In the Womb of your Mother

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So, Allah subhanho wa Taala says 40 days of fluid, then

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a clot, then he is a clot for a similar period of time mithila valic Mikela valic means for a similar time, so, 40 days and liquid 40 days a clot, so, it starts getting a little bit harder, it becomes a bit solidified, it becomes slightly more

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with with slightly more, what can we use, what word can we use for that, it's it has formed to it and it is not liquid anymore, but it is now becoming slightly solidified. So, the term elata actually refers to a clot of blood. So, this clot is amazing because it is still blood, but it is so sophisticated because already in that clot, Allah subhanho wa Taala has instructed how to reproduce how to expand how to actually grow within the womb. So, the different cells know this will create an the two eyes This will create the hands this will go down in the B legs and this organs and such sophistication inside that definitely displays the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Thereafter,

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he says to my akuna Muto cotton with leather, Nick, then he will be a morsel of flesh for a similar period of time, mood gotten misled panic.

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So that is the third stage, the third 40 days, the first 40 days was a liquid, the second 40 days was a clot, the third 40 days was actually a morsel of flesh. And the term used here is muda. muda actually means, like a like a chewed,

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chewed lump, so to speak, which means it's now taking shape, it's now taking complete shape, it's no longer just a clot. But you can now start noticing the legs, you now start noticing, you know the different organs of the body. This is amazing how Allah subhanho wa Taala describes it.

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So at this particular juncture, we actually will notice it's the third 40 days. So we've passed the first 40 days, the second 40 days, the third 40 days is actually now the crucial phase where

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the shape is being given to everything, the body now Subhan Allah is quite clear, you will notice the head you will notice so much more. And this is explained very briefly in this beautiful hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But the end of this third phase, Allah subhanho wa Taala sends an angel

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amazing to blow the soul

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into this body

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and then instructs

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or is issued an instruction of forwards, what are these four instructions extremely important. The first is there is the sustenance of this person is written at that time, what they will earn, how they will earn it, what they will spend, etc, there is the sustenance, the exact details, the finer details, perhaps they may come in later on in life. Like I said, this is the foundation of that particular decree those things that will not change the exact amount of your risk, your sustenance. Now, it is a very broad term, it does not only include money, some people think risk means that which is material. Sometimes this risk is misunderstood. It actually includes everything that's

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going to come to you all the goodness that will come to you. And it's brought to you in different ways by Allah subhanho wa Taala the sustenance you will never die until you complete the last morsel that was written for you. And you need to understand this if a grain of rice was written for you, and you did not get it, you won't die until you have it.

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So the first thing that is written is the risk, the sustenance. The second thing that is written is the agenda agile meaning the time the date of death of that particular person, the exact time of death, the moment of death. So you're not yet born into the world. But at that stage, it's already decreed when exactly, you're going to leave the world once again and then the deeds of the person the general deeds This is

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Very interesting the actions of this person, what are they going to do? It's just written by Allah subhanho wa Taala amazing. And thereafter, one of the very interesting points is whether the person is going to be

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unhappy or happy or fortunate. Unfortunate maybe we can use the word wretched and or being following goodness happy.

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So, Shakti Yun, um sahid whether they're going to be unhappy or happy