst the Muslims? We're talking about approximately 3000 People just 3000 Muslims standing up against who the Roman army and they consisted of 200,000 people look at the disparity. There is no way that if you saw 3000 looking at 200,000 Of course anyone will get scared. At that time they begin to contemplate what do we do? I'm loving Ottawa Radi Allahu Anhu stood up. And he said that whatever you're fearing, this is what you wanted. I mean, you're fearing your Shahada. You're fearing your martyrdom. But that's why we're here for we're willing to give our life for Allah subhanho wa Taala sake. So I said. So I say that instead of instead of sending a

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letter to the province of Salam and finding out what we should do, let's just move forward. And let's face our Let's face the enemy, so they got there and they began to fight. And just like Rasulullah sallallahu some have predicted one by one they both they all three passed away. First zazen the Allahu Anhu passed away, then jofra Abi Talib, he passed away. Then after that Durarara are the Ultron he took hold up the flag of Islam, he also passed away and during that time, they began to wonder what should we do next, who's the next commander in chief. And they all decided that the next one should be Khalid bin Walid or the Allah one, by the way, in the same battle, abort

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Allah one. Remember that abou Herrera, Robbie Allah Tala, even though he has narrated vimos, a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but he became a Muslim or he began to lay live and stay in the company of Rasulullah. Salaam, only three years before the Prophet of Islam passed away. That's it. Abortion of your loved one was not there throughout the entire life of us was a solemn, he came and joined us was a solemn, and the last three years of his life. Yet despite that, he has narrated the most a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what we learn is that when Abu Huraira because he was not there in the Battle of button, he wasn't there in the battle. He wasn't

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in the battle trenches, when he saw that he's part of 3000, up against 200,000. Even he began to shake. And at that time, another Sahaba name, but the name of sabot.

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Calm, he came to a boy and says, Are you scared? And he says, Yes, of course, I'm scared. He says, I know you're not part of butter, and butter. We were only 313 against 1000. Yeah, I'll hum that we're able to survive. In Ohio. We were outnumbered in the battle trenches. We were outnumbered. So he began to, you know, console, a boom right out of the last one that don't worry, inshallah everything will be taken care of. Now, fast forward to the point where Halloween, what do you have the Allahu I now he's the Commander in Chief. What he did was that he, he made a small tweak to the army. What he did was that the Roman army were very, you know, they had recognized all the people who were part of

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the Muslim battalion in the front, but they did not know who was in the back. So what Khalid or the Allahu Anhu did was, he took the ones the army from the front, and he put them to the back, and he switched it up. So the back ones were coming to the front, the front, the front was went back, and then he switched the right side to the left side and the left side to the right side, he switched up everything. So the next morning, when the Romans woke up, and they began to see new faces, they never saw the same faces. They thought that the Muslims have gained reinforcement from Medina. So what happened was that that day, they began to shiver, and as a result of losing confidence in

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themselves, that they only 12 Muslims lost their lives. But the Romans lost a huge number of people amongst their army that night. How is it Allah Juan, he understands that we're going to get wiped out we've already lost so many people. So slowly and gradually, he began to backtrack and he went back to Medina. Now when he went back to Medina, that people began to criticize him. They began to criticize him. They you fled the situation, you fled the situation, and you should stay there. In fact, the books I've seen, I mentioned, the women came out and they began to throw dirt on the Muslim army, that you fled the situation. When they came to the US wa sallahu alayhi wa sallam, and

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Roswell Salem was given

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The whole you know, report of what happened. Ross was some did not say a single word. You know why? Because Rasulillah Salam understands that situation. He understands that they had already lost so many people he already understands the husband Walid had just become a Muslim not long ago. And yes, he has, he has you know this, this nature of being a fierce warrior and so forth. But at the same time looking at how hurt the Muslims are, the Prophet saw some did not say a single word because he understand the situation. Third story. This is an interesting story that we find from Fatah Maka, this is when the person was coming to Makkah for the conquest of Macau Rasul Allah, so I'm told

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everyone, whoever stays inside their house is safe. If whoever stays inside the house of Abu Sufyan, it is they are safe. Now what happened was that Rasulillah Salam is coming forward and you have some these arrogant chieftains of the Quraysh they said that you know what we're going to go out and fight with Lhasa along it was on the property is some is not coming to fight. But of course, our dean has taught us that when someone is coming at you with a sword, or somebody is coming at you to harm you, you defend yourself. So the Prophet SAW Allah so the books I've seen, I've mentioned that Sunday's Arigon Qureshi leaders, they got together at a place called 100 Ma. And there, there was

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another person who joined them by the name of Hamas, Ben face. Now harassment is he had a lot of weapons in his house. And he knew that the Muslims were coming. So he began to sharpen his armor, you know his armor and begin to sharpen his weapons and so forth. So his wife asked him that, what are you doing? And he's saying that I'm getting ready for this army. I'm going to teach them a very good lesson. So his wife said that you do understand how powerful the Muslim army is. They're not just a walk in the park, you can just walk right over them. They're very fierce. And at that time, he arrogantly said that you watch, I'll prove to you that I will bring some of them back to you to

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serve you, meaning I'll bring some of them back and they will become your slaves. They will serve you he was arrogant. So he also joined some of these arrogant Qureshi leaders at a condom. Now they're the Muslims came and they were charging at the Muslims. So the Muslims fought back. And when the Muslims fought back, many, many of these Qureshi leaders and some of the others, they lost their lives and they began to retreat, Nkrumah at that time, many others there was economic.

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And some others such as Safari, even omega and so hatIve and on and so forth, they begin to retreat. So what happened was that husband face also came running back home. So his wife said that what happened I thought you're gonna bring me back some slaves what happened? And he says that no, man, they're very fierce. I cannot do anything. So what happened was that someone came to us was salam that this is filing that is taking place within the product of haram. Let's try to stop this Ross was some said, Indeed, let's try to stop this. So what happened was that he told one of his companions, that and look at the instructions of Lhasa Salam, he realized that let's stop all this.

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So he sent a man to Khalid bin Walid and to tell him to give Khalid the message, that stop the killing, stop the killing. That's what he said. Now, this man, he did not pay attention to the instructions of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And he fought that in this atmosphere of war in battle and so forth. And now they're coming at us, perhaps what the province of some meant is that killed each one of them. You know, I said, so he went to Holman, Walid, and he said that these are the instructions of Ron Swanson. And basically, he gave wrong instructions to Halloween will leave you alone. And as a result, 70 More people died. 70 More people died. Now the problem somebody

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is very upset about this, that I gave this man a very clear instruction, that do not tell how you believe that no more killing taking place. And he went and he says, Now, at that time, you know, the alarm came back. And the program got really upset. He says Khalid, I told you no, no more killing, and you kill 70 more people. And he says that jasola The message that I got was that you told you told the man whoever delivered the message to me that you just keep on continuously killing? And he says no, I did not say that. So he called the men back. And he says that what did you tell her even believe? He says, I told Zachary what you said. And he said, No, you told me to continue the

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killing. That is when the property is I'm told that man, I told you this and you told her you worry this, you gave him wrong instructions. That is when the man realized that Oh, yes, I gave wrong instructions. Now of course, this was a very expensive instruction that he gave, I mean, many people lost their lives. But at that time, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he realized that this man in the thick of all the battle that is taking place in the thick of all these people are attacking Islam and attacking Muslims and they're trying to fight back

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and defend themselves. He misunderstood the instructions of a sua Salam. And he delivered the wrong instruction to have been bullied that cost the lives of so many other people. What Did Roswall some do? He did not get like he never yelled at the sahaba. He never got really upset. And all that he did was that he showed that he was really upset when the property is some shows that he's really upset. The Sahabi gets the he gets the message. He understands the demeanor and the massage of Rasulullah salaam, that if the property if somebody's putting his head down, and he's so upset, he knows he has this inner guilt that I did, I did something that is wrong. I really, really messed up.

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He has that guilt. But the same time as well. Some realizes that if I badgered this companion right now, there's no point whatever it has been done has been done. So that is why we learn from Rasulullah Salem and there are many other stories like this, that when there are people in your life, who make innocent mistakes, someone in your family, someone amongst your friends, someone lets you down, and they do a truly innocent way they did not meant to do it. It happened unfortunately, there is no point of badgering other people. Let's learn from us allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to how he would deal with innocent mistakes. And if we can treat people this way in sha Allah, once

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again people have a hard people have an understanding people have an uncle, that if I did something that is wrong, I need to own up to my mistakes. So inshallah we develop this nature and this o'clock of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whenever these kinds of situations happen inshallah I ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us the demeanor the clock of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what is that Kamala salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah he will catch me

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in LA Mussolini now almost Lima T one meaning Mina T one on et now look on it that thing was slowly being I was sliding on the one saw the Rena was Slavia right the one before she you know

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what unfortunately no one was watching it one down one the lien on one downside the party was on me now was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentlemen one half year warranty. Was that good enough?

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What's going on? I don't know who

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what and gentlemen nauseam