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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa salatu salam ala Shara freedom bi Eva mursaleen Muhammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah Allah He right only you will save yourself from this even if you are my brother, my brothers sisters

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Allah surrounded that I made this world

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and he created the rules

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by which this world runs

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the physical rules we call them the rules of physics,

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which are physical laws or laws of nature or whatever term we want us.

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Soon similarly, we have

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other rules,

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and among them is the rule for success.

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And about the rule for success loss, we have said it very clearly, where he said one laserLine, sunny, Illa masa, the rule for success is that for the human being, there is nothing except what he or she works for.

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So, the

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by which it means that

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if we want something, then it is very, very easy to get it.

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As long as you pay the price.

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Everything has a price. Friendship has a price, and media has a price

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influences the price and lack of influence or no influence of the price. Happiness is a price. Grief has a price, everything has a price.

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Success has a price failure has a price. There's a price for knowledge, there's a price for ignorance.

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That's why like somebody said, if you think that knowledge is expensive, try ignorance.

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important thing, therefore, is to keep this in mind and say, what is it that I want? And what is the price of that?

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Now, you will realize and I'm sure you agree that everyone in the in the world wants to be successful. Everyone I mean, without exception, right? I don't think there is anyone in the world who will wake up in the morning and say,

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Today, I want to be as unsuccessful and as much of a loser as I can. Nobody. I mean, everybody wants we will wake up in the morning, and they will want the best in the best of whatever they can get out of life.

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But we all don't get it. Why don't we get it not because we don't want it. But because we are not willing or not able to pay the price for what we want.

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To give you an analogy to understand this.

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I might want to buy a Ferrari.

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I would like to I would love to drive a Ferrari and I would like to buy a Ferrari No, take me seriously, I don't want to but I'm saying I might be one of those who wants to.

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So I go to the Ferrari

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showroom to the Ferrari dealership. And I say I want to buy this Enzo Ferrari.

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And the guy says,

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how many do you have?

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So I see I have $10,000. So he said, Okay, fantastic.

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Please come with me takes me to the office. And this beautiful big LCD screen.

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He pulled up a picture of it so far. He told me please have a seat in my chair here. Here's the mouse. Now if you move the mouse over the car,

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the whole thing returns, you can see what it looks like frog looks like from the front of the bed from the sides. And then you click this button and hold will open and you can look into look into the engine, you click this button and the doors will open. If you look inside, you could look at the the the console everything right? And he says spend as long as you want here all day if you like and I live in someone to get you some cold rings and some some

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potato fries or french fries or chips or whatever you call it. And then when you are satisfied, leave those $10,000 here and go home.

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So what the hell I mean, I didn't come here to look at a picture of Ferrari, I want to buy a Ferrari, you will say well, you know, for $10,000 You got to look at the picture of the Ferrari and I throw in the drinks and the chips are free. You want to buy a Ferrari you want a million bucks, not $10,000 They to go find a million bucks and come back then we are talking but until then you can look at the picture of the funnel no problem. That is what life is. Life is that if I have a goal number one, I must have a specific goal. I

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can't go out there and say I want a car what's a car? There's no such thing.

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Nobody but nobody builds cars they build specific thing they will they will Tesla they will they will. Ferraris they will,

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Rolls Royces they will Bentley's they will, BMW and so on. So there is there is a specific name for a car, there is no such thing as a as a car. If I say I want to buy a car, the immediate question that anybody would ask me is what car? And the reason he will ask What car is because every car is different. And every car, which is different, has a different price tag. So, it depends on what car I want. And then I must know if I want this particular car for what a Ferrari, then what does it cost?

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Only when I have answered these two questions, then I have enough information, I still can't buy the car. I know which car I want. And I know what it costs. Now, I must find the money. I must have the resources. Now. That's exactly how life works. So the first thing to do is define what do you want to be? I want to be

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an A businessman.

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Number two, what kind of business?

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I believe are airplanes. Are you trading in call? Are you building ships? What what business?

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What kind of business man? Are you building? I making masks for COVID? But what what is the, you know what business? So what do you want to be a businessman? What kind of business this kind of business? Then what does it take to do that kind of business? I must know that? What are the resources I need? What is the knowledge base I need? What are the people I need, what is the team I need, and so on so on, what are the finances I need, and then I need to go get that.

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So that's why I say to people,

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if you want to really succeed in life, then do this. Take your being goals and turn them into doing goals. Say for example, to give you another example, I want to be

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the head of marketing in my company.

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Excellent. I want to be the head of marketing company. Now if you simply stay there, the problem with just being gold is that to be head of marketing is not in your hands, it's in somebody else's hands, you will be head of marketing only if somebody promotes you, somebody on appoints you as head of marketing, that's not in your control. But if you take that head of that statement, and you convert it into a doing goal, which is you ask yourself what is the head of marketing do

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being goal to doing or what is the head of marketing do a head of marketing, among other things, the first thing he or she does is that they conceptualize marketing strategy. Now to do do you need to be must you wait until you become head of marketing? Before you start thinking of marketing strategy. Of course not, you can do it as the as the office boy, you can do it as a driver, you can do it as a as a gatekeeper, you can do it as a security guard, you can do it in whichever position that you are in. Nothing stops you from thinking as high as you want. So now as an office boy, or as a junior executive, I'm thinking of a marketing plan marketing strategy for my organization. So what

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do I do I first of all, find out what do they do currently? And then I say what are their goals? What are the possibilities of doing it better, more powerfully, more profitably.

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And I write a paper on the on my alternate marketing strategy for my company. Now, once I do that, and I send it to key people in the organization, I send it to the CEO, I send it to the current marketing guy and so on so forth, believe me, that will have an immense ly positive effect on my own career.

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So I take a doing role and I convert into being more so just to help on remember that I what I say is that to be, you must do. To be you must do.

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To do your or have to be to do you don't have to be and until you do, you will never be that may be that to be, you must do

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to do you don't have to be

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and unless you do, you will never be so whatever life goals you have, first of all understand very clearly that in life, you can achieve any goal you want. Absolutely any goal you want. But each goal has something that you need to do in order to achieve that goal.

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As long as you do that, just like income in commerce as long as you pay the price, you can buy the product. As long as you do what is required for that goal, that goal will be yours. There is no doubt about that. But also no doubt about the fact that unless you do you will never be simply sitting there saying I want to be this I want to be that I want to be happy I want to be a great father Great Mother, great spouse great this grid that doesn't cut any ice

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Standard Process among Muslims I want to be a half as you don't be half as by wanting to be a half as you be a half is by memorizing the Quran by saying that every day I will memorize one i and track that and say today which I added I memorize tomorrow which added I memorized if I do that, one day lo and behold I will be half as as simple as that right. So, I remind myself when you let us

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focus on our goals and convert being goals into doing goals or some LaLana will Karim Allah Allah He was having member article Why