Selective Obedience is Disobedience

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Sooner rather than 100 reliability

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was another was salam ala sherfield, MBA Well, mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi, wa taala, USA was

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tested even cathedral cathedral.

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My brothers and sisters,

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Allah Subhana Allah commanded us and he said yeah are you are Lavina Manu or the Holo facil Mica?

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What are the Tobio AutoHotKey Shaitan in the HoH nakoma The one movie,

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Allah subhanaw taala said which means all you will believe,

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see who is being addressed? Like not saying oh who do not believe will ignore?

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Or people who are not Muslim become Muslim? No, Allah say oh you who believe meaning the Muslims

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and into Islam completely or the Hello Faasil me cough

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so what does it mean? It means that you take shahada asociado Allah Allah Allah Allah shall in our humble little so Allah, I bear witness there is no one worthy of worship except Allah I bear witness that Muhammad Salah Salem is the messenger of Allah the last and final messenger have to know there is no messenger This is the doorway through which we enter the palace called Islam

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right so that means you have entered you are here this is the doorway you entered it

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with old palaces

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and the whole palace is for you.

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So if you simply enter the doorway who's having the biometric? Technically yes you are inside you're not outside.

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But will you get the benefit of the whole palace? No. Where is the where is the banquet hall? Where is the

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the beautiful magnificent bedroom whether the beautiful magnificent drag rooms and and the Durbar hall I think you're not you're just standing in the room.

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So Allah says, Oh, you believe enter into Islam completely and totally. And then very importantly, Allah says, that view hoto it shaytaan Allah said do not follow the footsteps of shaytan now think about this Allah Allah does not say don't follow shaytan

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what's the difference? Supposing I say

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follow the footsteps of our ohana my brother here.

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follow his footsteps. One statement second statement follow him. What is the difference between Is there a difference between these two statements?

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What is the difference? What does it mean?

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Follow him means he's here. Right so follow him when he's here. Don't follow his footsteps means he's not here. His footsteps are there.

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track him go on his footsteps. So Allah is saying the Allah say do not follow that W Hotel Addis Jadon in the hula Komodo Marina Allah said do not follow the footsteps of shattered meaning shaytan the devil is not there.

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He's not even there.

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Only the footsteps are there. Only the tracks are there. Let's say don't follow those tracks. So now if I follow the tracks, whose responsibility is it?

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Mine I can say no, no, he took me he didn't he was not even there.

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He didn't take you

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He forced me No, he didn't force you. He was not even there.

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Just the tracks were there. And you chose to follow the tracks. Now listen, don't do that. Because that one who made the tracks he is your worst enemy in the whole Komodo movie and he is your enemy. He's an orphan enemy nothing hidden about that he's not disguised.

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Clearly he's your enemy. Don't follow him.

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I remind myself and you

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that I'm doing that we have a beautiful religion

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our religion

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who is the within quotes founder of Islam anybody

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who is the founder of Islam

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although it

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is a fun time fundamental archadeck question who is the founder of Islam

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Allah subhanho data.

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Allah Subhana Allah this is the deen of Allah.

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Hola Surat, Al Yo Ma us delivered in case you don't know. Al Yo Ma Kamal Tula comb Deena comm I have completed for you your deen

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will ask them to add a calamity and I've completed my blessing on you. Yeah, Mohamed Salah Sana where are the two lakh Oman? Islam Medina and I am pleased with and I have chosen for you Islam

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Surah Surah Selim is not the founder of Islam Allah is the Vendrell. This is the deen of Allah. And Allah senders ending with Adam Alayhis Salam and with everybody from there till Mohammed Salah Ariosa champion Lila Allah

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so Allah subhanaw taala saying, this is the deen I have sent you follow the day don't follow the footsteps of somebody who is your open, clear enemy.

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Now, why do we follow the footsteps shutter?

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When you're following any track, right? If you say take 91 North, why are you taking it or not?

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If you're driving somewhere and you come to the to the RAM, it's okay I'm going to take that even rock. Why?

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Because there isn't even north because there is a road cognitive and not to say you're insane. We want to encourage

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you to stick around because Oh, you have a destination you will go have a go from here. I have to take nine if I want to go to Boston, I must take the Boston turnpike or I must take 91 North that is the road to Boston. So when I'm following a track, it implies that I have a goal I want to reach some someplace. Right? What has happened to us today is those goals have changed.

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Why would you follow think about is why would you follow the footsteps of shaitan when Allah subhanaw taala clearly told you, this is your enemy. why would why do we still follow it? Because our goals have changed our goal may Allah protect us from ourselves our goal is no longer to please Allah. Our goal is to make money our goal is to become popular. Our goal is to you know be this and be that and whatnot whatnot as a whole long list of stuff.

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I want to buy this I want to buy that Amazon was have this big house. He said to buy the big house you have to take interest or bank money on interest, which makes you an enemy of Allah.

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Why would you do that?

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So what do we do? We hunt around for a Mufti who can give me a fatwa to say this is halal.

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I'll give you no problem.

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I'll give you a fatwa. Give me right.

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In the law when

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you think that fatwa has any meaning, who made the law, the wealthy

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unlimited the law, anybody can say anything.

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Anyone can say anything doesn't change.

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The law is the law. The law maker makes the law the lawmaker can change the law. Nobody else can change the law.

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Who's removed the above? It is a legal expert.

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So if I'm making $100,000 a year, which I'm not,

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but if I'm making $100,000 a year, I go to an accountant and I say to him, how much tax do I

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pay for this to the IRS? And the accountant says no problem. No tax. You're doing so much work, you know in the masjid is that people love you so much. No tax. I assure you absolutely. Don't pay tax. Now what happens?

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I get a notice virus come going out some dealers who want to invite you for coffee Viscom.

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And if you don't come, we'll come and get you. Nobody will send you transport with lights.

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And then what do I say? I said no, no, no, no, no all you guys around.

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My accountant told me I have to pay no tax. You are wrong.

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So the IRS officer what would you say? Say here is the book. This is what the law says your accountant is a fool.

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Or He's fooling you one of the two. Either he has no sense or is will you what your accountant says, We don't care has no meaning.

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This is Allah.

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So Allah says Allah and Allah Subhana Allah said, don't, don't go and cross the moon boundaries. Don't follow the footsteps of shatter.

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But I changed my goals over dinner, I must have this house. I must have this car I must have this.

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That is why we follow the footsteps shaitan because we have changed our goals.

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When you change the goal from the river from the from the pleasure of Allah to something else, then we follow each other.

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And if you've always had a think about this, where can the

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footsteps of shall lead only one place

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which is where Saturn is. Which is what? Jana.

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The footsteps are Jython cannot lead to gender where there is no way Saturn is going into Jana. So if we follow the footsteps, shall we go to the HANA? Is that what you want to know?

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That is why Allah said this to the believers, the last round that I said, good for you, you came into the house now stay in the house, enjoy the house, come deep into the house, make use of the house benefit from the house. Don't go after coming into the house, don't go and get led astray over here and that no, don't do that.

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Allah guide you to the house.

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Right value that you are outside somewhere, Allah guide you to the house. Now respect that

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value that don't squander it. Don't throw it away

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by following the footsteps of somebody, somebody who deliberately left the house and went away.

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So I remind myself when you let us fear, the disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala did say the number of Nakata Delano, the great Khalifa, he wrote a letter to Serbia we are close with Alana who was commanding the army of the Muslims in the Battle of Persia. And in that letter, someday, inshallah and the FBI will read the whole letter but in just one line. In the letter he said, seek protection from sin. From disobedience of Allah, like you seek protection from the enemy, because your sins are a bigger enemy for you than the human enemy.

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He said your sins will weaken you your sins will defeat you. So seek protection from sins like you seek protection from the enemy, because your sins are a worst enemy worse enemy for you than the external human enemy. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from sins you asked us to help us and we please with us never to displease was ALLAH and we'll carry Murali he was a member