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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara film via evil mousseline. Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Muhammad Ali he was happy he was seldom doesn't even Kaziranga FIRA for Mavado.

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My brothers and sisters, we are on the series of lectures on the Syrah of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, on lessons from his life.

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Focusing on his leadership style,

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ask Allah subhanaw taala Jalla DeLallo to enable us to benefit from the best of all examples that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave to us. And Allah subhanaw taala called it the best of all examples, the examples of example of His Habib and His Rasul His Messenger, His Beloved Muhammad Mustafa SallAllahu, alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam.

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We were talking about the concept of the extraordinary leader, about which I must say that one of the most important qualities is to be flexible.

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Flexibility is sometimes misunderstood, to be weakness, and the willingness to compromise.

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In my view, flexibility, on the other hand, is a sign of strength.

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It is to have a leadership style that can be kind and tough at the same time, as the situation demands. Many leaders err on the side of one or the other to their own detriment.

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The leader must simultaneously

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be able to

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his great vision

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and then to lead his people on a path

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that leads to the fulfillment of that dream. To be extraordinary

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is to be able to do both the FMO task of dreaming and the concrete task of translating the dream into an actual roadmap with milestones. Then it consists of finding people to fill the many roles that are bound to emerge, because no leader can do everything himself.

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Without a team of highly competent and dedicated people to implement the strategy, the greatest of dreams must remain relegated to the realm of desires,

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recruiting a team inspiring them to give their best training and directing them

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and for and finally, watching them from the sidelines, as they fulfill the tasks that they have been trained to do are all roles that the extraordinary

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that the extraordinary leader must perform.

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One very important thing to keep in mind when studying the Syrah of Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah Allah subhana wa sallam,

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or the biographies of his Sahaba is one layer language main is that they were human.

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With likes and dislikes. They felt sad and happy. They agree and rejoiced. They succeeded in some things, and not in others. They had families, they love some people and not others. It is this very fact that they were human, like we are human, which makes that example so powerful and encouraging for anyone who wants to emulate them. If also Allah is Allah salaam had been an angel, or some other worldly creature, if he had been a Superman, who could fly and vanquish armies with a single breath. It may have been very exciting to see that. But we would have been justified in saying, I can't emulate a Superman or an angel.

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But as soon as a salaam was attacked, and injured in a dive, he was injured and bled and almost lost consciousness in the Battle of God. He suffered bereavement many times. He lost his mother, his most beloved wife, our mother, Khadija Takoradi, Elana he lost his Angola battalion. He lost all his children except his daughter, Fatima, Zahra are the Allahu Ana. Before he passed away, he felt sick and was cured. He felt pain, hunger, grief, and happiness. Yet he never faltered in his effort, never gave up was never frustrated, or depressed or angry at those who would not listen to him.

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So when we read the stories of the Syrah, and what also lies or sell them, or the Sahaba did, we must keep this in

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mind that they were human. And so we're subject to the same anxieties, fears, hopes, aspirations and apprehensions, as we are.

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Yet, they never lost faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala they are Tawakkol and they are up supported and help them. He is also our and will also support and help us if we are like them.

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Masala is a solemn, appointed, highly valued or Galarneau as commander in chief of the army, even though there were many others who were famous warriors of the time, and gave him the title of Saifullah, the sword of Allah. One very critical factor in the appointment of colleague Mindvalley or the Elana was the way Rasul Allah is put the success of his mission, he put it on the success of his goal,

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above his own likes and dislikes, highly been valuable. vellano had been an enemy of a solar cell up until that time,

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and was the one responsible for the debacle at the Battle of wahat. Where thanks to his cavalry charge, the Muslims lost 70 of their number, including some very eminent Sahaba who realized love very much. Among them was Musa una manera de la han.

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The envoys have also realized

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who on whose invitation most of the major personalities among the leadership of the answer in Medina, accepted Islam. There was Abdullah bin Judge of the land.

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The brother in law and cousin of soil as a seller, who sisters and have been judged is among the among women. And most of all, among those who

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who were Shaheed in what in shahada and hot was Hamza bin absolutelly, another Elana, the uncle, the companion, the friend, the supporter of a solar cell, whose death literally broke his heart.

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He would weep with the pain of his parting, every time he's heard his name. Yet when it came to choosing someone to command, the army of soldiers wrestling chose highly beloved of the alarm over everyone else.

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He must pause to reflect on what it must have taken in terms of dealing with his own emotions to do this. If you read the account of how he greeted someone, I send them highly visually Arellano when he a number in the asthma Delano came to Medina to accept Islam. It's a case study in how to keep your goal foremost in your decision making.

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When also Allah has received the news that highly valued an hour in the US on the Elana we're headed to Medina, he showed orders that nobody was to mention or how to them or to criticize them, and that they were to be made welcome.

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This was necessary because there were many families in Medina who had lost their loved ones in the battle over HUD. It is a mark of how the Sahaba obeyed are sold as a seller that not a single person said anything critical to highlight me Ali and Mr. Ignace are the Elana

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On the contrary, the cry was raised

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that the Horatia have given us their cream.

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When they came to us is another way I Sharif ProSolo salon stood up from his place to greet them, and he put his own shawl on the floor and asked Khalid bin valley to sit on it. And after they had accepted Islam, he conferred on Holiday Valley the title of Saifullah and gave him command of the Muslim army.

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Let's reflect on this and see how tough it must have been to not only treat someone who had caused you so much haven't paid well, but also to honor and honor him and give him command of the most critical resource, which was the army.

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Looking at this from another angle. For someone like originally, Oliver Lang, who was a natural commander, and who had served as a commander, to accept anyone else's authority over himself would not have been easy and may not have worked at all. His nature was not to obey orders, but to command Rasulo, sir and recognize that and gave him gave him a position where he would be able to operate best and all his talent and energy would have been used to the best advantage.

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Let's reflect on how many of our youth are throttle and suffocated in positions where they are forced to work under doddering relics of a bygone age only because they're older.

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What does that do to our organizations?

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their potential to create a positive impact in the world. Rosa Salem appointed people on merit alone. He did not appoint a young man to within, quote, support the youth.

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Nor did he deny a young man a leadership position because he was too young,

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he said was out of nowhere on the Alano as his envoy to Medina, when he was only about 17 years old. He appointed Savin Milo Delano, as the governor of Yemen, when Saddam was in his early 20s.

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Both his appointments, and many others were done purely on merit and capability.

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As well as asarum did not insist on doing everything himself, nor did he give authority only to his friends. He appointed people according to their capacity to deliver results.

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Another incident which shows the objective and wise leadership style of Rasulillah Salam was when on the way to Makkah with his army. The night before the entered Mecca, it was reported to him that Salman Avada of Elano as the commander of the answer was saying, a yo yo Muhammad. Today is the day of the great slaughter. Masood Azhar Salam said, a yo yo Muhammad. Today is the great day of great mercy. And then he removed sadly Nevada of Illinois from his command and give the command to his son.

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What's also clear in this is the wisdom of appointing the son in the place of the Father, instead of giving the command to anyone else in a tribal society with tribal loyalties running deep.

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Appointing anyone else could have had a demoralizing effect on the Sahaba on the answer, we can see how this was a decision. That combined compassion, with Edge, the ability to take hard decisions.

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Those who learned to lead from as soon as SLM also practiced his way. One of the most remarkable of them was Omar Nakata, or the alarm. During his Helaba, a man from Egypt complained to him that the son of our him the US or the Lana, who was the governor of Egypt, and who was the conqueror of Egypt, had beaten him up, and that our honor as a villain who had not taken any action,

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one of the Katara galanos summoned the complainant out in the US and his son of the law to Medina. And in his court, he ordered the complainant to lash the son of armor in the US, or the Allahu unweaned public in the court, in front of the Father, with the Father watching.

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This was done. And after that, he said to the man, now with the Father, for raising a son like this, the man declined and said that he was satisfied that justice was done. On other occasion over Nakata, the law no one inspecting public grazing lands in Medina. He saw some camels there and ask people who they belong to. They said to Him, they are your son Abdullah's camels. Say then our Nakata Dilla, who confiscated the camels and riveted them to the abattoir to the public treasury. When his son asked him the reason, he said that he was sure that other camel owners must have given procedures to his gavels as he was the son of the Amir. And so perhaps injustice had been done to

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On another occasion, two sons of our power the alarm

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had gone to two, they had been in Damascus, and we're returning to Medea. And that was say, say, Abdullah, Omar, and ask him our alarm.

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So the governor of a sham of a Musa Allah Shari Vilano had some money he had some funds to send to the Khalifa, Omar Fatah or Delano in Medina. So he asked these young men, if they will take the money.

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They agreed.

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Then they asked our Musa

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whether they could be permitted to use those funds to trade that is buy goods with them instead of simply getting the Volker gold coins and sell those goods in Medina and give the capital amount the actual amount which was sent to the Khalifa and keep the profits and they said if there is a loss, then we will make it up and give the capital amount to the Khalifa say then I also have the alarm agreed and permitted them to this.

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However, when they returned Medina and gave the capital amount to their father, the Khalifa said the number of October the law

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And he knew he heard the story. He demanded that they should also give him the profits and entered the entire amount into the state treasurer, the way to mine now as him be no more of the law when

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he asked his brother of the level of the law, how to ask his father why he had done this,

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after I've no more refused,

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and he chose to simply accept the ruling of the Khalifa

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and do nothing. But as a mother, who asked his father

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why he had done this. Obviously, he was upset because you know, it was their money. So the number the law said, I don't want even the shadow of suspicion of wrongdoing, to fall on me or my family.

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And to have to answer for it before and also another

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point I want to make is that a leader who cannot take hard decisions will invariably fail, no matter who it may be.

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Finally, the extraordinary leader must create a system that can take his legacy onwards, long after he has gone the way of all life.

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For personal charisma that remains untranslated into processes. This is destined to die with the leader

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remembered with nostalgia maybe, but have no benefit to those who come after. For any great enterprise to succeed. Its leader must lead its transformation from being person led to becoming process driven. Failure to do so, invariably leads to the legacy of the leader not transcending the Generation Change.

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala to

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give us the wisdom to learn from the beautiful Syrah of also Allah He SallAllahu Sallam which Allah subhanaw taala sent and pointed out to us, as I mentioned, as the best source for us to learn from and as the best example for us to emulate. We ask Allah small data to give us the trophy to do this. And we ask a lot of data or Baraka in it, and we ask ALLAH SubhanA data to help us to benefit the way the Sahaba offers relies on a certain benefit. Robert has Allah Nanfu Sana Welcome to fill in our hamlet and Cassidy Robert Atina for dunya Hassan autofill accurate the other one was Allah Allah Allah Nabeel Karim Allah, He will send me an email, but I have to get him or let him in. What I'm

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doing let him let me Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.