Tazkiyah 21 – Seeking Popularity

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Seeking Popularity – Ar-Riya

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In the lambda Lillah wa salatu salam, Arusha, Colombia while I live, he was heavy human, whether I'm about my dear brothers and sisters, I want to remind myself and knew about this great danger. And that danger is the danger of seeking popularity of seeking popularity in the work of Dean, especially in the work of Dean. And this is the big danger that people who become interested in Islam fall into shaitaan has different ways of deceiving people. And he deceives people in the ways that best suits them. So people who are in the work of the the shutdown does not tell them to do things which are obviously Haram, like drinking alcohol, or going back to the kind of lives that

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they used to live. But he takes them into something which is even worse, which is unreal, because Aria is schilke.

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And there is nothing which is worse than schilke.

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Greed is the mother of all evil, and seeking popularity is the mother of greed.

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And we find this happening all the time, where people who are engaged in doing good work in calling people to Islam, for example, in doing street Dawa, in doing good conferences, they don't fall into the trap of making money out of those conferences, they do not fall into the trap of taking money for their doing the street tower, and so on. But what happens is immediately you see Facebook pages, you see Twitter, messages, and you see every kind of attempt to show the world about this great work that they're doing. And you have all your photographs and then talking to other people and your photographs of them sitting on a stage in a conference and so on, showing the people showing the

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world showing the world showing the world what else is returning, because our whole thing is now focused, not on pleasing Allah subhanho data, but on showing the world. And of course, he then comes in with Jeff and tells you they don't know actually, we are not showing the world we are doing this because by by this popularity, we will attract more people to this work. And of course, more people do get attracted after a while, but forget that think about what is happening to you inside. So there is one thing which is to inform people. And there's another thing, which is to take it to the level of an obsession, where unless you have YouTube hates unless you have TRP ratings on your, on

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your TV programs, unless you have that many 1000 people in conferences, unless you have so many hits on your Facebook or Facebook page or unless you have so many Twitter messages being retweeted and so on. You are not happy now that is pure and simple seeking popularity, which is Aria is working to please the people not working to please Allah Subhana Allah May Allah May Allah forgive us for that. The key thing to understand is this, that there is safety in anonymity, there is safety in remaining hidden their safety in doing work quietly. And that is where Allah subhanaw taala gives the Baraka people who do their work quietly are the people who Allah subhanaw taala uses for his work. And and

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you see this all the time you see people working quietly by themselves, not No, no, no, Facebook, no, I think but you see that, that they, they and their word is spread all over the world. And I'm not sure how that brings about things to take them and their work across the world. Whereas people who are who are trying to do that consciously struggle and struggle and struggle, and they achieved nothing and they and they reached over. It's very important for us in the interest of RBF when we are doing the work of them to sit down and take stock of ourselves. Forget the crowds forget the numbers, forget the Facebook, forget the YouTube hates look at yourself and look put metrics on

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yourself and say that after I started doing this work have been how regular Have I become in mind? What is the level of cushaw in my Salah? What is the level of following of Sunnah in my life? What is the level of fulfilling the Firaon of Islam in my life? How much of charity Am I giving personally and so on, put measurements on yourself put clear measurements on yourself which you can measure and you can say that maybe I am on the right path maybe think about this today we have no hesitation in in publicizing the work that we do. And we do use every kind of means to publicize the work that we do. But think about this somebody like basil Golan who applied nervous Adelanto he said

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famous statement of Dr. Nimbus he said that if you if you knew what I know about myself, you would throw dust on my head. Imagine the person like, like we live near bas Delano, for whom Allah Allah made dua, that Allah subhana wa teletrip give him the form of the Quran, the first professor of the Koran

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The cousin of somebody who loved and somebody who is known as one of the greatest alama of Islam of the Sahaba says this about himself. He didn't none of the Sahaba ran behind popularity and none of them tried to talk about themselves. There's not a single statement that I know where as Jaime said, I have done this or we have done this. And we have brought so many people to Islam, but today, our whole language is focused on this, I have done this, my group has done this, my organization has done this and so on and so on. We are not talking about we're not talking about the Hara, that Allah subhanaw taala use, we talk in terms of our own so called contribution to that this is something

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which is a very, very great danger, and I want myself and I want you stay away from popularity, do not seek popularity, or run away from popularity, ensure that your name is not anywhere, do your best in spite of that if Allah subhanaw taala once he will ensure that your name is seen you will ensure that you will become visible insha Allah there is pride in that and Allah subhanaw taala will protect you. But don't do it by yourself. Don't stand up there and said this is what we are doing. This is what I am doing in to be very, very, very careful about this. Stay away from all of these things. The other big danger of all this is of course the issue of coming up coming in the limelight

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Limelight long before the work has gone anywhere long before you have been become strong to do anything. And then of course a lot of forces of evil, stand up against you and crush you even before you have been able to achieve anything useful. And that's the reason why it is very important. do good work. Do the work of Islam, do the work of spreading goodness all around you and do quietly low profile quietly, no publicity. Do not Do not ever, ever, ever see publicity. And then final point, make lots and lots of tober make lots and lots of power. Monitor yourself put metrics on yourself make the 100,000 on yourself stand in 200 and measure the the level of Porsche in your Salah. If

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that is not coming. It doesn't matter if your conference attracted 50 50,000 people you will stand before us Renata with a with a with a 40 Salah avino Salah. Now please do not do that to yourself. This is very very harmful. It makes no difference what happens on on the on the public platform what makes what makes a difference is what happens when we stand alone before Allah subhanaw taala asked Allah subhanaw taala to give us a show as well as Renata to fill our hearts with this with the with the fear of displeasing him, as well as Mandela to fill our hearts with love for him and asked Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with us and to save us from this terrible thing of react. See where

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Rotella mentioned Ria he said oil mousseline. I live in Oman salata him Savile I live in Hong EULA own talent mentioned Korea with regard to Salah how much more important is it that we that we that we can save ourselves from this, because with regard to Salah Allah subhanaw taala mentioned how much more possible is Ria when we are talking about other things like like public conferences and public talks and, and so on and so forth. Those of us who are much manatal has given a public platform we need to be very, very careful with ourselves, we need to be very careful that we do not end up with that public platform becoming the platform of janome for us, we may make let us make

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very very sure that before we go to any to any dog or something ready to rock out of Salah as to help Allah subhanaw taala to give you the words that reach the hearts of people when that talk is finished again makes rude at the earliest possible opportunity for it to carnivals Allah make toward Allah subhanaw taala as well as to protect you from the harm of popularity from the harm of popularity. Forget about seeking popularity, popularity is a very, very big danger. They said greed is the mother of all evil and popularity is the mother of greed. do not seek popularity. Do not run behind that. ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased and ask Allah Subhana Allah to help us and to

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guide you to that which is pleasing to Him was Allah Allah Nabeel Karim? Allah Allah He was happy at Main virological athletic out from alignment