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Friday Jumu’ah Sermon from the Kowloon Masjid in Hong Kong. A beautiful encouragement of how to live your life and die in a good condition with the Almighty pleased with you.

Summary of points covered by Mufti in his talk:

The question of why is answered? Why am I alive, why do I need to work, what is my purpose?
Allah choses for us, who we are, where we were born. Allah will test us.
Mufti explains and advises about reading the Quran daily. We all have mobile phones, download a Quran App and read a few verses daily. We check our phones constantly. We use our phones to communicate, communicate using the phone by reading Quran on it. The Quran will testify for us.
Everyone has challenges.
How you live is how you will die. Spread the Salaam, with a smile. Muslims must lead the way in greeting with a smile.
Janah can be earned through simple deeds.


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The importance of technology and the use of mobile phones in people's daily lives is discussed, particularly during prayer or prayer. The speakers emphasize the need for forgiveness and staying in a situation to avoid unnecessary problems, as well as the importance of learning and following instructions to grow up in one's father's Day of Judgment. The segment emphasizes the need for everyone to be the best when they die, and the importance of avoiding giving too much information to others.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah

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we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household his companions, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to bless them all. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to bless every single one of you, and the oma at large our offspring those to come up to the end, may Allah Subhana Allah keep them steadfast on the deed, my brothers and sisters, it is very important for us to keep on asking ourselves, Why will we create it? Why will we make? Why did Allah make me Why do I have eyes? Why do I have is why my hands? Why this body? Why do I have to work hard in order to eat? It's very important question because if we

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were lazy, we would not be able to afford life.

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So in order to live and to enjoy life, you have to work. And this work is not easy. It's very, very difficult. Some people work all day, and they only live during the weekend. So Monday to Friday, they work very hard, they earn a little bit of money, and the weekend they have the time to spend the bulk of that money.

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While they're working, they need to eat Why? Why did Allah subhanho wa Taala make a stomach that becomes empty few times a day? Why? Why did Allah make it so difficult for us? Just to be alive? Subhana Allah? That is a very interesting question. We have no answer besides the answer given by Allah Himself. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us, he created death, he created life, and he created them for the reason. And the entire state in this world is all about something very important. So what is it many places in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks to us about this, for example, in Surah, Luke, which is a surah, that I'm sure a lot of us would be reading regularly. Allah

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subhanho wa Taala says,

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sun one Allah.

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It is he who has created death and life in order to test you who from among you has better deeds, who has better deeds, who is going to do a better job, that's why he created death and life. So all of us here we are in a competition.

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This competition is for us to prove to Allah subhanho wa Taala that we did our best, according to the circumstances that he put us in, which means you did not choose where you were going to be born, you did not choose the color that you have, you did not choose, for example, the parents that you have, we didn't choose that, that was chosen by Allah in the same way that when you write a public examination, you do not decide the questions the examiner decides the question. You cannot enter an old level a level examination of secondary school and decide you know what, I will ask myself the questions, no to be tested. The examiner needs to put you into a situation and tell you what are you

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going to do? What is the correct answer? And before that, it is his duty to give you the rules and regulations to teach you. For example, you go to the school, you go to the college, you learn in the college for the whole year. Then you enter the examination. The examination is according to the syllabus that you were taught, that's what it is. So Allah has sent us the syllabus. What is it? It is Revelation, Revelation, the Koran, many of us, myself included, we are guilty of not doing enough to develop our relationship with

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my beloved brothers and sisters. You see these mobile phones, people are picking them up to take a video. while learning it is actually technology. Technology can be good and it can be bad depending on how you use it. The question I have all of us as muslimeen we will be proud to say that I have a mobile phone and I have this one is better than that one and that one is cheaper than this one is

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This one has a bigger mind. And this one has a bigger for example, for example, you know the, the speed and so on the processing speed is more on this phone. And a lot of us would say as Muslims that I have forgotten, I have the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala there is an application with the most have in my phone, am I right? Correct. But the question is, every day we use so much of the phone, how much of the foreign do we actually use in the phone?

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And I want to ask myself and all of you to do more regarding opening the door on minimum once a day from your phone, so that it will be a witness for you. While law he I have done my own survey speaking to people asking them how many times did you open the Quran in your phone? Most of them say we have never opened it. We have it application is there. But we didn't open it. Well you have it as a token because you are Muslim, right? But use it. It is more important than WhatsApp that we are using now more than anyone else more than anything else. We're using every little while making a phone call doing this doing that so how to love that is beautiful, but what law what is more

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important is the plan and the beauty with the Quran. The Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says hey Rahmani Medina LA.

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The best deed that which you do regularly even if it is small, what that means is read one verse a day, how much? One not more? How much? one verse a day it will take you 35 seconds, maybe one minute, two minutes in the morning, but do it every single day.

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Why is it that the prophets of Allah Salaam says that if your deed is done regularly, it is better than doing the whole deed one day and then leaving for a long, long time. Some people when they are feeling pious, maybe they have a problem, they sit they want to read the whole poem in one city after that for the whole year. There is nothing happening. Many of us Mashallah the month of Ramadan is coming. We become Muslims in Ramadan Allah

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Subhana Allah we become people who are real Muslims, which means when I say Muslims, yes, we are Muslim throughout the year but we start practicing, we become softer and we become better people. We pick up the Quran we do think Allah He let that happen throughout the year. I tell you the reason and this is what I was saying, one day I will die, you will die. If you are used to opening the Quran every single day for one verse, the day you die. How would you have started that day with the Quran? How much did you read one verse after that? What happened? You passed away when you passed away? your deeds will go up right? When your deeds are recorded and registered, it will be written

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there. This man died on this date. He started the day with a recitation of the Quran one verse Allah

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that's the beauty of it. We don't want it to be written this man read the Quran last Ramadan. He passed away one day before Ramadan? Is that what we want? No, we want every day. This is why it's important. Do a small deed but every single day, you're still far when you say

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you asked for forgiveness. Many of us we only ask for forgiveness when we have a problem. Suddenly you are diagnosed with a disease Mustapha Allah forgive me, forgive me Allah, maybe I'm sinful. You gave me a disease. My brother Allah wanted you to come closer to him. That's why he affected you or inflicted you with a problem sometimes. The Hadith says in the law either I have done it Allah when Allah loves a worshiper, he just seemed so you have a financial problem. It's because Allah loves you. So there are young people who say how I have a problem how how is it that Allah loves me? So he's giving me a problem? I explained. You read no Salah you did not read your Salah. You did not

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give you a soccer you were drinking alcohol. You are gambling you are far away from the masjid. You did not use to even look like a Muslim and you had a problem it brought you towards reading to add on top of the five Salah was it not a gift of Allah? When you had a problem? What happens? You try to get closer to Allah haram adultery No, let's leave this Why? Because I have a very big problem. I have a very big problem. So Allah helped you through the problem to to leave the sin after that. You say Oh ALLAH forgive me. You are in the masjid very early Mashallah brother. Mashallah, what brought you here? We will not ask, but Allah knows what brought you here is the problem. If it was not the

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problem, maybe you will not even going to be there for Salah. The same applies. We start waking up for tahajjud crying to Allah. Allah loves those

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Yours loves the condition. Allah says my worshiper. Look at this condition of You're so beautiful, so lovely. You are so close to me, I want to leave you like this for a few more years. So Allah Allah, and we will say, No, no, no, no solve my problem, I have economic problem hardship, Allah He, all of us sitting here we have some form of a problem why? That is Allah, Allah has to keep you in some problem through your life, if not worse than another one, if not that one, then a third one. When you are finished with one problem, another one is going to come because that's how you will be in check. That's how you will remain on the path. If all of us were happy, everything was smooth, no

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health problem, no social problem, no wealth problem, where do you think we would be? May Allah subhanho wa Taala make things easy for us.

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This is why Allah says I have created death and life in order to test you who has better deeds, I will put you in a situation and I want to see from amongst you, who does the best. So we are in competition, but the competition is not exactly with one another in every aspect of existence, but rather, the situation that Allah has put you in, for example, a rich man is not in direct competition with a poor man in that aspect of wealth, but he is in competition. Regarding the situation Allah put him in Allah made you wealthy, what will you do a lot? Maybe you do? What will you do? That's what it is, then you pass or fail, according to your questions. And the questions we

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are asked are all different questions. The situations we are put into every one of us, we have a different situation, even though it may seem similar, in some ways.

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So my beloved brothers and sisters, like I was saying, this technology that we have asked yourself, I use it every day to communicate with who,

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with the rest of creation, it's okay. It's Helen, it's permissible. My wife, my family, my business partners, my friends, my acquaintances, no harm, no problem. I use this to communicate with creation, brothers and sisters, you will succeed when you use it also to communicate with the Creator Himself. Remember that? Remember that? And the reason why I've chosen to talk about this technological advancement in this piece of apparatus is because my brothers and sisters, all of us almost 99 to 100%. We have these devices.

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The world has changed drastically in the last 10 to 15 years. Before that, perhaps people might say no, I didn't have and so on. Maybe some of the elderly people or some who are really disciplined or some who cannot afford but it's become very low in terms of costs. They may not have it, everyone else has it. And we are excited brother say Can I have your number? Please can I have your number? My brother My number is not important. The number of Allah is more important. If you did not know me But you knew Allah, your chances of going to Jenna are far greater than if you knew me and you did not know Allah the chance is actually cut. May Allah forgive us. To get to Jenna, the ultimate goal

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you need to know the maker, the owner, the militia, the cherisher, the Sustainer, the provider, the protector, the cure, that's who you need to know. You don't need to know that man or this man. No. And in order to know the maker, you need to know the syllabus that he sent us. He sent it with the best of creation, the most noble of all Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam we will honor Him we will respect him, we will consider him the best of creation, the most noble of all messages. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us to study his life and to put whatever he has taught into practice and to understand what he has told us is prohibited is actually prohibited. And what he has told us is a

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requirement will be a requirement make it your business to follow the Sunnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as best as possible.

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My brothers and sisters Allah loves you. I tell you how I know this. Today you are in the house of whom? My house no your house note the house of some wealthy men know you are in the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala a beautiful place in the center of Hong Kong. So Allah, this lovely place known as Kowloon, Subhana Allah and we are in the house of Allah, we could have been anywhere else am I right? We could have been anywhere else. It is a sign of the love of Allah to bring you here. To put it in your heart. Let me go Subhana Allah, so don't be mistaken. Don't let people tell you Allah does not love you.

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No, he loves you. Allah loves you, Allah has given you a chance upon chance upon chance, Allah puts it in your heart. Let me go to the machine. And when we come to the machine, why do we come? Why are you here? I can tell you why you are here to worship Allah primarily, right? Number two to listen to a good message that will motivate you and I to be better people. That's it.

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So if you come into the masjid and you hear a talk where the man who is speaking is demoralizing you or he is spreading hate or he is spreading filth, and disunity and dislike, that's not what you came here for. Right? You did not come here for that you came here to listen to a message that can purify you make you a better person make you think when you walk out a I heard a good message I must change my life. Because there are a few categories of people. One of them is they say I heard a good message. What was it? It was a good message. But what did he say? It was a powerful message. Now shaper makes us forget because he does not like it when you come to the house of Allah. So now when

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you come to the house of Allah, He makes you forget. So when you walk out, you don't remember what was said. But what law who my brothers and my sisters,

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if you can bear in mind, that you need to change to be a better person every day better than the previous day. That is success. That is success. You cannot suddenly become perfect because we are human beings and we are not perfect. But we will try our best every day improve one thing two things. Every day we become closer to Allah. Don't go back. Don't go back. If you want to taste the sweetness of a man. One of the conditions of tasting the sweetness of the man is that you don't like to go back to the day of ignorance that you were in. After Allah has guided you.

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When Allah guide someone, you know many of us we pass through a phase in our life. Sometimes you're young and you're growing older Subhanallah you pass through a phase where maybe the environment has affected you, your friends have affected you something has affected you. That is a phase. The quicker you come out of that phase, the better it is for you and for everyone else. So as we come out of the phase, we call it the period of ignorance. We all have our small periods of ignorance, some people Mashallah Allah has blessed them. Like the Hadith says there are some youth they grow up in the obedience of Allah for them is a special place on the Day of Judgment. Shah buena Shafi banda

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de la de tala, a young person who has grown up in the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala. for that person, he will have a special shade on the Day of Judgment without a doubt. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us all and may He guide the youth from amongst us so that we can grow up in his obedience. But for those who might have dilly dally swayed this way, that way, don't worry. For as long as you are breathing, you are alive you are in the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah He my brothers, my sisters, there is hope for everyone. Your day today must be better than yesterday and tomorrow must be better than today. Remember this, because that is success. And that is exactly

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how we will be able to progress get closer to Allah is that you will remember my brothers and sisters. The fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala has brought you in this house already determines that there is a link between you and Allah. There is a relationship what you have to do, make that relationship strong. Don't just be here for Salah to draw. Allah loves it when you come to his house often not like me and you nowadays, if you get visitors every day, your wife will say What's going on here? Can't you tell them to go to a restaurant? Right? We have become less hospitable than our fathers and our forefathers. They used to be so happy when they were visitors in the home. Every day

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people would come from all over to Panama, they would welcome them no matter what. There was a lot of Baraka. But today,

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let's be honest people, they are not as happy when visitors step beyond their welcome, right? So someone comes to your door, they knock the door without phoning you, please let's not do this. But anyway, you must phone people before you go make sure that they are there. You must know when to go but more important than that. You must know when to leave.

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You see I'm talking to you today.

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I was given a certain time but I tell you I will stop before the time Why?

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I rather you go back saying it was very short. It's better for

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means that you go back saying it was very short, then for you to go back and say, You know what? Today the guy was late, whatever I said, You forgot it because I took two minutes long. That's the reason. So we need to be intelligent when you go to someone's house you visit. And before you sit for too long, you leave so that next time they say, Please come back, they know that you are a good guest. You know when to go. You see, I remember when I was young, I went with my mother to one person's house as a joke on the door, they had a sticker. It said, We are happy upon your arrival. But we will be even happier when you depart. So hello, my mother said I don't ever want to go back

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to that house again. She never went after that. And I told him Ah, this is just a joke. No, because they feel it. You know, this means something. But in essence, that message was trying to say you need to know where to go from here. You cannot sit all my people start saying you know what, this man is sitting too long. The same applies when someone comes to the house, for example. And they come very often, or they want to stay for too long, we get upset. The example I'm giving you is that of the house of Allah, it is the opposite.

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To whom Allah can be massaging, a person whose heart is stuck to the houses of Allah subhanho wa Taala for them will be a VIP status on the Day of Judgment. Anytime you don't know where to go, go to the house of Allah, even if it is empty, come inside, read the Quran, meet someone say a good word to somebody better make boo and we deliver a book something good. This is the best place you can be the best place. Now I want to tell you I started off by saying Why did Allah make us Allah made us to test us everything that happens to you is a test.

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Everything that happens to you is a test. But I tell you how you live your life. That's how you will die and how you die. That's how you will be resurrected. So Panama a few days ago, on the 24th of April, we all saw a clip of a chef or a mockery. A person who reads the Quran. Sorry, we call it Karissa.

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We saw him and Indonesian his name was Jafar Abdul Rahman. Allah, Allah, he passed away on the 24th of April, which was a few days ago. How did he pass away? He was at a function.

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And they asked him to read the Quran. So he was reading Sudoku MOOC. And he began the recitation, the verses that I started with today, right, the para kehlani bsdl moocow Allah,

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Glory be to Allah O

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. The greatness of Allah is being mentioned in this beautiful verse, where Allah subhanho wa Taala is being glorified. And

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the qualities of Allah being mentioned

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in his hand is the control and the Kingdom of absolutely everything, which means he controls everything. And he is able to do everything, all label all capable, the one who has created death and life in order to test you who from amongst you has better deeds, and indeed he is powerful and most forgiving.

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When he said most forgiving his eyes roll while he was reading his eyes roll.

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He started the next verse while in saccharides.

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He continued, imagine, sometimes if we suffer some sickness or something, we will stop what we're doing and worry about what's happening to us. This man suffered a heart attack. He did not stop the tilava of the Quran. Imagine what type of recited he may have been.

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He continued, you can see the clip. It is viral on the internet at the moment. It's only three days old.

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And do you know what happened?

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As a lovely fella Casa Martin when he set the bar and he was already gone.

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In the public in front of everyone he dropped. May Allah grant in general, what a beautiful day when the athlete says you will be resurrected according to how you die. He will be resurrected reading the Koran inshallah, by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The question I want to end with for myself and yourselves. The question I have here is a man he passed away while reading the Quran.

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Why? Because he was reading the Quran. If he was not used to reading the Quran would he have died reading the Quran know how many of us would like to pass away while reading the Quran?

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All of us. Am I right?

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The question is do you read the Quran? That's the question

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we want to die Institute

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But we don't do sudo

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so I was speaking to one young man and this is facts you know, nowadays we're living in such an advanced world that the brain thinks in some weird ways sometimes. So I speak into one young man and I told him, you know, look at this debt, look at how beautiful the death is, and we want to die in sujood. But my brother Do you read Salah? He says, No, I don't because I don't want to die. When I'm ready to die, I will start reading Salah. Look at that. How twisted is the mind that we think that if I want to die Institute Allah Take me away to do so you make everyday Take me away to do but you don't do the suit because you don't want to die? What's that?

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The Hadith says you will die according to how you lived and you will be resurrected according to how you die.

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So we need to understand this. Let us increase our servitude. Imagine if you were to die. Okay.

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Reading the poem that was very high example. Right Institute. I have also seen this in Madina munawwara

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it was also a very high example.

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What about dying in the house of Allah? Is it not a blessed place? It is. Well, let's come here. Come here and come often and come not only on a Friday, I knows perhaps we live far away, perhaps it's not near and so on, at least the closest mystery to where you are, or at least sit on the prayer mat in your house, sit on it for a little while. Open a book, do your work, do something on the premise. Imagine if you died on a prayer mat. Forget about people we are not worried about people. We are worried about Allah subhanho wa Taala you will die with the angels recording. This man died on his prayer mat after Salah. He sat there for half an hour and he passed away on the

00:26:51--> 00:26:52

spot. So

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so that is the lesson I have. Let's learn my brothers and sisters, to be the best of people because of the same verse. Allah created you in order to test you who is better.

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We have one very big disease in the oma that is we don't greet each other. That's why there is no Mahabharata. There is no love. We don't greet the Hadith says Allah.

00:27:17--> 00:27:18

Allah, I'm in

00:27:20--> 00:27:47

the habit to shoot, I'll show you something. Before I translate that ad, let me tell you, don't you agree that we are very disunited and fragmented as an omen today? Don't you agree? We have small small groups and small small factions, and people don't want to talk and don't want to look at each other. So here is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is saying to you and to me, should I not show you something? If you do it, it will increase the love between you

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should I not show you something? If you do it, it will increase the Merhaba now you if I say yes, please show me today. If you tell someone show me he will stand up and give you a long lecture, what to do, what not to do, how much money to give how much this how much that and long talks and even after that we will be frustrated and we won't find that love and that marhaba but Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says let me show it to you one simple thing of Salama.

00:28:19--> 00:28:37

Spring spread the Salam between you spread the greeting of peace genuinely between you greet each other smile. And don't go too much beyond that. You see the problem is if I greet you Salaam Alaikum my brother, how are you? I need to watch the expression on my face.

00:28:38--> 00:29:17

It must be good and pleasant, not surrounded. And I walk away. You see that? A brother will say why are you sniffing at me? I don't need this. You see? be genuine salaam aleikum, Mashallah look at the expression they must be positive power and energy coming from your face. Because people when they look at you, they need to see and believe you are genuine. That's all you are genuine, sincere person you really want to greet Assalamu alaikum and what do you do? What are they called salam wa Taala Baraka maybe one or two simple questions about how are you my brother? How is everything? Okay? Yes, fine. Stop there. Proceed.

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Don't go too much into private little brother, What's your job? How much salary Are you getting every month? Where do you buy your stock from? What is the cost price of these goods? I'm going to come to your business what do you do okay, I need to do this. This I'm going to have a discount from you give me that salon was a waste of time. That salon was for another reason. This is why when Muslims deal with Muslims, a lot of people say no, no, no, I prefer not to because this guy is going to try for a discount is not going to pay me he's going to say I'm a Muslim brother. You need to have mercy on me yet. The mercy that those I owe money to is not the same Subhanallah you cannot go

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to someone you owe money to and say I cannot tell you

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Because there are Muslims here who have not paid me because you know, I'm having mercy on them. You cannot do that. This is why we say when you want to greet someone greet properly, he's your brother, when you visit his shop, pay the full price, it is better for you to do dealing in that way. If you visit his business, he may decide to give you some discount and so on. But you need to know my brothers and my sisters. When we are separated, when we allow the dunya to come between us, we will be separated. When we do it for the sake of Allah, we will always be united. So greet each other. I know it sounds very small and simple. But voila, he I am only telling it to you because it is the

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remedy provided by Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. If it was not set by him, why would I say today? He says clearly, should I not show you something? If you were to do it, love would. It would cause love amongst yourselves. Spread the Salah, greet each other. Today we don't greet I promise you the non Muslims greet us more than the Muslims. Even myself, I promise you, you have a lot of non Muslims. They look at you. They see you with a beard. They smile at you. Hello. Wow. What happened here? So Han Allah. And when you look at the Muslim walking, you know, like, like he's really someone who has so much of problem difficulty is feeling difficult to look at your face. Why?

00:31:24--> 00:31:54

To sell him Allah coolamon arasta woman lamb tarrif greed both whom you know, and those who you don't know you will find your heart will become clear. This is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told one of his companions, if you are able to get up at night, or to get up in the morning, and to go to bed at night, without a feeling of negativity in your heart for anyone and everyone else, then do it. Do it.

00:31:55--> 00:31:58

So Pamela, you will enter gentlemen.

00:32:00--> 00:32:44

A lot of us have baggage, what is that baggage, false misunderstandings with one another, sometimes our children, our own family members, and we don't get along. Is that what we were created for to try and leave the problem? People say, I will sort you out on the Day of Judgment. Have you heard that? I will wait for the day of the AMA and I will fix you. How do you know when you get to the day of the AMA? The tables might turn you might find out that person was right you were wrong, then what will you do? That is why the Hadith says solve your problem here. If you can solve it here, make sure because on that day, there is no data, no dinner that will help you you don't know what will

00:32:44--> 00:32:53

happen. What if you find out your own, it's over, you lose. We cannot afford to lose, learn to forgive, learn to embrace.

00:32:54--> 00:33:11

Learn to love one another for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and indeed you will see the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala you will witness how Jen is earned through simple deeds that sometimes we take for granted.

00:33:12--> 00:33:20

We take simple things for granted. I always give an example of how there was a person who gave a dog water to drink and Allah forgive him.

00:33:23--> 00:33:43

Because he had a good feeling towards another creature of Allah which is a dog that had he could have used the example of a bird or some beautiful creature peacock, something like that. But the hottie use the example of a dog, a dog, you know, the ruling regarding dogs, dog, Muslim, see a dog they run the other way I know that.

00:33:44--> 00:34:22

But he gave water to the dog Subhana Allah, Allah gave him forgiveness. What do you think you will achieve when you reach out to another human being? Even if they do not belong to your faith? No problem. You reach out to them, you give them water and drink. You were kind to them. You smiled at them What's wrong? They looked at you and they said Mashallah, these Muslims, they always have a good expression. I have so many examples of that. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us all goodness and ease and May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless you all, these are a few words of a message that I would I intended to deliver to you today so that I can improve my life and my relation with Allah.

00:34:22--> 00:34:40

And so that all of us here can improve our relationship with Allah and our relationship with the rest of those who are around us so that we can be the best when we die. We will die in the best condition. akuto Kohli hava Allahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad