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So, he handed me what Serato Salama, Allah should be able to see mohammadu rasa relies on the la de la he was happy with this even considering kathira from abajo, my dear brothers and sisters,

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and hamdulillah last week,

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we spoke about the first part of the three part series of hota

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which is called How to ace the test of life, how to come first in the test of life.

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Last Juma I mentioned to you the three pieces of advice that

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say that a

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happy man awesome right now like data, give and advise us to do three things. The first one was learn to love good deeds, because they go with you. And the second one is learn to align our desire to obey Allah.

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And the third one is learn to love giving more than keeping or receiving ask Allah subhanaw taala della delallo to enable us to do that which is pleasing to Him and to save us from that which does not please Him. inshallah.

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So last Juma we spoke about, learn to love good deeds, because only they go with us.

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Our ancestors.

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The key thing to remember is that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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sent us into this world to be winners. Allah did not send us to be losers, Allah did not send us to suffer, Allah did not send us to live lives as slaves of anybody else. Allah sent us to spread goodness all around us in every way, and to live in this world as winners. ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to live like that in this word.

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Allah therefore did not send us into this world, to reject the world. To deny its blessings are to refuse to deal with its affairs. This is a very big and lethal, potentially lethal misconception that has plagued muslims for centuries. And this is the root cause of our fall from being opinion leaders and role models for the word instant, becoming the most rejected and defeated of all people. If Allah subhanaw taala wanted us to reject the word and not participate in life, he

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would not have sent us Islam as a way of life. At best, we would have received some instructions about prayer. And it would have been expected of us that we should pray and then live this life in any way that pleased us until the time came for us to leave this earth. However, Allah subhanaw taala did not do that.

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He sent us an entire way of life with an instruction manual called our Quranic carry, and a teacher, his messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi Wilson, who taught as this book and demonstrated its instructions and left a complete record bill

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to the level of excellence.

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A field book as it were, in his Sunday,

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if we follow the way of Rasul Allah Isola, and he said, if we follow his son, then we will be winners in this life and the next inshallah

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and history is witness to this as well as to what happens when we leave the sooner and invent our own ways or follow the ways of others.

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My brothers or sisters

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today Therefore, I want to talk to you about the second of hakimullah some ladies advice, pieces of advice, which is to learn to align our desire to obey Allah subhanho wa Taala

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unless we have that I said, Well, I'm gonna have my karma be one and nafsa I didn't have it. For intelligenten Mehta heal.

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I love Toronto as it is open as yet but as for him, who fears standing before he's up and running

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trained himself from impure and evil deeds and lusts. Verily, Allah subhanaw taala the agenda will be is about

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Verily, the one

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who feared standing before his agenda as somebody who has yet been on

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and therefore he restrained himself from impure evil desires and lusts one aha one 100 nafsa and he stopped himself Anil however he stopped himself even from the desire

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right even the desire

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not Anil Amma but Anil how're itself

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very for in our agenda here.

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We asked a llama, NASA Luca Jen was coming now ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us Gen X to save us from the fire.

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Very lagenda will be that person's vote. The basic fundamental concept of Islam is the belief in Africa

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in the Day of Resurrection in the day of judgment in being brought back to life after we have died and gone.

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And this is the this is the

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the whole basis of Islam the fundamental belief and this was a sticking point with the orange orbs

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and others in Africa and elsewhere until I mentioned this in the in the in the Quran.

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When I was wanting to say that these are the people

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Ricardo is a bonafide Audi in nafi calciner de bon Homme De Luca Europe, cashew, Allah subhanaw taala said these are the people who asked this question, how is it that we can be resurrected after we have completely finished and dissolve become one with the earth? Like dissolved? We finished? Become one with the earth? How is it possible? Allah America says they were asking this question meaning they are denying it's not a question. As in please explain to me, I would really like to know, there's no problem in Islam in asking questions to understand something and then of course, there is a there is a boundary I mean, if we are not asked to we are not

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we are not encouraged or permitted to ask questions which really nobody can answer except almost, which are related to his that which are related to his, to his see far more than what he has explained to us. But definitely understand something, one can ask a question, but here, what is that God Oh, I either fill out this, this is the nature of the asking, which is almost like denying that this will happen. And Allah saying that they are denying the meeting with them.

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We ask Allah to show some that to the sticking point with the forage. And the people of Makkah, who resisted the call of source of Salah for Islam was this issue of resurrection, because the reality is that for polytheistic people worshipping another god is never a problem because I've already worshiping so many one more makes a difference. We have seen this in in India, in the in many places. I'm specifically talking about regions in Andhra and so on and the position where we have seen

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Hindus who have converted to Christianity in their houses, they have usually a shelf high up on the wall in bathrooms, where they have a series of either small idols or they have pictures of different Hindu gods. And when they become Christian, they don't remove any of those. They simply add a picture of Jesus and Mary and Mary as a picture of Jesus and Mary obviously it is not a picture of you Sally serravalle Sarah, but it is those you know pictures which are drawn purporting to be

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inside a salon wherever they set up, Sara. So they just put one up so so he has six pictures or eight pictures or 10 pictures he has now 11 or he has seven audience night. So that is the it's very easy for polytheistic people to accept one more God, but the thought that we would be resurrected on the Day of Judgment, and that we will stand before Allah subhanaw taala without any protection, or any cover or any,

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any safety and we will have to answer questions about how we lived our life and answer those questions to before somebody who knows. So you cannot deny that I didn't do it because Allah knows what you did.

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This was very difficult for them to accept and that is why

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Even those who support it also doesn't sell them for reasons of tribal affiliation and so on. For example, His one uncle avatar live is the best example of that supported resource. And seldom because of tribal affiliations, they still didn't want, they didn't enter Islam, because they didn't want to accept the concept of resurrection, and accounting. The sad thing is that even today, this is the biggest problem with most people who are willing to accept anything except that, and that, I'm sorry to say that also includes Muslims. Now, there are three kinds of Muslims in the world.

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One who follow their desires, and that is their biggest problem this father desires, whatever they feel like doing. They do what they want to eat, they eat, what they want to drink, they drink, where they want to go, the go, how they want to deal with people to deal with people. They don't care whether it is right or wrong sin, not seeing oppression, not oppression, they don't get anything, they just do it, they feel like doing it that way. That's one guy. Second kind is those who struggle is their desires in a struggle that will inshallah be a means of their deliverance from punishment. And the third is those who follow their desires. And that is their biggest asset. The first one is

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those who follow their desires, and that is their biggest problem. The second one is those who struggle against their desires, and they follow the

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hokum of Allah. The third one, like the first one, they follow their desires, but in their case, that is the biggest asset

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and we earn them, gentlemen, shall

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we look at the third one next week. Now,

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those who follow their desires, and that is a biggest problem about them. Allah subhanaw taala said, and so the use of mama Omari lunacy in enough Salah Amara to be so Illa Rahim RP in Arabi afore Rahim, Allah Sarah, Sarah said, and Allah mentioned this, and I do not free myself from blame. Verily, the human self enough so Amara is inclined towards evil in enough ser la Amara to be so illamasqua hammarby except where Mayra bestows His mercy upon the person very late in

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Ramallah be in Arabi. kofu Rahim. Verily and truly Myra is oft forgiving and most merciful. These people are those who are the people who simply follow their desires irrespective of whether that desire is in line with the problem of Allah subhanaw taala. And the sooner or not, they don't care such people are the slaves of their natural manner. The base desires, which they fulfill at the cost of the aka, they don't care that insisting on committing sin is the cause of a bad ending.

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Elise rar animasi sobre su un Hardyman the insistence on

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community committing and insistence on committing sins is the cause of a bad ending. These people and trust people are deaf to the warnings from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And to all the words of guidance that they may come across they are intoxicated by the pleasure they derive from the sin and they refuse to face the fact that one day they will die and they will be called to account before

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May Allah protect us from this state of PII

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about these people, and such people are much better said our item Anita has Amanita Ilaha alpha anta qu IE we're keela and sort of a car and as I said, Have you all Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam seen him seeing the person who has taken as his ILA he has taken as his God as his object of worship as His deity, his own desire, he's worshiping his own desire, instead of worshipping a motion Hamilton, would you then be a key Lord intercessor over him, meaning do not intercede for him? Do not be his workI Allah subhanaw taala called following our desires in opposition to His will, Allah college ship

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will not protect us from that, because we know what that means, on the day of judgment, except the one who Allah wants to forgive if somebody dies on schilke. We know what will happen in the machine. If we think about it. Today, this concept of following desire is glorified is not only accepted, but it's

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seems to be something which is aspirational in nature. Because people say you should do whatever makes you happy. Do whatever pleases you do whatever your heart desires, as long as you're happy, that is all that matters. In reality, that is the root of all evil, to do whatever you wish, without regard to how it affects others, that is the root of all evil. There are some extremely toxic things that make people happy. I don't want to list it here in the Duma, and, and have to use language which is not in keeping with the,

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with the sanctity of the occasion. But you know exactly what I mean. There are some people who are very happy, doing some extremely toxic and, and horrible things. They don't lose sleep, they sleep well. But that does not mean that they are right, or that these things should be done.

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Anything that harms somebody else, is not permissible in Islam, it is haram and that is the root of all goodness, that Islam prohibits us from doing anything, which is

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which is haram, which which is harmful to anybody else, and irrespective Islam. And remember, this does not mean harmful for Muslims harmful for anybody, anybody,

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including people, including inhabitants of the earth, were not human, including the earth itself. Islam prohibits us from doing anything, which is toxic in nature, whether it is materially toxic, whether it is mentally toxic, whether it is spiritually toxic, we are not prevent profit, we are not permitted to do anything like that. And if we do that, then we are called upon before law, and if another isn't for us, then you can punish us.

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The second kind of people, those who struggle against their desires in a struggle that will inshallah be a means of their deliverance from punishment about them, Allah subhanaw taala said, why not? Oh, Cosimo bin Nuff said lavoir. And Allah took an oath by the end I said, I swear by the self reproaching person, a person who criticizes himself lawan here means to reproach yourself to feel guilty about having committed a sin

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to blame yourself for it, not not others. That is what the nerves does, that is what the nostril nawala does not so, Amara, invites you and lead you to sit in love. So nawada you may sin sometimes, but not so lavabo immediately catches hold of you and say, What did you do that? Why did you do that? Why to speak in this way? Why did you say those things? Why did you Why did you eat dessert, drink this or go to such and such a place? You knew it was wrong, still you are doing that? Why? So when a person commits a sin, the person reproaches himself, he feels bad he feels guilty. And overtime, his guilt come increases so much that the person leaves those sins, because they feel so

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guilty about them. The sign of having such nuts to Noah is that when we commit a sin, we immediately feel remorse and regret that we feel guilt and we feel shame and we are embarrassed and we do moolah much of ourselves.

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We say oh, wow, it's well, why did I do that reward to me? Why did I do something like this? We wish we could take it back. We wish we had never done it. And we intend that, at least at that moment, never to do that, again. They are fighting a battle with ourselves with our desires. And this is good hamdulillah because it drives us to seek forgiveness and to intend to change ourselves.

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These are the people whose life is a struggle. I guess we all hear one way or the other. ask Allah subhanaw taala for ease. And that is why the only problem with this is that even when we obey it is not a pleasure. The struggle is to obey. And the struggle to obey is because our neffs actually what's the opposite of what Allah subhanaw taala wants from us. So even when we go against it, because we know that what our neffs wants is haram. There is a sort of wistfulness as an aftertaste, as is to say, I wish I didn't have to do that. I wish I would do whatever I wanted to do. I stopped myself but I wish I didn't have to stop by saying okay, having said that, to be in this state is

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much better than the first situation which is simply to follow our desires and thereby commit ship and therefore we must persevere in the struggle knowing that there is reward in procedures as well as in success. And that and that there is Stefan and Toba and Tara has kept his door open for us if we fail and a lot Ratana said about such people and about us inshallah. Cora

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wanna push him law tougher nut to crack Mattila in a la jolla flew by Jamia interval, Rahim. Allah said, Oh my god, all my slaves who have transgressed against themselves by committing evil deeds and since do not despair of the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala Verily Allah Subhana Allah forgives all sins, and truly he geladeira lu is aft forgiving and most merciful, our brothers sisters, and let us reflect on the mercy of our rub. Jelena who calls even those who disobey Him, and transgress his boundaries, my sleeves, yeah, a baddie, he doesn't discard them, or consign them to the garbage heap. He encourages them and comfort them, and promises to forgive those who wish to be forgiven,

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the condition is we should wish to be forgiven, and we should seek forgiveness. So let us not hesitate in that. Let us not delay that.

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Do it immediately.

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The third kind of people, and this is where we are aiming at those who follow their desires. And that is their biggest asset, and it will earn them janai champ. First one, those who follow their desires, that is the biggest problem. Second one, those who struggle against their desires and follow the orders of Allah, third people, those who follow their desires, but that's their biggest asset. Now, you might say, Well, you know, we the first people who said, I said, Follow desires, and it's a problem within third kind of people, I'm saying follow desires. And that's an asset. How is it possible? Aren't these two things contradictory? as to why they're not contradictory? I want you

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to think about this. We are always told never to follow our desires. I am saying to the opposite. I'm saying please follow your desires. Because then you're freed from struggle, no stress, no tears, no regret, no fear, just peace and harmony and alive form of unrestrained pleasure, which you can indulge in to your heart's content and be rewarded for it. Sounds good right. To be true, perhaps no, this is true. Without a doubt, the question is, which desires? What kind of designs and Allah subhanaw taala said about this? Yeah, yeah, to have enough to buy in ujiri, Illa beaky around the autumn, the fog of holy fear that he was a fully generality We ask Allah for this to be the last

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thing that we hear the last thing that we say as a Bashara for us when we meet and inshallah it will be sent to the people to the pious people or you the one incomplete rest and satisfaction. Yeah, I get to have enough so in the knifes the self which is it's

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not so much in return to your injury law firm Vicki, Robin, Maria well pleased with you and well pleasing to Allah. well pleased within yourself and well pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala and you further fully fee Bobby was fully jannetty enter you then among my honored slaves and enter you my Jenna.

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Chef, commodity raha

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ALLAH hafiz Allah, He gives a very beautiful

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explanation for this. He says Allah subhanho wa Taala addresses the mood my enough's and mood mine here means two things. Number one is that they are motivation. They are content with the home of Mr. gela they don't want anything else. What do you want to do? I want to do what you want me to do. If Allah has this question, what do you want Yella I want what you want, regardless of Allah Subhana. So the person is is nothing else makes you happy, they are happy, only obey the order of Allah. So this person is doing what makes them happy, but this person has molded and trained their naps in such a way that the only thing that makes them happy, that gives them solace. The only thing that is

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that it is that their nuts is moved by an arm that is that it is content with is what allegedly split. So the person's heart's content but lies in that which our last panel that is happy and pleased. The second meaning of boatswain is that his naps has reached a stage of serenity.

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The serene, contented tranquility at peace Duff's nostril Medina obviously here is means that it has among it has to be not from doing sin, protection from drinking

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Sin salamati and Salam from being sin, and also among needs to be non from desiring. So, not only does he not do it, he doesn't even want to do it. It has no unlawful desires, it has desires, and it fulfills those desires, and it only desires good things. The sine of this exactly what we just mentioned, that this person, not only do they not do sin, but also they no longer desire see, that faculty that part of the humanity desires only that which Allah views as worthy for someone to desire and they have stopped desiring those things, which Allah subhanaw taala called as and desirable. The key is to train the knifes to what to want what Allah wants, then there is no

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struggle, and we enjoy what animals Just think about it. What's so difficult about it, simply ask yourself, what is Allah one, Allah wants us to eat healthy, Allah wants us to live a clean life. Allah warns us not to have any not to do any substance abuse, no drug intoxicant, no gambling, no wasting time, no lying, no cheating, no harming anyone, no adultery, be honorable, be faithful, be beneficial, Be kind, be generous, be compassionate. In other words, develop all those qualities, which will get you the love and affection of people, and thereby the ability to influence them, and do that continuously thinking about the glory and majesty of almost panatela and remembering the

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glory and majesty of nostalgia and thanking Allah subhanaw taala for whatever he has given us, including this orientation. Now what's so bad about that?

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What is so difficult about that?

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And what is so good, about the opposite of that?

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What is so good about lying and cheating and harming people and, and getting intoxicated and you know, finding yourself waking up one morning in a gutter, lying, drunk, having fallen there in your own vomit, and that sounds good to you.

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Now, if you don't do all of this, at the end of all this and the end of living a life where you will be the most beloved, the most respected, the most influential, the most honored person in your society, you also get a

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winner here. And they're in shock. When people talk about killing the nerves or freeing the natural desire, they're speaking without knowledge. It's like wanting to have an ocean without water, or to live without breathing, by definition is impossible. Desire is what the knifes is all about. Just like water is what the ocean is horrible, or breathing is what being alive is or you cannot have one without the other. The natural look mine also has desire, but that desire is to do what Allah wants. So it is at peace. And that is why it also does SLM called Sara Cora to add he called the salon the coolness of my eyes. This is the state of ridable hada, which is the highest state of union. It is

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in this state that also was in the southern US to say Alhamdulillah Allah Cooley had all praise and thanks to Allah subhana wa Tada. In every condition, a person in the state naturally develops a positive mindset

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where he or she trains themselves to look at the positive side of every situation. That is how the person can be thankful in every situation. This mindset enhances the enjoyment of all blessings and cancels out and nullifies the pain of any test or trial. The person can behave with equanimity and grace and not become a victim of circumstance. The answer therefore, is not to try to become free of desire, but to have the right desires. That is the meaning of law of aligning our desire to what Allah desires from us. We ask Allah subhanaw taala for his guidance and support, and we ask Allah for forgiveness from all our sins. Rahman as alumna Susannah weyland

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una casa de Robert toquilla novena. Welcome Fiona See ya Tina? Whatever fun Amala bruh No, but not enough edenia Hassan Adama

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was occurring while he was happy it may well be Masonic