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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam O Allah, Colombia evil mousseline vida de was hard he has made a bad mighty brother and sisters. The third critical rule with regard to teaching the Quran is to ensure that you follow the Sunnah of Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah Azza wa sallam, in every respect, when you teach the Quran

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now brothers, sisters,

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whether it is the Quran, or whether it's anything else, the there is a right way of doing something. And that right way is to do it in the way of the person who is who does it in exemplary fashion, the expert in that subject.

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Now with the Quran,

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who is the expert in the subject? If you want to know how to teach the Quran, where must you eventually end up? You have to end up at the feet of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam and we have to learn to teach the Quran according to how he taught Allah subhanho data, gave his example to us, where he said lacob callicoon fieros hula hoops watton Hashanah, lemon kanaya la hayama la cara was akara La Casita. Allah said that might not be is the best example. Verily, the example of Miami is a good example for you to follow for those who hope to meet with Allah and hope for the ACA. And who remember Allah subhanaw taala a great deal we'll do a lot of the Corolla.

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Now this ayat refers to every single aspect of our lives. The example of Mr. solemn is to be followed in every aspect of almost his life. But remember that that if you apply to teaching of the Quran, how much more Is it important to follow this ayah in the teaching of the Quran, which is the miracle which is the matzah of nourish Allah, Allah Allah Azza wa sallam, he is desirable guitar is the one on whom this Quran was sent. He is the one who is who was given the responsibility of teaching this column of Allah subhanaw taala. Now Allah subhana wa tada

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not only gave Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, the his column, but he also taught him how to teach this color.

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And for that Allah subhanaw taala specified four steps yet to Allah him it was a key him about you. I'll demo Makita well, hikma four things, Allah subhanaw taala said, recite for them the column. So the column comes in abishola Islam informs the people this is what Allah subhanaw taala said, they recite for them the column values that key him and prepare them, do their tasks purify them, because the column of Allah subhanaw taala is pure. And for that column to rest for the column to sink in for that column to have a path benefit. The place has to be pure. That place is our heart. We will look at the issue of mosquito nets in a little while. But that is a very critical element of

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teaching the Quran, which is the purity of the body and the purity of the heart and the purity of the soul. The schedule the schedule enough is a critical element of the of teaching of the Quran, as specified by Allah subhanaw taala and as taught by Allah subhanaw taala to is Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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he was a key word you will get up explained to them the meaning of what you have just recited.

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Ask you seriously those of you who think that teaching the Quran simply means hips of the Quran simply means that you memorize the sound of the Quran, that the meaning of the Quran does not have any importance. And maybe you don't say that in your in so many words, but this is visible from your actions. This is visible from how you teach. Please tell me where did you get this from? Because this is not from the column of Allah subhanaw taala Allah, Allah subhanaw taala said but you are lemo homolka part of the same teaching. Part of the same teaching it is part of the same process yet through Allah him it was a key him where you only Mohamed Al Kitab al hikma hikma is the

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implementation of what you learnt the wisdom of it the implementation of it, how to put it into practice. Just let me give you a very simple example. A large amount of data said a tea masala masala Sallam informed the people of a masala your robe has ordered you to establish salah and then what do you do? Go make Budo go mercosul clean your clothes clean the place. Do test get enough use a key while you are limo. Makita How are we supposed to establish the salah? Well here is the way to establish the salah Rasul Allah is Allah syllabication

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planed the different kind of salah and he. Then he went to the demonstration of the Salah, where he said solu camara to Mooney usili, which is the Al hikma we see in the Salah, the entire process of teaching of the Quran, where is lm informed ye to Allah him if he was Hakim

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Kitab al hikma, my brothers sisters, follow the Sunnah teach the Quran with love. There is one very high tech instrument that we find in every durotar is in the hand of every postcard of his and what is that great high tech instrument? It is a stick, La La La quwata illa Allah duty you can beat the Quran into your students. Is that a way of of teaching them the love for the caliber of Allah? No wonder many of them when they come out of the his mother sir, they actually learn to hate the Quran. They do not learn to love the Quran, because they are being taught to memorize something they don't even understand. And that memorization is also being done with force. How, how retarded is this?

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How, what a terrible way, whoever invented this way May Allah subhanaw taala Forgive me ever since it is high time we gave up this way of teaching. Number two, focus on on application, every single thing that we read, in the Quran, everything that you teach in the Quran, focus on the application of it, how are you going to apply this? This is what your job is saying? How are you now when to apply? And the last one is reflect on that core and reflect on those words. Reflect on the on the caliber of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala said about this for Allah tada Barun Al Quran, Allah Allah, Akbar Allah in Surah, Mohammed Allah said, don't they reflect on this caliber of Allah? Or is it

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that their hearts are locked up? I know this ayah did not come for you. It came for the people who refuse to accept Islam. But if Allah subhanaw taala were to ask us the same question today. What answer would you and I give? Do we reflect on the Quran? Maybe the people who are not Muslim, they don't reflect on the forum. At least they have an excuse to say that we never heard the Quran. We don't know what the Quran is. We do not we do not believe in Allah. But what about us we believe in Allah we believe in is Nabil Mohammed Salah, the Salah. We believe in the color of Allah Subhana Allah Jalla delallo we love Allah we claim to love Allah. We love Mohammed Salah Salah, we claim to

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llama masala, yet we do exactly the same thing that the others do, which is that we do not reflect on the Kalam of Allah, the Quran for those of us who listen to it is a tune. Maybe we like to listen to it, but we have no clue what is being said. We do not understand we do not reflect we do not introspect, and we do not apply it in our lives. What is the Sunnah of teaching and learning? What do we know from the Sahaba? The very famous called the very famous story of Abdullah Omar rhodiola, Juan Omar Abdullah Omar Abdullah nama memorized Surah Al Baqarah. And he took 12 years, he took 12 years to memorize Baccarat. Just think about this, how many times we tell these stories, without any

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understanding, we just say 12 years and we move on to the rest of the next part of the story. But I want you to stop here. And I want you to ask yourself this question. Why is this man taking 12 years to memorize just one surah of the Quran? Why is he taking 12 years. He is a man for whom Arabic is his mother tongue. He is he is the son of Omar Abdullah Abdullah who he has those genes in him. He is one of the most intelligent of the xaba that we know. He is a personal student of Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah Azza wa sallam, he was one of the most favorite students of a sorceress Allah. He was the one about whom his his his enthusiasm, and his rigor in following the Sunnah was

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such sad I just did a deal on our mother. She said that I have never seen anyone follow the Sunnah so closely, as Abdullah evening, Omar avellana.

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This man, despite all of these advantages, he takes 12 years to memorize one surah. And when he finished that he was so happy he gave away my gift without any slaughter, the cavalry invited is French for me. They asked him I said, Why did you take 12 years to memorize one surah? He said, because of the methodology of teaching of an OB sola Salaam, and our methodology of learning about other sisters, how many times have you heard this? Have you heard this story? How many times have you heard this story? And what have you done to change your mind to your methodology of teaching and learning? Let me ask you this question before I'll ask you this question. Well, like

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he said, our methodology was that we would go to a salon and we would take 10 is from him, then we would memorize those if we would understand those if we would go back to our solos at a salon to give us the explanation of those if we would reflect on those if we would look into

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Our lives to see if we were living by them. If there were any akam in those if we would bring them we would follow those accum in our lives. Once we had established all of that, then we would go back to the source for the next day. And he said that is why it took us so long. Remember, this was not the methodology only of Abdullayev Noah. This was the methodology by which the Sahaba is one of mine. This is how they learn the Quran.

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My question to you is, how come you and I don't follow that methodology anymore? The sterilized Allah Allah never took payment to teach the Quran. I challenge you give me an example when I took money rupees dakara I challenge you give me one example where any of the Sahaba who took money to read the Quran, a Buddha is to teach the Quran or the Allah know Abdullah Masada Delano to teach the Quran

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Allah knows to teach the Quran as mud bingeable News at the Quran, Abdullah Omar Abdullah has read the Quran tell me which of them took money to teach the Torah and then tell me how can you take money to teach Torah? Where is your belly from what do you what I'm giving you the DeLisle of the of the prophets, Allah Salah, and the Dalai Lama Sahaba ridhwan la la McBain, Allah He neither you nor I need any other than anyone else whose value give me cannot be superior to the delille of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, where is God? How do you charge money to teach the Quran? Allah subhanho wa Taala is witness I have committed communicated and I have told you what I have to tell

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create vital man why is it that we don't create a bicycle man? Create a bicycle man pay the teachers to teach the Quran from the Bible man. Don't take money from the students don't make money out of the Quran. The Quran is not your business. The Quran is not business the students are not your market. They are Don't try to grab market share from the Quran. Well I teach the Quran according to the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam if you can, if you cannot then don't teach but do not violate the Sunnah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam there is no Baraka there is no nor in leaving the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salah in order to teach the Quran for God's sake, that is an absolute

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oxymoron. How can you do that? If we don't even we should not even do that with no other aspects of our lives. Do not leave the Sunnah. In the upbringing of your children, do not leave the Sunnah in running your businesses do not leave the sauna in running a government How can you leave the sauna in teaching and learning of the Quran? Please correct yourself. And as I said, teaching is not for if you cannot do it according to the Sunnah for your own reasons, make our tolosa manohara stop teaching, learn the Quran that is fourth. Teaching is not fun. Let somebody who can teach it according to some let them teach you. If you can't do it, live it. But formed by a beautiful man

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from a vital Mar. Make do something which is beneficial, where it helps everybody. And if you can't do that, live it. ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for you. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with you. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to enable you to teach the Quran according to the Sunnah.

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And then to show the the Baraka of that and to show the knower of that in your column in your lives in your heart. May Allah subhanaw taala make your Dharma bull Mendez wanna fill your life with her melasma tala give you a great show and your Salah May Allah subhanaw taala make you shining beacons of guidance for all the students who come to you. And may you be that leader to lead them into general fiddles with Allah the ladies on the Day of Judgment. Wa Salahuddin Abdul Karim Allah Allah He was abused by erotica.