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Eat and Earn Halal


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various issues with eating healthy foods, including the use of "poison" to describe experiences, the acceptance of certain foods, and the "arthing of the culture" and "arthing of the culture" conditions. They emphasize the importance of avoiding confusion and the need for a connection between eating and the culture, and the need for a connection between eating and money. They also mention the need for a connection between eating and the culture to prevent fraud and the use of boundaries and regulations to prevent eating and drinking.
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in Milan Bella salatu salam ala ala via Allah Allah He was heavy human wala award in our tarbiyah series, today we will talk about the issue of haram and Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala sent all the media and they all did the same thing.

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And there was one that I said, Oh Hill locomotory but will her Rama la como la vez la said they have made halaal for you all the things which are good and pure. And they have made haram for you all the things which are impure and hubbies.

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As far as we are concerned, Allah subhanaw taala made it even easier.

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And he said coma Atacama rasuluh for poo, Amara Hakuna cuanto Allah subhanaw taala Satan's world Russia, whatever Microsoft gives you take it and whatever Microsoft stops you from stop from it.

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I want to remind myself and you that this is your Herman Hara has two parts one is what you eat and the other one is what you earn.

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And let us look at both of these.

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Today, if we look at our plates,

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our plate is international

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plate is international

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no matter which country you are eating in the plate is international.

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The meat comes from one country the chicken comes from some other country the fish comes from a third country the oil comes from some other place and so on and so on and so on.

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And therefore it is very essential for us to be sure of what we put in our mouths.

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Now, many times people say that such and such a thing has a halal certification on it.

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Now, chicken for example, any chicken that comes out of a factory process chicken whether it is winkies or Goodridge or whatever.

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Please understand one thing very clearly that chicken processing machinery is designed for operational efficiency which means it is designed to produce the output to increase the output per minute to increase the number of chickens that are processed per minute. It is not designed for halaal processing

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any any machinery. I have been inside a chicken factory. I have seen how it works. I don't want to go into the details here. But take my word for it.

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The halal certification for example, for the Godrej chickens the halal certification comes from a Masjid in Bombay, which I have never heard of.

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Now, the fact that I should have heard of something is not a criterion indeed. But my point is it is not a proper halal certification organization.

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It is some Budget Committee in Bombay, which we have no clue who they are and what they are. And they certify that the goats chickens are Haram.

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I have a very simple rule that I apply to myself.

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And which I suggest that you also apply to yourself and that is that with regard to haram and halal eating, just ask yourself if the word Haram is substituted with the word poisoned? Will you still take a chance?

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The Simple as that. Instead of saying Haram, if we said poisoned, will you still take a chance on some stamp which is on that package? And if you think that poison is too extreme, now let me say instead of saying poison if I say allergen, which means that this food contains something to which you have a severe allergy. That I'm sure is easy enough to imagine.

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Supposing you say that this thing which which you are eating may have an ingredient in it to which you are severely allergy.

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What will you do?

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We do still take a chance or will you ask 20 times and if you are still not sure? Who said Well, I better not eat it anyway. Even though all these people are saying it's okay. I am not sure that I can believe them. So, therefore, let me not eat it anyway because after all, I am not dying of starvation and I have multiple choices.

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So please understand this very clearly.

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I have given you a there is one for an let me give you a dream from the Zero Hour Casa de Delano overgaard. Delano came home one day from somewhere and he asked his son Do you have anything to eat the man gave him a bowl of milk and he drank it

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After he drank the bowl of milk, the man said, you always ask me the origin of whatever I give you today who did not ask me

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delana said to him, he said that, you know, I am so careful about what I eat. So I expect that you will not give me anything which is not which is not just what was this milk? The man said, this milk was my wages for some magic that I had done for a tribe, outside Medina before I became Muslim.

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What did he say? He said, that there was there is a tribe which lives outside Medina, I had done some magic for them. I used to be a magician or a soothsayer, I had done something for them. Before I got before I became Muslim. They had not paid me then. So they paid me today when I was going by that way, and their payment was his milk, which I gave him.

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Our scissor delanco started inducing

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vomit, he put his fingers in his throat and he started vomiting. And he vomited the entire milk out. And he continued until he brought out blood.

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If he will stop him, and they said, What are you doing? You will kill yourself. A Walker says he said I'm doing this because I heard my hubby Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam saying that if you eat a morsel of haram food, and it becomes a part of your body because it is digested. The fire of jahannam is wajib on this body.

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Now just think about the issue itself.

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Think about the issue itself. What is the issue of WooCommerce? Is it something which did not even belong to him? He ate he drank this milk which actually was the property of the server the server and give it to him as a gift. A worker says he drank its milk enough c by itself is halal. Therefore if you get something as a gift, which is Helen, the origin of that gift is not your problem.

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How the man earned that food is not your problem. Yes, we know this man shirt right? All of us are great movies. We are bigger move to the alpha city. Now the villain.

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So if you drank this milk, this milk was not haram for him. number one. Number two.

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Our brand is milk not knowing it.

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unknowingly. If you do something in any case, there is no scenario.

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Yes, then why did you want me to talk?

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That's why I said we are bigger Mathieson. overgaard de la,

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la la la hotel.

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This was the nature of the Sahaba which made the Sahaba what they were

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they never took chances with Allah subhanaw taala rules.

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So ask yourself what are

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the two biggest problems that we have with our food in this country one is chickens. And that's why I say never eat a chicken that you didn't know.

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One is chickens. And the second one is ajinomoto which goes into Chinese food

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ajinomoto comes from the source, there is a ajinomoto which comes from a vegetarian source. But that is more expensive. So most people don't use it.

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The normal ajinomoto which comes comes from pork

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and it is almost invariably in all Chinese food.

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So check, go and ask the guy if there is no water in his food. And I said

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if your taqwa is weak you science

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and that science is what if you are allergic to ajinomoto in any case, as you know water is a gas is a carcinogenic thing. So, among other things, it does it also induces cancer in you. I mean, you might like to have that.

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So in any case, it's a lousy thing to eat. But

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taste enhancer. I mean, I can't imagine why why would you

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cook if you know how to cook food? Well, there is no need for taste and answers.

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So ask if there's an order in that word, don't touch it. Don't go anywhere near it.

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Eating halal is the basic requirement for the acceptance of

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eating halal is the basic requirement for the acceptance of other today most of this oma is eating Haram.

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I can show documented cases.

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There was a case in South Africa there's another case currently in the UK where pork chops

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boxes of pork chops have been stamped holla

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the case in South Africa there was a white guy who called up the

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the Association of scholars and he called them up and he said What kind of nonsense are you people doing is is what what do we will do is that there is a salad stamp on pork chops

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you Muslims are playing games with your own religion none of us do there is a Christian guy he called up he said you Muslims are playing games with your own religion.

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How did this halaal stem find its way onto pork chops? Can you imagine?

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Somebody is blindly stamping things

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a hotel please please understand this.

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So eating halal

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number two is earning Hello.

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Today again we have a situation where mostly is give fatawa and they say that up to 15% of your income if it is hella if it is haram It is okay.

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And somebody said up to 35% Haram is okay. I don't know give them this who gave the Mufti the authority to make halal Warden Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah Azza wa sallam adhara because what did he say about the issue of haram and halal in earning rasulillah salam said if a man earns 100 deram and in that 100 serum if one of those

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is haram, it makes the other 99. Also Haram.

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So what is the tolerance level of rubbish Allah Salam with regard to haram earning, zero tolerance, zero tolerance, there is no tolerance, zero tolerance.

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And today we are bigger than Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu sallam.

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So we allow what Nabis Allah Salam didn't allow and visit Jacaranda article,

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Article visa Ravana That is why our Why is not accepted. That is why we May Allah help us Yala helpers Allah help us you scream and you yell and you do all that and you have 1000s of people and hundreds and 1000s of people all around the globe and everywhere and otherwise, doesn't even go above the head doesn't get accepted. We do not see the signs of acceptance of this door. Why? Because we are all eating.

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I'm not saying everybody's eating. I'm not saying you are eating and I'm just saying this is the condition of the oma generally speaking. May Allah protect all of us from that we are earning haram and we are eating Haram.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala not only declared interest haram Allah subhanaw taala declared war on the one who deals with interest who takes it or pays it.

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And we have made this gize

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we have made this choice and we have created rules and we said that in this country it is allowed and that countries Allah did not say which country.

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Allah did not say which country?

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Allah subhanaw taala not only made it haram he declared war on the one who deals with it, but we have made it Yes.

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So we are earning haram and we are eating Haram.

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Just think about this room please at least let us have some shame. The Brahmin

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does not eat meat, his whole life.

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Not one day or two days his entire life he does not eat meat in order to please his God, which we consider to be a false deity. Yes. And we cannot miss chicken for one meal to praise Allah.

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In Allah when Allah Raja

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Muslims will eat anything as long as it is dead.

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Now that's my definition.

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Muslims will eat anything as long as it is dead. The Hala hotel how tragic is that? how tragic is that?

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We have people buying meat in the US for example by law all composite meats which means that things like all the cold carts and you know Meat Loaf and all of this, it can be mad Turkey, Turkey meatloaf, but by law 15% of that can be any other meats.

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Legally 15% of it can be any other meat. Now first of all that Turkey itself is probably not not slaughtered in the Muslim Islamic way. Therefore by itself, even if it is turkey meatloaf, even then it is haram but I'm saying that 15% of it can be any other meat and by definition anywhere in the US and the US and Europe. Any other meat means pork because pork is the cheapest meat available.

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So when you are eating, meatloaf turkey

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you are more than likely eating

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Also pork

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and this is this is across the world.

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The fattening in that is invariably lard, big fat

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jelly, jellies,

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origins, yogurt, all of them that gelatin comes from bones

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with bones, more than likely 100% big bones, even that will even if that was not the case it was it was simply bones of animals which are not slaughtered in the Islamic world because that is not the method or that's not the method that

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it's not their way.

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We're eating haram and we're earning Hara. And that's the reason why our rabada don't get accepted. Our door doesn't get accepted.

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And the tragedy is that it is so easy to eat heroin.

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And it is so easy to earn Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is Raja Mateen Who told you that you have to earn Haram in order to eat Who told you that Allah became so weak and Allah went bankrupt and Allah stock crashed,

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that he can feed you so therefore please feed yourself haram Allah Allah and eating

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this, the Hala Hotel

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in the law, who was de todo till matienzo Rosario de la semana de is that azopt Verily Allah subhanho wa Taala Is there a doc and he feeds you with His power well with will over the machine.

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But he did that he man we need that understanding of our rub. We need that connection with our we need that confidence in our app to say that my rubbish at least big enough to feed fill my one belly in the relay when

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we need that love for Allah Subhana Allah

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Allah can feed us and Allah will feed us and what is

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written for us will come to us

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without any doubt, without any doubt.

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starting this minute, let us go and look at what we have in our fridge.

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And if there is anything that doesn't confirm 100% apply the role. Instead of instead of doubtful if it was poisoned

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cola cola fridge if it doesn't confirm 100% throw it in the garbage

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throw it in the garbage

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don't even imagine don't even touch it. When you go to eat out in restaurants, check and recheck and recheck don't just say this belongs to a Muslim it can belong to a Muslim all the Allah that immigration is being done by Muslims. I'm not saying it is all faulty there hamdulillah the good good organizations who are doing a good job but go find them who find them who are they What are they

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just because something belongs to a Muslim doesn't guarantee that it is valid I wish it was so I wish it was sold.

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But unfortunately the reality is whether you like it or not, that is not so

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the chickens coming out or processing factories which are being sold

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in the shops at joining the harem

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which means that you make Amara and then you go and you eat your chicken and the chicken is haram

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and if you don't believe me go and see what happens in a chicken factory a Processing Factory don't you don't have to believe me go and look for yourself. I have seen and I'm telling you this is the reality

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this is the reality.

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So let us make very sure as part of the Scotto NASA bitola which is the series that we are doing the issue of Raman Hara, ensure that we earn halon and that we eat holla

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at anything which is doubtful The head is on a visa Salaam where is it leave that which is doubtful for that which is not doubtful.

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Leave that which is doubtful for that which is not doubtful. The mohltc is dead and there are three Hadith which are in themselves. Each one of them is one third of the deep. And out of those three IDs. First one is Mr. V net. The second one is this one and the third one is how do you separate out of those three, this is one of them, which is one third of our D 33% of our DNA

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is one of these. It is so jam it is so complete in its wisdom of what Rasulullah Salim said can you imagine any live that which is doubtful for that which is not doubtful.

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Lazarus Allah Salam said that shepherd who grazes his sheep close to the boundary of the king, it is invariable, it is very likely that some of those sheep will cross over the boundary and the shepherd will be in trouble. Therefore, do not even go near the boundary, we are not talking about crossing the boundary we are saying don't even go close to the boundary.

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Don't even go close to the boundary, the boundaries of Allah subhanho wa Taala whole molecule, Allah Allah Allah, Allah chill Karim. Allah is the king, Allah is the king of kings, to the will come on Tasha Tansy will will come in man Tasha, he is the one who gives the kingdom and who takes away the kingdom.

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So how much more careful should we be about the boundaries of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Especially when we know that these are those have not been sent a set for the benefit of Allah. They have been set for our own benefit, personal benefit.

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If a doctor tells you don't eat this food, because it will kill you. If a doctor tells you you are diabetic, don't touch this thing or something else and don't touch that thing. You will follow that.

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Absolutely, rigidly.

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Yeah, even though you know that whether you eat it or you don't eat it one day you will die. There is no doctor who will cook and save your life. One day you will die despite that

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user Oh no, I can't eat this. If somebody invites you to his house, you will say no, no. These are my dietary restrictions.

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What Allah subhanaw taala said, if you go if you do, if you go over or you cross the dietary restriction of the doctor,

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it might harm you physically. And as I said one day you die anyway. But that dietary restriction will not send you into the jahannam it will not send you into the hellfire.

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But crossing the boundary of Allah subhanaw taala will send you into the hellfire. But the reality is our Hellfire is not real for us.

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Hellfire is not real for us. And that's the reason why we feel so comfortable crossing the boundaries are less of an affair.

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don't play again with your own life, and especially with the life of the afra

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and halaal eat holla what has been written for you cannot be increased cannot be decreased. All that choice we have is which source Do you want it from harass or haram source, big the halaal source and Allah will give you what he was written for you anyway and He will give you with Baraka and he will reward you

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take it from the Haram source, you still get the same amount and you also get the vibe of janome in your belly.

00:22:59--> 00:23:04

And so also with eating, eat halaal if you have a doubt leave it

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if you have any doubt Leave it. We go and eat in this

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you know function and that function and so on and so forth. And we just trust

00:23:19--> 00:23:23

as I told you instead of halaal if it said poison, what would you do?

00:23:24--> 00:23:29

Keep this route. As I told you before the talk was too weak. At least use this as a rule.

00:23:31--> 00:23:55

You ask Allah subhanho data to increase our taqwa and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to increase the reality of the agenda with the handle in our lives, to increase the understanding of Allah, Allah, Allah and his power and his glory and to enable us to eat halal and to earn Allah and to give the Baraka of that in our door and you know, and in our era that Salah Nana will kill him while he was average men but I had to go