Mirza Yawar Baig – Teaching and learning #2

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers stress the importance of practice and digestion, as it is crucial for everyone to live in a world where arrogance is the norm. They also mention a chef who experienced a problem with water in his chef's jar and eventually created a solution to prevent future problems. The importance of learning from one's own experiences and not just from others is emphasized, along with the need for humility and acceptance of one's own worth.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam, our notion of an MBO evil Musa read. Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah He was early he was over Salam just live in Cathedral cathedral for Movado

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To complete the point that I was making yesterday with respect to the importance of treating knowledge,

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as knowledge,

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understanding the importance of knowledge.

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Think about this. If you have if you find a jewel, if you find a shiny rock,

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it might be the coin or

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won't be the actual Kohinoor because it is sitting in the crown of the King of England, but

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it could be a very, very valuable

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diamond, or emerald.

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But what do you need to do to find out

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you need to go to a jeweler, you need to go to somebody who understands jewelry, understand jewels, understand gemstones.

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And they will then be able to put a price on it and say this is what this thing is worth.

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Without going to that jeweler,

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even though you possess the thing itself, it's in your pocket. It's of no use to you.

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You don't know its value, and so you can't do anything with it.

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And the same thing applies to knowledge.

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Think about the three word which I introduced you yesterday information which is a bunch of data.

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Each one in itself might be useful. But we don't know that.

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That information when it is put together organized in a particular context becomes what we call knowledge.

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And this knowledge is what gets recorded and put into books.

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But even that is not enough. Because

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that knowledge then must go through a third process.

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And that process is where that knowledge is

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practice, digested, understood, from an experiential perspective. And then that learning is conceptualized and expressed in a teachable form conceptualized and organized in a digital form. That whole process is what results in what we call wisdom.

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And that is the reason why Allah subhanaw taala settled with our Salem year to Allah MIT, where he was a key him by you Ali Mohammed Al Kitab al hikma

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tell them inform them of the of the way that you have received, inform the of the revelation. And after you inform them, then purify them, get them ready to receive it and then teach it to them. Put that revelation in the context of what love what life is, and then share with them your understanding of that revelation, which is hikma.

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And that is why nobody can claim to understand the Quran without the agency of the Rasul Allah He set up.

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Without the agency of the Rasul without the help of the Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam without personas are seldom

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being the

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the interim between the message and the recipient of the message, the message will not make any sense.

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My brother and sisters it was this understanding

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of the importance of the teacher

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that lead gen din Rumi Rahmatullah Ali, Maulana Rumi route 32 when he met and when he was in the Kenworth, and he was in the company of his chefs Shams tabraiz router larae.

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He said about that encounter, he said it less but so but they only better just satisfy that barrier. He said, a second Lucha, Lucha

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in the company, of

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a person who understands and knows Allah subhanaw taala, one of the earlier of Allah

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insha Allah. He says that a second

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in that community not just sitting there, meaning and learning from them, learning from them. He says one second learning from them is better than 100 years of sincere a bad.

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Now this does not mean the discounting since everybody we're just saying that just worshiping hamdulillah it is good and worshiping is essential worshiping will give us Jana Insha Allah, but to really come close to Allah subhanho wa Taala you need the wisdom of the Rasul Allah Islam.

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This is what this is what led somebody like jello din Rumi, who was at the peak of his profession. He was a professor, he is a person who has written many books and so on it that that knowledge and that thirst took him to somebody who had wisdom.

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This is what

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the I mentioned to you yesterday. This is the story of Musa Ali Salaam and federalism. Now Musa is Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala sent Musa alayhis salam together, even though Musa Hassan was the Rasul because there was an OB, Yet Allah subhanaw taala sent Busara Salam took his or because he has to Allah Samantha wants to emphasize the importance in the rank of a teacher. It's not the when the teacher is a teacher, it doesn't matter what other

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status he has, or doesn't have, that the status of the teacher supersedes everything else.

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And there are many such instances of great scholars going to others to learn Imam Muhammad, Muhammad Ali,

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you he had he also used to do this he used to go to,

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to to other scholars in at that time, and he would sit with them and he would

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he would learn from them.

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How they were awesome. Learn from chakra kalburgi Rahmatullah Ali, and so on and so forth. Now, the point I'm making here is that it's very important for us today. Because we live in a in a world and especially in this country that says, we live in a country where arrogance is that is the name of the game. Arrogance is the name of the game, people feel that they need nothing from anybody that is the most dumb, the most stupid thing that you can ever imagine. If you feel that you are self sufficient, that means you're you're so ignorant, that you don't even know what you need. So please let us get out of this self deception, which is from shaitan. And understand that we need to learn

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there's a famous story of this professor who went to,

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to a chef to learn and he asked him he said, Please make me your disciple yours, your student. The chef took him to, there was a well in this courtyard, he took him to the well he took a jar, empty jar with him. And he started filling this jar in draw, he was drawing water out of the well and pouring into the jar. And the jar filled up and he kept pouring water they just overflowed and he kept pouring water it all flowed some more. And this professor couldn't take it anymore. He says while I said this thing cannot hold anything more, it's failed.

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And the SEC said that's your situation. He said, You have come to me with your cell filled with all that you know, and you want to come and sit here and ask me things when you are then comparing it to whatever is in your head. And you are not sitting here to learn you're sitting here to judge me. So empty yourself before you come.

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Now this does not mean that we have to discount ourselves and say I'm worth nothing. No, it is to put it in perspective and say what I have is knowledge what I do not have is wisdom and what I need is wisdom and wisdom does not come from books. That is why Dr. Yakko masala May Allah bless him made this beautiful statement he said we write we meaning Muslims, Muslims call us or we write books to be taught. We do not write books to be read. And that's a beautiful statement. Because the Quran Al Karim that's what Allah subhanaw taala as I mentioned yesterday, central Surah Salah with the Quran and he did not send the Quran to be read he sent the Quran to be taught. He sent the Quran for us to

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be it for us to learn it, not just read it. And this is our problem among many other problems that we just read.

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It's very important for us to have this humility and this humbleness, to go to the teacher in a state of need. understand and accept that it is my need to learn it's not the teachers need to teach the teachers many students or teachers don't have teach you. The teacher can teach anybody is mine need to learn that's why Musa alayhis salam was sent to cleanser Elisa when he had to walk and he didn't walk for a couple of days before he got to him.

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It is a need of the learner and the learner was go there as a need you

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Go there, as a patient goes to a doctor, it is my pain, I must get out of this pain, I want relief from this pain, I need the medicine, the doctor does not need to give the medicine I need the medicine and I am without the medicine, I will die the doctor will not die. Right? It is my need. It is this sense of, of,

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of being, you know, in need of this.

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Or saying that I'm attached. I am the one who is destitute and I need this thing. We must go to the teachers with that. And it begins therefore with the other the other way of learning please understand this today in this way we live in a world where especially in this country, and I'm not you know just sort of bashing this country with the amount of of lack of other the amount of the Absolute, you know, it is disgusting. It's so bad. I mean, I I think to myself, what happens to people, I mean, they come from countries which are known for the other and there is children here who are like animals, right? very shameful. You don't even they don't even have the courtesy of how

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to give salam how to make Salah how to sit in a in a halacha how to sit in the depths of the Quran, they will sit there and their legs are extended feet pointed to the Qibla feet pointed pointed at the face of the of the of the teacher in that alignment. And they don't see anything wrong with that right. And if somebody objects we say no, no, no. So you should be gentle with the kids I mean law whatever.

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Seriously, yet real people I mean, if you if you want to find find me one situation. Now the biller of where any cyber is that the way your kids and we use it in America, find me one instance where does it start like that before us was?

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What Why do we have Why do we have the zero gives us we have the zero to learn from it. To practice that in our lives. Not just to tell stories dissolve I used to sit like this. They used to do like they said and then what do we do we do the opposite of that.

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It begins with other way other Benassi bad abundancy The one who either has the future the one who doesn't the other has no future. Very, very important. begins with the other of learning said that the wheel said the way you use you look at the teacher with complete concentration not chatting with your video. You know, friend, they're not playing with your phone. I mean, it is the ideal is one away may Allah have mercy on me. I mean, really, if we have to ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us and to enable us to learn this beautiful Deen that he sent us send no sauce or celebrate our brothers sisters very important for us. Let us understand this. The importance of teachers, the

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importance of elders SubhanAllah. We have elders in our own families, we have our parents, our grandparents, do you take time to sit with them? Do you listen to them? Do you understand them? It is very important for us to be connected to our history. Because we came from somewhere, right? Today we are here because of somebody else we are standing on other people's shoulders. Who are those people? What did they face? We have a situation today when where when parents talk to children. Children say Yeah, well, that was that country? How does it apply? To me? It's not a question of that country of this country. It's a question of what is the lesson you're taking from

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If your parent talked to parents talk to you about the kinds of deprivation the kind of lack of resources they live with, the lesson you take away from is that resources do not define define success.

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Success is defined by what you do with those resources.

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But no you you're too dumb to understand that right?

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I'm saying this because I'm so I'm so bad with this because these are the kinds of answers that people give me. May Allah mercy on you, please get us get our act together. Let's stop behaving like this and learn and stop. You know, don't lose out on the assets that Allah has given you. And the biggest of those assets are the people in your life or people that people people in our lives and on those and from those people are the elders. Was anyone early he was

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