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The speakers emphasize the importance of giving charity and not criticizing people for their actions. They also discuss the danger of running out of money and the dangerous situation of being in trouble. The importance of small small changes to one's life is emphasized, including not borrowing money on interest and not being a Muslim. The representatives encourage people to consider what they need to change and make small small changes to their lives. They also discuss factors that could affect a bank's decision to stop accepting loans and emphasize the importance of changing one's appearance and not giving any personal information.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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the smallness of means the greatness of the aim, and stupendous results if these three things are the marks of greatness, then who can compare anyone with Muhammad?

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I sometimes ask people, and these are not questions, I'm not asking these to criticize them, just asking them to give them some food for thought. I asked people who are charitable people who are giving charity, not in 10s, or hundreds, not even in 1000s, but in hundreds of 1000s

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I'm talking to people who are giving charity hundreds of 1000s in the car as well as others aka my single question to them is this year did you give charity equal to the price of the car that you drive?

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Your driving a Land Cruiser Did you or did you give you a charity equal to the price of a Land Cruiser?

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You're driving a Range Rover? Did you give charity equal to the price of a Range Rover? No.

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You didn't. Not even close.

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So at hamdulillah what you're giving is good for you. And hamdulillah your Range Rover is also helpful for you Your Land Cruiser also is valid for you no problem, but put it in perspective in your own mind.

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Put it in perspective in your mind. Please understand. I named for you guys which are also utility vehicles. They are their cars, which you probably actually use that I'm not talking about Ferraris. I'm not talking about Bentley's I'm not talking about Rolls Royce. Because Rolls Royce is not transportation.

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Yeah, a Rolls Royce is Namaha to dunya elaborate that will grow.

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Is like people who buy a watch to tell the time when somebody buys a watch to tell the world.

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And how do you know the difference?

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By their body language, you know, the person who the person, a person who buys a watch who wears a watch to tell the world you know what they do every once in a while they'll do this

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like this. So this sleeve will come down. And you can see the watch, because what is the goal of me wearing a watch when you can see it with my whole idea is not the time.

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lovella hoteller the body

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the body language tells you tells it all right.

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So please let us let us be let us understand, don't make it difficult to leave the world believe me.

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I remember one of one of the greats, you know Alama. I remember him saying to somebody and he said it in order, though, because that was an old lecture, the equalent of which the translation of which he said don't build a house where your row will stick in every brick when it is being extracted.

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He said don't build a house where when you are dying when your soul is being extracted, don't build the kind of house where the store the soul will stick in every brick in the house doesn't want to leave

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it don't leave, don't leave like this, don't have possessions which you will love so much that when the time to meet Allah comes, you don't want to leave this world. Very painful to die like that. Don't do that. By all means, use it 100 Allah Allah has given you what by all means, have the world use it live comfortably, but draw a line draw a very clear straight line between what is comfort and what is ostentation. What is rough that I remember, wherever Allah subhanaw taala mentioned a number

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as far as the boundaries are concerned, that is a safety thing. Where Allah did not mention a number is very dangerous.

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Allah left the definition to us. But that doesn't mean anything you define is right. So how do I know my definition is right? If it's not right, then I'm in trouble with the law

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and instead of ostentation is one of them. Allah subhanaw taala simply said in Al mobile's very Nakano, who Anna Shi'a the, Allah says the people of Israel

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are people who are the brothers of shaitan

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Gulu or Chabot wala to Surrey who eat and drink but do not do is rough.

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What is rough

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my definition of his drive is not a number. Is rough is not 100,000 IRA is rough is not 10 million naira is. No is rough is to do some

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thing with the intention of showing off to others.

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Even if it is 10 Naira it is showing off, if that is the intention, I'm doing this to show off to somebody, it doesn't matter how much or how less.

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Now that is a very dangerous situation to be in because our Nia

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a colored the meaning of one of the meanings of the word help is something which changes.

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So it starts with good,

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then it flips.

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So we start with a good intention, then it flips.

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Then what happens

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in the Malamala will Hava theme.

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The last one is what is going to count. You live all your life well. But towards the end of your life, you did some funny stuff, and you are in trouble.

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So that is why teach children and remind yourself about the responsible use of money.

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When the IRS came for, I had to prohibit interest.

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That's what I said. So the first thing he did was what he wiped out all the accounts receivable, the interest part of it from his uncle's bank,

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above the hotel alone, you know how many, you know millions that was ALLAH knows in today's money, how many billions that would be but what we do know is that Abbas Barra Abdulmutallab did not

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utter one single word of protest.

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He never protested. He said, No, no. How can you do this? It's my money. It's not your money. No.

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He said I have to rely

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on one shot.

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You know, I was speaking to in India, I was teaching leadership boards for a company called Infosys.

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Infosys is one of the top

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interest interests of top IT companies in India.

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And if I'm not mistaken, I don't exactly know what the market capitalization is. But I think it's around around about four to five to 6 billion. Us.

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The key thing about Infosys is that Infosys is a zero interest company. No bank borrowings.

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Interestingly, so also Microsoft, no bank borrowings.

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That so happened to the chairman of Infosys at that time was a man called Narayana Murthy was a Hindu Brahmin guy.

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He was he came to this course. And in the coffee break, we were having coffee. So I asked Mr. Murthy, I said tell me how is it that you are that you don't borrow money on interest? How is it that you are a zero borrowing company, a zero bank borrowing company that you have no interest based finance?

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This was around the year about I think it was about 90 in 96 or 98. No idea what 96 was 98 it was America in about 96.

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So more the verse tells me it's a strange to strange that you asked me this question.

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So I know what he was getting at. Meaning that he's trying he's telling me you are a Muslim. And you are asking me, why don't you borrow from banks, but it is haram. So I said It's haram for me. You are not a Muslim. So I'm asking you a question from your perspective. Why is it that you have never bought an interesting thing about Infosys Infosys never borrowed not that they have cash reserves now and they don't borrow they they never from day one they didn't never borrow.

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So Mr. Narayan Murthy tells me interest destroys wealth.

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He said interest does not create wealth. He said interest destroys wealth.

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So we never borrowed

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it is a sad thing to for me to see that. You know, Muslims don't understand this.

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But the man is a businessman. He understands finance the answer monies and this is a bad thing. Interest is a bad thing.

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So what must you do? What is the alternative? Equity participation is an alternative. You want to get money,

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sell equity. Now you might say well, you know, I don't want to lose control of my company, okay, go public.

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Then you have access to as much fun as you can get from the market

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at zero cost, and you still retain ownership and you still retain control of your company. Now, what more do you want?

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The issue with with going public is that you have to clean up your act. You cannot have a company which is public

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listed when you have to books of accounts, like elephants, you know, tip to show antique tweets. You can't have this two car two sets of teeth, no,

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you have to have an account which is clean, you have to have a company which is run properly, efficiently and so on so that it

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generates interest in the market, then you can have it

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this is what Islam promotes.

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Right. So again, we are looking at the bridge between seventh century and 21st century as you can see the same principles apply. If you apply those principles, then we can have a beautiful life in this world, just like Allah subhanaw taala mentioned. So now let's do the exercise and then we will take a break at 1030. And the exercise is

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same thing like yesterday, what must you change? Again, we are not talking hypothetical here.

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I'm not saying what must change in this country or that country with this person or that person. I'm seeing in yourself in myself in my own earning and my own spending what must change?

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If I'm working for a bank, what must change if I bought if I borrowed money on interest? What must change if I'm thinking of borrowing money on it is what must change if I'm lending money on interest? What must change?

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answer is very simple. But you have to think about this and say what must you do? It's a great tragedy. And I've said this so many times a great tragedy, that practically every country which calls itself Muslim has interest based banking and trenched in it.

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It has legalized interest based banking

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and they make all kinds of excuses. Whereas Allah subhanaw taala declared war, see the ayat of surah Al Baqarah from 270 522. ATR, Allah subhanaw taala declared war on his behalf and on behalf of Rasulullah Salah Salem, against the person who deals in interest.

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So if you are a Muslim country and you have legalized interest based banking then technically you are at war with Allah. Technically you are at war with rasool Allah Azza wa sallam I'm not saying that go read the Quran

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that how do you call yourself a Muslim country?

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A Muslim is somebody who has who is who is at war with Allah.

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What do you call somebody you are at war with a friend or enemy enemy? Exactly. So now when you're making dua, Allah helped me you are asking your enemy

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and then we say Wallah, my brother, you know Jeff, how is it our doors are not accepted? How much do we are making for velocity? How much do we are making for Rohingya harmony? How much do we are making for the Eagles of of China? How much do we are making? Who's making dua? People who have accepted war from Allah subhanaw taala you are raising your hand you're making dua you're asking your enemy your enemy will help you.

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Which enemy helped you?

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And then wait till you meet Allah because it was one of them said the when that person needs Allah subhanaw taala the Malacca will give them swords and they will say go fight you did you accepted the declaration of war from Allah and His enemies Allah salah, go fight them. My brothers and sisters on the Day of Judgment, we want the forgiveness of Allah. We want the Chava of Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam we don't want to fight wars when I tell people you want to fight go pick someone your size man

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see if

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you want to fight so badly go fight someone your size not Allah

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whatever thing is that you have nobody to fight only Hola.

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Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola.

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Please don't do this to yourself. This is a very serious matter. Get out of all this interesting it is haram. It is haram because it is the worst possible thing remember, nothing in Islam is prohibited more strongly than interest. Everything. Not Zina, not alcohol, not pork not lying, not stealing. Not easy, but the biggest the most severe prohibition where Allah declared war on the one who deals with it is to do with interest.

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So please let us not lie write our names in the list of the other Wallah. Let us write our names in the list of Allah Allah

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don't want to be enemies of Allah.

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And anybody who thinks that you know I will lose. If I now get out I have bought a loan if I foreclose and so I have too many. Remember that what you are going to lose is your price. That is the price you're paying to put your name in sha Allah in the list of Allah Allah, Allah

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because that visit what it

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of course is worth it.

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So please let us do that. Now let's work on this thing quickly and then we'll take a break at 1030 we have enough time Inshallah, what are the factors? And then we come to the start, stop, continue. So what do we need to change? What will help us to change what might come in the way of changing