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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala should have freedom be able mousseline?

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Mohamed Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa

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the Steven cathedra and cathedra Homer Virgo.

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My brothers and sisters

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imagine this scene this is a true story.

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Set in our hotel room, Alana was the Khalifa he was the one woman in

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and the Muslims are fighting and facing the army of the

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And in the battle, which came to be called the Battle of hacia.

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The commander of the Muslim army was setting aside many of your costs for the alarm.

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Both set an alarm and Katara Delano, and she's not sad, if you

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are from the 10 people promise then I should overshadow

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seven then out of the land who wrote a letter to Saudi Arabia because of the law which is preserved, we have this letter

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the gist of it, the overall meaning of it.

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He said I

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order you and command you,

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to fear Allah.

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And to fear committing sins.

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Imagine this is one of the Azure of MOBA genre writing to the other Azure overshadow

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the majority of that army comprised of Sahaba.

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So he says, I warn you

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against committing sins,

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is your sins are more harmful and more dangerous to you than the enemy.

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Then he says that we do not win battles based on our strength, strength of arms, nor do we win battles based on our military battle strategy.

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He said we win battles because Allah subhanaw taala gives us victory. And Allah will not give us victory if we are disobedient to him.

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He said do not comfort yourself thinking that after all, the others are disbelievers they are you know, they don't even say right I will Allah whereas we are believers. He said that does not matter. If you commit sins, Allah will not give you victory. And then either the disbelievers will have victory over you because their weapons are better than you and the numbers are more than

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and then he gives the reference of the Quran Al came.

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And he said just like Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah Surah Surah, a Kadena Illa Bani, Israel Isla Ville kita Villa tufts, you don't have a lot of the Mara train. What are the I don't know Lu one Kaviraj

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for either Jah wa do Lahoma Barcena alikoum Reba, the learner Willie but since God then for Josue kala Dr. Magana What are them for Allah so Mara other than Allah COVID cara de la him wonder the Nakhon BM while you were born, in which I'll now come AXA and FIRA in action DOMA Hassan 2 million fusi come we're in acetone. Voila, ha for either Jha dual credit clearity Lea su welcome Walia the whole Masjid Komeda Hello, who are what Amala well, you will top below Mahalo to Vera. I saw Rob Bolcom a hammock home. We're in or tomorrow dinner with your Jehan nama little coffee in a hasira

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so that our hotel Delano recited these ayat

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which mean

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and we want the

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he said we want the

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children of Israel in the Scripture, the Bani Israel were the Muslim of the time.

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Right? These were people who are the Muslims of the time.

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Allah said we want because think about it. These are not Jews. Because these people are the children of who, who is

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is by Zack Zero. This is before Musa Islam.

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Right. So he said we want the children of Israel in the Scripture, you will certainly cause corruption in the land twice and you will become extremely arrogant.

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When the first of the two warnings would come to pass, we will send against you some of our slaves of great strength of great might who will ravage your homes.

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This will be a warning fulfilled, then after your repentance, we will give you the upper hand over them and aid you with wealth and offspring causing you to outnumber them. If you act rightly, it is for your own good, but if you do wrong, it is your own loss. And when the second warning would come to pass, your enemies would be left to totally disgrace you and enter the masjid of Jerusalem, which is non Muslims the last day they translated about exactly the mercies of Serbian Elisa.

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As they enter it the first time and utterly destroy whatever would fall into the hands. Perhaps your Rob will have mercy on you if you repent. But if you return to sin, we will return to punishment and we have made Jahannam a permanent confinement for the disbelievers.

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Interesting point here to notice,

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Allah did not Allah did not say Allah Bani Israel Isla your issue I feel odds

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are you might say well, what did the people in Jerusalem do? People in Jerusalem don't have to anything. Allah did not say we sent them against the people, the Bani Israel who were acting,

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coveting saints in Jerusalem.

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Allah Bani Israel, Maha

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Bodhi Israel

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your usual fee filled?

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Are you more calm?

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But where did the punishment where did it come from?

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So many of the Ottawa they have said that our courts Jerusalem, which means the whole area

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is a thermometer.

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It's a meter to measure the health of the OMA.

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If the OMA is sick, it will show their

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Mallanna This is what many of the overseers in Oregon have said as the part of zero this is why the law specifically mentioning this jealous because of this. So

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if we as the OMA and it's very interesting, as an example, you can say, you know, because people have you have a disease, some some problem.

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It will show in terms of some symptoms, right? It will show maybe headaches or something else. And then you check, you go to the doctor they do scan the sign is Oh no, this is because of this thing. You've got robot robot, rheumatoid arthritis, or you have some brain tumor or something. All right. So it's not if if you simply take some medicine and rub it on your head, it won't go away. Because this is this is not happening because of the head. It's happening because of what is happening in our body. The head is very destroying, but the problem is with the whole body. So the the thing to understand for us is today when we look at whatever is happening

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is to ask ourselves questions saying what am I doing to contribute to what is going on there.

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And we are all going to believe we are all contributing

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one way or the other.

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They are paying the price, but we are the cause.

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We are the cause.

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So it is very important for us to reflect on ourselves and say what is it that I'm doing with Allah subhanaw taala

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Allah has no friends, Allah has no relatives, that Allah does not give special treatment to somebody. Whoever is good whoever is

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on on goodness Allah will do whatever is on evil advisor.

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And this is example Allah's mother's giving us saying that those people when the Bani Israel wherever they were in the world where they were living, when they started behaving like this, what happened? Where did the Where did Allah said, we said, the first time it was never done? Who was the king of Babylon second time it was Titus was the emperor of Rome. Allah said we sent them they didn't go on there unless I sent them and he sent them when he says

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so it is very important for us to understand this and say, what is it we can do now? What must we do? We do what are we supposed to

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Like any issue, what did he do when there was any problem? Rasool Allah

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immediately he would go to the masjid or at home he would pray that God will make dua he would ask Allah

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rasool Allah

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What do you do in bother after arranging the troops?

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His students are

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so very important for us to return to Allah subhanaw taala examine our own lives and say what is it that I'm doing which is causing the problems that are there in the world?

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Right, it's very this the whole point of Islam otherwise, see, today we have got into this materialistic way of thinking where for everything we look at us look for solution outside.

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So this is happening this place, what must I do? Go here go there talk to this one. Talk to anyone doesn't matter. Allah is the One who does it.

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La hawla wala Quwata illa Allah there is nobody can do anything unless Allah subhanaw taala wishes and how do I get ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala to rule in my favor by becoming obedient or

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so on Halal eat halal fulfill of right? Three conditions of a Muslim

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eat halal and halal and fulfill whatever Allah has made for fulfill that and if any, if there's any problem or a anything that we are not doing in this character.

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because please understand, if we believe everybody believes that you are willing to eat haram, you're willing to earn haram and you are not going to fulfill the variety. And then you're going to make dua and Allah will accept it. Sorry. It doesn't work like that. I don't make the rules. I'm only telling you what there is. If you can find a hadith or an ayah where Allah said it doesn't matter drink alcohol, sell alcohol, do what you want, eat haram. Don't, don't pray, but I will accept your door if you have this, this big choice.

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If you have this attitude of gratitude.

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What Why do we insist on fooling ourselves?

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Allah subhanaw taala is an added Allah will not change our condition until we change these things simple as that. It doesn't matter how many die, it doesn't matter who is suffering, it doesn't matter who's crying, until we change our ways Allah will not change

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his decisions. And Allah subhanho data will tighten the screws and they will make it more and more and more tough not less. Because we are the last of them.

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There is no more after us after bunnies right Allah Samantha replace them you brought us after there's nobody so what happens to us now? We get ourselves do more and more until we correct ourselves.

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So I remind myself when you let us not play games, the time to play games over there was never a time to play again. But we were playing anyway at least now that time is over. So let us correct ourselves. Let us correct our actions and let us ensure that we don't incur the anger of Allah's vanity and then inshallah Allah subhanaw taala will bring about change the law said in the case of Venezuelan desire, Allah said when you corrected yourself we can do and we gave you wealth and children and this and that.

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Nurse if you if you insist on disobedience, we will punish you more clear if

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so we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to correct ourselves because the far below what we did was manager and we advise each other to return

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was interviewed anyway early he was being drafted by