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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi Lumbee will move slowly Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam doesn't even consider and consider. My brothers and sisters, Allah subhanaw taala

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taught us the meaning of victory.

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What is the meaning of other words the meaning of victory. And Allah subhanaw taala taught us what to do when there is victory

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and loss rather as it is Agia natural law he Wolford.

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So the first thing that Allah subhanaw taala taught us about victory is victory does not come because of your strategy because of your army because of your strength because of your money, your wealth, your politics, no is a natural law evil. When the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala comes then you will get it. So the first and foremost thing is to seek the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala when the help of Allah subhanaw taala comes to those who are obedient to Allah subhanaw taala so very important for us to change our ways of life, each one of us to check what is it in my life that I'm doing, which is disobedience of Allah's manners and and to stop doing it, whatever it is, because

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unless we stopped doing that disobedience, the chances of our deriving accepted are, to that extent less so therefore, that's the first important thing then Allah said that Yeah, and also liable for that and then what will happen? What are either NASA to Hold on If at any layer further, then you will see that people will enter the deen of Allah subhanaw taala in great multitudes in armies in crowds, not simply one person saying, shahada, this is a whole cities countries. Now.

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If you see the ayat that Allah revealed concerning the battles of the time of resources seldom bother or conduct

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and so on.

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You will see one thing, which is that Allah subhanaw taala never praised the believers for having won a battle. For example, in bother they want clear victory. But Allah did not reveal I have to say that oh, you had you did a fantastic job, great job you. You want and so no, I'm not saying Help. I'm not around that I said, you won because of the help of Allah subhanaw taala. It's not yours. On the other hand, where,

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for example, in the Battle of money,

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for example, in the Battle of Allah subhanaw taala actually criticize the believers for disobeying

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for having faith in them in the Battle of the iTunes rotowire. Allah subhanaw taala criticized the believers for having faith in their material in the in the numbers in their weapons and so on and so forth, instead of having faith in Allah subhanaw taala

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so victory comes from Allah, it's not because of us and when victory come what is the sign of victory? Allah did not say when you are victorious, you will see that you have conquered zones of land so much of you know, so many 1000s of miles of land and countries and you are you're getting so much gold and silver you're getting so many

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booty are slaves, no. Allah said you will see the people and during the deen of Allah subhanho wa taala, Ingrid multitudes, which also means that victory is not related to what is another very important thing because for people to enter Islam, why do we need we don't need work? It's a matter of fact, it's, if you see the theory of racism, the greatest

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the greatest conversions to Islam happened into a on two occasions, one after Saudi Arabia, because at the time of Saudi Arabia, they were only the people who are in Makkah in Medina, who are the Muslims, and they were about maybe 1000 people 1000 1500 people. But when the Suez SLM went to Mecca for Fatah, Makkah, he had an army of 10,000 people. So there was a huge explosion in the number of people who came into Islam and this happened at a time of peace, because they be the achievement of you know, they'd be I was, there was peace, there was no hostility between the people of Makkah and under sources. And the second time where

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conversion happened, people came to Islam, according to the facility.

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And they were had this is after Hatanaka. So after Hatanaka again, there was no war it was now peace because the whole issue of maca was dissolved, and lots of people came into came into Islam. So the

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sign of victory is people coming into Islam. It's not it's not a conquering territory, and it's not

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booty it is not wealth, it is not money and so on so forth. Then Allah has an hour to do so. So hamdulillah help of ALLAH has come and we are seeing now people have in great multitudes are accepting Islam. So what is to be done? Unless that is it

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for some be behind the rug because

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So what must you do? Allah did not say, okay now have a party. No, Allah said, make those be of Allah subhanaw taala praise Allah subhanaw taala thank Allah subhanaw taala acknowledge the fact that this victory came because of Allah not because of my effort, because that is a reality. It's not a matter of simply saying semantics, this is the actual reality.

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Especially because victory is defined as somebody entering Islam, there is no way that anyone can be forced to change their belief. Right you can you can force a person to change their clothes, you can't force a person to change their behavior in some ways and so on. But belief is a matter of the heart. Nobody can force you people can force you to do something. They can force you to make suggest to somebody but in the heart, you will be cursing the one who's forcing you. So forcing is not possible. The only way hearts change is when Allah subhanaw taala changes the heartland and Allah's rhondella mentioned this very, very clearly. A lot had the Mahabharata Allah King Allah Demacia

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Allah said, You cannot give you that whoever you want, Allah will give you that whatever he wants. So he when people are entering into salaam it means that he that is being given and also given in a large scale.

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So first thing rule is for some baby amblyopic Make does be of Allah thank Allah

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and B and glorify law then was still Phil makes the far right repent to Allah subhanaw taala make Toba now if you think about this, you might say well, you know what, what am I making supper for? Because Hamdulillah I did something good. And I help of Allah came and I'm seeing the good results. So Tama thought I didn't make any mistake. The Toba here is the whole the whole of the country. It is the cleaning of the heart from the Cabal from this feeling that oh because of my effort this happened. This feeling will come because we are human beings right so if I if I'm if I'm making this great speech, everybody's shadow Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. Oh fantastic. My speech is over. And let's

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say No Mr. Clean your call this whatever you are seeing here is happening because of Allah subhanaw taala clean your heart, purify your Outubro via making stuff up. First off,

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you know gonna go for and Allah subhanaw taala is the one who is the most forgiving. So I remind myself and you it is very, very important for us when we are looking at the world today. Sometimes we will have somebody asked me why is this happening in pharmacy? What is happening in pharmacy?

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If you look at the reality from the lens of the of Islam of the Muslims, this is the this is the advantage we have that Allah subhanaw taala has given us these glasses which show us the truth. That's why it allows us to make this dua long married and can work on Captiva. Or in Alba tilava Dylan was organized in Abba, Allah says he said, Oh Allah show me the truth as true meaning the actual truth because sometimes you see something but beyond this, we don't know because I'm saying show me what is behind show me the reality of it. Show me the truth as truth and help me to follow that and show me the battle as battles show me the back because sometimes not so many times, or most

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of the time the battle does not come across as battle comes across very nicely shaytan makes Musa he decorates his disobedience. So disobedience looks nice. I love the reasons No, show me the button, show me the evil as evil and help me to avoid it

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or organized Inaba give me the power to leave it and go. So therefore, we are seeing now therefore the hack. So what is happening in regards to freeing people who are dying, they're they're getting shahada instantly, they are in Jannah in their in the best of places. And Allah subhanaw taala is establishing the hajat He's establishing the argument against those who are oppressing them. We have seen this in the past and if you look, if you look at history, and the stories of the MPRA Musala and so on,

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the hack is being established in portrays one these people they are being given agenda and on the other hand, there will be no argument the oppressors will not have any argument when they start before Allah subhanaw taala because Allah is giving them this

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deal. They're giving them enough rope to hang yourself. So this is the reality was here you're seeing in the face of it. I was saying

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Somebody to reach

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that if

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we have to convince somebody that killing children killing innocent people is wrong, I mean, this is the absolute ultimate total corruption, bankruptcy of morals and ethics, there is no I mean, what you need me to convince you about this, I mean, what is this, this is killing innocent people is wrong, somebody has to tell you this somebody has to convince you. And unfortunately, even that we are not able to convince because the people who are taking the decisions the so called great leaders of the world, they are still not convinced. And what is what is happening is continues to happen and is happening by the, by the will of Allah subhanaw taala. So, hamdulillah as far as we are concerned

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and Muslims, we do not get depressed, we do not feel sad, we don't lose hope we don't despair which Alhamdulillah Kalia This is the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala we do our best to help those people in in distress, to help them and to protect them and to you know, in any way we can and to and to fight the oppressors. But beyond this we don't do we don't do hope we don't do we don't despair, we do our best and then we leave it in the hands of Allah Akbar, there is a Hamdulillah this is victory. Because you see the the gates of Jana are open on you know, on top of Aza right and the angels are descending and the Arwa of the of the shahada are rising and the the smell or the beauty and aroma

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of Musk is is in the air. What What more do you want hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah in any case, the life of those people there was living hell on earth. In any case, now they are they will die they will live in Jannah Alhamdulillah and the Hajah is being established against the oppressors. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to destroy the oppressors We ask Allah subhanaw taala to free the people who are being oppressed from the oppression We ask Allah subhanaw taala to establish justice on the face of the earth and we ask Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on all of them and all of us are Salalah victory while it he was a member article