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The importance of not disclosing rights and not being the person being addressed is emphasized in various WhatsApp messages and videos. The speakers also discuss pastime on the topic of Islam, including references to pastime, the use of deadly weapons, and the importance of avoiding revenge. They emphasize the need for evidence and proof to prove wrongdoing, peaceful protest, and protecting oneself and one's family from violence.

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Ramallah Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafilea Mia Eva mousseline. Muhammad was a real nice alumna, highly Riley he was a new seller doesn't even cathedra and cathedra Nevado, her brothers sisters,

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in the hot butter WADA of rasool Allah is in Salem in his favor haba

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you might well be surprised to see and note

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Brazil was salam

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did not mention

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or mentioned almost nothing

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about Nevada and oho Allah, about worship and the rights of Allah subhanaw taala. But almost exclusively, he SallAllahu Sallam mentioned Hoko only bought the rights of the people. Now, that is not to say that about that I'm not important, obviously, but it reflects the time when people were praying without fail. And there was no facade Filipina there was nobody was worshipping graves, and you know, doing all the kinds of

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stuff that we see today. So he did not mention the obvious, but mentioned things which not only are always in danger of being put aside, but which have the greatest power to influence others.

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Reflect reflecting on this, this is not surprising, because real data is what the other person sees and experiences when he deals with a Muslim.

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It's all about what you do, and not about what you say. People don't care what you say until they see what you do. Because people listen with their eyes.

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Now who knew this better than Rasul Allah is Allah salaam, himself, because that was his way. His way was to invite towards Islam by action.

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He spoke very little, but he did a great deal.

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The other thing he emphasized was mutual relationships between Muslims

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and the treatment of women.

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Now, it's a

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strange thing, and it says, it's not really such a sense to me, I was meant to say that it's a strange thing that women's rights gets a bad rap in Islam, but then I corrected myself. It is not a strange thing. Because the reality of life is that Allah subhanaw taala give women rights in Islam, which Muslim men do not give to this day.

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And this is this is something that Muslim men who deny the rights to their women would have to answer to Allah subhanaw taala on the Delta. Just ask yourself this question and see in your society, how many Muslim women are denied inheritance by their own brothers?

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How many Muslim were Muslim wives are denied their rights by the by their husbands, and so on and so forth, you will see what I'm what I mean.

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Now, in other words, as soon as I Selim dealt with the fundamental unit of society, which is the family and fanning outwards, it is Muslim society and society in general.

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As I said, people don't care what you say, until they see what you do, because people listen with their eyes.

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Now, there is a tradition in Carnegie Mellon University,

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which is called The Last Lecture

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professors who are due to retire and also sometimes others are asked to deliver a lecture, which will be as if it were their last lecture.

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Now there is a professor This is there on the internet and you can see this lecture.

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There is a lecture by a professor Randy Bosch. I hope I'm pronouncing his name correctly. Bau s ch, Randy Bosch. He's a professor of computer science and human computer interaction.

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He delivered what was his last lecture when he learned about his advanced pancreatic cancer. Right. Now his lectures a brilliant piece of oratory, which is worth listening to and reflecting on. It's also an award winning book co authored co authored with Jeffrey Zasloff. For which Hi bear

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In the Disney own publisher is reputed to have paid $6.5 million.

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Now, the point of this last lecture, as indeed in any such last lecture, is that the speaker will always mention

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the key, most important aspects of his message, things that he considers to be critical to success, and which he doesn't want people to forget. last lectures are the best way to understand the essence of any message. Now, those of you who are interested in these things, there's also Steve Jobs, last lecture, which is on the internet,

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you know, thank

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Google for this. Now.

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So when that message now think about this, and we were talking about last benches messages, but when that message now is not from a professor, but from the Messenger of Allah,

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when understanding the message and living according to it is not merely an option or an alternate choice, but essential for our welfare, in this life and even more importantly,

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for our welfare in the arcade and the life to come, then it is critical that we stop to listen and then we act on what was said.

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So, what did Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam emphasize, I have enumerated the points that are civilized or a certain enumerated and which apply to us today as they apply the day that he mentioned them. And as they will continue to apply, as long as humans inhabit the earth. For Ghanians convenience of teaching I have combined points of similar meaning.

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The message of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which is the message of Islam is timeless and it is for all time. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the tofield to follow it and to convey it to others, by our speech and by our even more importantly by our own actions. That is why we was bad, we were sent to spread goodness all around us. Now, what is this message and what did he say? Sonali said, there are eight salient points of the hot water water, which I have mentioned, I will list them and then we will talk about them inshallah in more detail in our coming classes. The first of them, he said salah, Salah, your lives and your property, until the very day you meet your are as

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inviolable to each other as the inviolability of this day, you are now in the month you are now in Hawaii, given the message, or Allah be by witness, or people, believers are but brothers, no one may take his brother's property without full consent. Am I given the message or be my witness? So this is the first one second one, truly interest, money lending with interest borrowing on interest, lending on interest of the Janelia the era of ignorance has been laid aside forever, haram forever prohibited forever. And the first interest I begin with which I forgive

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is that which is due to my uncle, my father's brother, Abbas bin Abdullah Mata Lim, and truly the Blood Vengeance of the era of ignorance of Janelia has been laid aside forever, and the First Blood Vengeance. We shall start with meaning which I'm forgiving is that which is due for the blood of my Ginsburg of my relative hammer bin habia bin Harith bin Abdullah Natale that is point number two.

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Point number one is

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with regard to relationships and inviolability of life,

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and dignity. Second one is with regard to interest base dealings, three truly beheaded literary distinctions. That is all these nobility and all this stuff that we're pretensions to respect in the era of England and Australia have been laid aside forever, except for the custodianship of the kava, by the money of the dark, and the giving of drink to pilgrims by a bus.

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noblest of you in the Allah subhanaw taala scientists the most Motoki the Arab has no merit over the non Arab other than Taqwa. Have I given the message or Allah in my witness, so all forms of hierarchies

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and peoples arrogance Surah Surah Salam wipe it out. Number four. He says shatter has despaired of ever being worshipped in this land of yours, though he is content to be obeyed, in other words of yours, which you deem to be of little importance, meaning that we disobey Allah subhanaw taala in matters which we think are small, but in the sight of Allah, these can be very big. And all of these kinds of disobedience is really worship of shatta in a party in one form or the other. And therefore, Mr. Salam warned us against this point number five, he said Sofia and Allah in respect to women, and concern yourselves with the welfare have I given the message, or Allah Weaver, witness

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specific reference to the rights of women, number six, or people Allah subhanaw taala has a portion to every deserving heir, his share of the estate and no deserving air may accept.

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A special request and those special requests may exceed a third of the estate. A child's lineage is that of the husband who owns the men meaning the father and the and adulterers, adulterous will be shall restored whoever claims to be the son of someone other than his father, or a bondsman, who claims to be to belong to other than his master shall bear the curse of Allah subhanaw taala and the angels that are people,

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no deflecting of it, or ransom for it, will be accepted from him. So here is talking about the rights of inheritance, which are given by Allah subhanaw taala, a person has the right to will

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only up to 1/3 of his estate to someone and that will have to be not for his own children and so on who would inherit anyway but for somebody else, but the children and so on who inherit cannot get anything from that 1/3 As a bequest, but if a person does not write a will, and or does or chooses not to bequeath, that 1/3 Then the whole estate is divided among the heirs, which will be the blood relations of the person who passed away. That's number six, number seven. Now his or her Salam said I have lived among you that which if you take it you will never stray after me, and that is the book of Allah and my Sona have I given the message Oh Allah be my witness.

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The Kitab of Allah and the Hadees of Rasul Allah He so I salah, these are the

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inheritance that we get from also Allah. And then he said convey this message to those who are not here. So this is the final point number eight.

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To look at each of these in detail. Let us start with the first one where he said your lives and your property until the very day you meet your rub, Jelena who are as inviolable to each other as the inviolability of this day that you are now in and the month that you are now in, have I given the message or Allah Viva VITAS upheaval, believers are but brothers, meaning brothers and sisters, no one may take his brothers property without his full consent. Have I given the message or Allah be my witness?

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I remind you of myself that the life and property and this also refers to the dignity meaning the reputation of a Muslim

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is haram or another Muslim meaning that no one has the right to take your life or to take your property or to malign you or to defame you in any way whatsoever. That is why Riba is called eating your dead brother's flesh.

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So as salam compared this principle, with the sanctity of the month of the hijab, and and the day of,

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of alpha of Hajj, and then he held Allah subhanaw taala as his witness and the people bore witness, today, slandering each other seems to have become the favorite pastime of many Muslims. Strangely, when those who graduate from religious colleges and then the first thing they do is to criticize others, and point out their so called force in their conduct and speech and even appearance. And they do and they make YouTube videos about this in that Illa who are in La Jolla.

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You have to seriously wonder what's up

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People rarely learned from whichever place they went to. What is more pathetic than criticizing someone's appearance in public? They don't know that scholars don't criticize each other in public, and those who do are not scholars

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talking about a wrong action is permissible and must be done, but not slandering an individual by name. But this has become a pastime, this has become our social life. Allah subhanaw taala said about this, well, my told me nonmotor and me then for Jessa, who Johanna more highly than V ha voddie will love Riley he will Allah Allah Who, della who either by now Zima Allah is around data set and whoever kills a believer intentionally. His recompense is rewarded Jana to stay there forever. And wrath, the anger and the curse of Allah are appoint are upon him. And again, punishment is prepared for that person.

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murdering somebody is the worst of sins aftership Surah Celestra mentioned the issue of infighting and killing each other. And he said in, in the Hadith in Bukhari, narrated by Al Hasan even early on the Allahu Akbar.

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Allah have said, I went out carry my arms during the night of the afflictions that is the war between say an ally and say that I shall be Alana and I will back her up at me and said, What are you Where are you going? And I replied, I intend to help the cousin of Allah's Messenger meetings as an ally. And we walk around said rasool Allah Santa Salam said, if two Muslims take out their sorts to fight one another, then both of them will be from the people of fine from the people of Ghana. It was set to result as a seller It is alright for the killer. But what about the one who was killed? And he said the killed one had the intention to kill the other.

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In another Hadith in Bukhari, Narrated by Abu Musa and and Abdullah Abdullah, who are the Allahu Rasulillah Salam said, Whoever takes up arms against us is not from us, meaning if a Muslim takes up arms against another Muslim then Muslim has left Islam.

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In another Hadith in Bukhari, the agent Viva hora de la no rasuna said Hassan said none of you should point out towards his Muslim brother with a weapon for he does not know shaitan may tempt him to hit him and thus he would fall into a pit of pit of fire, which is John and he said, Do not point a gun run point a sword or something

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at another Muslim, because this can escalate into something which is worse and you actually might injure that person or you might kill that person if you kill that person, then you will be in the hellfire.

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Now think about this sisters.

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Salaam is talking about a time when people used to carry arms and

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the out of the famous in the Yemanja Helia in the days of ignorance to four carrying on vendettas, which actually went from generation to generation and some of them were on completely inconsequential some of the world for completely inconsequential reasons. So he's talking about pointing a weapon and he's talking about not drawing a weapon and so on. Also, we saw here the Hadith where Rasulullah Salam said that

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two Muslims to fight and kill each other, he said both of them will be in Ghana. So, this is something to be taken very, very seriously as far as the

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issue of spilling blood is concerned as far as the issue of murder is concerned.

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The thing that comes out of this the corollary to this is also the issue of

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character assassination. We will come to that also in later on, but in here, I will also want to mention that that is a question of maligning somebody of defaming somebody of character assassination, of slander, of backbiting all of these things also come into the

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framework and into the definition of killing your brother or sister. Because killing is not necessarily only in terms of life, sometimes the killing of reputation, the killing of somebody's good name, is even worse than taking their life.

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During the life would have been easier, then the reputation of the person, which once it gets damaged is probably retrievable, and the person is still alive to suffer the consequences of their damaged reputation for no fault of their So, this is something which is very, very serious that we need to think about and to take it seriously. The second point is resource or Sara mentioned the issue of interest, truly interest, which is money lending.

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borrowing and lending on interest of Julia has been laid aside forever has been set aside forever has been made haram forever has been prohibited forever. And the first interest I begin with is that which is due to my father's brother abasement of a metallic. Now this brings us to this brings to us two very important things. Firstly, the format the prohibition of dealing in interest, any guy any form it is, it is haram. It is something on which Allah subhanaw taala declared war and inshallah we'll talk about that.

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Second thing is it also shows that in Islam, so Han Allah,

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there is nobody who's above the law, the law is supreme, because a lot of someone was Ronald Allah. And also Allah is seldom put himself and his own fat and his own family. Under the law, he didn't say that the law applies to everyone except my family, it would have been, if you think about that, it would, it could have been justified it could have been reasonable for him. For example, today, even in today's world, 2022.

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The the British monarch

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is above the law, the British monarch cannot be sued and cannot be tried in a British court of law.

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So this is, you know that there is a there is a indemnity, and there is a protection for the British monarch

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under British law, so the monarch is above the law. Now, who is more entitled to be above the law than the messengers Alloxan himself, but he didn't put himself out there, he put himself in the law, he put himself beneath the law. And he said the law applies also to him. And the second part of this advice, he said, that I let I lay aside the Blood Vengeance, which was also one of the things that I mentioned earlier of the Jamahiriya. The days of ignorance was, he said, that has been set aside forever, that has been made haram forever.

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You cannot take vengeance.

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And I start with forgiving the blood, which is due for the killing of my Kim's kinsmen, my my relative armor, even Robbie hydrophila Abdullah matale. He said, that is set aside and Allah Subhana Allah, and I have not taking

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you know, the revenge for this. And this has been set aside, I think about this, that now you might say, well, you know, what about if somebody gets murdered? So in Islam, is there no justice? No, that is justice, we are talking here about venues meaning, if somebody kills my father, I will kill that person, no, in Islam, this I do not have the right even if I

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know who killed my father, I cannot go and kill that person myself, I must appeal to the law, I must report the matter and the matter will the person will be arrested, there should be evidence produced and then the person will be brought before a court of law. And then the judge has the right to sentence that person

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to be executed. And this is the right that the Islam gives to the state to give to the state and the the

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the designated authority of the state which is the judiciary, nobody else has the right. In Islam, for example, the policeman does not have a right to take the law into his own hands and shoot a criminal will you and I do not have the right to just kill somebody or something. We must appeal to the law. The law is supreme. The only exception is of course we will get attacked, if you are to defend your family, defend yourself to defend your home. In that fighting, if you end up

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if you die, then you die Shaheed and if you end up killing, the robbers, the

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the highwayman, or, you know whoever attacked you, then this is justified as self defense. Other than self defense, there is no killing that is permitted in Islam for any reason.

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The question that usually people ask is What about blasphemy?

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If somebody's blasphemy, then what is the punishment again? Keep keep this in mind. All punishments all criminal law is for the state to implement. So

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If there is a Muslim state in power and if that Muslim judiciary, if if a case of blasphemy is brought before them, then the judge will decide on that case what is to be done. But if for example, if somebody we see this all the time you see people who are maligning Rasul Allah wa sallam who are now, you know, drawing cartoons and making bad jokes and whatnot. So, if somebody does that, in front of me, if somebody's blasphemy, if somebody says something bad about a sorcerer, do I have the right to kill that person? No, I do not have the right to kill that person. If I kill that person, then I have committed murder. Right? So please understand this, don't get carried away by by emotion

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and whatnot. What I do have a right to is to appeal to the state is to report this person to take to record what the person said to take this to the police to take this to the judiciary and say that this is what this person did. And therefore take action against that person, this is this is my right, this is what I should do. And there is no problem with that. I have the right to protest against what is happening I have the right to intervene, obviously peaceful ways. This protesting does not mean you break things and so on. Protesting means peaceful ways to protest against that, to appeal to the good sense of people to say, look, this was this is net net bad bad, you cannot get

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anything good out of maligning and out of abusing somebody like the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam or anybody like him, who has never done anything bad to you, you have nothing against them, yet you are doing this you are an aggressor, you are unjust. You are an evil human being. And therefore, we ask the government to take action against that person, but we do not take the law into our own hands. We do not go around killing people we do not go around beating up people we do not go around doing anything, which is illegal. According to the law of the land, and in Islam, any form of violence. Any form of vigilantism, any form of killing people is illegal and haram in Islam. Let me

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be very clear about this, right? It's not a matter of saying Oh, then then it means you don't know Rasul Allah, Allah knows what's in my heart. I don't have to justify to you or anybody else. Allah knows what's in my heart. And Allah knows how I love us. And I don't have to show it to anybody. And I don't have to justify it to anybody forget that. Right? I'm not even, I'm not even going there. And just telling you what is the law and this makes eminent sense. Instead of that what people do what Muslims are doing is because somebody does something which is wrong, you go and kill that person, and all the attention all the negative attention of the world and focus on you. And your

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act, which is force haram, which is which is not even permissible in Islam. People focus on that. And then as a result of that they even maligned the service or certain even more, and they said, This is the religion that Muhammad Hassan brought religion, which promotes murder, or religion, which promotes people killing other people. Right? Religion which is so rigid and which is so bad and whatnot. So your action of violence against somebody who blaspheme against Rasul Allah, Santa Maria, Allah subhanaw taala actually results in more evil coming your way than otherwise, it makes zero sense whatsoever, please, don't, obviously, I'm sure. I'm sure you don't do it, but don't even

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support it. If somebody talks about it, tell them very clearly this is haram in Islam.

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What the state does a Muslim state, the Muslim judiciary that is for them to do?

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What is my job and your job is to bring it to their attention through legal means, right? file a suit file, a compiler case, whatnot, and don't say you know, what is the use of filing and nothing will happen whether nothing happens or not your job you do.

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You do your job

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and do it in the best possible way whereby the damage is contained, it does not get worse. It makes no sense whatsoever to do things in a way where the problem now has become bigger than what it was

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before we started.

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let us be very, very clear about this and say that, as far as the prohibition for murder is concerned, it also refers to prohibition for character diversion against character assassination, and against any form of violence. Whatever be the reason for it, there is no justification as I mentioned, do self defense is a different issue. Obviously, if somebody's killing you Islam does not say

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stand there and get killed No, fight back, you must fight back must not allow the person just to get away with assaulting you because this is your right, your right defend yourself Tobiah by all means, defend yourself, defend your family, you cannot stand by there and what your own your own family being killed or your own family being murdered. No, you must fight but not when not in anything other than that this is the law of Islam is very clear about that. The

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famous Ayato sort of the Majda which we hold all the time, which is that I was worried that I said that somebody got enough sun, somebody who kills one person

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without any reason. This is as if he has killed all of mankind and the one who, NASA who have who saves one life.

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That is like I hear NASA Jamia as if you saved the lives of all of mankind. So let us remember this and inshallah next class next class we'll look at further advice from the cold water water officers of the Center for southern island to be very well ally. He also ended up together