Mufti Menk – Life and Death

Friday Jumu’ah Sermon from the Kowloon Masjid in Hong Kong. A beautiful encouragement of how to live your life and die in a good condition with the Almighty pleased with you.

Summary of points covered by Mufti in his talk:

The question of why is answered? Why am I alive, why do I need to work, what is my purpose?
Allah choses for us, who we are, where we were born. Allah will test us.
Mufti explains and advises about reading the Quran daily. We all have mobile phones, download a Quran App and read a few verses daily. We check our phones constantly. We use our phones to communicate, communicate using the phone by reading Quran on it. The Quran will testify for us.
Everyone has challenges.
How you live is how you will die. Spread the Salaam, with a smile. Muslims must lead the way in greeting with a smile.
Janah can be earned through simple deeds.