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Dr Reda Bedeir at Aberdeen Mosque sharing his wisdom during his visit to Aberdeen for the beautiful seminar – Touched by an Angel – Tafsir of Juz Amma

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Similar from the last salatu salam ala rasulillah salam, salam wa ala alihi wa sahbihi human Allah. My name is Rosa Vidya. I'm a professor from a University in Cairo, Egypt, I live in Canada and I teach Islam at the university there, and I'm honored to be amongst you this week and inshallah to share the Tafseer of disarmer inshallah, basically, Allah subhanho wa Taala, in sort of upon so number 25, or number 30, is a complaint and I just want to share the complaint with you, and how can we get over that in sha Allah? Allah subhanaw taala and this is where color will soon be in our mid

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and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, oh my lord, or my master. My followers, my people have deserted the harar epinal Km Rahim Allah commenting on this ayah said Hydra, or iron is five degrees.

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The first degree is that we don't listen to the salon with contemplation.

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You know how many of us and I don't want I don't want to point finger or embarrass anyone but I'm even asking myself first. How many of us when the images of love here decided throughout, in fact, at least two times louder in the first turaga reflected on the fact that when he said the ideal Marvel movie,

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and why Allah is angry with them and why the other ones are going astray, and who are a Latina and I'm telling him so basically speaking, the first degree of the desertion or the abandonment of the Quran is we don't listen to the Quran with contemplation.

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Number two is he said, you know, to act upon the Quran, the Quran is not meant to be a book to be put on the shelf for 11 months. And when Ramadan comes, we bring the book and we start reading it and then we put it back after Ramadan, waiting again for the next year.

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Then he said number three is when we have any dispute when we disagree together to Who should we go, most of the time we go to the in laws we go to like our friends, somebody who's like you know, older, but we should always go back to Allah and His messenger.

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And number four is if I listen to the Quran with contemplation, I will understand the four R's and then I will act upon the art and then I will always take the Quran as my reference. Number four, I'm going to based on that I'm going to take the Quran and invite others to understand the book by which I live and thus making

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a number five to secure through the Quran. Allah Subhana Allah says, when the residue milk or Anima Huma she fell over a hammer, we sit down out of the Quran that which is cure and Rama mercy, brothers, and I hope maybe the sisters are listening, I want to ask you a question. What do you feel sick and you go to the doctor is your heart attached to the doctor to the medication or to Allah subhana wa Tada. Look at Ibrahim when he was debating who is Allah in the Quran and sort of Shara. He looked at the items that they made with their own hands and he pointed at them and they said, you know, these are all enemies to me. And then he said,

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belisle me except the Master of the Universe. Who is he? Look, who is Allah defined in the Quran? Allah de Hakone for who is the he's the one who created me and he provides guidance for me, where's the guidance isn't?

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What do we should seek that guidance is in the Koran. And he said one lady who is torey Mooney who is being he's the one who provides for me, he gives me a risk to eat and drink. I look at the other of Abrahamic Allah subhanaw taala. When it came to sickness, if he would follow the same pattern of the language he followed before, he should have said, we'll let you Meridiani were seen and he's the one who makes me sick and then gives me a cure. No, he said, we're either married to her who is fee? I get sick. Why? Because as I said, wakulla tshabalala 234 Allah said the rule he said, eat and drink, but don't be extravagant. Because you are the one who cause sickness yourself sought Allah

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subhanaw taala because if you eat moderately and if you get the right type of food, you will not get sick.

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And is Allah is the one who gives the cure how many times you go to the doctor, and you say, you know what, that doctor Mashallah, excellent. Right? Two people go to the intensive care you

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It two people treated by the same doctor giving the same medication. And someone who's 75 comes out and he lives for another 25 years. And someone who like went to the same intensive period who's 25 comes out dead.

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Who is the one who cures not the medication, not the doctor, the doctor himself gets sick, he needs another doctor to treat him. So our heart should be attached to who to allow the creator and how can we learn this? Again, it's through the process. So let me draw your attention to something else. How many of us want general raise your hand?

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One hand a staff or a law?

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I wish I have more than two right? Okay. Now many times Allah subhanaw taala promises gender and the Quran right? And Allah subhanaw taala tells us what's gender right? When I was young, we had an Imam who was look Mashallah has a beautiful restoration, like, Mashallah. But when he started the hood, but all the time and he says a tequila, you know, my heart would be shivering, trembling, and I would say, I wish you would stop and say, How can I have Taqwa? What's the meaning of taqwa? Because it's a very nice word. It comes a lot in the Quran, I want to understand it. Brothers and sisters, how many of us understand the meaning of Tableau?

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You know, and this is how, and why I'm coming to the city this weekend. You know, that just Suppan Allah is the most frequent Jews that would have sat on our Salah. How many times you say in our technical, Cofer, what is the last part? I say? No, no, I say NACA alcova, for example. So when you go deep into the language, you understand that it's very, very deep. And it will make so much sense when you understand what you're saying. Why Allah choose that word in particular, you know, sometimes will lie. I was speaking at the other conference at Alaska, and have 6000 students standing in front of me, when the Danish cartoons were published in 2002.

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And I said to them, Listen, I'm going to recite a sutra because by the way, if you are a student as well as her, by the time you're at the university should have revised the Quran two times and during the university, you are revising the Quran the third time. So all of these 6000 students, they memorize the Quran, I said, I'm gonna recite surah and I dare all of you to explain the meaning of that song. And it's in the last just

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Shall I embarrass you too?

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Okay, well, I the T Baba fell Moria Tea Party

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shall continue. And I somehow I asked them I said, like, what does that mean? It was like

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I said, this is Arabic. This is language. We are Arabs. we memorize the Quran. What's the use of the Quran? If you don't understand it, you're supposed to make that hour tomorrow. So if you don't understand your book, and these are the sower, in the last juice, that all of us decide every day, you know, the two long surah that you cite every day in your Salah, especially when you're alone, the two longest one, you know, I'll call her until Allah

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you know, the hour Express Allah, you know, for Raka four seconds, right?

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So even if I stop and say, Hola, hola, who I had? I say, What's the meaning of a HUD?

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And everybody's gonna say,

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don't say because I'm going to embarrass you.

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Right? They say one right? Why? Well, this is why.

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Why one is preceded by zero, he was not existing, stuck for law, we can say this. And one is followed by two and three and four. No, I had means he was there when there was no one there because He is the Creator not created. And everybody was dying. So number 55 of 127 coloman Allah He have.

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every living being on Earth would come to an end except Allah. That's the meaning of a HUD. There was none before him, there will be none after him. He is the Creator and he never dies.

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Aloha summer last summer.

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the one to whom all the creation resort, yes.

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At times of need, and he needs none of his creation. Allahu Akbar, how beautiful the meaning is. We decided this every day. Right? So in this class, that's what we're gonna be doing. We're gonna go into those gems and pearls. So when you recite the Quran, it will bring tears to your eyes. Allah subhanaw taala blamed the children of Israel. And so number 62 and number five, he said methadone in a home mill.

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mill Oh, hello, Catherine.

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Yeah, mille as

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the similitude of those who are given the Torah and did not actually

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upon it is like the donkey carrying books on its back. Imagine a donkey carrying books at its back. And I'm sorry. Well, I hate to say many of us as Muslims today, we have the Koran, and we don't understand what it is. Let me conclude with this. I was given two minutes. So it's almost like nine minutes 50 seconds now Okay, connection for two minutes.

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Okay. Okay.

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So, when when we say Alma Tolkien, right? And he healed Mashallah in every HIPAA ethical law, okay, who are talking one law he will love him anytime soon. The Quran Allah describes the details of a Mottaki but how do we read it? And if you remember the

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driver, no, stop, stop and think I'm going to share one of them quickly. And we'll leave you know, you know, when Allah describes at the beginning of sorts of Bukhara, which you or at least the second page of the Quran, you say Alif Lam Meem Delica catabolite Buffy Holden guidance for whom the Mata Ki Hwan otakon This is how I want you to read the Quran. Stop after Allah mentions emoticons mean he's gonna describe the character and that's what you need to stop and apply. And Latino.

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When you pay Mona Sala marzipan omiana spoon one Latina owns la cama Angela public mobile Afro Tomioka known Would you like me to explain this?

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Only to people that's too late. It's too late, too late, too late. Okay, maybe tomorrow inshallah, maybe tomorrow, you know, Friday we're going to talk about this inshallah. And for free from seven to 10 for free three hours in sha Allah. Allah deserves some of your time. Because Allah give you all the time or last Allah give you all the time. Right? So I'm going to explain other verses that relate to our daily life. Of course, all the Quran, you know, talks about guidance for us in this life and the life to come in sha Allah. But do you know surah in the Quran number three called Imran so can you say three? Hello, say 3133

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is a difficult so when you go home, do your homework, okay, because I'm going to skip part of the ayah and I want you to reflect on the rest. Okay, so three is Allah and Ron and I am going to talk about is 1334135 but I'm going to just talk about one of them. Okay. Allah subhanaw taala. And this is, you know, is stirring competition amongst us. He says, Why Sadie,

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become more

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or a little more topping motorbiking race, compete. What do we compete today? houses cars. Jobs are so hard if you're making money out of Allied satara. But Allah saying this life is coming to an end 60 7080 of leaving, and is taking nothing with you, except your deeds will lie. I saw my grandmother, and the last second of her life.

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Because I used to go to her and she used to give me money. So my my main focus when I go and see her, I look at her hand because she's gonna give me money with that hand. But I was very young when she was dying. And I saw her hand and they're telling me she's dying. It's like, what do you mean by death?

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They said she's not going to walk again. She's not going to talk again. But it's still my focus was on her hand. But Allah gave me the best gift at that time, because they watched how her hand moved at that last minute. Brothers. Her hand went gradually like this.

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And that was it.

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That was the best message I got better than any money. A lot told me that time. She's leaving. And she's taking nothing with her.

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Except her deeds. Get ready for that moment. And I attended the delivery of my third baby in Canada.

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And the first moment she came out, they gave her to me. And I did the opposite. Her hand was like this. I tried to force her fingers open, and she just go back right away. It's like Get away from me. I'm only one second old. I want to live like your grandma at least 85 years. By the way, she was like forcing us like no, I'm holding on to this life. I'm still young. And that's our life. We're holding on to it. But when we leave we're like we're gonna take nothing except our deeds. So a lot in this ayah says what sorry, oh grace, for the forgiveness of Allah and Jenna, the expensive which is equal to the heavens and the earth. And it's really from attacking. So I asked you earlier Do you

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want Jenna? Here's the recipe Allah subhanaw taala said, Allah Dino una fissara.

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man stands in front of you and say, brothers, we need to spend money on this Masjid. We don't have a ministry of our Prophet that will give you money right? You are the source of that money right? Give and when you

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Give Remember, this is a I want to be amongst them attacking. Because a lot scribes the first quality they given thick and thin, when they have lots of money they give when they have little money they give, but I want to focus on the next I

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mean alloy.

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Anybody would have issues with anger here, raise your hands.

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You see, so listen carefully, if you want to work on that, alas and those who control the anger with one word, you might divorce your wife with one word you get out of Islam. With one word, you go into Islam with one word, you marry a woman, just one word. Watch out because they said, Jerry Hillis and I said them injure his son. A cut with a knife will will heal at some point of time. But a cut with the tongue, it will leave a scar on the heart. So watch out, control your anger. Okay, then our last part, I said, while laughing in our own in

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us and those who forgive and forget, brothers and sisters, do we do we sometimes know how to forgive but we still keep it in our heart.

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We find it difficult to forget to forget right? It's para la. So last thing you if you want to be amongst a motor kin, you have to learn how to not only forgive but forget why do you want a lot to forgive you? Do you want a lot to remind you of your sins on the Acura or to raise them? So it is the sense of people to this is why I shall delana sit to the process the lamb in Ramadan. She's a prophet of Allah, if I'm seeking in the light of elkader

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Teach me I thought that I should say he gave it a very simple it said Cooley say Allah hum in Nicaragua and to have Buddha for fun that's it in Egypt Mashallah where I come from the add little bit of a spices allow my nigga forward Kareem and Halima. Come on, like follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Allah. Don't try to be more learned than em. Okay. And like I was arguing with a brother like after we finished the Salah, and he was doing like, you know, Mr. LaHood. Like I said Mashallah Allah harmony window lay?

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Like what's wrong with like, it's hard to say it's a pile I said, No, no, no. Okay. What's the meaning of subparallel? Alyssa palasa polyalphaolefin suffer? Just so parallel. I said, No. What does it mean it when we feel when we understand the meaning of the vicar, we feel the sweetness of the connection with Allah will lie I would ask myself on us and brothers sometimes after the Salah, how do you feel brother they say perfectly like before Salah I said he did not pray. It's exactly like you know, when you pick up your phone and dial a number, and look at the phone and keep saying, calling, calling, calling and no connection happens. Why there's no signal. You know why? Because of

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our sense. Allah subhanaw taala said, kettlebell or honor Allah coleauxv him Can we act Cebu? Ever every time you send a black drum falls in your heart and you continue singing your heart is covered with a layer of blackness so there is no signal between you and Allah. So you stand there and sing and handleable element but you know, what is your heart for man? Are we going to eat Briana tonight after this long talk? He should only two minutes. Okay, we're gonna have the Dutch weight class May Allah forgive him for taking our time. So you are in the salon and you're looking at the carpet and second Oh,

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what type of colors are these Maliki Oh, maybe? I'm gonna talk to the shaker can we have like, you know, red and green in the middle. So, in a Serato, Mr. Obama and the Kaaba Remember that? They went for ombre. The brother who stepped on my toe. If I see him next time, inshallah. I'm going to talk to him about that.

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Mean, Brother, what is happening in Salah? What is your heart? I love this indeed with your tongue. Allah listens to your heart. Is that clear? So in conclusion,

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what's the meaning of APU? Because we said, well, I think that's right. What is the processor? Let me choose that specific name of Allah and Ramadan. What do we need the Ramadan? We need Allah smart Allah to forgive our sins. Because look at how I started was Ella Mathura, raised to the forgiveness of Allah and in general, you can never make it to gender unless your sins are forgiven.

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Is that clear? So you need to ask for from Allah. This is why I said Oh, that makes sense upon Allah. So Allah, you love to forgive and erase the sense Please forgive my sins and erase them. So if you weren't allowed to do this to you, Allah teaching you if you want to be forgotten, if you want the forgiveness of Allah, I'm going to Agenda you have to forgive people and

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don't remind them you know, how many people how many of you are married?

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Yeah, smile, brother. I know that you're married but you can still smile like, you know

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Have one of my classes called engagement before engagement, margin Islam from A to Z. So we talk about all of this, but let me tell you this, you know, when you have a fight with your wife, and then Subhan Allah, you know, you know that you were wrong. So you buy her a gift, right? And then after, you know you buy her like a second or I'm sorry. She says, Okay, I forgive you.

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You see my face? Does this mean that she forgave you? Somehow, like, you know that we have ceasefire in the house for like, almost like a month. And then the third world war is zooms in the house, and then you make a mistake again, and then you buy a gift. And then it's like,

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yeah, I forgive you like last time. Probably. Why are you bringing up last time? He said he forgave me. Right? So no, listen, I forgive you, but I still have it here. This is not awful. So we need to learn how to forgive and leave it from here. Like take it out. Don't bring it up again. If we want Allah to forgive us, the last part Allah said, Allah who your head boom or sinning, not only control your anger when somebody wrongs you know when they wronged you, you don't bring them back? No, in fact, you forgive and forget, and you do good to them. Allahu Akbar. You see that higher degree? Okay, would you like a story

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to end up with inshallah? I promise okay. They always say like, never give a mic to a chef never give a cellphone to Oman. Right.

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Did I say something wrong?

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Okay, so the question here is Subhan Allah and hasn't seen the lie between the grandson of Allah Allah one

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one day he was making will do and his maid the slave was pouring water on him because there were no taps like today Okay, so while he was pouring water for him to make the jug fell off and splashed water on his clothes. So he got angry but the slave was very smart. He said while Kava mean alloy.

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So it hasn't said

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you know, he reminded him he said like it and also control their anger and once again, it's okay I control my anger. I'm not gonna say anything. You see how smart the slave was? He knows the crime right? And he used it at the right time. But you know, if this happens with me and you today, say Hold on, why are you Why are you mentioned the Quran now? Okay, let's fight first let me discipline your little girl talk about the Quran later on inshallah.

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Right. So Pamela, whenever they reminded by the Koran, they will right away, you know, act upon the Quran. Then the slave was very smart. He said, while laughing

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us and also forgiven, forget, he said, I thought ONC hasn't said okay, I forgive. I forget. I'm not gonna talk about this anymore. He said, One law who your hip bullmore sinning, and Allah loves those who do good to others.

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So it hasn't said you know what, what good can I do to you? You know what, go You are free for the sake of Allah.

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The Quran gave him freedom. You see. So brothers and sisters, we need to go back to the South African question, right. Don't be amongst those who deserve the Koran. And the reason I'm coming here I want you to start loving the Quran again and reconnect with the word of Allah. Please don't miss out tomorrow from seven to 10 it's completely free. And we're going to give you like a teaser of like some sources from sources that are very close to your heart. You recite them but will lie. Once you listen to the Tafseer you will see them with different eyes and you will enjoy the Salah doing them in sha Allah. Can I leave you with a piece of advice?

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Who would like to have life insurance? 24 seven

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somebody's gonna say life insurance. But just wait I'm not sure I'm sharing it but I'm just teasing you okay? So we'd like life insurance 24 seven.

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Would you like to know that story inshallah. I'm going to show it tomorrow inshallah at 715. inshallah pm. The brothers are going to tell you the venue and challenges that come to life here. So to share for exceeding the time radical ethical