Mirza Yawar Baig – To fail to try is the only failure

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The loss of a family member due to cancer and struggles with addiction led to a sad sadness in their lives. The speaker discusses the importance of sin and the use of technology to live a pleasing life. The speaker reminds listeners to ask themselves if they are doing their best and to be pleased with their life to avoid suffering from pain. The speaker emphasizes the need to not just believe in their success but to also be satisfied with it.
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Hello I'm

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa

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Salatu was Salam ala Shafi Don't be able to Cillian Maduro some noise. I love it. What are the use of

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the Stephen cathedral cathedral novago?

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Sr one is

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some sad news I have to give you which is our dear, very dear friend,

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brother, Majid

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about one is

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Allah He passed away as he had been suffering from cancer for a long time.

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we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant him, Jana that for those who are ready

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and to grant Saba to his family.

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So of course it is from our perspective, it is sad news because we lose a good friend.

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And mashallah, they're a very, very beautiful family martial Hungary.

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And his conduct in the conduct of his family is really example in learning Reza will cover

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because, to my knowledge, neither I nor anybody else ever heard one word of complaint

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from any of them.

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To the extent just last night, his daughter was here and asked, how's your father, she's 100 as well.

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This is something to learn from

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the lives of people.

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We're looking at it from the perspective of the dean.

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For us, as I said, partying there is pain, but on the perspective of the dean, here is a man with the man insha Allah

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matches Rob general

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and that is something that

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he wanted to hit.

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And as Rob wanted to meet him

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he lived with EMR he died with the VA Libris our debt was over

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the Allah said Malabo Mar salary in the Lucha Razavi Allah is with the people of our

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he obviously suffered pain because of the nature of the ailment cancer

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and also was was an absurd even a thorn breaking the foot of a believer is Kfar

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is expiation of sins

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so suffering pain and so on over a prolonged period of time, completely cleans the person, we don't ask Allah for this because I always make the I say

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forgive without this because you have the you are able to forgive. So forgive

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Lama Naga for 1251

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but the color of Allah if it is in the color of Allah that we suffer some pain here is a beautiful example of our own brother mashallah

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of how to do that with grace.

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And this is an expression of sin, so completely inshallah free from all sin.

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And I remember, I remind myself also,

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many of us Hamdulillah, Allah has kept us safe. In that context, we don't have in that sense, we don't have concerns about there are different kinds of pains and so on, and you get up in the morning and it's, but you have a choice, we can complain about that, or we can handle it.

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I have pain today, but for the last 60 years, I've never had been for the last 70 years and Okay. So.

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So, that the second the third thing is of course, as soon as I said the one of the many

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forms of shahada is

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things like cancer,

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you know stomach ailments and so on similar cancer so this is also so now here is a man or rather May Allah make Allah what I'm saying true for even sha Allah, who live with the man died with him and died in a state where he is pure from all sin, forgiven Inshallah, and died in a way which insha Allah Vizilite Allah is counted as one of the forms of Shahada.

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So now this is good news or bad news

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is something to be sad or happy.

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So sad from our perspective because we lose the brother but from the perspective of the believer from the perspective of the woman, the day he meets his rub is the happiest day of his life.

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Happier the best day of the meeting is rock jello.

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he was true to his

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his meetings.

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I remember he was he was here with us until maybe one or two hours before we used to come and train him here.

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He was here with us last Ramadan.

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So that is something that I remind myself and say that these days we need to come for all of us.

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In that context,

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some of our brothers we, there was a very important basketball match between West Springfield school and Westfield school, to high schools.

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cyber to the match. My first basketball match match was go because our guys are playing there and especially

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as Ron was playing, so I said I was going since I went then I met all these guys for here

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in the end, the last the match,

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but the way the plate Savannah was doing, I watched that batch. As I said, the first time I watched actually went to a court was basketball.

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The way they played literally you could see the heart and all of them and I was not only as an art, but all of them Machala, the way they played with so much of heart indeed, then they, you could see that they tried their best.

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So I remember there's a little

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it's like a small poem, it says,

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at God's footstool, to confess a poor soul knelt and bowed his head. I failed, he cried. The master said, Thou audits the best. That is success. The audits divest, that is success.

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only failure is the failure to try.

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There's no other failure.

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If you fail to try, then that is failure.

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But if you try and you try hard, and you do your best,

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the outcome is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So I remind myself that you know, the idea of going, it's not about the sport, it's about life.

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The sport is a sport. But in life,

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what I remind myself when you is to court is to constantly ask this question and say, Am I doing my best?

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Or is there something more I can do?

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Just like on the court in the basketball court, or the soccer field, in a short span of time, even the spectator, you don't even need to know the rules of the game. And so I mean, I don't know anything about basketball, but if you look at the players, you can see if they are trying or they're not trying

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right, you can see some people just being lazy and so on, you know.

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So, for ourselves to also ask this question is, am I doing my best? Am I doing the best and whatever it is, from the angle of religion, from the angle of profession, academics studies,

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our class or behavior or treatment of people, am I doing my best?

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Or am I digging into the bus pass? Because if we are if we are just letting it pass, that is failure, that is not that is not even even if you succeeded still failure because you could have succeeded, you only succeeded because the next the opposite we I was worse than you would. If you are really tried you could have succeeded much more spectacularly.

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To fail to live up to our own potential that is the failure is not failing, race or math or something.

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If we did our best and Hamdulillah this success, Allah subhanaw taala does not penalize a person for doing his best or does not say no matter what you do, we have to do succeed otherwise no.

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And we have many examples of technology. That's the finest example I can think about, which is 950 years of data. And only a handful of people accepted Islam and Islam is among the * minerals, not just any ordinary Nabil Ross who is among the among the five where we sort of sort of named as the the biggest and the most noble of the prophets of Allah subhanaw taala messages because of the effort.

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In the

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he said he said I do

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it out to Javi Leila wanna ha

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I invite my people I call my people to Allah, day or night.

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And that is what I remember is that when you let us make this hasm make this promise to ourselves that we will do our best in our lives, no matter what is what area it is

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that we never fail to try because failing to try is the only failure there is no other failure.

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala to

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help us to live in a way which is pleasing to Him and to take us in a state when he's pleased with us as colors rather than literal who to give summer to the family of brother over here the holiday and to raise him with the companions of also lives and seldom on the day when we meet Allah subhanaw taala May Allah keep us all in the shade of his ash on the day when there is no shade except his shade? We ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with us and to enable us to live in a way where he continues to be pleased with us and to take us in a state when he's pleased with us. was on hola hola Nabil Karim Ali he was able to go home

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