Allah Will Test You – Stand by Your Principles

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of setting expectations and being patient while avoiding abuse. They stress the need for people to be patient and not give up on others. The speaker emphasizes the importance of knowing one's principles and standing by them to achieve their own success.
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Towards the end of LM Ron, Allah subhanaw taala says that you're going to hear much abuse from the people who have denied and the people book, et cetera, et cetera, and whoever is able to be patient, and fear Allah, then that is something of determination, this is what determination looks like. And it just goes to show you that it's not pleasant, right, we need to set our expectations, if we are people of faith, and if we think that we are

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holding a light, a flame, candle, right, some sort of guidance, something that needs to be protected, then you've got to be ready for people who are going to be against you, they're going to think that you're barbaric, they're gonna think you're backwards, they're gonna think that you're an idiot, you're just this and that, and the other, they're going to call you names are going to, et cetera, et cetera. And what's hard about this on the neffs, is that we like, usually, we like the praise of people we want to fit in, especially those of us who come from abroad, either as a refugee, or as an immigrant, etc, we, lots of people look for a certain amount of approval. Okay,

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now, approval is pretty easy, when we're stressing all the things that we have in common with other people, but what about the things we're different, that's when the spiritual temptation exists to

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get rid of the things that make you different. And to just be like everybody else.

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And we see this with a lot of different things today, a lot of different things, someone asks you your pronouns, but you're gonna say,

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you know, I thought about this myself.

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I don't believe that I can choose my pronouns.

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That's something that's unpopular.

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But at the end of the day, my responsibility is to this tradition and his faith. And my allegiance is primarily above everything else to the creator of this world and everything in it.

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And I try to be a nice guy, to everybody. I mean, I'm not belligerent. I'm not provocative. I'm not, you know, trying to make anybody upset, but at the same time,

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I have my beliefs.

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Right? And if believing in what I believe and makes me unpopular, makes people certain people, not want to talk to me not want to hire me, not want to give me a platform. That's something that I have to be prepared to live with. Right? Allah is going to test you. What does the law say? And the Quran is going to test us with the things that we love.

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Right? The things in this dunya your position, your money, your popularity, your sense of being approved of all these sorts of things a lot to test you through that. So you have to be ready. You have to know your principles, and you have to stand by your principles. Because if you don't stand by your principles, then then your faith is maybe worth very little