Is Worship Supposed to Be Easy

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It is about our struggle in worshipping Allahu Allah to Allah. And worshiping Allah is a struggle and it is supposed to be a struggle. It is not supposed to be easy. It is supposed to be comforting. It is supposed to bring ease to our heart. It is supposed to bring us it is supposed to fill out a spiritual void, but it is not supposed to be easy. That's a big misconception. Right? There's the present level question Adam says do you serve at the religion is ease. Some people interpret that to say that it's not supposed to be easy? Meaning if there's something in Islam that I don't find to be easy, I don't have to do it. Right. That is not what I meant, when I said I meant is that if a

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person were to submit, the way Allahu Allah to Allah has instructed us to submit, then they would find a type of ease that goes beyond their physical self, that their body can be in pain. They can be struggling, they can even be stressed out. Right? But their soul will be at ease. Think of the companions of the person send them. Do you think they lived an easy life? If you read the stories and hear the stories, they live lives far beyond the amount of difficulty that we can even imagine. But tell me of a companion who said that I'm not happy that I'm not okay. Tell me of a companion who knows. They're about to go into a battle. And they know they're about to face the most difficult

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thing they've ever faced in their life. Their companions who would leave their houses and they would think of themselves I've maybe I will never see my family again. Maybe I will never see my children again. Do you think that's easy?

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That's not easy.

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But ask them if they would reconsider. Ask them maybe you want to change your mind. They would say no.

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Because they knew the ease and the comfort of the soul that it's not embrace