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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID Mursaleen Hamburgo Rasul Allah is Allah Allah He was early he was on your cell of the sleeve and Cassia and Casilla, formado.

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Members, sister, those of you who listen to these hackers every day, three or four days ago I spoke about the issue of savings and the worker.

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Somebody asked me other questions, I want to further clarify on that. This very dear friend of mine, he asked me he said, I listen to this Quadra Abdullah

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and then we have the Hadees resource Salam where he told somebody tie your camel and then have faith in Allah. And then Altova so what is the meaning of that? It's a very good question.

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And it's something that we always keep getting you know, trapped with.

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Islam does not deny the position of ASVAB means

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you Islam is not magic. Islam doesn't tell us don't adopt means Allah subhanaw taala created this world. And this world is Allah molars web, this is the world of means

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to do something, you have to get something you have to do something. So you want to get back you want to have a child who was getting married

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and then you can look forward to a child. But even after you get married, you may not have a child

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there's no guarantee that you will have a child

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this one is one of them.

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Now, in order to have a child you might say well you know there are different treatments available. Do I have does Islam give me the permission to use the treatment as there is yes. But am I compared use the treatment answer's no.

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Permission is there is there you want us to do the you know what you don't use it if you say no I have talk online no problem.

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So to use some ASVAB in this is from the so no problem. The issue is when you say I tie my camel and I trust Allah, where is the trust

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though Tawakkol Hola. Hola. Oh, taco. Hola. Hola, Devon.

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In a taco

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if I have Tawakkol on the rope of the camel, then this is shook

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because our call as Bob was shook

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so you might say that why should I tie the camera at all? Because we live in the Alamo Vasa and because Allah subhanaw taala created servers where we do not deny the US but if I'm sick, why should I go to the doctor at all? When I know that Shiva comes only from Allah.

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I can go to the best doctor in the old world I have the best facilities. We have you know doctors here, don't people die.

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Don't doctors die.

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So should we say we deny medical did know Allah Subhana Allah has created the means. And Allah gave us the choice to use the means. So by all means, but where is the in the heart and this is a matter of between Allah and you. In the heart? Where is the trust? Is it on Allah? Or is it on the medicine? Is it on the doctor? Is it on the whatever whatever.

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One very easy way to test ourselves is by sheer who's to say if you have a headache

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what is the first thought in the mind?

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denial or the

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first thought Now only you will know and Allah Azza wa vie thought with my thought.

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So nobody says don't take the medicine take the medicine but what is the first thought? Always I get the right medicine right know? If Allah subhanaw taala wills

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And there are enough and more examples in the world to show that.

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If Allah subhanaw taala wants to do something,

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then nobody can undo it.

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I'll give you two examples. One is the example of Princess Diana Spencer.

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The wife of the present King of England, Charles.

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She died in a motor accident.

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She was in the backseat

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of an armored Mercedes Benz.

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A driver was driving and a bodyguard was sitting next to them. Next to her in the backseat was her boyfriend.

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The crash into a bridge under the bridge.

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She died. Her boyfriend died

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And one of the two people in the front died

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the other one didn't die.

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So if an armored Mercedes could save her, she will be alive.

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Second example even bigger.

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And these are documented. There was one guy, a Japanese guy

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who lived in Hiroshima.

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When the United States dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

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This guy when the bomb dropped, he was in Hiroshima. He was physically lifted, he flew in the air, and he fell into a ditch.

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All his hair burnt off.

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He had burns on his face, and so on and so forth. Right, he did this ditch.

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He gets out of the ditch, he has to go to guess where Nagasaki

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and this being Japan trains children. So he gets out of the ditch, he runs to the railway station gets onto the train reaches Nagasaki. Exactly at the time when the second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. And the guys hit again with a second atomic bomb. He's again thrown all over the place and everything else. He died of natural causes at the age of 97.

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After being hit by two atomic bombs,

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He didn't die of radiation. He didn't get cancer. He got nothing. He died of natural, some natural God. God knows what at age 97.

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So what about us? What?

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If two atomic bombs can kill you? What is it that's pretty, that's pretty serious, right?

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The key thing to understand is focus on the heart. Where is my heart, by all means, use the means Allah has created the means we do not deny the means where it whether it is medical means or enemies, whatever.

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Allah subhanaw taala feeds us that we say Allah subhanaw taala feed the bird but not in the nest, the word leaves the nest. But when the bird leaves the nest, the bird goes with a complete yaki in that it is going to come back to the nest with the South Pole.

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Where is the focus on the heart and say, Where is my trust? Where is that our code? Is it on the means? Or is it Allah to close? I tell you a very nice, very, very interesting teaching story. Your story is about his man who was a mountain climber. So there was one particular mountain that he wanted to climb, which was a very, very difficult mountain.

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But he prepared for it a couple of years he trained and whatnot. He went there to the base camp, and he's done everything possible to get ready to climb this mountain.

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Now what is luck on that day when he is about to start the climb? The weather is not good.

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So we will advise him with a zero don't climb today.

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The weather is not good. Wait for the weather to clear.

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When will it lead? We don't know that this guy is on a time schedule. He can't wait through he says no, I put too much into this thing. I cannot, you know I have to go. So he starts climbing.

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So now as he's climbing, he's gone up and up and up in God halfway up the mountain, maybe three quarters of the way outdoor weather becomes very, very, very bad. Until it becomes literally pitch dark.

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And there's a nasty wind and all sorts of stuff is happening. And it's busy can't see anything.

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And then his rope. He falls he slips.

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From halfway through the quarter. We have the boundary.

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This guy slips and he's falling he's in freefall.

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And as he is falling, literally his life flashes in front of his eyes in his own life. He can see as his wife is dead. I mean as far as he's concerned, he's very very he's falling for the mountain. What is gonna happen day is good that

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screams is Oh, God helped me.

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And suddenly the roof snags

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and the man is now arrested in the middle of his fall. And he's gently swinging.

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It looks around he can't make out how far he is where he is what he is but he has stopped falling.

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He is hanging by this one rope.

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So he screams I get oh God helped me.

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He hears the voice the voice is building I can help.

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Do you think I can help you?

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He said of course. Only you can help me.

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Now why is your show

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mindset absolutely or nobody can help me? Only you can help me help me.

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The wife says Cut The Rope

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he's swinging by this rope Pisac the wise I assure you I can help you. Yeah sure only you can be. He says Cut The Rope

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they say that the following morning search parties went out

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and they found his band.

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Holding that rope with both hands.

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Frozen to depth. Four feet from the ground

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cut the rope.

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That is the meaning of the rock

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in the heart, cut through

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do your work do everything

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but the faith and trust in only Allah cut through.

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We ask us rather than literal who to connect us with Him and to make that connection the strongest in the world. And never the for that connection never to be cut and to cut our connection with the dunya so we use the dunya for which it is meant enjoy it use it use it for the benefit of people use it to build our own akhira but we are not stuck in the

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salon and we will carry while it Valley he was named erotica Hora