Ramadan 2022 – Judgement Day #14 – Justice for the Oppressed

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Allah is the Most Merciful, but He is also the Most Just, and that justice is particularly shown and upheld when the rights of other people are in question. How we treat people in this world is going to determine if we meet Allah’s justice or His mercy. On the Day of Judgment, it would be in our best interest to have been among the oppressed in this world, rather than the oppressors

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You can't be a good Muslim. But a bad person doesn't work that way. On the Day of Judgment, Allah is going to divide the testimonies of the people into two, those that were hurt by you and those that were helped by you. And we're going to break out the way that each of those impacts you uniquely. But that's really the only value of the people as witnesses on the Day of Judgment. As for your personal religiosity, the Hadith suggests that Allah subhanaw, Taala doesn't bring anyone else to say, I saw that person pray and fast and that person was a good worshiper, Allah knows whether or not that's true of a person. And of course, Allah knows everything. But the value of the testimony

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of people is Who did you hurt? Who did you help? Now for the first category, there's something very important to note, on the Day of Judgment, you're either going to meet Allah's justice or his mercy. His justice, is that he scrutinizes you for your deeds, like that person whose limbs are brought forth to testify. His mercy is that he overlooks those things and he forgives you. However, when it comes to issues between us and other people, Allah will hold us to a standard of justice only because it would be unjust to not give the wrong person their right and forgive on their behalf. And that's why mamsa Fianna thodi Rahim Allah said for you to meet Allah subhanaw taala with 70 cents

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just between you and Allah would be easier on you than to meet Allah subhanaw taala with a single sin between you and His servants.

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The prophets why Selim said the first thing concerning which judgment will be passed amongst the people on the Day of Judgment will be bloodshed. Now the scholars reconcile that the first thing between you and Allah called forward is What is prayer. But between the people it's murder, and in one very vivid, authentic hadith, the prophet slice and M said, Yeah, g would map to Bill Carter, the Yeoman piano, Marcia, to who Watsu via D on the Day of Resurrection, I want you to think of the scene. The murdered will bring forth the murderer, with his forelock and his head in his hand, and his own jugular vein is dripping with blood and he will say, Yeah, Rob Catellani had you near human

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adoption, and he's coming to Allah subhanaw taala and saying, My Lord, he killed me, my Lord, he killed me, until he brings him right up to the Throne of Allah subhana wa Tada Subhanallah imagine a scene where people are dragging their murderers and their oppressors to the Throne of Allah to get justice. And that's why the Prophet slicin I'm said, always be the ad that is multiple room. That is wrong, not the one wronging that is MacTutor that is murdered, not the one that is caught it not the one that murders others. And remember how the Prophet slice and I'm said that the dua of the mother room that you're the oppressed, has no veil to Allah, even if that person is a non believer. Now, of

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course, that person has to deal with their disbelief on the day of judgment, but the one who wronged that person is still going to be held to justice. The prophets lie some said men wanna memoire hidden, whoever wrongs a person that is protected by a covenant meaning one of the people of the book by violating his rights or by burdening him with more work than he is able to do. Or by taking something from him without his consent. He said, No hygienic, human piano, I will be his prosecutor on the Day of Judgment. It's Pamela Can you imagine the prophets lie Selim standing against you, as a prosecutor on the day of judgment on behalf of who on behalf of a disbeliever because you still

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have to face justice for wronging that person, even more than the Prophet slicin Being a prosecutor against you. Imagine Allah and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam being at war with you. And Allah says this about the one who refuses to give up practices of usury, whatever, then it will be how to being an ally, he will also be prepared for a war with Allah and His messenger. And then Ibis will be allowed to Allah and Houma. He says, You all know Yeoman CReality, the acronym Reba hood the sila can will help it will be set to the one who consumes Ribba on the Day of Judgment, take up your weapons for war. Now labor is not just the crime between you and Allah, interest and usury, bury the

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poor in debt and perpetuate all sorts of injustices and abuses at the economic level. So this is another form of hurt against people. But beyond violence and theft, and proprietary aggression. Most of the sins that people commit against each other are by the tongue. And that's why the prophets lie. Some said nothing causes the people to fall face first into the fire, like the harvest of their tongue, the harm your tongue causes to others we've already spoken about. It's been made clear in your appearance on that day. Your situation is known, but now it's going to also be made obvious

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what havoc it wreaks upon one's DS? We start with the famous Hadith of the Prophet slicin where he said I said Runa men and ruthless. Do you know who the bankrupt person is? They said he also loved the bankrupt person is the one who has no money or no possessions. And he said, No, it's those people amongst my ummah, the one who comes forth on the Day of Resurrection, with their prayer with their fasting with there's a cat, imagine a whole lifetime of Laila to others and Salon sadaqa. But he insulted this person, and he slandered this person, and he consumed the wealth of this person, he shed the blood of this person, and he beat this person. So all of these people are lined up those

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who you hurt with your tongue, with your keyboard or whatever else that you hurt them with. And the profit slice and I'm sad for Jaquard so Allah sits him down.

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Plus ohada mean Hassan it will hurt them and Hassan it and each one of those people comes, starts to take his good deeds away until he is left with no good deeds whatsoever, completely bankrupt. And he says, Yeah, Rob, oh, my lord. I've got nothing left. So okay, them in hotwire for Tory highlighting. So then whatever is left of his grievances, the sins of those other people that are still lined up are taken from them, and they are cast onto him. And eventually the prophets lie. Some said he'll be cast into the fire. So he didn't injure, obeyed, while the alota annually said that a servant will be brought forth on the Day of Resurrection, and presented with his record, and he doesn't see any

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of his salah. None of his fasting, none of his good deeds. And he says, Yeah, Rob, how the keytab lady, Oh, my Lord. This has to be someone else's book because I had all these good deeds and I don't see them here. And Allah will say to him, barely your Lord does not overlook or forget your deeds have vanished because of your labor because you were backbiting people. So be careful with the honor of people. Be careful with the news that you read and spread with the funny comments and the gossip. It won't be funny on the Day of Judgment. Now, there's the other side of this. What if you're one of the people standing in line on the day of judgment and there will be people on the Day of Judgment

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going from line to line just collecting their good deeds because of what they endured from others about will nama or the Allahu Taala annually said in the lab, they weren't lucky Tada who Yeoman Tiana Pharaoh he has an ad lamea Kona mula, that Verily the servant is given his record on the Day of Judgment, this is the other side and he sees all these good deeds that he has not done. So he says Yara min Ainley Hara, Oh, my Lord, where all these come from, and Allah subhanho To Allah will say, because of the backbiting of people against unwanted attention, and you had no idea that they were backbiting you. So imagine that on the Day of Judgment. You're saying feud, hamdulillah

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Hamdulillah. All that was said about me and Hamdulillah this person back vited Me, I'm glad they were talking about me, because it's all showing up on your book of deeds that day. Now the anatomy of Mandy Rahim Allah, He said, You know, if I didn't hate that Allah would be disobeyed. I would have wished that there is not a single person left in the whole city, except that he backed by did me and he said, What could possibly be sweeter than a man finding a good deed written in his book on the day of judgment that he didn't do and he didn't even know about? And if that's the mercy of Allah to you, for deeds of hurt that were done against you by others. Imagine the bounty of Allah

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for deeds you did to help other people when they were a

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The bullet was enough for a wifey or Asia to roll with