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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara philam be able mousseline? Mohammadu Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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doesn't even consider and

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let me ask you a question.

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My question is what is the meaning of education?

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What is the meaning of education?

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Knowledge, what kind of knowledge?

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Any? So if I if you are teaching me how to repair a bicycle is that education?

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the what is training

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over and over again, that's practice

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No, I'm not I'm not being what gives? The reason I'm asking this question. So, if somebody is learning a skill to do something, plumbing, carpentry, cardiac surgery, another form of plumbing

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to fly a plane, right?

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Is that education?

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That what is that?

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That's training, skill training, right? Is it important?

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Of course, no, no, no argument about that wasn't important.

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Then what is education?

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What kind of knowledge?

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This also knowledge, I mean, out of liability knowledge.

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To be able to answer what is education?

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You must go to,

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must go further and say, What is the purpose of education? What is education supposed to do? So based on that, you can say, well, this piece here is education. This piece here is not education and something is good. We're not saying good or bad. But it's our division. For example.

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If I show you something,

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a piece of wood, right?

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And I asked you, is that a boat?

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What's the answer? Supposing you have never seen a boat before in your life. Just imagine, right? I'm just showing you the episode.

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Is that a boat?

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You must say, Well, what is a board supposed to do?

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So I tell you, a board is supposed to take you across this body of water. This is a lake here is Danny Ashley there's a wire on one end, a board is something in which you can sit and can take you across the water. So then it was an honor, this can be a board because this can very well this is a flat piece of wood.

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Right? And it's not about

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because after all, the board also has a piece of wood. It's a piece of wood in a particular shape, which gives it buoyancy and therefore it didn't carry.

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So what is the purpose therefore, of education.

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Knowing what kind of knowledge as I told you in finding flying a plane is knowledge is that education or bearing a bicycle is knowledge is education.

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Make benefit for the

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that is the purpose.

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The purpose of education

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is to benefit society.

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So education must for example, education must teach compassion. It must teach kindness it first is truth, truthfulness.

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Today, we have a society which is based on

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what I call predatory capitalism.

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That is how you aid people in the world whose net worth is more than 50% of the rest of the world.

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That is completely insane.

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That is why we have a situation where I don't know how many of you notice that when when you go from here to route five where the traffic light is next to the next McDonald's. Almost every day, you will see a very old

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man with a long white beard

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holding a walker standing there begging

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where's that happening? Where is it happening

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in Timbuktu? Or is that happening in some sub Saharan African country? Is this happening in Mauritania? Is this happening where

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is happening. What is that place

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you don't know the place.

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America, United States of America, right? The richest country in the world, there are a single old man.

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As I was driving back from Springfield College just now, I saw him crossing the highway, poor man is struggling inside of walk as fast as he can before somebody knocks him down, trying to cross the highway. I don't know, he was going towards the Connecticut River. So I don't know whether he sleeps in the bush or what he does. Why?

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Why does that happen?

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In the wealthiest country in the world,

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and he's not alone. Go to places like Seattle, you know, the whole city is full of homeless people sleeping in doorways and whatnot, you know, all over the place.

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The country with

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which supposed to be the most educated which you know, big universities, you guys go to go to go to the universities you pay you pay through your nose to get an education or what you think is education.

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when was like nobody in the largest economy, 14 trillion or 15 trillion or whatever, that economy sizes?

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So seriously, you have to ask this question. So what is like we say, you know, what is a boat? Well, tell me what a board is supposed to do? I'll tell you if it's a board or not. So what is education supposed to do? It is supposed to do this, it is supposed to create a mindset it's supposed to create a set of values and ethics and morals to spread goodness. So according to me, there are two major

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results that education must achieve. One is it must teach the difference between right and wrong.

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What is right and what is I'm not just talking about in our Sharia, what is halal haram that also is right and wrong, but beyond this, what is right and what is wrong education must teach that specifically what is

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the second purpose of education is that education must teach

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mutual responsibility it must teach the ethics values and models. So, people can live together harmoniously irrespective of their differences between each other

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different religions, different different cultures, different skin color, different no matter no problem hamdulillah

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but we should be able to live like

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shareholders that

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harmoniously benefiting everyone around us not only my special kind of people know everyone,

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these two things must be served if if something is to be called education these two now,

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if these two are not being taught, then whatever else is being taught is not education.

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As I said, we are not saying good and bad, we are not saying that it's useless throw it away. No.

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We need heart surgeons, we need

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people to fly planes we need plumbers we need bicycle mechanics everything is useful, but it is not education. At the end of all that you will not have a society which can differentiate between right and wrong. And you will not have a society which can where people can live harmoniously helping one another.

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Now look at society today. What do you see? We see this

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right? We have reduced right and wrong to zero there is no right and no wrong. You want to do something go ahead do it. No problem.

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Everything is okay. As long as you are happy. Do it

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morally ethically, you limit short of murdering somebody that is not okay. But other other than that, everything is okay. Drugs are okay. We change names.

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We change names. Right? We say the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.

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I mean, none of you are born in the 60s or 60s and 70s. But I was born before that. So I know that in the 60s and 70s the hippies you must have heard the word hippies.

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How many of them and 1000s of them were jailed for what recreational use of marijuana.

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There were people sitting in a blazer or you know smoking joints and having a good time or some music and dancing and whatnot, which is recreational use of marijuana you put them into the now make illegal the recreational use of marijuana. So now you can do that without any problem.

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So where is the value?

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What values are today something is good tomorrow the same thing because bad today something is bad and towards me because good this is value.

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So good and bad we have removed from our lexicon, everything,

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ethics, morals values

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we have a world in which even to the people are dying of starvation. And then you had Elon Musk, who made a public statement.

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He said to the World Food organization, that in 2% of my wealth, I can feed every hungry person on the face of the earth

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it's a record the man made zero. So

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they asked him they said, so do it. He said give me a plan. If I give you 2% of my wealth, how will you feed the whole world so they said you know my Judo Majid majestic poncho,

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get to take a liar to the to the to his end of his of his life.

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So the World Food organization gave him a complete plan. He said, This is how we will feed

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water, nothing ever.

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So we have a world in which one single human being using 2% of his wealth can feed every single hungry person on the face of the earth. Take a little bit of you know, if you want to stretch it a little bit, but definitely you can feel the vibe people hungry.

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Why is the old man begging on the street?

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Because there is no this

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even if I have the money, I'm quite happy to go to sleep knowing that somebody outside is starving. It doesn't want doesn't bother me about

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this is what education must remove.

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It must bother me you must lose sleep that somebody is not well, that somebody is hungry that somebody has a as a problem you must do How can you sleep? If that is happening? And this is what Islam is teaching or Islam? As soon as I sign up said you are responsible for your neighbors. These are how many neighbors he said 70 houses on either side of your house 70 houses?

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Do we even know the names of our neighbors? Do we know the names of the children?

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We don't even know the name. We don't even know the names of those people. Our How can I say I'm concerned about my I don't even know the guy who you know, if he drops dead tomorrow, I don't know where if I find him on the street somewhere I want to is my neighbor.

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This is what education needs to change.

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You know I'm saying to you, I'm gonna love you all young guys want to live out of you.

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Give us some talk

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and say how can you become leaders? Who will create a system that can differentiate between right and wrong?

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Based sympathy and they're not giving us some complicated planets? right or not? And second thing is, how can you spare a system which is based on ethics and morals and values?

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compassion, kindness, mutual responsibility, so that we can all live together harmoniously

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without strife without the problems.

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You ask Allah subhanaw taala hamdulillah Allah smart Allah gave us a religion, Islam which teaches all of this.

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So you don't have to go anywhere to reinvent the wheel, the wheel is there. We need to use it.

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He asked this manager to help us to do that and to help us become beneficial to the whole world and all those leverage for Salalah will tell you what it was I remember