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Surah Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala shuffelin vivre, mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Steven cathedra on Cassia Abba

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one of us

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in the

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know and mineral Allah caught

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my last thoughts

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assassin salsa home Mobilia home island

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and unfurl

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for other thoughts

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Albania home either hope

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Why isn't the dog ism gay

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Maha Bogota Luca

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or Musa

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forgive Javon in our lives, we have two kinds of relationships,

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relationships that are based on duty,

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and relationships that are based on love.

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Now, we see this everywhere. If you notice, you will see this everywhere.

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Use some examples.

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We have people, for example, who work in jobs

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and some interesting statistics.

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The bylaws ballpark figure, the top paymasters, the top paying companies in the world are

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what they call the Big Five, which are the five financial services companies. And the big banks. These are the top paying companies. So they hire people from name institutions across the world. And the first job you start is making ledger entries. There is not a great thing to be MBA from this big name college and then you're sitting, making ledger entries in the bank. So

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but the way they get over that is that they pay very high salaries wherever market.

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But interestingly, they also have the highest turnover of people.

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Right? So people, six months later a year later, months or two years later, they leave.

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So why do they think you're giving them a fancy package, you're in this fabulous, you know, green building, and you've got a nice office and you've got all kinds of gadgets here on

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the lip.

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There's like a revolving door, we call it a revolving door, one in one out one in one out if salary.

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On the other hand,

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you take missionary organizations, people who are in the job of like Christian missionaries, for example, or people in social service, or journalists, I'm not talking about the garbage that gets printed and spoken in nature. I'm talking about real journalists, many of them broadcasting and speaking from war zones from places of great danger,

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they are in those jobs practically lifelong.

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And they get next to nothing, they are living in conditions which are horrible

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right, but they are then

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this is a job that is

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it is the nature of the relationship with a job

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and no unknown Aloka binary shocks obeying the law

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what is the nature of that relationship? One is a relationship which is a relationship of love, they love what they do, they find meaning and it adds value to them they feel that if I die today, I want to be known as somebody who made ledger entries in Citibank, I mean

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or you want to be known as somebody who did something to change the face of destiny

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you know

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now the reason I'm saying all this is to ask myself this question to respectfully respectfully request you to ask yourself this question. What is the nature of your and my relationship with Allah?

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Is it a relationship of beauty?

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pageants you know what, when I got there, I was like, that's got natural.

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How to pray five times a day I got to give back if I were to do Hajj I were to pass and Ramadan I've done goodbye

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Is that how it is?

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Or is it a relationship of love?

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Where is he?

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What can I do to please?

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The characteristic of a relationship of love with whoever it is?

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Right? And that Allah will Ansara last Rotella is about any examples of you don't compare a love with anything but any relationship. Take your closest and dearest friends for example, take somebody you love for example, take somebody save your spouse hopefully that's the two are not two different things right?

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Do you count the number of hours you are spending their company? Do you look at your watch and say Oh, I'm here for one hour gone by?

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Or is it that suddenly you get a phone call from is oh my god I was here for four hours.

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Which one

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It's like another one for example, people who are interested in sports. So you're watching this game

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right? This basketball game and it's you know whatever your your team, the top player in that team and he's playing and you're watching I can bet you

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it has to be somebody with the level of Mr. Of volley Allah to even stop for Salah. Most people

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most people

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will pray for others something I can't live this game, which is very, very bad. But I'm saying this is not needed. You're watching Superbowl for example, right? You want to live there? No, no, no. You spent all night

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woke up happening in Qatar. We saw that recently. What happened in Qatar here it is two o'clock in the morning, three o'clock in the morning.

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never woke up for tahajjud in their whole life. They're sitting there wide awake. What

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was it? Like watching the game? Really? We have to ask these questions to ourselves because my point is, you love that game so much. One ball being kicked around the field by a bunch of people that you have no complaints about waking up in the night I was sitting there for hours together everything

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but Ramadan tarawih

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if the Imam is a curry reciting a little bit longer is there too long?

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Why is he reciting so slowly? Why is he repeating this idea?

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Right, but we do make this combinator but

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hardware has hot Buzz 15 minute oh my god too much.

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Half an hour.

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Not talking about people like here. Here we deliberately keep the whole bar Jeeva shot because people come from in the lunch break and they have to go so that legitimate hunger, no problem. But I'm talking about many Middle Eastern and Sunday, Friday the holiday. You got nowhere to go.

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But no holds barred to be shot. Okay. So what should belong to me?

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How come you don't say the same thing about the game.

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changed the nature of relationships.

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That's why the good friend of mine he and I were used to do consulting together and GE used to say money problems are not money problems, even when they are money problems.

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It was a money problems or not money problems even when they are money problem, meaning if a person is leaving organization, and he said why are you leaving? He said no, no, my salary is not enough. I'm getting it. That's one of the reasons the that is not the reason he's saying that because that is the most convenient thing to say that is the usual thing to say. The actual reason is something else. There is something else in a job or the boss or something in that place, which is got him to a point where he wants to leave. It's not the mind.

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Like the example I gave you there are people who are working in really, you know, horrible physical situations. They don't come in and Romany.

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They won't go they won't leave that job and go and work in a corporate environment to you know, you can't do there's no way you can buy that.

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My question myself and you will what is our relationship with a loss of 100?

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And it's not a matter of obviously you don't have to tell me and I don't even need to reorder myself. This is the answer that we and our board

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These will give

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our lives will give the answer our bodies will use us on the Day of Judgment. Earlier when asked why him were to call him on ID him with a shirt or jello we makan. Allah's mantra said, lips will be sealed

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no fancy explanation is that

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can talk and will speak legs will speak eyes will speak yours will speak, the heart will speak

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so what is my relationship with my rock geladeira Is it a relationship of love, if it is a relationship, love love than like any relationship of love, I will seek to spend as much time in his company as I want as I can, I will seek to think of him as much as I can to make Xikar as much as I can to be drawn towards him to talk about him to listen about him and to read his color Quran Kareem to all of the things

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now if I look at my life, and I'm not seeing any of these and I'm saying or what I love, all I'ma say hold on.

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You know what?

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We have to ask ourselves question because the day will come when we will be asked this goes

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ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us and to help us to taste the sweetness of this because this is not a matter of, we're not going to love Allah for the lack of mercy but no, we love Allah because there is nothing that is superior to that there is so sweet. That is so so beautiful.

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It takes away everything. It takes away all pain or suffering or tension all

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because you are

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unlike zigga Guma

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right, you're lost and not not lost and negative and lost in a positive sense in the realm in the rigor of online remembrance.

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So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us this inshallah sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa Sahbihi name