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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © A woman discusses her efforts to sell t-shirts online and warns against anyone using her name and doing things without permission. She warns against anyone using someone's name and doing things without permission, and suggests donating to her cause. She also talks about a fraudulent account on Tick Tock and warns against people scamming with US dollar money. She suggests discounting other people if they look for a sender, and mentions a legal action due to a brother's mistake. She also discusses discounting other people if they look for a sender, and mentions a recent scam where someone gave them money and they were scammed. She suggests not advertis for her brother's mistake, but taking legal action if needed due to a brother's mistake.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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I'm just going to push this back to get a slightly clearer picture

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there goes I think I can move back as well.

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Okay, that's a little bit clearer. Masha Mata Baraka.

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Okay, so Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah wa Allah, Allah, he was hobbies, my and my brothers and sisters.

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It has been brought to my notice just now that someone somewhere online is actually selling t shirts with my name and my face, I have absolutely nothing to do with that I don't condone it, I don't approve of it. And I thought it would be important to make a clarification. Now, it was something very, very interesting because obviously, things like these do happen. And I'm sure the brother might have good intentions, but unfortunately, he did the wrong thing. So to actually start selling merchandise using somebody else's name and face is just not on. Not only is it islamically, unacceptable, but all norms across the globe would not permit that you just start doing something

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without checking with the person.

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So inshallah I pray that this clarification can actually be

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before the law has vajilla beneficial

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to the brother, or the sister, whoever it may be, who is actually selling this merchandise and to anyone else who might be doing the same.

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Please don't do that. Please abstain from it. And please remember that the correct procedure and etiquette anytime whether it's me or anyone else, is to ask the person first to seek permission, and written permission. There are a lot of people who do a lot of things thinking that well, you know, it's only dour, and so on. So someone sent me an image just now and I was quite surprised because the image was edited number one.

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Number two is that

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it was just so wrong SubhanAllah. And I felt for the brother because he might have been sincere. I'm not one to judge his intentions, but he made a mistake, and he did something wrong. So I'd like to just request the brother and Sharla if he can stop and abstain. And I hope he hasn't printed any of those t shirts, I hope it was just, you know, an online

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beginning of a campaign to see if he can sell it and so you don't Sharla Another thing is

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what we also need to know is when people do things

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of this nature, we need to try and correct them and help them without swearing without getting angry without insulting them and trying to think perhaps

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or look at it with maybe maybe possibility of them having had good intentions but they didn't know how to do it.

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So inshallah, my beloved brother, I hope that you can correct yourself.

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when it comes to

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earning, we need to make sure that whatever we do we have the permission of those who

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whose names we may be using. I think the issue of intellectual property is not discussed properly. You cannot just use anyone's name and do anything you want with anyone's face. There are a few YouTube pages as well, Instagram pages, various other pages that use names of chefs and it's not the shift. That's actually a fraud. It is a fraud. I know on Tick Tock there are a few pages that use my name and they are fraudulent to be honest. I do have an account there but I haven't really used it. And I haven't been on there for a while. I just went initially to check what was going on and it wasn't really my cup. So my brothers and sisters, let's not create accounts that would mislead

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people. And let's not use people's names. And also, what's important is don't ever fall victim or prey to such people who dm you

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ask you for funds or for money. I know someone sent me screenshots of a person on

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Instagram as well as maybe the same or a different person on Facebook who was dming people and saying, You're one of my good followers. And if you want me to make dua for you, then please donate to this beautiful cause, you know. So that is actually fraudulent, it's not right, and that that's not the way it should be. So I wouldn't actually dm you to ask you please donate to me, and so on.

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That's something I wouldn't do. If anything, maybe I would donate to you, Allah make it easy. But my brothers and sisters be alette don't fall prey to such people who claim to pray for you. And they claim they claim that they need to receive donations in order for the prayers to go through. I mean, that's so foolish. Imagine, you put 20 bucks down and inshallah your prayers can go

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500 feet above sea level. So if you put 200 bucks, it's going to be 5000 feet above sea level, and so on. That's like crazy. But unfortunately, some people fall prey to this, and some people actually believe it. So it's something we need to remind people about.

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Remember, my accounts are the ones with blue ticks, or a verified badge. In the case of those who have dark mode on a verified badge might be white, or blue. And

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on YouTube, it's actually a trick as well next to the name. So you will notice that and you would actually be able to tell that this is legitimately the person. But when it comes to others, trust me, you can discount all of them, you can discount all of them. Anyone pretending to be someone else, you need to be alert. You know, when you receive emails, you must be very, very alert as to what exactly

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you are doing and who it is coming from, you need to go to where it says sender, and you need to look at who is going to reply the email to don't click on links, don't open attachments, if you don't know exactly where it came from. mean so silly someone with a, an email address that said admin at or reply or [email protected] something like that. They had the I mean, that was obvious that it was not WhatsApp it would have been That's it, why would they put the V in front of it and some other letters because they created a bogus account. And then you have these

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people who fall prey to it and you click in they say enter your password. Enter your banking details. I know of someone recently who lost a lot of money to a person who told them that I have so many million, you know, that are

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in a treasure

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somewhere and in order to get it I'm only going to need 100,000 and when I get that 100,000 I'm going to actually

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be able to give you so much of it as in return and this person gave them the money and then they told me no I'm waiting and you know I've been robbed and whatever. And that's foolish. I mean, you didn't ask me before you gave them a new to ask me you want to ask me after everything's gone. They succeeded in conning you It cannot be that people have lost. It cannot be that people have lost millions of dollars in a treasure in their backyard and to dig it. They're going to need so many dollars. There is someone saying my dad got scammed for 8000. Tell your dad that I said he's lucky it was not 800,000. So it's a 419 scam. Yes. And this is a long time back I remember people claiming

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that oh, we have US dollars that are half printed. And if you give us money, we can use the formula of a chemical that is required to complete the print. I mean, come on. Gosh, that is the silliest thing that I have heard and you know what good people have fallen prey to it. So be careful. Certainly if you see it going back to the topic of merchandise, if you see things that are

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for sale that happened to be

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with a chef's face or something that is you know, that is bogus or it's not condoned by the person. Don't buy it. Just don't buy it. You don't have to buy it because if you buy it you're supporting the person notice or not mentioning the name of the person or the company simply because it could be many people could be one person and why should I advertise for them? It could have been a gimmick also

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You know, a gimmick meaning a way of attracting attention where

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this whole thing if I responded to them with their name, everyone would then say who it is, and this person would become even more famous. So that's the reason why I chose to do a YouTube clip. Perhaps, who knows, I may post this on Instagram a bit later, I may not.

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Alhamdulillah I thank Allah for giving us this opportunity to speak to one another. And to be able to look at your comments, I can see them quite clearly Alhamdulillah wa Alaykum wa salam o de la to everyone here is someone saying you should post it. And the reason why I'm not going to post it is I don't want to,

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you know, blow into the flame and create a bigger flame. I'd rather just say, you know, what, I'm not involved in it, I don't approve of it. I think it's wrong. And I'm still thinking perhaps the brother or sister may have had good intentions, but they made a mistake. So a mistake you made inshallah, you can correct it, you can reverse it. And you know, normally I have the capacity of getting cross, but we do that after we give you a few chances. And Charla, in the past I've had an issue where we had to take some legal action against someone because of something they didn't rectify, and we gave them many, many chances. And they just ignored it. So we had to

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go the legal route, which is actually very sad, but I wouldn't do that in a rush unless I really felt it needed to be done.

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So yeah, that's how it goes. So it's been lovely chatting with you guys and take care everyone and shukran for those of you who have supported us this evening, and salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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