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datamodel Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara Philippi Wynwood studied Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Steven Catherine cathedra

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and umana mobile mini me Abdullah Aisha Radi Allahu Allah call at Cardozo Law he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and I had this fee and Marina had Lisa Amin who was

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Muslim where our boccardi Buffy, where the Muslim man amela Hamelin Lazar Ali Morona for Hawa

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on the authority of mother, the Mother of the Believers, I shall see the current the Allahu anha. Who said that so Eliza Eliza loves that he who innovates

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something in this matter of hours, which is Islam, that is not our it will have it rejected by Allah, and this is Buhari, a Muslim and one and in one version of Muslim

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it reads,

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He who does an act, which we have not commanded, He who doesn't act which we have not commanded, we'll have it rejected by Allah subhanho data.

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This is your one of the Hadith which

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encompass the totality of our religion. And as I mentioned earlier, the first one is in the manava vignette, this is the second one and another version of it is the one which I mentioned yesterday

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which sort of said that cool with that and Delilah. So,

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which is basically the same meaning.

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The intention of the action must be done surely, must be done sincerely for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala only, and it should be done in accordance with the Sunnah of Rasulullah is, this is the

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if you look at it,

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in terms of the integrity of the dean, this is what the dean is, we obey Allah in the way that also does understand obedience.

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So for example, Allah subhanaw taala he will set up establish Salah we say yes, insha Allah, we are here ready

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to establish Salah How is it we do not in any way we think, not in a way that we admit no matter how

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pleasing it might be to us. We pray the whereas organizers and prayed he showed us how to pray and he said Salu come to us and either play pray as you have seen me pray. That's very important because

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it is possible that we have a good intention to do something. But if it is done in the wrong way, it will still be rejected. On the other hand, we might be doing something in accordance with the Sunnah we were praying exactly our soul as a result is to pray, but the intention is corrupted. The entire intention is to show off intention is to look good before people that also the

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the deed will be rejected. So it's very important for us to make very, very sure

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that both these conditions of the acceptance of our

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actions are satisfied because if it is not done

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then there is no

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there is no acceptance of deeds. That's why That's why I lost that as

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he said, locket, cannula comfy Rasulullah It was what would have said illumine Carniola. Well, your well actually that was going to lock a theater very early in the Messenger of Allah you have the best example to emulate for anyone for everyone looks forward with hope and or to Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allah subhanaw taala agreed D. A great deal and unceasingly. Now

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it's very important to understand this because think about this, if you look at the descriptions of the Day of Judgment,

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it doesn't look like something you want to look forward to. Except if you are among those inshallah and ask Allah to make us all of them which who can look forward because we have tried to please Allah subhanaw taala on our lives, and we hope for forgiveness and for His pleasure and for his reward. And that will happen only if he spent time trying to please others further if he's been our lives, living them in a way where Allah subhanaw taala

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is pleased with us. Without that it becomes very difficult. Without that you

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leaves are not accepted. So, you know, then the, the, the terrible situation of the Day of Judgment will then become clear we ask a lot to save us from that. Now, it's very important to differentiate between a brother and violet which is our daily life and our actions between worship and actions. With regard to worship, the rule of thumb is that something is forbidden by default. Unless there is supporting evidence in the Quran and Sunnah we cannot make things up. Only the acts of worship explicitly laid out by the Quran and Sunnah are acceptable. On the other hand, non worship actions which are marmelade are permissible unless there is textual evidence that it prohibits them, the

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type of clothing we wear our choices in food and many other everyday matters are left to individual choice, as long as there is no contradiction in the sources of Islam for example, you can eat whatever

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you like, except that which has been prohibited. So, which is the meat of certain animals and birds which is prohibited and meat that is not slaughtered according to the Hakama fala something which is not the B there is a very big bizarre misunderstanding, because of which a lot of Muslims I find are eating haram meat, because they believe that there is something called a non xebia halal, this is a

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this is the corruption a terrible lie that has been invented in America specifically not Zabihullah. This is like say Halal pork, I mean, Zambia is the process by which we it becomes halal, if it is not Zambia It is haram it is eating dead meat it is eating Modar. Now, we have created this no this is it is halal, but not but not Libya, what is the word? What on earth does that mean? That if it is halal, it has to be Serbia, that is what that is how it becomes valid. If it is not Zambia it cannot be hunted, no matter who puts a stamp on it, no matter who does what with it. And Zambia means that shall be slaughtered by hand by a Muslim, saying Bismillah Allahu Akbar, this is this description of

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If it was not slaughtered by a Muslim, say Bismillah Allahu Akbar, then it is not the beer. The even even if you go to the to even even if you take the visibility of eating the slaughter of a practicing Jew or a practicing Christian, who says Bismillah Allahu Akbar obviously will be Speaker Lama in one way or the other even if it says it in, in language other than Arabic still, there is no room and scope for machines slaughter there's no room in scope for a tape playing while the machine is slaughtering or somebody sitting there and saying Lila I mean how we have corrupted our religion in our lives. And we forget the fact that if you eat haram if you eat on the behalf, then you're a

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bad at your worship is not accepted, or those are not accepted. So imagine the starting at break Turabian are those that you're fasting or that not accepted? You're starting to break the law with regard not accepted, you're starting in here not are not accepted, you are making a decaf and then eating her up not accept it. Why would you do that? Why on earth would you do that? So it's very important that we

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clear with this and make sure that

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we always earn and eat a lot. Similarly, all earnings are halal by default abdominal Mamilla by hiring default or by by default a halal except that which are prohibited. So for example, interest based earnings earnings from any form of deception and so on, so forth, the earnings from gambling so if you are a bookkeeper in racecourse, believe me your thing is haram haram haram. So please make very sure that our earning is halal. And our food is halal. And this is the basic fundamental principle, any word and nobody can say this is this is Minilite. Allah, what Allah subhanaw taala said nobody else can change. Don't worry about looking for fatwas. Don't go photoshopping

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photoshopping is the is an example of lack of image.

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So, let us not compromise our image and

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you know,

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if you are

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let us make sure that we are doing things which are correct, which Allah subhanaw taala has

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permitted us. So, fundamental principle,

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doing the action which Allah subhanaw taala commanded and doing it in the way that was also salam showed us how to do and that is the

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hug of Allah at the prohibition therefore, I'll be that which is of innovation, introducing something new into the religion

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which was not there in the first place and pretending that this is this is acceptable it is not We ask Allah to save us from all that and from all around Salalah we carry value so we've been able to go