al-Raghib al-Isfahani #09 – Better Than The Angels

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The speaker discusses the idea of human being being more like other creatures and not as a finished product. They also talk about the idea of premise and how humans are more like other creatures and are not meant to serve as finished goods. The speaker uses the example of Hani's creation of the soul and how humans are more like other creatures and are not meant to serve as finished goods.

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After a raga with us for Hani establishes our distinctiveness as human beings, we're not like other creatures, we're much more based in capacity and potential, much less of a finished product. And even the rest of creation is kind of set up different. It's set up to serve us in a unique way that it's not meant to. It's not set up to serve kind of the other creatures. He goes on to talk about the idea of supremacy. Okay, so this is important are human, does that mean that human beings are better than other creatures? We establish that they're distinct, that they're different? Does that difference make them better? Not a different question. And he says that the answer is yes. If it's

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not an absolute, yes, it's a potential Yes, because we are potential, we are capacity, we're unrealized. He said that we have the potential to be better than every other creature. And he uses us his proof sort of shapes are the F lemons occur for the carbon and the sir, I was talking about his creation of the soul, and how the truly successful person is the one who purifies it, and the person who wastes it, or who buries it through neglect, and through mismanagement than they are a failure. And so, if a human being neglects their soul, neglects their self, doesn't develop themselves, never reaches their potential, only stays at that base level, the beginning level of

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human purpose, which is a matter of livelihood, then that person is just like an animal, or there might even be worse than an animal, if they're doing all these sorts of evil if they're choosing to do evil things. But if a person is able to move through the ranks, or ascend the levels of purpose, and then recognize his debt, or heard that and be grateful to Allah, and express that gratitude, through worship, and then on top of that start to manage and construct a society that is geared towards and incentivizes and encourages that worship and that gratitude for all creatures and responsibility like that, and that's what if that's the the absolute purpose, then that person is

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not just better than the animals and better than the other creatures even better than the angels, right? Because the angels don't get to choose, the angels have to do what the law says. But for us to have the option to refuse and then not just not refuse, but actually develop ourselves and use all the things that Allah gave us to to get to that point where we're doing things in the creation that Allah loves. That is far far, far more valuable.